i miss my room at uni and not having to be around my dad

When You’re Ready

Requested: Hey, I was wondering if you could do an imagine based on when you’re ready for best friend shawn? Thank you

A/n: random/fun fact, when my best friend first heard this song he told me it was dedicated to us because we’ve always joked that if we are both single when we’re thirty we’d just get married to each other. 

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You’re seated on the couch at Shawn’s condo. Its one of the rare weekends he’s actually home, so of course, he texted you to come over and hang out. The condo is comfortably filled with friends you’ve known for years. Music is playing through the speakers, and there’s a constant sound of chatter surrounding you as you strain to be a part of the conversation in front of you.

You’ve known Shawn forever. Sometimes you think it feels like longer than forever. He knows everything there is to know about you because you grew up together, through the awkward years and the whole vine thing that led to Shawn’s fame. You went to University after graduating, and Shawn continued to travel the world and only grow in fame and success, and you couldn’t be happier for him. It is still insane to you when you realize exactly what he’s accomplished and the following he has accumulated, but when you’re here with him its hard to even believe that his life is any different from the rest of your friends who attended Uni like you did. 

You’ve already had a few drinks, and by the way he’s laughing at absolutely nothing at all, you could confidently say that he has as well. You lock eyes with him from across the room, and he only laughs harder. At what? You still have no idea, but you laugh too. 

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wrong number

member: kang daniel
genre: fluff
summary: you haven’t talked to daniel in a while so you used the “sorry wrong number” excuse.

part one / two

  • so you and daniel were friends back in high school
  • like the best of friends
  • but despite of going to the same uni, both of you were different majors and school was kicking both of your asses so neither were able to contact each other
  • unfortunately that meant the two of you weren’t talking to each other. 
  • annnnd,,,, little did you know two years went by like That
  • one day, you went on facebook and one of those memories post popped up.

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ADHD Awareness Month:

Due to numerous factors my ADHD wasn’t picked up until 20.
My parents thought ADHD was kids (boys) bouncing off walls, they were shocked and kinda guilty they missed it when I told them about my diagnosis.
A breakdown of my symptoms and what delayed my diagnosis:
-Fidgeting. Idk why the fact that at 18 I couldn’t sit remotely still in a cinema wasn’t concerning to anyone.
-Talkative and talking at a fast pace. People just assume I’m talkative, I don’t notice I’ve talked for too long.
-Interrupt people when they speak. To be fair my entire family is awful for this. If there’s than three of us in a room and you don’t yell across someone no one will listen.
-Refusal to make social plans without a lot of coaxing and help. I couldn’t verbalise that I had no idea how to pull everything together and the thought of trying scared me and it my Mam numerous “just text and ask if they’re free” and her telling me where to meet them and what time to get my weekend plans sorted. She had no idea planning issues can be ADHD.
-Late to everything. My parents always ensured I was on time so my poor time keeping skills didn’t present until I was in my teens and weren’t an issue for school or work as my parents got me there on time!
-Memory issues. My Dad has a weird memory so we assumed I was just like him and had a randomly selective memory that opts not to remember to bring my sports kit home or take my keys with me when I left the house. My parents formed a habit of verbally and visually confirming I had everything I needed for the day before I left the house.
-Losing stuff due to forgetting where I put it. It was assumed I just lacked respect for my possessions.
-Difficulty with verbal directions or instructions. Didn’t present until I started needing to walk places, my parents just used visual landmarks or drew maps. My driving instructor just gave up and assumed I’d take a wrong turn. Long verbal lists of tasks quickly became my parents asking me to do one task, waiting for me to do it and then asking me to do the next.
-Daydreaming. I was just called creative. My doodling in school was seen as disinterested and rudeness.
-Unable to sustain concentration in school/ on school work. I caught up on my work and always managed to meet deadlines. I aced class tests because I had less work to revise (normally just one topic) and it was fresh. My poor exams results were seen and nerves affecting performance as I was always studying. I didn’t notice how much faster other students did work thanks to no daydreaming and I didn’t notice how much I daydreamed.
-Aversion of crowds and loud noises. Not necessarily ADHD but I can’t process crowds they overwhelm me and noises are very distracting for me and loud ones I just hate tbh, they hurt me more than they seem to hurt others.
-General overwhelming. A list of five things for my brother to do right now= him whining but doing it. That list for me= internal panic, that’s not on my mental schedule for the day, how will I have time for my school work that will take half an hour and do these chores that take half an hour when there’s only five hours before bed-time. Basically I end up just stood there, trying to figure out which tasks to start on and if I can say I have homework and most importantly trying not to cry from confusing.
-Forgetting to eat. Whenever my parents left me home-alone on a weekend it was only when they came home and asked if I wanted dinner that I realised I forgot lunch and probably hadn’t drunk much. But I didn’t say that I’d get a concerned lecture about eating disorders or responsibility depending on the day.

So, how did I end up diagnosed?
I moved out for uni, overcompensated for my poor attention and burnt out repeatedly in my first year and started ruining my mental health. Summer came just at the right time.
Then in second year, as my “pacing around my room in halls/ my house” became “going to bug my flatmates” it was finally evident how short my attention span was. My vocal stimming became more prominent (idk why) but I was still fidgety.
Add to that my flatmates saying they don’t really daydream and us running the ‘experiment’ of me writing a list (during a lecture) of every unrelated thoughts or daydream I had and the fact I was always seen as “weird” with no one able to pin point why (I think it’s because my thoughts move faster so I make different and stranger conclusions faster and don’t stop myself making weird inputs to convo) and I hit up google.
I’d consider ADHD before but now I was starting to believe it. I was managing, but struggling to keep my life on track. I was late to everything. Ate late because I forgot. Mixed up deadlines (but figured out early on I had the wrong date). Was always on the go just trying to stay afloat, I was still over-compensating my disorganisation by having an emotional attachment to my diary and still hated changes to my daily plans but I couldn’t find the extra time to make up for the fact our work was harder. Whilst most students saw their grades rise as they finally started to revise I saw mine fall as I was already at my coping limit and still spent more time daydreaming at my desk than working.

I knew I wouldn’t pass third year. I was at my limit and couldn’t fix my issues no matter how hard I tried. I just couldnt focus. Couldn’t get to bed on time or to lectures on time. All the issues I had growing up were suddenly impacting me because my parents weren’t there to help. I wasn’t close enough to my flatmates from first year for them to notice but it got picked up on in second year and the change of living environment allowed some issues (like leaving my chair and zoning out in conversation or lectures) to be more noticeable to me too.

If someone had noticed the combination of smaller issues and the work I put in to overcome them before uni…a lot of concern for my mental and physical health (and the reasons for those concerns) could have been avoided.
And I could’ve grown up not thinking I wasn’t as smart as we thought I’d be and that I was actually pretty stupid and should work hard so I could keep passing but shouldn’t bother aspiring to achieve anything impressive.
My uni course and career choice were made on those assumptions and I’m lucky I let myself risk applying for the course I thought would be too hard for me. Because it trains for an easy job I decided I could do (but one lecturer insists I’ll get too bored because it’s too easy and now I think that maybe he’s right- I can do more, I just need some help and there’s nothing wrong with that) but it allows gives really good openings to further training for the jobs I actually want. So I haven’t sabotaged myself just yet.

So yeah.
I talk (and write) too much but this time it’s needed. ADHD awareness is needed. The stereotype needs to fade away.
Because the route I had to take to be diagnosed at uni was painfully expensive and I’m lucky I survived academia this far without failing (like one cousin, also diagnosed at 20/21) or lasting mental health issues (like my other cousin, diagnosed at 18).

Serpent Royalty

Sweet pea x Jones reader
Word count: 
Summary: Jughead Jones’ cousin Y/N returns after being made to leave Riverdale by her mother when she was 12. She returns to escape the drama in New York, to find that Riverdale has just as much drama going on.

Warnings: Swearing,

A/n: Y/N = Your name Lee = Your middle name Y/H/L = Your hair length Y/H/C = hair colour

Hi! So sorry for the delay on this part, I’ve been super busy with uni assessments and trying to sort out my cosplay for Oz Comic Con which was last weekend, I cosplayed as Dark Betty. :) Anyway hope you all enjoy this part!

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Part Four

 Sweet Pea’s P.O.V

I walked back and sat next to Fangs. Toni handed me a drink from behind the bar. 

“Did anyone see where Y/N went?” FP yelled to everyone in the bar. 

“I saw her outside, she said she needed a moment alone.” I told FP. 

“Thanks, Sweet Pea.” He put his hand on my shoulder, thanking me as he walked out to find Y/N.  

“Is she okay? We saw her run out of FP’s office?” Fangs asked me. 

“I don’t know, I saw her come out the doors, she got to her car and then she just collapsed onto the ground. I went over to see if she was okay, she was crying. I helped her up and offered to help her inside, but she said she wanted to be alone. Where’s Jones?” 

“He went to the bathroom.” Toni answered before Fangs could. 

 Reader P.O.V  I jumped when I heard a know on my window. It was FP. I sat up and opened the door, moving over to let him in. 

“Hey, come here” he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his side. 

“I’m sorry for running out, I just felt so overwhelmed. Why didn’t my mother tell me when it happened?” I asked.

“I don’t know honey, I’m sorry you found out like this.” He replied. 

“I just don’t know what I’m going to do now, I thought I’d come back, and he’d be here, and I stay with him and we’d catch up on all the years we missed. Now I’m here and he’s gone, and I have no where to stay. I-I-I just wasn’t expecting this.” 

“It’s okay, don’t stress, you can stay with me and Jug. You’re family, we would do anything for you.” 

“Thanks FP. I missed you both so much” 

“Come on, let’s get you back to our trailer. Where are your keys? I’ll drive.” 

“What about Jug?” I asked as I handed him my keys. 

“I’ll text him when we get home.” He smiled at me, “It’s all going to be okay.”

It wasn’t a long drive, Sunnyside Trailer Park was just down the road from the Whyte Wyrm. As we pulled up my mind began to wander. I thought about my dad, I remembered the first time he let me ride with him on his motor bike. We almost crashed into FP’s trailer. He promised he’d get me my own bike and teach me how to ride when I was old enough. 

“Y/N?”I snapped out of the memory and saw that FP had opened my door.  “Come on, I’ll help you inside.” 

I grabbed my duffel bag from the backseat and followed FP into the trailer. 

“Sorry about the mess, you can sleep in Jughead’s room tonight, we’ll sort out something for you in the morning.” 

“What about Jug? Where is he going to sleep? I don’t mind crashing on the couch.” 

“He’s staying at his girlfriends house,  so his bed’s going to be free anyway.” FP led me into Jughead’s room. 

“Okay, so you remember where the bathroom is right? My room’s just down the hall if you need anything. We’ll talk about everything in the morning, for now you just get some rest.” 

“FP? Thank you, I really appreciate it.” 

“Anytime kiddo, now go to sleep, you must be tired from the drive.” 

As tired as I felt, I just couldn’t sleep. My mind was racing, I couldn’t stop thinking about everything that had happened. I wondered how different my life might have been, had my mother let me stay with my father.  I woke up the next morning to the smell of pancakes. I got up and headed into the kitchen.  

“Hey, how’d you sleep? Are you hungry? I made pancakes.”  

“Morning FP, I am actually starving. Thanks.” 

As I sat down at the table to eat, the trailer door swung open. Jughead walked in with a look of accomplishment on his face. 

“Jug, did you sort everything out?”  

“Yep, all sorted. Y/N, go get ready, we’re going to school.” 

“School? What?” I asked confused. 

“Yes school, Jughead went early and arranged your enrollment. I’ve also organised a small trailer for you to stay in, and also for you to do some shifts at the Whyte Wyrm with Toni.” 

“Really? You both did all that for me? I-I-I don’t know what to say. Thank you both so much.” 

“It was not a problem, now come on  and get dressed, we’re gonna be late.” 

I finished my breakfast and headed back into Jug’s bedroom to get dressed. I threw on my high-waist black skinny jeans and a white front lace-up singlet. I put on my black converse and pulled my hair up into a ponytail. I grabbed my black crossbody bag and walked back out to Jug. 

“Ready?  Do you want to drive? Or do you want to come on my motorbike with me?” Jug asked me.

“Definitely your motorbike!” 

“Good, let’s go.” He handed me a helmet, I climbed on the motorbike behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Hold on tight,” he smiled at me. 

“Welcome to Riverdale High.” Jug said as we pulled up into the school’s parking lot.  

Toni, Fangs and Sweet Pea were leaning against their motorbikes. The three of them looked up as we approached. Sweet Pea whispered something into Toni’s ear and then took off into the school.  

“What’s his problem?” Jughead questioned Toni. 

“Don’t know, I think he said something about seeing a teacher?” Toni replied, “Anyways, Come on Y/N, I’ll show you around.”

I followed Toni into the school. We stopped at the lockers. 

“Okay so this is your locker,” 

“Toni! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you!” A stunning girl with bright red hair shouted down the hall. 

“Oh, and who is this?” 

“Cheryl, this is Y/N, Y/N this is my girlfriend Cheryl. Y/N is Jughead’s cousin.” 

“It is lovely to meet you, but I need to steal my girlfriend away for a few minutes.”

“Nice to meet you too, I’ll catch up with you later then Toni.” 

She shot me an apologetic look as Cheryl dragged her away. I continued walking down the hall, looking around. I noticed Sweet Pea up a bit further leaning against the lockers. I smiled at him but he just looked away. I wasn’t watching where I was going when I ran into a boy with red hair, knocking his books from his hands. 

“I’m so sorry.” I said as I bent down to help pick up his books. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sweet Pea smirking. 

“It’s all good, wait, Y/N?” the red haired boy asked. I looked up at him. 

“Archie? Oh my god Archie!” He helped me up and then scooped my up into a big hug. 

“I haven’t seen you in so long!” he said as he put me down.  

“I know it’s been ages! I’ve missed you so much! Did Jug tell you what happened?” 

“Yeah, he said that you and your mum just disappeared one night, I always wondered why you never said goodbye,” 

“I didn’t know I was going, I fell asleep in my bed that night, then woke up in the car.” 

“So are you here to stay? Or are you just visiting?” 

“I’m here to stay, I left my mom in New York” 

“Well, I am glad you’re back.” He said as he wrapped his arms around me again.

I looked of his shoulder to where Sweet Pea was standing but he was gone.  

“Come on, there’s some people I want to introduce you too.” 

Archie led me into a room with couches filled with students. Jughead was sitting with a blonde girl, Toni sitting in Cheryl’s lap, Fangs and Sweet Pea were sitting at a table in the back, and a couple of other people I didn’t know were sitting on the couches.

To be Continued.

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You’re Here~s.m.

Long ass, unedited fluff. Sorry if it seems rushed. Also not my best work but something is better than nothing lmao  😘

Hope you lovelies enjoy :)


My parents didn’t want us together.

We wanted to be together. But it was our word against theirs. Sure, it was our relationship, but with parents like mine, having something be yours meant it was theirs too. It meant decisions had to be made about that something by them too. It meant if what they wanted was ultimately more realistic, plausible, sensible etc. that their choice was end game.

It meant my word didn’t matter. They didn’t want us together.

We met two years ago. I was about to start college. He was world famous singer, on his fourth world tour, at the time on the NA leg. I never thought we’d come across each other in the way we did. Hell, I never thought we’d come across each other period.

For the most part, I knew of him. For the lesser, I wasn’t a big fan of those pop boys anyway, so I didn’t care for the fact that he had walked up to me in a crowded cafe in St. Louis, where I was from, and asked if the seat across from me was taken. I said no, he sat, and there we were, in silence, until a server came to take his order.

I only began to pay care when he ordered the exact same thing I did- Caffe Americano with coconut milk, and a blueberry muffin cut in half, buttered just the right amount.

“What’d you just say?” I had asked, leaning forward, not believing the odds for even a second. Everyone I knew hated coffee with coconut milk and thought butter on muffins was useless- “didn’t they already use butter to make them?”

He recited his order again, smiling, bearing his white, slightly crooked teeth that made him only a smidgen imperfect. The rest of him was so flawless, from his curly chocolate tufts of hair to his indented chin. And in that moment, I began to grow fond of those features I had only been in the presence of for a mere 10 minutes.

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Dream or Reality? (Happy Birthday, Min Yoongi!)



Just a short one (featuring my favourite Yoongi lyric).

“Yoongi, I’m sorry”, you whined over Skype. You really missed your boyfriend Yoongi and he missed you too. There’s some hard days and there’s some days where it isn’t easy, but it’s less hard. Today was different. “Y/N, I really want to see you. It’s my birthday tomorrow”, he sighed hoping it would guilt trip you taking the first flight to Korea. “You know I really want to, but my University schedule is jam packed. You know I would uni miss it if I could but it’s so important” you replied back, trying to sound convincing. Little did he know, is that you had a ticket for the next flight out to Korea.

You and Hoseok had been planning this since your last trip to Korea 4 months ago, when the member’s finished their comeback and you had been excited for this moments ever since then. You didn’t want Yoongi to realise that you were going to Korea so you went over your parent’s house like you did every Thursday and Skyped him as usual. You felt your heart race as you saw Yoongi’s face on the screen and your suitcases out of sights from Yoongi, behind your phone, knowing that you would be with him very soon.

Hoseok stuck to the plan and ran into his room rather abruptly saying there was an emergency down at the bighit offices and that he needed to get there straight away. You didn’t want him to go, but knew it had to be done so that you could pull of the best surprise.  

Your parents dropped you off at the airport and kissed you goodbye. “You know Y/N, we’d love to meet him one day” your Dad cooed. “Dad, you know how much me and Yoongi want him to meet you, it’s just never been possible” you sighed, “I know darling, we will soon” he smiled, wishing you a safe flight.

Everything went smoothly through check in until Yoongi suddenly tried to call you. “Shit, this wasn’t a part of the plan!” You shrieked, about to board your plane. You still had about 20 minutes until last call for the plane so ran into the toilets at the airport. “Hello?” You said, picking up the phone. “Hi babe, I knew Hoseok was lying. He got me over there to do a birthday V live but the connection went down so we’ve came back home. Is it okay to talk some more?” He trailed off. “Oh, Yoongi, I’d love too but you know how busy I am with university work. I’ve just arrived at Uni to do some work and I’m currently sat in the University toilets to take your call to not disturb anyone..” You lied. Thankfully, someone was washing their hands and the air dryers went off, making your lie sound more realistic. “Sorry babe, message me when you’re done yeah?” He asked. “Of course, I love you!” You cooed, shutting off his call. “Shit!” You gasped, realising you had to run for your life to make it to the gate.

Thankfully you made it. You didn’t sleep at all the night before so that you could try and sleep on the long flight. The aeroplane also had WIFI so you were able to contact who you needed to when you touched down.  

Hoseok: Remember to turn your location off if you haven’t already.

His text read.  

You: Don’t worry, it’s already done.

You replied back. The next thing you knew, the flight attendant was coming around asking you to put your seatbelt on for landing. Woah, you really were tired. You looked at your phone and missed a few phone calls from Yoongi but due to the flight landing, you weren’t able to use the WIFI as it had been switched off.

As soon as you touched down, you called Yoongi but there was no answer. You got into baggage claim and tried again. He finally picked up your call on the 3rd try. You sang Happy Birthday to him in Korean and he laughed. “Nice attempt but let me stick with English” he chuckled some more in a tired tone. “You do realise though that it’s 5am right?” He questioned. “I’m so sorry!” You gasped, lying through your teeth “I get so mixed up with time zones, I shouldn’t have stayed at uni so late last night” you lied more. “Babe, my reception is being really weird. My Dad’s driving me to this museum and I’m literally in the middle of nowhere. I’ll ring you back when I can” you said, abruptly ending your call.  

You walked out into the entrance of Seoul airport and saw BTS’ driver waiting for you. He took your bags and pointed out the car. He didn’t really need to as Hoseok was sticking his head through the convertible roof. “Y/N!” He squealed, “it’s been too long!”. “I know!” You replied back, feeling yourself tearing up. “Yoongi isn’t happy with you” he giggled. “Wait, what, why?!” You exclaimed. “He just text me saying that he thinks you aren’t bothered about his birthday because you hung up on him rather abruptly” Hoseok explained. “I didn’t know what else to do! You should have kept him at bighit longer.. Everything just seemed to go downhill from there. I had to make everything up on the spot! It would have look suspicious if I didn’t ring him back at all” you answered. “It’ll all be fine when he sees you” Hoseok smiled, putting his arm around you bringing you in for a hug, feeling your frustrations at the events. After all, Yoongi could have realised the surprise.

You entered the Bangtan Dorm to be greeted by everyone, apart from Yoongi, at the front door. They were all dead silent but quietly jumping up and down and waving at you because you had all missed each other so much. It was 7am when you had arrived at the Bangtan Dorm and with since you woke Yoongi up at 5am (finally getting the plan back on track), he refused to go back to sleep so went to the Genius Lab.  

Jin had a birthday cake in his hand and they all led the way to his place of work, you quietly following behind. Jimin knocked on his door and at first, Yoongi wasn’t going to open the door but finally complied a few knocks later. You and the boys both walked in, Yoongi still not realising you were there, hidden behind them. They all sang Happy Birthday in Korean together and their harmonies were actually spot on. “Thank you” you heard him say.  Other things were being said but you couldn’t take in their words. Your mind was going into overdrive. The love of your life was right in front of you and you could hear his voice so clearly, rather than being affected through telephone and computer sound systems.  

You took a deep breath. “Happy Birthday to you…” You started singing. “What?” You heard him gasp as he spun around in his chair, midway through cutting the cake Jin had just presented before him. The knife he was using to cut the cake fell on the floor, splattering remnants all over. “Y/N” he cried, running towards you as you dumped your backpack on the floor. He wrapped you up in a tight embrace and refused to let you go. “We’ll get out of here”, Hoseok said, ushering the other members out of the door. “Wh-what, what are you doing here?!” He stammered. You couldn’t believe that you were both standing in front of each other after so long. “I’ve missed you so much. This has been planned for a long time Yoongi. I would never miss your birthday, no matter how far away you were” you cooed, planting a kiss on his lips. “I thought I was the one who could rap?!” Yoongi cried, laughing at the speed in which you just said the last sentence.

“Y/N, seriously, I’ve just told Taehyung about this. I had a dream you flew over to see me for my birthday… Seriously is this real?” He stammered, repeating himself over and over. You placed your icey cold hands in his warm ones to help him realise the reality of it all. “It’s real” you cooed, placing your forehead on his, tears rolling down your cheek that the man you love was finally holding you again. “Y/N.. Whether this is a dream or reality, it’s not important. Just the fact that you’re by my side..” He smiled, tears rolling down his cheek.

“Happy Birthday, my love” you whispered, bringing him in for another embrace.  

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home is where the wifi connects automatically

Word count: 8.5k

Rating: G

Summary: The wifi at Dan’s parents’ house is utter crap, which is definitely why he’s always so miserable when he visits his family for Christmas. Because of the wifi. (Or at least, that’s what he chooses to tell himself.)

Warnings: food, swearing, family-related angst, someone getting mildly drunk

Notes: Each section is labeled with the year in which it’s set, so for clarity’s sake, pay attention to that.

Dedicated to spider, of course <3

[Read on AO3]


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Can you do an harry imagine where the reader is shy and always wants to be around harry because she feels more safe and he loves it when she does that and he calls her cute nicknames that always gets her blushing like crazy and they cuddle a lot? Love your work xx

^Trigger Warning^

Y/n was tiny, petite, and so often times, she got forgotten and trampled. She wasn’t too bothered by that fact, as when she got forgotten, she had time to work on her uni work. When she got trampled, though, it was a completely different story. 

“Y/n!” One of Harry’s friends, Jeff, called from a car outside the lecture hall she was exiting. And of course, at that moment, a bunch of students exited at the same time, and had no respect to the fellow classmate, nealry running her over as they traveled out to their cars. As they left her in the dust, she huffed out and regained herself, walking over to the car that Jeff had pulled up to the curb. “He’s in the back.” Jeff told her, and she slid in the car next to her favorite male. 

“Well hello, kitten. Are you okay?” She blushed at the little nickname Harry had acquired for her, and his worried expression at the fact that she was almost run over. 

“Fine, thanks.” She replied quietly. 

“I missed you, pet.” He commented, and Jeff smiled at his younger friend’s affection. 

“I missed you too.” She whispered, and Harry grinned at her shyness. “I didn’t know you were back in town.” She spoke, and he shrugged. 

“Wanted to visit you.” He answered, and she turned bright red. “You have any plans tonight?” He inquired. 

“No.” She answered hesitantly. She knew that Harry probably had plans that he would invite her to, and even though he knew how hard it was to push her out of the house, he still liked to persuade her. “But I have to study for my statistics exam for tomorrow.” She added quickly, and Harry rolled his eyes.

“I am not going to let you hole away in your stuffy little dorm and study for your statistics exam while I’m in town.” He poked her arm, and she squeaked. 

“Please H.” She begged. “Please, please help me study tonight?” She offered.

“If I help you study tonight, then I’m forcing you out for only an hour.” He bargained. She frowned, but nodded, and he cheered childishly. 

“Alright, get out of the car. I’ll pick you guys up tonight at eleven.” Jeff told them, and they slid out of the car. 

“Thank you, Jeff.” They both chimed, and he nodded in acknowledgment before speeding off. 

She led him up the familiar route to her dorm, and he slipped his arm around her waist as she took out her keys and unlocked the door. They stumbled into the room, Harry refusing to take his arms off of her, and the connected bodies fell onto her bed. He finally let her waist go, and propped himself up above her. She gazed up at him, imagining a few months prior when he did the same but his long curls made them a veil from the rest of the world. She reached her fingers up to the nape of his neck, scratching at the short hair, making his eyes close in the feeling. 

“I miss it.” She commented, and he nodded in agreement. 

“I’m growing it back out. Liked my ‘greasy’ hair.” He joked, and she smiled. “I missed you so much, sweetheart.” He told her, making her turn a bright shade. 

His nose nuzzled into her neck, moving away the hair to see a purplish-yellow bruise on her skin. He just examined it for a moment, and when she realized what he was staring at, she froze. He kissed the tender skin, and pulled back to look her in the eye. His eyes were sad and extremely light, staring into hers.  

“He visited a week ago. I thought that would be gone by now.” She whispered. His eyes closed in pain, and he rolled over to the side of her, covering his eyes with his hand. 

“I hate that you won’t let me hurt him.” Harry said, his voice shaking with calm anger. 

“My brother has that covered.” She replied, and he shook his head. 

“He’s in Iraq now, and your dad is taking advantage of the lack of consequences when he hurts you.” He sighed. 

That was really how they became close. Harry knew her brother, Cole, and Cole introduced them because he could trust him, and as soon as the two met, Cole knew that Harry would protect her while he would be overseas. Y/n had a lot of trust issues with men, and when Cole saw that she was more relaxed with Harry than she was with any other man, besides himself, he knew that he would depend on Harry. 

“Cole wanted me to take care of you. How am I supposed to do that when you won’t tell me what’s going on in your life?” He questioned sadly. “I don’t want you to be hurt, kitten.” 

He pulled her onto his chest, and got flashbacks of a incident that happened a few months after he met her. 

There were sirens, and lights flashing, and it was horrible. Cole had called him in a frenzy, and there were so many things that Cole was spitting out on the phone, that Harry could only catch the address and that something bad had happened. Harry immediately dashed out of his car, and into the house where Cole was on the floor next to his sister, who was barely breathing. Cole didn’t even glance over at his father who was sat against the wall, unconscious. 

“What happened?” Harry cried, slumping down on the floor next to Cole who was sobbing over his sister, waiting for the ambulance. 

“He-he hurt her and I caught him doing it.” Cole spluttered out. 

“Holy shit, that’s a lot of blood.” Harry whispered, looking at Y/n’s shoulder where Cole was pressing a wet towel against the wound. 

“I don’t know what to do, I don’t- I can’t lose her.” Cole whimpered, and that was one of the only times that Harry saw Cole’s vulnerable side showing, and every time he did, it was because of his younger sister. 

“What happened to your dad?” Harry asked, and Cole looked in spite over at the figure sat on the wall.

“He’s a bastard, and I made him pay.” Cole spat before looking back down at his sister. His fingers ran over her forehead, feeling the burning of  fever. 

The scream of sirens ran down the street, and Harry went to the front door, unlocking all of the locks and opening the screen and the door. The medical team ran through the door with a gurney, and assessed the situation quickly, lifting Y/n from the floor and onto the gurney. Cole was clutching on her hand, still holding the towel to her shoulder as the medical team escorted them into the ambulance. Harry grabbed a guy’s shoulder from the medical team, and showed him to Y/n’s father, and told the stranger that her father was not first priority. 

Harry rode right behind the ambulance, his mind running wild as he followed them. There was so much blood, and Harry was just hoping that she would live. 

She ended up living, and after she woke up from a four-day coma, and recovered from her stitches, she was free to go. She convinced Cole not to tell the authorities that it was her father that did it, and Harry was by them the whole time, and that was when he started caring for her more than a friend would.

“I can’t lose you again, I can’t watch you get hurt.” Harry whispered. She looked up at him and his eyes were already on hers. The expression he wore was one she had never seen before. 

“You won’t.” She assured him, his eyes never falling from hers.

“Kitten, I think I want to kiss you.” 

“Then do it.” 

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Part 1 - The Beginning

My therapist sat clicking her pen with her thumb as fast as she could, looking over her notes about me with furrowed brows.
I couldn’t help but feel like she was trying to annoy me. We had been sat in silence for a while, occasionally her lifeless eyes would lift to stare at me for another brief moment, and then she would jot something else, like she had me all figured out.
I had only been seeing her for three months.
I had known myself for twenty-one years, and I definitely didn’t have myself figured out. There wasn’t a chance in hell she did.

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Drabble Masterlist

So instead of cramming my main masterlist full, I thought this worked better. :)

I won’t say no - beginning of relationship
Marry me? - fluff/relationship
Kiss me - best friend/relationship
I almost lost you - angst/relationship
Reasons - fluff/relationship, also one of my favourite drabbles
I’m with you, always - relationship
I got you a present - fluff/relationship
Stay? - relationship
If you die, I’ll kill you - drama/relationship
Director!Ashton - relationship
Me, Earl and the Dying Girl - relationship with themes of death/cancer
Does he know about the baby? - drama/post-relationship
Drunk texts - post-relationship
So you’re seeing someone else? - post-relationship
One more night - breakup of relationship

You can’t keep protecting me - gang AU
Electric - Electric Part two - gang AU
Don’t hurt her - gang AU
What is this? James Bond? - spy AU
Time’s Ticking - soulmate AU
137 - angst/soulmate AU
Ash - soulmate AU
Snowballs - single dad AU
Baby shop - parent AU
Training - Divergent AU 
Stitches - Hunger Games AU

Suitcase switch - beginning of relationship
Late night - fluff/beginning of relationship
Best friends - best friends/start of a relationship
Rival - start of relationship
Forbidden Fruit - start of relationship
I think I’m falling in love with you - fluff/best friend/relationship
Please don’t leave - angst/relationship
It was an accident - relationship
Somewhere in Neverland - relationship
I was gonna eat that - relationship
Kiss me - breakup/relationship
Stop laughing and help me for God’s sake - relationship
You’re not like the other fans - relationship
Young God - relationship
Chasing Cars - pregnancy/relationship
Sink or Swim - angst/relationship
Hurricane - one night stand
I still think you’re perfect - parents/post-relationship
I know you’re in there - breakup of relationship
What happened to us? - drama/post-relationship
It was never your fault - parents/post-relationship
Do you ever think of me? - post-relationship
Coffee? - post-relationship
I miss you - angst/post-relationship
It’ll never be enough - drama/best friend
Heartbreak boy - siblings 

Shotgun - hitman AU
Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone - gang AU
Goodbye - gang AU
Maps for the Getaway - gang AU
Good luck charm - relationship/high school AU
Promise Me - soulmate AU
Adopting a son - adoption/parents AU
Maddie - single dad AU
Make room - pregnancy reveal/parents AU
Morning - parents AU
Christmas - Christmas/parents AU
Smoke - angst/dystopian AU
Sword/Seraph Blade - shadowhunter AU

You fainted! - start of relationship
I’m pregnant - pregnancy/relationship
I can’t believe you talked me into this - relationship
Why are you looking at me like that? - fluff/relationship
Wake up, I need you - death/relationship
Breathe - death/relationship
Come over here and make me - long distance relationship
Home - leaving for tour/relationship
Little do you know - nightmares/relationship
Punch or Drunk - drama/relationship 
Say Something - breakup of relationship 
Pretty Girl  - breakup of relationship
Love Actually II - discovery of affair/breakup of relationship
Have you seen the…? Oh. - post-FWB/roommates
No one is you - post-relationship
Did you move on? - post-relationship
Love hurts - post-relationship
I remember you - best friends 

I’ll See You Soon - soulmate AU
Bloody hand prints - gang AU
It’s not fair - parents AU
Shoot - Walking Dead AU
Dirty Dancing - Dirty Dancing AU

Stupid Plans - drama/start of relationship
Don’t ever do that again! - best friend/start of relationship
I think I’m in love with you - start of relationship
I see the way you look at me - start of relationship
Who cares if anybody sees us? - start of relationship
Mistletoe Kisses - start of relationship
Who are you? - start of relationship
Coffee talk - start of relationship
One Night Stand - start of relationship
Words don’t come so easily - best friend/start of relationship
Red carpet, red faced - relationship
Wildest dreams - relationship
YOU DID WHAT?! - relationship
I almost lost you - nightmares/relationship
The paint is supposed to go where? - relationship
Missing You - relationship, this has themes of anxiety.
I’m not going anywhere - relationship, this has themes of depression.
You would’ve been proud of me - angst/relationship
I’m trying to be cute - relationship
Blue - relationship
Just say it - fluff/relationship
Letters - fluff/relationship
I just really needed you here - angst/relationship
There’s a special place in hell - relationship
Backseat Serenade - friends with benefits
Novocaine - post-relationship
Wrapped Around Your Finger - relationship/post-relationship
Don’t touch me - drama/breakup of relationship
You’ve got one hour - angst/breakup of relationship
What are we? - breakup of relationship
You trust me, right? - You trust me, right? Part two - breakup of relationship 
You didn’t mean it - breakup of relationship
Are you jealous? - post-relationship
Just once - post-relationship
After all these months, it’s still you - post-relationship
Memories - post-relationship
I heard our song - post-relationship
I didn’t want to end it - post-relationship
I’ll wait at our restaurant - post-relationship
I just need reasons to keep us talking - post-relationship
My parents asked about you  - post-relationship
I don’t remember a reason - post-relationship
I shouldn’t have come - post-relationship
Instagram - post-relationship
Set up - post-relationship 
UNI - post-relationship  
Flowers - best friends/post-relationship
Love, Rosie - best friends/unrequited love
Unrequited - best friend/unrequited love
Love Actually I - unrequited love
Oh my God, you’re in love - unrequited love
The Perks of Being a Wallflower - best friend

To the moon - soulmate AU
Lingering - soulmate AU
Colour - soulmate AU
Faker - soulmate AU
Good Morning, Princess - soulmate AU
Dr Clifford Will See You Now - soulmate AU
Engaged - Shadowhunter AU
Wands - Harry Potter AU
Always - Hunger Games AU
Goodbye - gang AU
It’s done. It’s over - gang AU
It’ll be over - gang AU
Shotgun wedding - gang AU
Hell - gang AU
Crib goes here - pregnancy/bad boy AU
Act - actor AU
Boo - parents AU
Baby - parents/soulmate AU

“Frustrating and childish” // Conor Maynard Imagine (Part 1)

December 6th, 2017

Warnings: n/a

Word count: 908 

Requested: no 

Summary: Y/n dating Conor but hating Jack. 

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“Please just try and get along with him,” your boyfriend Conor said to you talking about his little brother Jack.

You sighed, “I mean I’ll try but no promises.”

“I love you,” he said grabbing my hand with one hand and keeping the other on the wheel. We were currently on the way to Conor’s house for a family dinner. You loved Conor’s family, well with one exception- Jack.

“I love you too,” you said smiling lightly. Conor pulled into the Maynard driveway and squeezed your hand for reassurance. You leaned over and kissed his lips. He got out and opened your door for you. You thanked him, kissing his cheek. He grabbed your hand and you walked into the house.

“Hey y/n!” Anna said coming up to hug you. You hugged her back.

“I missed you,” she said.

“I missed you too.”

“What am I? Chopped Liver?"He asked. Anna laughed and gave him a quick side hug.

"Where’s Jack?” He asked.

Anna shrugged, “He was here and now he’s not. He saw your car pull up and I think he went to his room.” You rolled your eyes. Conor’s mom Helen walked around the corner.

“Oh hey Con, hey Y/n I didn’t even hear you come in,” she said with a smile then hugging both of you.

“Dinner is almost ready everything is in the oven,” she said. You both nodded and sat on the couch.

“So how have you guys been?” Helen asked us. “I’m good Mrs. Maynard how are you?” you asked politely.

“Honey I have told you multiple times, call me Helen,” she said smiling. Suddenly a timer went off in the kitchen.

“Helen!” Conor’s dad yelled from the kitchen. She stood up.

“Conor and Anna will you come help set the table? And Y/n will you go get Jack? You know where his room is right?” She hurried into the kitchen before you could say anything. You looked up at Conor and he kissed your cheek before heading after his mom. You sighed deeply for what seemed like the thousandth time. You stood up and walked down the hall to Jacks’s room. You straightened your shirt before knocking on the door.

“One minute,” Jack said. He opened his door and as soon as he saw it was you, his face dropped.

“Dinner is ready,” you said in a low tone.

“Okay bitch,” he said.

“What is your problem?” you said harshly.

“You. I thought I made that pretty obvious,” he said pushing past you, nudging your shoulder roughly. Your back hit the wall and you heard him snicker at your tiny wince.

You both made your way to the table and you and Conor made eye contact. You sat next to him.  And Jack took his seat across from you. Mid-dinner you suddenly felt a kick in your calf. You winced.

“Oops sorry,” Jack said sarcastically. You opened your mouth but Conor squeezed your hand. Jack gave you and Conor a sarcastic smile which you both chose to ignore. You finished up dinner and you guys were now eating dessert.

“So Y/n what is it you said that you did again? I always forget,” Helen said.

“I am in Uni currently and I am majoring in visual arts,” You said. Jack mumbled something under his breath.

“Sorry Jack, what was that?” You asked.

“Oh nothing,” he said. As much as Conor had told you to not let Jack bother you, you could tell that Conor was getting annoyed.

“You just always have something to say don’t you?” You confronted.

“I mean when it comes to you I do,” he said.

“What have I ever done to you?” Jack got angry and slammed his silverware on the table.

“Get the fuck out of my house. Nobody likes you, it’s all a fucking lie. Conor doesn’t love you. My parents and Anna don’t like you,” he said. You knew he was lying but words hurt. They hit you like a slap in the face.

“Jack,” his mom said harshly.

“Shut the hell up or I swear to God,” Conor spat.

Jack rolled his eyes, “yeah go ahead and take her side over your own child.” He said storming out. Tears poured out of your eyes. Conor looked at you and immediately pulled you into his arms. You wiped your eyes not wanting to cry in front of Conor’s family. You regained your composure and stood up. You walked down the hall and knocked on Jack’s door roughly gaining anger by the second.

“Fucking what?” He spat throwing open the door.

“What in the bloody hell is wrong with you? I have done nothing to you. You are the most frustrating and childish person I have ever met in my life. I love your brother and he loves me and the fact that you are so fucking jealous to the point you think it’s okay and-” you yelled. However, you were cut off by Jack pushing you against the hallway wall and kissing you. You tried to push him off but he was too strong. He eventually came up for air so you slapped him.

“What the hell?” Conor said. You looked down the hall to see that Conor had watched the whole thing. Jack held his stinging cheek and laughed slightly before walking back to his room. You opened your mouth to say something but you were immediately cut off by Conor.

 "Let’s just go home.“

part 2

Preference, BSM: He Realizes You’re Growing Up

Niall, 18: “Does mum know you’re going out this late?” Niall questions, one eyebrow raised as he leans against the doorway to your bedroom. You looked over, confused, “I don’t know, didn’t really think about it. I’ll probably tell her before I leave or something.” “So mum’s gonna let you go out at eleven at night?” Niall asked, looking disbelieving. “Niall, I’m eighteen now, have been for a few months before you got home” you laughed, continuing to apply your makeup. “I’m in UNI, I’m moving out in a month-“ “What?” he sounded upset now. “I’m moving out in a month,” you continued, ignoring him. “I don’t really need to ask mum or dad’s permission anymore. I run things by them because I respect them. But I don’t ask for permission.” He watched you finish getting ready in silence and watched you from the living room window as you left later on, driving off in your own car probably to go pick up your boyfriend and not come home until the next morning. It wasn’t until later that night, when Niall was alone with your mum in the kitchen, both looking over old photo albums, that he realized why he had been so bothered, “I guess I thought she’d be little forever.”

Zayn, 20: “We’ve been talking about moving in together,” you said slowly, looking across the table to your older brother who had stopped eating. You waited as he cleared his throat and nodded slowly, looking at you with a strange expression, “That’s…that’s great babe. You’ve been dating since you were 16, known each other since you were five. I think that you’ve been together long enough to do this.” You nodded in agreement, narrowing your eyes at him as he picked his fork back up and stared at his plate, not eating anything. “You don’t look very excited for me. I thought you liked James,” you said after a few seconds of silence, not being able to help the feeling of being crushed. Zayn’s head shot up at the sound of disappointment in your voice and he shook his head back and forth quickly, looking worried, “No I do, I do! He’s amazing (Y/N), you two really love each other.” “So what’s the problem then?” you asked sadly. “I thought you’d be happier for me.” “I am happy, I am,” he repeated forcefully, before lowering his voice and looking back down. “’S just weird, you know? You’re my baby sister. Don’t really like thinking how you’re not always going to be the baby.”

Liam, 17: “You bought this?” he asked incredulously, running his hands over the outside of the beaten down car and feeling somewhat upset. “No help from mum or dad at all?” “I did it all on my own,” you said proudly, eyes gleaming. “I work a lot of hours and I’ve been saving ever since I was little.” “I could’ve helped, I could’ve gotten you something new,” Liam said, not sure why he was feeling so lost suddenly. “I don’t mind it,” you said happily. “It’s better knowing I did this all on my own.” “You’re like a little grown up aren’t you?” Liam teased softly, his eyes crinkling as he smiled at you but swallowed the lump in his throat. He was feeling a lot of pride, but he couldn’t help and feel the nostalgia kick in as well. “Don’t need your big brother to take care of you anymore then?” There was the slight crack in his voice that you missed as you answered, laughing. “Hopefully I’ll be able to take care of myself. But I’ll still keep you around, I’ve grown fond of you.” Liam laughed along with you, keeping his head tilted down so you couldn’t see how red his eyes were.

Harry, 19: “So what do you think?” you smiled softly, watching your older brother and sister turn in a full circle in the middle of your living room. Harry and Gemma exchanged looks before Gemma nodded her head proudly, “You’ve done well (Y/N). I thought it would look like a garbage truck to be honest, with your sense of taste, but you’ve made me proud.” You laughed loudly, shaking your head, “Ass.” “I think it’s quite lovely (Y/N),” Harry said in a quiet voice, hands behind his back as he smiled. “You’ve done an amazing job making it seem like home.” “I know, I already feel comfortable,” you ran a hand across the back of your couch and grinned. “Course the first few nights I was miserable, it was so quiet. But now I love it. I can’t believe I have my first apartment.” They both continued smiling, nodding when you asked if they wanted tea. As you walked into the kitchen, leaving them alone, Harry collapsed onto your couch and stared blankly at the wall. Gemma chuckled, sliding down next to him and putting a hand on his back, “Weird isn’t it? Seeing her grow up? Felt the same watching you.” “I always just sort of thought,” Harry started slowly. “That she’d be the baby forever, you know? It was natural seeing you grow up, you were older than me. But watching her is scary, I don’t like it.”

Louis, 19: “Aren’t you worried about her?” Louis asked, his eyes constantly flicking towards the front door. “Of course I am,” Johanna laughed. “I’m worried about all of you, all the time.” “So why don’t you tell her to come home, I mean it is one in the morning,” Louis ignored the last part of his mother’s sentence, his fingers drilling impatiently against the kitchen table. “Because she’s nineteen now Lou,” your mother said patiently, smiling softly. “She’s allowed to make her own decisions.” “She’s just a kid,” Louis said indignantly, ignoring the way his voice shook. “She should be home right now, sleeping where we can keep an eye on her.” Johanna stopped loading dishes into the washer, looking over with soft eyes, “Oh Louis. I know how you feel, I felt the same about you. She’ll be okay.” “They’re all going to be old one day, fuck,” Louis said in a shaky voice, resting his head on the table.

Bed and Breakfast

By Skyler10

Summary: Best friends John and Rose go on a post-uni road trip with Mickey and Martha!

Notes: Written as askbox drabbles for @stupidsatsuma for the @dwinboxbuddies event on Tumblr. Sorry it took me so long to post this, Buddy! 

When John suggested a road trip to Rose, Mickey, and Martha after graduation, Rose was thrilled. What could be better than driving across the UK with her three best friends? Of course, her four-year-long crush on John was an issue, but she’d do what she had done so far: remind herself that he was on to a better future than she’d ever have a shot at. But there was no reason to let the sad realities of life get her down! She was going to enjoy every minute left w/ her mates before they scattered all over.

John paced his near-empty flat, avoiding boxes and packing tape. “Relax!” Jack assured him. “It’s not like you’ll be cuddled up to her at night.”

“But it’s Rose,” John whined. “She’s going to be able to tell.”

“She hasn’t so far,” Jack reminded.

John shook his head. “She probably saw right through me on the first day we met.”

“Why don’t you just tell her you love her and get it over with?”

“I can’t lose her friendship, Jack. She doesn’t see me like that.”

Jack sighed.

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Same shit, different year.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
‘Well, we can’t just ignore them Y/N" it was that time of year, the holidays were fast approaching which meant going to visit each other’s family. “I know that and that’s not what I’m saying, Robbie. Why don’t we just go see your family and send mine a card? There’s always drama when we go see my family and for once I would like to enjoy a Christmas without any issues” I sigh, folding a t-shirt and putting it in my suitcase. “Family is family, Y/N. No matter what” Robbie says watching me from the bed, having finished packing 3 days ago, but as usual, I left until the day before we left. Christmas with my family was never enjoyable, and now that Robbie and I started spending the holidays together Christmas with my family was a dreadful time, for both of us. The holidays with my family got worse when Robbie cane on to the scene, and each year was worse than the year before. “Y/N, we can’t skip out on your parents. It’s rude” “but you don’t want to go either. Why cause trouble when it can be avoided?” “We can’t do that. Yes, things get bad but we can’t just not go and see them” Robbie says rolling off the bed and practicality ‘thumping’ down the hallway. Why would I want to go spend time with a father who disrespects my boyfriend and a mother who has stepdaughters who don’t know when they have crossed the line. Having divorced parents was never fun, but this made it 10 times worse.

“You ready to go?” Robbie calls from the kitchen, gathering the last of our bags, placing them by the back door, “as ready as I’ll ever be” Robbie insisted that we leave at 5am claiming that ‘it was better to get an early start and beat the traffic’. It was a 6 hours drive to my dad’s and an additional 3 and a half from there to my mums, so I guess an early start time for our trip is a good idea.

Robbie had been driving for 4 hours so we switched over for the last 2 hours. The whole trip I had been trying to convince myself that maybe this year would be different. But as we pulled into my dad’s driveway, that feeling completely disappeared. I felt like my stomach was in a huge lump in my throat. Robbie jumped out of the car, running around to my door, opening it and helping me out. Robbie never let go of my hand, sensing my dread. “Now or never right” Robbie says, tighten his grip on my hand slightly. “I’m going with ‘never’” “Y/N” I sigh, nodding. “Fine” Robbie smiles, “thats my girl”. Walking to the door seemed like the longest walk of my life. I know, I’m being over dramatic, but on the other side if that door, meant nothing but hate and arguments. “Y/N, how are you, darl-oh, I see you bought ‘him’ with you” We haven’t even walked inside the house and the shit had already started.

“Have you seen your mother yet?” Dad asks as we sit around the dinner table, waiting for his new wife, Rose, to bring the food out, “Umm, no. Robbie and I are heading to see her after we leave here. It’s easier to come here first since you’re closer” “I see. And then will you go see ‘his’ parents” I sigh, I’m getting sick of this. “Thats enough. ‘His’ name is Robbie. Not ‘his’ or 'him’ or 'that one’. Robbie. Say it with me, Dad. I’ll even spell it out for you, R-O-B-B-I-E. Robbie, say it, dad. It’s easy” “Don’t you dare speak to me that way, Y/N. Not in my house” dad says, standing up from the table, a stern look smacked across his face. That’s when you know shits about to get real. “Why should I respect you when you don’t respect the man I love! Robbie doesn’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this. Robbie has been nothing but respectful to you and to your wife and you can’t even give him a single bit of respect. Don’t even bother unpacking the car cause we are not staying. Come on, Robbie. Let’s go somewhere where you’re treated with respect” I say, removing myself from the table as Dad storms off to who knows where. Robbie reluctantly follows me out to the car, “Y/N?” He calls softly, “I mean it, Robbie. I’m not staying in the same house as him. I don’t have to put up with him disrespecting you. YOU don’t have to put up with that” he sighs, “I know you know I’m right, Robbie. That look on your face says everything” he pulls me into his chest, resting his chin on top of my head, “I’m happy that you’re sticking up for me, sticking up for us, Y/N. I really am. But I don’t want to get in the way of your relationship with your dad” We were interrupted when Rose came out of the house. “Oh I’m glad you haven’t left yet. I put some food in these to-go containers for you both. Drive safely alright" Robbie takes the containers while I hug Rose. “Thank you, Rose. I’m sorry dinner was ruined” “Oh dear, I understand why you said what you did. It’s not fair for your father to treat Robbie like that” she says giving Robbie a hug, “maybe next year will be different” I say rolling my eyes, like that would ever happen. “We’ll just have to wait and see. You two better get going before it gets too late. Let me know when you get there okay, I would hate for something to happen to you both” Robbie smiles, getting in the car “Come on, misses. Rose it right” I nod, “coming. Say bye to dad for me, please” I say giving Rose one last hug, “will do, sweet. Stay safe, okay?” I nod softly before getting into the drivers seat of the car.

“Can you call my mum and let her know we’re like, 20 minutes away?” I say, taking my phone out of my pocket and passing it to Robbie, “Hi mum, Y/N wanted me to let you know that we’ll be arriving at your house in 20 minutes roughly… yeah, I know. We’ll explain when we get to you. Will do.. Alright, bye” he hangs up and slides my phone back into my pocket, “what did she say “that we are 3 days early. But she’ll have the spare room sorted by the time we get there” I nod, stopping at a red light and looking over at him. “What?” “I love you, Robbie” he smiles, placing his hands on my thigh, “I love you too, Y/N”

“My darlings!” My mum yells, rushing out of the house and wrapping Robbie and I in a hug as soon as we reach the front door, “Hi mum” I say as she let’s us go, “how are you both? Ron will help unpack the car” Ron was mums new partner, after dad and the divorce she never saw the need to remarry, atleast not any time soon but I could see she would marry Ron at one point. “We’re both good mum, at least we are now anyway” mum shakes her head “your father, I swear he will always be a pain” she mumbled as she followed us inside.

Robbie’s p.o.v.
“Morning Robbie!” Samantha, one of Ron’s 3 daughters, squeals as she rushes into the kitchen, “morning, Sam” I say, my ears ringing. We were soon joined by Emily and Lucy, Ron’s other 2 daughters. “Ohh Robbie, I’ve missed you!” Lucy says as she snakes her arms around my waist, locking me in her grip. “Uhh, yeeeaah, I’ve, umm, missed you too?” I say trying to pry myself out of her grip. “Lucy, let him go, Robbie is taking me to the movies!” Emily says, pulling Lucy away from me, 'please hurry, Y/N’ I think to myself as the 3 girls argue over who was doing what with me today. “Morning everyone” Y/N chirps (A/N is that weird to say? Like do people actually say that or no?) as she enters the kitchen, making herself coffee, Samantha, Emily and Lucy all mumbled 'morning’ back not taking their attention away from me.

Y/N’s p.o.v.
Go to see my dad, Robbie gets treated like shit. Go to my mums and he can’t be left alone. How has my family not scared him off by that?. Time to save him. “Hey, Robbie. Do you want to head out and do that last little bit of shopping for your family?” “Yes!” Robbie says immediately, standing up from the table. “Lets go then, see you later girls” they all moan as Robbie rushes out to the car, he couldn’t get out of here fast enough. “Makes me sick” I say as I open the car door and climb in. “What does?” “The way dad treats you. The way the blonde squad throw themselves at you. This is why I don’t like going to see my family, as bad as it sounds. But it’s the same shit every year” “hey. Family is family, no matter what they do, Y/N. Let them flirt with me, I only have eyes for you, Love. You’re the one I want, and the only one” Robbie says leaning over from the passenger seat and pecking my cheek, “thanks. But next year, we are only going to see your family” I say, starting the car up. “You say that every year, Y/N!” Robbie says laughing, I roll my eyes as I pull out of the drive way, “I mean it, Robbie” “yeah yeah, same shit different year, I know” he says smirking at me.


A/N sorry it’s taken so long! I’ve been trying to settle in at uni and it’s taken a lil while to get on top of everything, but I have everything under control and can start writing again. This imagine is kind of on the longer side so I’m not sure how I feel about it but yeah. Hope you like it

Let’s college AU

Cuz why the hell not. And @annieisyourfavourite ‘s Beetle art inspired me (US based, hence the “college” not uni, cuz im american & too lazy to figure out my own school system let alone other countries)

  • Septimus is in his first year training to be a pilot and takes as many science courses as he can. He is especially interested in astrophysics and aeronautics and, ironically, chemistry.
  • Jenna is in her first year but has enough credits to be in her second year. She’s studying political science. She’s aiming for governor but, of course, her big dream would be to be president one day. Or maybe just a congresswoman, who knows.
  • Beetle is in his last year & finishing his degree in English with an emphasis in Literature. He hopes to get into grad school to get his Library Science degree and become a librarian at the public level.
  • Marwick is in natural sciences. He wants to become a national or state park ranger. He loves the outdoors and wants to spend every working hour outside, teaching others.
  • Sep and Marwick have known each other since kindergarten, they got stuck in time out with each other.
  • Beetle and Jenna met in a general statistics class. Beetle put it off because he despises math. Jenna took it immediately to get it out of the way. It took them almost a year to start dating tho, Beetle felt weird about dating someone so much younger than him (18 to 21 is a big jump) and Jenna was convinced she only saw him as a friend for a while. The pair meets for coffee before class every Tuesday and Thursday. They’re that couple that is always together but don’t make you sick to look at. Everyone assumed they were dating much earlier than they were just because they were around each other so much.
  • Marcia is the head of the flight program at the university. She takes a special liking to Septimus as he tends to involve himself in EVERYTHING, head of social media, in with the competition planning, picking up random jobs at the airport, at every fundraiser helping out. You name it, he’s there.
  • (Alther is dean of the college the aviation program is apart of? Or he’s the old head of the aviation program & just comes around to fly planes once in a while.)
  • Sep TA’d for prof. Marcellus’s chem class & loved it.
  • Miss Marcia Overstrand is in a dead end relationship with a local shop owner, Milo Banda. They know each other from their own time in college and Marcia convinced herself he was going to propose when they graduated. Well it’s been a few years (try 10) and there’s still no ring on her finger and that chemistry professor on south campus is looking mighty fine.
  • Septimus invites Jenna to an aviation banquet as his date, because when in doubt, ask your siblings. Milo is there as Marcia’s date and he can’t help but think Jenna’s eyes look a lot like an ex girlfriends of his who died in childbirth. But the kid was a stillborn, right?
  • The gang hangs out at Beetle’s apartment (he’s the only one with a private room & is relativly close to campus. Plus he owns a TV!)
  • Sep and Beetle met when they ran into each other in the library. Sep was lost looking for a research book and Beetle helped him before asking about the Zelda shirt Sep wore. Beetle owns a switch and Sep hadn’t had time to even touch a controller since he got to college. Beetle invited him over to play Breath of the Wild and they became good friends after. It just so happened Jenna was Sep’s sister.
  • Mar smokes weed/makes edibles on the weekends but he does it SMARTLY so he wouldn’t get kicked out. He ain’t no dumbass. Sep tried it once, decided it wasn’t for him. (He takes a hit off of Marwick’s blunt when he’s feeling super stressed about stuff)
  • Simon is working as a chemist for a local pharmaceutical company. His and Sep’s fight came from 10 the normal dichotomy of oldest kid vs youngest. But 2) Sep got accepted to a better college than Simon ever had the opportunity to attend. Simon is over it now but he avoided coming home for a good few months when he heard. “He’s petty as hell” Jenna declared one night at dinner. No one disagreed
  • Sam is part of the states local fishing and wildlife board. Marwick walked in one day (when he was done with college) asking about a job application. Sam handed it to him with his phone number on the back.
  • Jojo still lives at home and works at the local Hot Topic and/or Spencer’s.
  • Idk what the twins do they have too little personality. They do go to fucking furry cons and you and I both know it.
  • Nicko went to trade school for boat repair and is loving every single minute of it. Hey, small world! He happens to work with his sister-in-law’s brother!
  • The Heaps ended up adopting Jenna through a roundabout way. Silas & Sarah were accidentally given the wrong baby in the hospital, never mind the darker skin & the fact that she was a girl while their baby was a boy. Silas notified a nurse & when they got Septimus back they asked to meet the mother of that charming baby girl. When they heard her mom had passed and her dad was out of the picture, they felt an immediate concern for the baby. After some serious deliberation, and a bit of prompting from the boys about wanting a sister, they decided to adopt her.

lilaviolet  asked:

44. “This is a totally inappropriate soundtrack.”

Thanks for the ask, love xx

This isn’t the first time she’s cradled Finn Nelson in her arms, whispering soothing words against his hair. She tries her best to hold back her own tears, her eyes screwed shut as she clutches his head to her chest.

His fingers are digging into her side, holding on tight as if he’s afraid that she might leave him again. She can still feel his body shake as she strokes his back, but the sobbing that has been wracking his body is slowly ebbing.

She opens her mouth to speak, but then closes it. For once she doesn’t feel the need to fill the silence, for once her mind isn’t reeling trying to concoct the next witty thing to say. The only sounds that fill the room are the sniffling coming from Finn and the music playing from her speakers.

Finn’s grip on her side becomes less pronounced and he pulls back from Rae, her arms falling to her sides. She watches as he wipes at his eyes, the movement making the redness more prominent. “Oh Finn,” she whispers, her hands moving to grasp his face. She caresses his cheeks with her thumbs, her palms cupping his jaw.

“Sorry,” he tells her, finally looking her in the eyes. “I…I didn’t mean ta show up like this, but I….I didn’t know where else ta go.”

She removes her hands from his face to rest them against his shoulders. “No Finn, please don’t apologize. I’m glad you came.”

He gives her a small smile before his face falls again. He looks down at his lap where his hands are clasped and she notices how white his knuckles are. She moves her hands to cover his, squeezing them in a show of solidarity. “Have you been to hospital yet?” she asks, knowing the answer.

Finn shakes his head, his shoulders slumping forward. “I could…couldn’t do it. I can’t see ‘im like tha’. I can’t see my da like tha’.”

“Finn, you’ve got to go. He’ll need you.”

“What if he’s hooked up to all sorts of tubes and tha’, Rae? I’ve not been to hospital since you and the gang got in tha’ accident back in College. It…it reminds me too much of me Nan.”

She reaches up to brush the new tears tracking down his face and soon he’s wrapping his arms around her again, seeking comfort that nobody but Rae seems to provide. He lets his joined hands rest against her hip, calmed by the fact that he’s got Rae in his arms again. For a moment he lets himself forget why he’s there, why she’s letting him hold onto her.

“What is this complete and utter shit that’s playing?” Rae asks, her voice an octave or two too high as she finally takes notice of the music coming from her stereo.

Finn chuckles against her neck and he can feel the goosebumps form on the sliver of skin exposed under his hands. “Was about ta ask ya the same thing, gi–” He can feel her stiffen as soon as the word nearly leaves his mouth and he’s searching for something to say to placate her. “I uh - I didn’t take you as a Run DMC fan.”

She relaxes in his arms, laughing and shaking her head. “Bloody Chloe, she’s left her stupid Can’t Hardly Wait soundtrack. I told her I didn’t want that shit in my room.”

Missy Elliot comes over the speakers and Finn’s shaking against her and she’s got an inkling that it’s not from crying this time. “I’ve got to say it, Rae. This is –”

“I know I know, this is a totally inappropriate soundtrack to be listening to. Here you are upset about your dad and here I am making you listen to bloomin’ Blink 182 and Missy.”

He pulls back to look at her. “You could have at least played Trainspotting’s soundtrack, yeah?” he asks, to which she nods in agreement.

She’s too comfortable like this, staring at Finn, bantering about music with Finn, being wrapped in Finn’s arms. It worries her and if she’s going to keep her head straight, she’s got to get off this bed and out of his embrace.

She smiles too big. “You know what?”


"I think it’s time you go check on your dad, Finn.” She unwraps his arms from around her and stands up from her bed.

“Bu–” He looks up at her, eyes wide.

“Come on.” She holds out her hand to him and tugs him to his feet. “I’ll ehm - I’ll go with you.”

“What about Uni? Won’t you miss your classes?” he asks, not letting go of her hand.

She scoffs. “Uni can do without me for a day. Besides, it’s nearly the weekend.”

FICS REC (updated)

Basically this is a way for me to keep track of all the fics I read so I’m going to update it from time to time. This is only the start! (I have pretty much stolen the summaries already written by the authors cause I’m lazy, but anyway lmao)


210 Days - Harry is in the army and Louis is back in New York. Together, they get through Harry’s six month leave by sending a series of letters back and forth. 16k

And I’ll Be Yours To Keep - Louis is a teacher and Harry is one of the best ballet dancers he has ever seen. Louis has a responsibility to keep Harry at arm’s length, but with every day that goes by, he feels his control slip a little more. It’s risky for everyone involved, but somehow…Harry seems worth it. 59k

A Long Way From The Playground - Series. Harry and Louis eloped but neglected to mention it to anyone. Meanwhile Lottie is getting married and the only way for them to not steal her thunder is by pretending they’re just friends for the weekend. Featuring Harry and Louis as terrible liars who don’t know the meaning of the word platonic and some Tomlinsons and Styles’s who definitely don’t believe them, plus a prequel. 63k

A marriage of true minds - Four weddings, a funeral, speeches, karaoke, cocktails, cake, a healthy dose of heartache, and a love that just doesn’t know how to quit. 46k

Ain’t going backwards, won’t ask for space - They’ve been best friends for eight years, but have never acted on the sexual tension that’s existed between them. And when they do, it’s completely impossible to stop the feelings that arise from denying themselves of what was always meant to be. 17k

Amazing Sin - the story of Louis ‘Steal Your Man’ Tomlinson. 56k

And I’ll Be Yours To Keep - Louis is a drama teacher and Harry is one of the best ballet dancers of the school. 59k

And your light’s always shining on - Series. Louis sends him lots of messages with exclamation marks and so proud of u haz !! and that save was brilliant ! and u look so cute when ur angry :p. Harry replies back with lots of heart emojis and pictures of himself shirtless and still in bed, grinning like an idiot, and Louis saves all of Harry’s pictures. 16k

As loud as lions - fetus coming out fic. 26k

Baby how we spoon like nobody else - Harry comes out to visit Louis in Los Angeles and it’s easy, to pretend that things could stay like this. 15k

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Kylux Accidental University Housemates

(With bonus Suffering Phasma and Mitaka as the other housemates):

- Ren never buys milk. Ever. He claims he never uses it but Hux caught him once and he knows. He Knows.

- Hux leaves passive-aggressive post-it notes on everything (”turn the lights off, you idiots”), (”Don’t even THINK of using my face wash, Ren”), (”Hoovering is not a concept, do it once in a while”), etc

- Phasma is the most popular and hosts wild house parties; somehow, no one has ever seen her with a hangover.

- Mitaka is the quiet and unassuming housemate; however when there’s a house party and Phasma let’s him have tequila he is a PARTY ANIMAL

- No one will ever let Ren forget the time he got so drunk that he forgot which room he lived in and accidentally fell asleep in Hux’s bed.

- When Hux was trying to sleep.

- This happens at least four times.

- Ren is the leader of a weird sort of combat society called the Knights, and everyone feels awkward when he has the meetings in the house.

- Ren insists on walking around the house in a tiny towel after a bath, and it frustrates Hux so much that he steals all of Ren’s towels to force him to use a big one, but instead he uses an even smaller hand towel. Phasma laughs at the blush on his face when Ren flaunts his body around.

- When they have a movie night, Ren and Hux always argue who gets to sit where on the good sofa until Phasma throws crisps at them and spreads her whole body on it so no one can argue any more.

-This means Hux and Ren have to share a single, one-seat sofa between them.

- Mitaka has a beanbag.

- Hux is in charge of bills and has written up pie charts and line graphs about repayments and exactly how much electricity they should use for cost efficiency. Ren is not allowed ever since they found out he spent half of his student loan on a fancy sword he keeps in his room.

- They have a joint whatsapp group for ‘House Issues’ which is 95% Ren and Hux insulting each other and Mitaka asking for it to please be quieter after 2am

- Ren is always mortified when his parents visit, but the others don’t mind because his dad always fixes something like the dishwasher or squeaky kitchen door.