i made a funny i said ren took andrew for a walk and not the other way around

You ever get something stuck in your head and you’re just like ‘WRITE NOW’?

Well, instead of finishing RP10, I did a thing.

Uhm, black magic, revenge, bad things happening to OCs (not graphic) and past bad things happening to other characters, but again, nothing graphic.

I call this ‘a boy and his demon meet cute’


“-pass it around, Scott, don’t hog it!”

“I’m not! I barely got any off of it that time, you asshole! Stop complaining.”

“Both of you shut up before someone hears us.”

“Gawd, you’re such an old man, Ren. Live a little for once!”

“Yeah, come on, help me with this! It’ll be fun!”

Andrew had another swig of the cheap bourbon that Emilio had managed to get his hands on while the rest of the morons fussed over the book Gaby had brought along, even holding up their lighters to help illuminate the dark overhang on the roof of the hellhole currently serving as their home – McDougal Rehabilitation Center (or McD’s, as even the staff called it). A ‘lovely’ place with shitty plumbing and a/c and worse heating, but oh what a bonus that its make-shift security system always went on the fritz after a thunderstorm. Of course that didn’t do its poor wayward inhabitants much good when there was still the nasty outer parameter (Andrew suspected someone of having trust issues, imagine that), but on stormy nights when Jones was running their ward, the lazy bastard didn’t give much of a shit what they did as long as they were back in their beds by morning without any noticeable body harm or destruction of property.

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