i made you chicken soup

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“I made you some chicken soup.” | “Hey, Rudolph. (kyder)

“I made you some chicken soup.”

Kitty looked at Ryder with a confused face. “Why?” she asked softly. Her and Ryder were never this nice to each other, considering they hated each other. Although she would never say it out loud, she found it kind of sweet that he did that for her. “Thanks” she responded nicely. That last thing she wanted to do was argue when she was sick so Kitty decided to put her feelings aside and be nice for the day. He at least deserved that for taking care of her. 

“Hey, Rudolph.”

The blonde rolled her eyes at his words. “I wouldn’t go there if I were you Bieber boy.” Kitty knew she didn’t sound as tough when her voice was scratchy and her nose was stuffing but she could at lease try to sound like it. “Unless you want my germs and sickness then I would get the hell out of her and keep your mouth shut. But then again, I know that’s a challenge for you.”

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so there's a thunderstorm right now, i don't like thunderstorms, just like I don't like chicken noodle soup. :| anyways the soup you made, WOW was is great. have a good day or night considering idk your time zone!

Awe, *cuddles you until the thunderstorm stops* I’m glad you liked the soup, I was worried I’d mess it up… Haha, it’s almost 6am and I hope you have a good day or night (probably night if there’s a thunderstorm lol) too

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🍜 I made you some egg drop soup, just as good as chicken noodle. :3

“Child what are you-” Carla blinks at the egg drop soup and sniffs it. It smells good but wouldn’t it be better if she took some medicine? She never understood it, but she took the bowl of soup and slurps it down, muttering a “thank you” to the girl.