i loved their other moments as well

The Mo Pop Festival was wonderful. Met a lot of friendly people and partied with a fun group. My brother’s ex Jen actually saw me and said hello. We chit chatted for a bit. Later she had bought me a drink, which was nice actually.
The point being I was very bitter towards her years ago because she had hurt someone I loved. Seeing her now, knowing we have both gone through so much through the years (whatever it may have been), here we were being nice to each other. Oddly enough I was actually happy to see she was doing so well (she looked fantastic). My brother is happy with his girlfriend in Nashville, and without Jen he wouldn’t be where he is now.

It’s just nice that there are people from your past that can return even if just for a moment, and your differences can be put aside to create a better moment. As I get older I see more of this happening, which just goes to show that people can grow for the better. We are all on our own journeys just trying to better ourselves.

I quite like where I am today, and who I am becoming. I will be a better version of myself the more I go through and grow. That is my goal really, along with making as positive of an impact as I can with the people I interact with.

Change Your Mind Set: Disability & Sense of Self

This is the video I wish I hadn’t seen years ago I hope it helps you as much as changing my mindset has helped me.

Change your mind set and you will change how you feel about your disability. This is something I have only just realized and by sharing this video with you I hope that I can bring about some conversation and in ha ha moment for you too. I don’t want to make it seem like changing your mindset it’s something that is done easily for some people, myself included, It has taken years.

Changing of mind set especially when I was deeply engrained as something that defines a person like in this case disability is not something that happens overnight. If you have any suggestions or things that have helped you please share them below. I as well as I’m sure many others would love to read them.

Confidence comes from within!

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idk if its unpopular opinion but ,, Kent is a great character but a bad person,, u feel

Oh goodness sweetheart no that’s not an unpopular opinion at all, the fandom’s views on Kent Parson are very polar. 

Personally, I love him as a character as well as a person! Everyone can be an asshole at times (especially when probably tipsy and definitely hurt) and it just so happens our first impression of Kent is when he is being one, to the max. I think it’s really important to remember that Ngozi has said Kent is one of her fav characters and just needs some therapy. An evil, abusive person (as some like to paint Kent) probably wouldn’t be a favorite of the author’s.

ALSO, keep in mind that Jack was a total dick to Bitty in the beginning– for no other reason than Jack himself felt shitty. But we still love Jack! Because people are more than just their bad moments. And this should be true for Kent Parson as well.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, and if you don’t like Kent I totally understand– as of right now, there really isn’t a lot of information to even go off of either way. Personally I like him, but you don’t have to if that’s not how you feel! (But yes I agree either way he is a very interesting character!)


I believe Here Comes A Thought is about Stevonnie.

I’ve seen a lot of theories about who the song that Rebecca Sugar revealed at SDCC is about. There are a lot of possible pairings in SU, and the song is vague enough to potentially be about any number of them. But here’s why I think the song is about Stevonnie.

Firstly, at her MoCCA Fest panel in April, Sugar revealed that she’d written a song for Stevonnie. Considering that she revealed that a few months ago, and now premiered a new song, it seems a little coincidental.

Let me go on.

If you pair up the lyrics with different parts of Stevonnie - that is, Steven, Connie, and Stevonnie themselves, it works very well. I feel this song has a lot to do with Steven and Connie questioning their relationship with each other, as well as Stevonnie questioning who they themselves are - and Steven and Connie losing themselves in them.


Take a moment to think of just

Flexibility, love, and trust


Take a moment to think of just

Flexibility, love, and trust


Here comes a thought

that might alarm you

What someone said

and how it harmed you


Something you did that failed to be charming

Things that I said are suddenly swarming


And oh

I’m losing sight

I’m losing touch

All these little things seem to matter so much


That they confuse you


That I might lose you


Take a moment, remind yourself

To take a moment and find yourself


Take a moment and ask yourself if this is how we fall apart


But it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not


It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok

I’ve got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear.

I’m here, I’m here, I’m here


And it was

Just a thought, just a thought, just a thought, just a thought, just a thought


We can watch them go by

From here, from here, from here


Take a moment to think of just

Flexibility, love, and trust


Take a moment to think of just

Flexibility, love, and trust

Firstly, I think it’s interesting that the song uses “I” most of the time, but slips into “we” a couple times near the end. Now, there seems to be no doubt that this song is sung by two different characters, that’s easy to see. But I think that the way “I” and “we‘ are used fits very well with Stevonnie. I have analyzed the lyrics below.

In ‘Alone Together’, when Stevonnie has the two donuts, they say, “Are you okay? We can stop if you…” which is not Stevonnie asking themselves, but Connie asking Steven. Steven replies, “No. No. Don’t worry.” So there have been canonically points in the show where Steven and Connie speak separately inside of Stevonnie. Being that they are such a new fusion, it makes sense that they would be a bit unstable. Garnet shows the same uncertainty in ‘The Answer’, when she becomes distressed she uses “we.” “We didn’t mean to fuse! Well… well, we did this time. We’ll unfuse! We, we’ll…” But when Rose Quartz reassures her, she immediately becomes more comfortable being herself and completely switches to using “I” to refer to herself. I feel that Here Comes A Thought does the same thing, swapping between “we” and “I” because Stevonnie is undergoing internal conflict.

I think that the line, “Here comes a thought, that might alarm you. What someone said, and how it harmed you.” Could definitely be referencing when Pearl told Connie that she was nothing and didn’t matter, and how much it hurt Steven. I feel like this is something he still worries about, even though Connie has said that she wants to fight by his side and stay with him. People often have a lot of insecurities no matter how much they’re reassured, and I think that that is one incident that has probably stuck with him and concerns him frequently.

Steven and Connie are both very young and definitely entering a point in their lives where they’re reaching emotional and physical maturity. I mean, we’ve all been teenagers, some of you may still be. Growing up is so confusing and there are so many changes and so many things happening.

With the line, “Something you did that failed to be charming. Things that I said are suddenly swarming.”, I think Connie is referring to ‘Steven’s Birthday’ Steven was trying so hard to be mature and more grown up and Connie really really fell for him, but in the end it backfired. He was older and charming, but it didn’t last. It failed. And I think the second bit goes back to everything she said in the episode, specifically “You’re older than me? I- I don’t believe it!” but continuing on when she was talking with Greg, “So he’s not going to grow up?” I think she realizes after everything that happened in the episode, though she didn’t mean to hurt him, she did. I don’t think they ever talked about that. Even though she said, “That doesn’t matter.” (If he doesn’t age like a human.), I think that Steven still took it to heart and actively worries about not growing up properly.

Let’s move on to, “And oh, I’m losing sight. I’m losing touch. All these little things seem to matter so much.” Stevonnie/Steven/Connie are realizing that there’s a lot they haven’t talked about - and yet, perhaps all those little things they’re getting hung up on don’t matter as much as they thought. After all, Connie said it was alright if Steven didn’t grow up. And Steven told Connie that he didn’t want her to put herself down like Pearl did. They HAVE talked about these things, they have communicated. What they haven’t communicated is that they are still bothered about these things, so they haven’t worked through them TOGETHER. But they are, right now.

Now onto, “That they confuse you.” Connie definitely has a lot of questions about Steven, since he is a half gem/half human. I’m sure it’s confusing for Connie because she grew up with her parents, living a normal human life. Suddenly, she meets Steven, and is thrust into a world of magic and monsters and a boy who is actually a half alien. It’s a lot for a 12 year old to take in.

And on Steven’s side, “That I might lose you.” This goes back not only to what Pearl said about Connie being expendable, but that fact that Connie is HUMAN. One day Connie will die, because she has a normal human lifespan and normal human mortality. Steven can change his age to be older or younger, so he has the potentially to remain immortal. Even with all his healing powers, if he’s not there to protect Connie, he might lose her. It’d be very easy. He knows that. I’m sure it scares him.

I don’t know if Stevonnie has really figured out in the series who they are. Apart from Connie and Steven. I think this song is a turning point, when they realize that they are their own person, that they exist. “Take a moment, remind yourself, to take a moment and find yourself.” Stevonnie is still learning who they are, and telling themselves it’s okay to take time to figure out who they are.

I think Connie is trying to figure out if all the little things that have been bothering them are going to affect their friendship. “Take a moment and ask yourself if this is how we fall apart.” Are the two of them going to let those little concerns that nag at them tear them apart?

Steven seems to be the most affected by worrying about Connie, and worrying about being half gem. But he’s coming to terms with the fact that Connie can handle herself. And Connie will die one day, but that’s not today. And maybe he won’t grow up like a normal kid but, Connie is still a kid for now and what matters is how they feel, here and now, together. “But it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not, but it’s not.” Neither he nor Connie wants the relationship to fall apart, and Steven is saying, to reassure himself and Connie, that it won’t.

Then we move on to an important part. “It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok. I’ve got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear. I’m here, I’m here, I’m here.” I feel like this is Stevonnie reassuring themselves that they exist, that they are their own person. That everything is okay with them. “Them” not being just Steven and Connie, but Stevonnie, as their own person. They are becoming their own person, figuring out who they are.

“And it was just a thought, just a thought, just a thought, just a thought, just a thought.” This goes back to “Here comes a thought” that Steven sang early in the song. He was just thinking about all the things that worried and bothered him and I think Stevonnie felt all of his anxiety, which meant that Connie felt it too and knew something was up. But that’s all it is. Just thoughts. Thoughts can be bad, thoughts can be good. But sometimes people need to talk about those thoughts.

“We can watch them go by from here, from here, from here.” It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of them being together. Whether they’re fused, fighting together, or just hanging out as two friends, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. And hey, if someday they decide to fuse forever (or as long as Connie can), who cares? They can watch the world go by together. They are here, and they are now, and they are Stevonnie.

And for the first and last repeated line, “Take a moment to think of just, flexibility, love, and trust.” Being a fusion requires all of those things. Fusions are fluid, changing and growing along with their components. “Love takes time and love takes work.” As Garnet said. Steven and Connie still have a lot to learn about each other. Their lives may change, and they have to both be ready for those changes. Connie is still in school, and someday she may go to college while Steven stays and continues to battle monsters with the gems. Who knows? They come from very different lives, different worlds, even. Steven and Connie do different things in their lives, and they can’t always be together. They’re flexible. They love each other a lot, but like we say in ‘Beach City Drift’, that’s something they’re still learning. They formed Stevonnie out of hate, not love. Fusion is about love. They are learning to love themselves, as individuals and together. As we see in ‘Nightmare Hospital’, they are doing pretty well at trusting each other so far. Steven let Connie fight the gem monsters without shielding her the whole time, even though she might be in danger.

Steven and Connie still have things to work on in their relationship. They are both young, and still maturing. Stevonnie is still learning who they are, apart from Steven and Connie and as their own individual. I feel that Here Comes A Thought is all about Steven and Connie working out some worries they haven’t talked about, as well as Stevonnie realizing they don’t know who they are - but figuring it out along the way in the song, as Steven and Connie repair their relationship. I think by the end of the song Stevonnie becomes a lot more comfortable with being their own person, and realizing that even though they may not know who they are, that’s okay. They can figure it out. “Take a moment, remind yourself, to take a moment and find yourself.”

“You are not two people. And you are not one person. You are an experience!”

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👍 👍 👍 ( Obviously! Kozue is such a sweet personality, she has manners, she's kind. But there's also this other side to her; deep talks, how incredibly funny she is, weird moments, insecurities. She's such a well-rounded character. Also I'm amazed by your intense research, you look at a photo and can tell what brand Koz modeled for, which year, what kind of person the designer is...!! I love how we're often on the same page with things, your knowledge of Japanese culture and your writing. ♡ )

Send 👍 if you like my character portrayal; please say why.

( This is so sweet, seriously!  ♡ Kozue is someone I really look up to (for many years now) so I’ve always striven to portray my muse’s personality close to the actual Koz. I think people are surprised (once looking her up) to see she’s not ‘edgy’ or ‘too cool’, but in fact just a friendly goof who over uses emojis. As for the Japanese culture, I’m not an expert but I do have native friends and those who regularly visit the country to help me out, so I try my best to include this whenever it is appropriate! 

I’m very lucky to have found you as a writing partner, too, and I’m thoroughly excited for more interactions between them! )

I took my 8 yr old son to see Ghostbusters and he absolutely loved it. And of course me, being a huge fan of the original, loved it too. All the tributes, one liners and references to the original film were perfect. The deeper messages about overcoming bullying, cyber bullying and that there ARE good people in the world were perfect. These awesome, intelligent women coming together to fight evil were perfect. I’m really glad I saw this film and glad my son could experience this version as well as the original. There was one moment where he said, “That.was.awesome!” and two seconds later Melissa McCarthy said, “That.was.awesome!” on screen. We just looked at each other and giggled. Then that last epic battle…just…wow. :)

My Feelings Before & After my Date.

This was totally me before (and during) my date last night. The chemistry was on point, the drinks and food were great and this boy is super cute. From, the moment I saw him, he gave me butterflies. He was dressed so dapper and looked phenomenal. When we hugged and said hello, I felt myself melt a little bit. I just couldn’t get the smile off my face. The thing that’s really great is our similar interests and our personalities complementing each other really well. We are both sarcastic too, which makes for good laughs and really fun moments. The flirtatious behavior was a plus as well, he wasn’t shy about complimenting me or being flirty. I like that about him. I haven’t had much chemistry lately with guys, so this date was a breath of fresh air. I’m really giddy over him. After the date and even this morning, I just couldn’t get enough. I just really need to take a chill pill..

This was how I was feeling this morning. I was feeling like I was on Cloud 9. I spend the night over my friends house and I just kept talking about him and dissecting little things. He was just totally on my mind and I tend to overthink things, and why shouldn’t I? (My friend Candace knows all about my past. She knows how I could get, but I did feel like she wanted me to come down and just let it ride. After all, It was only the first date!)

I’ve been burned before. I’ve had dates before or I’ve talked with someone and then they become a ghost and make like Casper and disappear. (Not that I wanted them anyway but it’s not a boost to my confidence either.) Granted, this date was the best and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. His smile. His eyes. His personality. His whole aurora was just beautiful. I wanted and needed more. I just wanted to talk with him all night and lay next to one another and hold him. He’s just so beautiful. I couldn’t help complimenting him either. I think the feelings are mutual, we were both so flirty by the end of the night. I just need to learn to chill out and maybe take a Xanax. We will see each other again and it’s good to just go with the flow.

This defines what I want in a person
I don’t want someone having me look stupid
I don’t want someone who isn’t smart
I mean, I have my moments and everyone does, but still. My wit is always locked and loaded
I don’t need someone to spoil me with money or material things because I’m working my ass off in college to be able to get those things for myself
Do away with the typical roles for women because I live to break all of those “rules”
Understand my culture and my family and accept that you can’t have me without loving all of those other things first
Know that I have seriously spontaneous/crazy moments and I like to travel and try new things and I like food at around 2 am
Last, but not least: Tae care of me, my feelings and well being and know that I’ll return the deed to you double
P.S. No I am not too young to know what I want, so shut up

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I had fallen in love with him that very first time I met him. Who would have thought!

Months later, in the middle of a night of drunken revelry that we all would only vaguely remember, he confessed it had been the same for him too. It made perfect sense. We were soulmates after all: the two missing pieces of a jigsaw that made a masterpiece.

It might have been love at first sight, but it had very little to do with sheer physical attraction. With every moment spent together, and we tried and snatched up as many as we could, we realised more and more how well we complimented and understood each other. We had so much in common, and we argued so much on everything. I had never felt more alive as during one of our discussions. It did not even matter what we spoke about. The very sound of his voice would energise me, animate my entire being. He always knew what to say. He understood me as well as I did and loved me more. He was perfect. WE were perfect. For the first time in 25 years I discovered a feeling that was maddening and uncomfortable and irritating and wonderful at the same time. I found the kind of love that makes you want to be a better person.

That night we first met was how magic is made, the stuff happily ever afters are made of. That night should have been the answer to my every prayer, even the ones I hadn’t thought to send out. That night should have been perfect. Small glitch in the plan though. You see the night I met him, it was my father’s friend’s daughter’s wedding reception. He was the groom.

Other than All too Well and This Love and Dear John. Why are my favorite Taylor songs the unreleased ones or singles. Like Dark Blue Tennessee or the moment I knew…

Love Live! Sunshine!! - 04 [3/3]

> What do we have here!


> Don’t be mean! Dia…

>> Dia no baka!!!

>>> Kidding I Love Dia!!!

> WHAT!!!!!

> I like you both… EQUALLY!!!

> Easy… I’m here for that DIA liciousness!!!

>> see what i did there. i … nevermind lol

> This girl has the most sexiest eyes! Also don’t mind the in charge attitude that goes along with it!

>> YES! DIA!!

> o snap…. moment #2 <cut off>

>> well one of the sisters is going on ahead, and the other (not yet anyways) is still that same way. I wonder what changed this girls heart. But if anything with Rubys new determination and team leader there to push her antics in as well… influence is sure to follow. I’m sure we’re going to see this conversation later… When it comes to her episode… like eli had.

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sorry, im just kinda confused on why that's significant? like that jamia/gerard don't follow each other

ok well, idk if you saw all the stuff i had been talking about a few nights ago with my frerard theory and whatnot, but it’s kind of a continuation of that… 

but like specifically for this, and why i think they don’t follow each other has to do with what i mentioned before. like in gerard/franks relationship i think it was an intense, passionate, heat of the moment kinda thing. i honestly don’t think ‘i love you’ was said all that often. however, that being said, we know frank is an extremely emotional person and is a ‘hopeless romantic’, and i honestly think he had more feelings and was more invested in what they had than gerard (which leads to why he got so hurt in the end but that’s more or less irrelevant to this).
anyways, jamia has never really been part of the scene, frank likes to keep his personal life very private, and tbh i get ((vibes)) from jamia that she’s never really been very fond of the fans or the fame and all the shit that comes with it, but she loves frank more than anything and is a fucking champ and stayed with him for years. lynz’s obviously in the scene, she knows what that kind of life is like, and she was famous before gerard was even part of the picture. so when gerard and frank started fucking around, i think lynz was always gonna be more ok with it than jamia. frank and gerard had been a thing before he was even with lynz so i feel like she always knew that and respected it to some extent? and like frank and lynz were chill more or less because they were on tour together ya know? but frank and jamia were together since day one. and i mean i think when gerard and frank started fucking around she was prolly just like whatever, but i think when she started to realize it was more than just sex (it’s not love if, its just fucking) was when she started to have a problem with it. and in the end who knows, but she obviously had an issue with gerard, and im sure she was following him at one point, but something happened between them that made them unfollow each other

so yeah that was more my thoughts behind why they aren’t following each other but i guess you can derive the significance from that 

– And the shadows shall dance for you, @myeontos!

“Well…” Junmyeon adjusted the bridge of his glasses as he thought about it for a moment. It was getting hard to make out the other’s features in the darkness of the skatepark they had met in. It was peculiar as even though all the streetlights around them were on, the glow that was supposed to be there from the reflection off the others face was strangely absent. Junmyeon had to squint his eyes ever so slightly to be able to make out the other’s features well enough. It was almost like the man absorbed darkness but that was absurd of course. “In English, you’d have to have a strong voice and look them in the eyes when you say ‘Don’t touch me’ or ‘Leave me alone’. Foreign cultures are not the same as ours and they want you to be more upfront with what you want. Did that help?” 

Byunghun knows English fluently but he still struggles with differentiating the tones and sounds, the enunciation and pronunciation. Not to mention his Zvthynvyian accent is thick despite being able to mostly hide when he’s speaking Korean. It’s more obvious in languages like English, where both his Korean and Zvthynvyian accents mesh together and makes it harder for people to understand him– unless he talks slow and puts effort into fixing his accent. But who has time for that? He certainly doesn’t.

The other male’s advice is helpful to the Prince but he still is having troubles. And he voices as much while he rubs his dark fingertips against the top of the skateboard on his lap, the grip tape scratching at his skin. “It does but at the same time.– How can I do that without people becoming aggressive with me?”

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A matchup please! I am a Hufflepuff (also Pukwudgie) girl who is 5'5'', a bit chubby with short blonde hair. I am an actor and writer who loves to spend her time making others feel special and loved. I try really hard to be chill and slick, but it never works out well. I love being silly and loud and just enjoying life! I love to bake goodies for others and myself and winter/early spring is my very favorite because of the chilly weather. Thanks so much!

i ship you with…

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ron weasley! his goofiness and your chillness would cause such an explosion, it would be marvelous. he’d inspire so many of your stories, consisting of memories the both of you share during your friendship, or later, relationship. he loves it when you just let go and have fun with the moment. he also laughs like a fool when you try to prank him, he’d easily see you in the corner hiding.

i’m doing a ships day all day today (july 23rd) so send in a short description about you if you want one!

Star Trek Beyond is officially my favorite Star Trek movie! It felt more true to the essence of Star Trek than the other two films. It actually felt like an adventure.
I was very happy that other characters got more screen time this time around instead of only focusing on Jim and Spock (although I’m not gonna lie I love every Spirk moment in all the movies).
And oh my god Uhura and Jaylah. I am IN LOVE with them both. 😍😍😍
Both ladies were badass as hell and were treated like actual characters and not love interests. They were both integral parts of the team and I was thrilled about it!
Seeing Sulu with his husband and child made me so happy. The fact that such an iconic character was shown as being gay is so important. I couldn’t stop smiling after that scene. :’)
And I loved seeing Chekov again! His character is so sweet and smart I’m really gonna miss him. I’m very sad Anton Yelchin died but I’m happy that his last film was such an amazing one. I think he’d be proud of it. I waited till after the credits just to see the dedication to both him and Leonard Nimoy.
I absolutely love this movie and I highly recommend everyone watches it! ❤️

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All the uneven numbers!

1: Favorite hero?
McCree probably. Just like him the most personality wise but also Gameplay wise.
3: What do you think is the most useful class?
Support for sure. Seriously these guys usually are the real heroes, saving your ass most of the time. 
5: Favorite defense hero? 
Hanzo! The thing with him is that I just love using a bow and just the whole characters is great. Probably my second favorite Hero. 
7: Favorite support hero?
Well I can’t really tell who my fave support is to be honest. At the moment I really like playng Ana but I basically like all the others too. 
9: Ships? 
McHanzo all the way. I just love this ship so much. I also like Reaper76 and Pharmercy but the only thing I ‘’really’’ ship is probably McHanzo.
11: Favorite comic?
Well I don’t really read comics. But I recently bought the comic of The Wolf Among Us and I really like it so far!
13: Talon or Overwatch?
Overwatch. Talon is pretty interesting and all but I suppose there are just not enough Heroes or Information in general about them. 
15: What’s your favorite map?
Oh boy that’s a tough one. There are alot of maps I like but I suppose my faves are Ilios and Lijiang Tower. But I also love Hanamura, King’s Row and Route 66.
17: Who needs a buff?
I honestly think that all the Heroes are pretty balanced right now. Maybe some of the more underplayed characters like Symmetra could need some changes but I’m not really sure.
19: Most difficult hero to play as?
I feel like Genji is pretty tough to play. I like him but being really effective with him can be pretty hard. Also Zenyatta though he got a bit easier thanks to the buff. And personally I’m horrible with Widowmaker, I just suck at sniping.

Thanks for asking!

There were times when I really wanted to give up on us; on you. There were times that I get annoyed so badly. Whenever you’re feeling down and starts comparing me to everything that had hurt you. When you say that I’m no different from them; that I’ll just leave you and hurt you in the end.  You don’t know that at those times, I wanted to leave. I wanted you to realize that I could actually leave you at that moment just to let you know that I get tired of hearing you say those things to me. I get tired of always getting doubted; of always getting compared to; of always being told that I’m just going to be like every other assholes you’ve ever met; and indirectly telling me that I’ll never be enough; that my love for you would never be enough. Well, I GET TIRED. I GET TIRED OF PROVING TO YOU THAT I LOVE YOU. I GET TIRED OF PROVING WRONG EVERY NEGATIVE THING THAT YOU THINK ABOUT US.  I GET SO FUCKING TIRED. I get tired. I G E T T I R E D. But here I am still with you. Don’t wait for the day that I won’t be anymore because when I do, I just want you to know that I tried and that it was all because of you.

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Name: Electra Athanasopoulos

Star Sign: scorpio, big shock

Lucky Number: i repeat the number 8 bc of vriska but idk about lucky number

Last thing searched: “star butterfly” bc i needed a ref for her

Favorite Fictional Character: can’t pick!

Favorite song at the moment: well i’ve been listening to Tiffany Blews all day

What are you wearing now: pj pants w pandas on them, and a dave shirt

When did you start this blog?: idk like a couple years ago

Followers: 691, ur all great and i love all of u a lot seriously

What I post: homestuck and cartoon shit mostly

Do you run any other blogs?: well no? i have a side blog but ive never used it once.

Why did you choose this URL?: I,, like,, vriska,,,

I don’t know who to tag tbh so if you want you can do this, consider yourself tagged

Dear Me

I bet you didn`t think you`d make it this far. You`ve always had this doubt buried deep inside you. Never allowing yourself to really look forward because you never believed your future could be as bright as you you dreamed it to be. To be honest you never really believed you`d have a future. Well guess what! You do and it`s amazing. It`s not perfect by any means but, you are happy. You have a career that you love, amazing friends and a other half that gets it. You see the world and you learn to channel all that restless energy into wonderful world changing moments. You are comfortable in your own skin, you`ve unlearned so many of your self-destructive ways and you are okay.

I know it`s hard to believe, but hold on and one day you`ll see for youself. Everything you`re facing now will come in handy. We love our life and we`ve learned to let it love us back. Hold on! Adventure awaits. Don`t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. Remember you only regret the chances you didn`t. Give this world a chance, believe me it`ll amaze you. Honey, you get so much more than you can imagine. I know how hard it seems right now but you`ll be happy you held on. Go out and make us proud. You are strong and capable. Inspiring and courageous. Give youself a chance. Give us a chance it`s worth it, you`ll see…

Love you.

-Letters From The Future

-Excrept from a book I`ll never write