i need more of this

I know Josh and Emily saying they stan tyrus should make me happy and whatever but the more i think about it the more anxious i get cos like,,, what if they can say it cos it’s not gonna happen?? my mind just keeps going to the worst possible conclusion and i just NEED THE TRAILER



While I have your attention: If you’re an Australian (or NZ… or really any) Marvel fan, you should totally check this out and help spread the word. ✌👌

Bucky Barnes:

  • Are We? Aren’t We? - You and Bucky only spend time together at Stark’s parties, but now you’re in too deep and need more.
  • Capture This Feeling - You love photography, but you never show anyone your pictures. One day Bucky stumbles across them, many of which are photos of him.
  • False Alarms - With the baby due any day Bucky’s on high alert.
  • Halloween - 40s!Bucky fic x female reader (platonic).
  • Happier - A song fic based on Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Happier’.
  • How Can You Not Know? - Bucky see’s how happy you are with your best friend and wonders if he makes you that happy.
  • Inexperienced - You’ve only been in one relationship, so you find yourself nervous around Bucky.
  • It’s Just A Sneeze! - You get the flu and Bucky takes care of you.
  • Jealous - Bucky finds out about an ex you never mentioned.
  • Nothing Compares To You - You compare yourself to Bucky’s ex, Natasha Romanoff.
  • One More Red Light - A song fic based on Cassadee Pope’s song ‘One More Red Light’.
  • Praise You - You’re a singer at one of Tony’s bars, Bucky is captivated by you before you even start singing.
  • Quite A Pair - Bucky is fascinated by your tattoo’s.
  • Seeing Red - An ex gets too close, Bucky loses it.
  • That’s My Girl - The team knows you as Bucky’s quiet girlfriend, that changes however when Sam challenges you to spar.
  • Tired Eyes - You don’t realise how comforting Bucky’s snores are until he’s away on a mission.
  • Told You So - Bucky doesn’t want you out by yourself while the Avengers are facing a threat, but do you listen to him? … No, you don’t.
  • What’s In A Name? - Your father was a H.Y.D.R.A. agent, something everyone holds against you, even Bucky of all people. But are things ever as they seem?
  • Why Are You Recording?! - You have joined the Avengers camping and they decide to play a prank on your boyfriend, Bucky.
  • Winter Baby - The team decides to play a prank on Bucky, knowing how much he loves his wife.  
  • You’ve Got Me Now Doll - You’re struggling with what happened on your last mission and Bucky’s there when you finally break down.

Steve Rogers:

Peter Parker:

  • By My Side - Peter finds out about your eating disorder.
  • Stubborn - You have a cold and Peter forces you to go home.

Natasha Romanoff:

  • About Damn Time - You’re a journalist hired to live with the Avengers for a month, you develop feelings for a certain red head.
  • Suspense - Natasha won’t say what she’s wearing to your wedding - a suit or a dress - little do you know it’s because she can’t decide.


  • Little Terrors - You and Loki are exhausted, but your twin boys won’t let you be.
  • Lullaby - After a long mission, Loki just needs to be near you.

Pietro Maximoff:


  • Peter With The Good Hair - The boys aren’t liking your obsession with Peter Kavinsky from ‘To All the Boy’s I’ve Love Before’ .

Ok you know what i want more in fanarts and fics?

I want Marinette beaming at the fact that Adrien and Chat are both the same person. I want her to be happy to discover her crush, her best friend, her partner, her loving pun maniac has been both the same person all along.

I want Adrien to be the one freaking out and being afraid to being rejected. I want Adrien to hope for her affect even if he feels he is not worth of it. And i want Marinette to prove him wrong. That he is wanted that he is loved. That she cares for him, mask or no mask