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Character : Mikaela Hyakuya

Is this because i cos tested him last night? its usually shinoa either waayy!!
  give me a character and i’ll answer

  • do I like them: My beautiful handsome son
  • 5 good qualities: only did some things wrong, actually to pretty for this sinful earth, ripped off one of ferids arms like his mother before him, Thigh High boots, Can play Violin 
  • 3 bad qualities: Needs more Friends, Kinda hates himself, Bad habit of being self- sacrificing 
  • otp: Mikayuu
  • brotp: Mikanoa or MikaYoi
  • ot3: MikaYuuNoa
  • notp: anything with ferid
  • best quote: Yuu-Chan <3
  • head canon: has literally always been in love with Yuu, very gay 12 year old

@fireytutu and @noirfoudre tagged me in an OTP meme soooo

;;SAILOR MOON–I think like most people I am all for Mamoru and Usagi. I mean… fucking miraku romansu and all, right?? I personally believe the manga gives their relationship WAY more depth and credit. The old anime had this horrible cycle of making them bland at the start of the season and they’d grow and progress to the end ONLY to fucking start over again with the new arc. That and Mamoru constantly getting kidnapped and/brainwashed and being next to useless in the old anime. BUT HEY other than that they’re kinda swell. 

This is kind of the only fandom I’m deep in to sooooo…

Suck it. 

Honorable mentions–CalaverasxRubeus,MamoruxHis Green Jacket, SenshixShit-for-brains-guards, LunaxStarflake Man

tagging: if you’re reading this and didn’t do it then fucking go.