i mean jfc it's so obvious!

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KanaYou headcanons? The water girls™

SWIM TEAM SWIM TEAM SWIM TEAM!!! Or as I also like to call them, Canoe lesbians

-I’ve said it in another ask but KanaYou love to go fishing together on Kanan’s boat and they will 1000% dive in the water and chase after a fish if it breaks off their line

-Also mentioned in another ask, they use Mari as a unit of measurement when it comes to how strong they are. They regularly compete with one another to see who can lift Mari the longest and Mari is not always on board

-You has always really looked up to Kanan and when they were little she would always follow her around and do anything she could to impress her

-Kanan called You her little duckling because of how much You would trail behind her. Kanan makes sure to look cool in front of her kouhai

-You always had romantic feelings for Kanan but it took a lot longer for Kanan to develop the same sentiments and she actually declined when You asked her out the first time. Kanan always just thought of her as a little sister

-What made Kanan start to see You differently was overhearing You and Chika talking about her. You was going on and on about how much she admired Kanan and even if their relationship never goes past friendship, she’s so happy that they know each other and wow holy shit nobody has ever talked about her like that what are these heart feelings

-Kanan just assumes You likes fish and sashimi even after the 80000 times You has explicitly stated how much she hates both of those things and finally she just gives up and eats the damn sashimi

-You desperately tries to save Kanan’s wardrobe

-She tries so hard. She lays out entire ensembles and even burns Kanan’s clown pants but Kanan genuinely thinks she has good taste in clothes and You needs coffee and a whole lotta Jesus to salvage that disaster

-Kanan never realized how good at EVERYTHING You was like jfc she didn’t get a girl who could do both she got a girl who could do it all. They like to do little projects together and IKEA Lesbian that Kanan is, they’re building a boat together

-You still lives for headpats and praise from Kanan even though they’re dating lmao

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GloriousKouhai (or whatever their fucking name is) draws him so feminine and it's so annoying, and then there's other Kymans who draw him either feminine or make him like a little bitch or something. Like, Kyle isn't femme or fucking weak jfc. This just proves to me they think the relationship is Cartman overpowering Kyle.

i mean there isnt anything wrong w making him feminine but like there is a Limit and kymans tend to fucking cross that and go into the Fetishization zone (esp when it comes to a relationship w cartman as you said)

Like idm your hcs

but can you PLEASE be aware of your own actions if youre doing this shit like its so fucking obvious to us all what yOure doing