i loved their other moments as well


I was out of town for the last two weeks, and during my trip I got some new stuff to add to my small collection.  But the shelves were dusty and I thought it was pretty gross, so I rearranged them and took some pictures because why not??

Most of my game merch is Nintendo, but I have some other stuff as well.  It’s just not on display at the moment because I have nowhere to display it.

It’s not very impressive, but I love this stuff.  I’m looking to get a glass case for my classic consoles and shelving for my cartridge games in the future… which I didn’t take photos of because they’re put away and I have no room to put them out. u:

I guess this is going to be the end of everything and there will never be turning back anymore. It’s time to raise a red flag. Some people would say our story was almost perfect because things been great for us, well at first, but when it got shaky in the middle, everything easily broke all at once. It pains me a lot cos we can’t take back anymore what we had especially I’m the only one fighting. All the moments we treasure that made us wonder what would it be like without each other are now gone and over. Yes it’s big sigh, but I said to myself that when my heart is already at stake that’s the time I have to stop and so I did. If someone would ask you what happened to us, don’t ever blame me, because remember you were the one who said the word “goodbye” when all I’ve done was to fight for you. I’m done chasing, I’m done saving you.
—  052416
Dreaming about the DLC of Uncharted 4

• Nate and Elena parenting ( all from knowing she’s pregnant to the epilogue, I’d love it )
• That missing part of Sully and Elena getting to Nate, and then Elena finds him.
• How Sully met Sam.
• Teens Sam and Nate going in and out of different prisons (with all the troubles)
• The job in Malaysia (finally the real one)
• Cassie and all the family visiting Taj Mahal
• All the missing part at the beginning of the game! (Yes, I want to play all the “normal life” for hours and hours.)
• All the photos we’ve seen framed and in the albums.. well I’d love to play through all those moments 😍
• That part that got cut from the game of Nate and Elena in chapter 17: For Better Or Worse.
• That other part, a set piece apparently that got cut, that we know about because Troy Baker said he was in love with it.

I have so many others that I don’t remember right now😠
Obviously I know these “dreamy ideas” won’t be the actual DLC but I’ll be happy with whatever ND will make.. because we get more hours of gameplay so it’s already perfect.
If someone wants to add other stuff I’d love to read all the ideas and maybe one day we can use these as “prompts” to write ffs😍😍 it would be super awesome.

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Well if all these loved up couply moments we've seen are just 1% of their interactions then I don't wanna know about the other 99% ;) (actually I want to know haha)

Can you imagine if all those

Kinky ziam

Ziam date(s)

Ziam kiss(es)

The boys throwing some shade on ziam

Louis really done with ziam

Matching ziam

How impossible is to liam imagine a life without meet zayn even in a AU and must be sure that liam is gonna find a way to meet zayn

Domestic ziam

You & i

Ziam singing to the other 

And even so much moments are only 1% what would be the others 99%?

A invitation to the wedding?

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Bittersweet: Riarkle Fanfiction

Bittersweet / Angst / High school 

Authors note: I wrote half of this back in the fall under the user Girlwholoveshumanities. The first two parts each had over 100 notes, and it seemed like a lot of people enjoyed it, but I was really busy with school so I never got to finish it. Well, I finally did. Hopefully you still like it :)                                    


They had loved each other between glances, between darkly-lit embraces and between the confines of quiet desires. But all of these things were merely moments, moments stemming from something greater: an unexplainable understanding that the two of them shared. Their eyes locked in every room, and their palms never ceased to find each other. It was only a wall of fear and rejection that had separated them all of these years, and now, it was slowly dissolving. 

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This is so not right but...

Lucifer/Cas bumping into Dean in the bunker just when Dean is getting out of the shower, wet hair and blushed cheeks, only in his pijama pants. And Lucifer says something like
“Wow, interesting reaction”
And Dean mumbles a “What do you mean?”, somewhere between angry and confused, trying not to stare at the other man and at the same time being unable to stop staring.
And suddenly Lucifer is cornering Dean against the wall.
“Well, you see. I know my brother loves you” whispers Lucifer, slightly biting his lower lip as he looks Dean up and down. “But I didn’t know he wanted you”.
And that’s the moment when Dean feels what Lucifer meant for ‘reaction’.

This Love Came Back To Me (1/1)

Emma and Killian need some time alone before they can tell everyone he’s back.

Spoilers for 5.21 Last Rites and title borrowed from Taylor Swift (seriously go listen to “this love” because it was made for this season

They stood there for a moment just holding each other while the reality of the situation fall over them, Emma clung to him half afraid that if she let go of him he would disappear and she would be alone again.

“I don’t understand, how could this have happened?” Killian asked, fixated on the coffin in front of them. “Why didn’t I see him in the Underworld?”

“I didn’t ask Regina for details, but she made it clear that he wasn’t going to be able to come back,” Emma said her eyes welling up again and leaned her head against his shoulder.

She felt Killian shake his head in disbelief, “That’s terrible, I suppose we should be going to the wake then?”

Emma placed her hand on his chest, feeling his miraculously beating heart under her fingertips, “I don’t think that’s the best idea right now with Regina being so fragile right now. Plus I just need some time alone with you.”

“Too right lass, then where should we go because I’m starting to freeze under all this rain?”

“Let’s go home,” Emma smiled softly at him and took his hand.

“Home,” Killian repeated, “I quite like the sound of that.”

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Heyyy soo this is random but I'm writing an essay that discusses queer Harry Potter fan fiction and how audiences interact with it and was kinda wondering if you would be willing to tell me a little bit about why you enjoy writing/reading queer fan fiction as opposed to non-queer fan fiction, so that I can get a better understanding of it for my paper????? it'd be super helpful... ??? thankk

I think it’s probably different for everyone, but for me, most couples I ship or like reading/writing/watching together are gay. don’t get me wrong, there are a whole lot of straight couples I love together as well, I just think I like my gay babes more. also, I think it’s more of a canon/noncanon thing. usually, the gay ships I love are ones that aren’t 100% canon-together. Drarry, for instance, show a shittttt tonnnnnn of evidence of flirting or little bits of interest in each other or moments where you can cut the tension with a knife, but JKR, the actual writer, didn’t put them together. and it’s not that I don’t love Ginny, I just don’t agree with/enjoy Harry and Ginny as a couple. Also, throwing Draco with Astoria Greengrass, the younger sibling of some random girl they went to school with seems so lame and cheap. I get that nowadays is a way more open and accepting time for gay couples and it wasn’t the same when the books were being written and printed, but we all found out the news about Dumbledore being gay years later, along with many hints of Seamus and Dean as a couple. Hell, we even got hints of marauder stuff. But it wasn’t in JKR’s plan to make Harry and Draco canon. Even though she blatantly put a lot of Drarry moments in the books, she has always said Harry is her favorite and she has never really ever talked highly about Draco. I think it might just be a matter of wanton what we can’t have. Plus, I think it’s great how most of us are accepting enough and love the characters so much to the point of wanting redemption for Draco and other frowned upon characters. (Draco is my favorite so I’m very passionate towards my lil babe)

PS!: I either read or watched and interview of JKR once admitting that she had plans for Harry to actually lose his virginity during Goblet of Fire, not just to anyone like Cho or Ginny, but to Cedric. SOOOOO LIIIIIIKE I’m just saying that not only is that hints towards Harry being gay, bi, or at least experimental, but it’s also infuriating that we don’t get any of those juicy details.

PSS!: Astoria?? Really?? Like I know it’s because she’s a pureblood and whatever, but she couldn’t have at least paired Draco with someone like a cute pureblood boy? Unless it’s the baby making that’s the issue, in which case, what about Pansy? like wtf hello. I’m just mad ok it’s not fair.

ahhhh I don’t even know if any of this answers your question lmfaoooo idk

Love: “Judy do you remember when we shared are stories with each other?”

“of course i do Nick why wouldn’t i.”

“ Well (he started to sweat) I’m asking this because it was a very important moment when i felt like i first trusted you and gained feelings for you.”

“Nick she said in a near whisper is everything alright?”

He looked into those beautiful eyes full of concern and replied “couldn’t be better i have a amazing girlfriend that i get to see 24/7. Also i couldn’t think of anyone else to say this to.” A tear trickled down his muzzle, no, no tears not yet he got down on one knee and said something that would change their life forever

“judy hopps will you marry me?”

“Nick i love the gesture but no your a fox im a bunny dating is one thing but marriage.”

His heart shattered into a million pieces and he wanted to just die. Until he heard judy’s voice.

“Nick are you okay?” Thank god it was just a daydream. He sucked in a breath and exhaled. He got on one knee and said

“judy hopps will you marry me?”

He thought she would say no but was taken by surprise at her answer.

“Yes Yes of course i will.”

The ring was beautiful just like her it took her breath away it was a ring with a purple gem, and engraved on it was a fox and bunny in the middle of a heart on the side it said HF(handsome fox) and BB (beautiful bunny) she loved it as much as him

“sly fox you engraved handsome fox and beautiful bunny”

Nick just shrugged his shoulders and said

“You know i am” which she said

“yes, yes i do.”

Just when did they fall in love?

I know everyone loves the duet-duel between Marianne and Bog; that’s certainly when Griselda started shipping them! But I don’t think that was the tipping point for those two …

I think the fight was when they started respecting each other, certainly, and I think some affection sparked as well.

During the ‘dinner’ scene, tearing apart the decorations, they officially became friends.

When Marianne learned about That Fateful Day, and told Bog about The Guy, that was when they became close friends, demonstrated when Bog handed Marianne back her sword and she got that surprised little smile as he walked away.

When Bog saw Marianne’s wings in the moonlight, it occurred to him that he might be attracted to her.

She started being attracted to him, if not before, than during his “the moonlight is … perfect, right now” line.

When he caught her as she tripped but didn’t make a big deal out of it, Marianne fell in love. That’s why the singing starts then.

Bog fell in love while they were looking at the centipede, and he saw how entranced Marianne was with the forest.

That’s another reason the moment in the thorn bush is so significant. They’re both taking a chance on love again.

He reached out to her, trusting her not to reject him.

She took his hand, trusting him not to betray her.

Does anyone else have the Thing, where it’s like, your abilities vary so drastically that you have to assume they’ll be at their lowest at any given moment?

Like, forgetting random skills. Friend wants to play video games? Shit, you don’t remember how to play, despite loving this video game and playing it tons of times before.
Someone asks, ‘why didn’t you message me back’, and there’s no way to explain to them like, ‘well you see, I forgot how to read for a few hours’.

Some days I’m able to do things like give great advice and think clearly, do amazing work. But then other times, I’m left unable to think in full sentences and can’t process things enough to figure out how to shower or make food. So when someone asks me what I’m capable of, it’s like, well you gotta give me a time frame, because honestly, who the fuck knows??

It’s like, functionality and ability sometimes go out the window randomly, and I don’t have control over when it happens, or how much I lose. So making plans can be a pain, because what if when the time comes, I’m not able to do the things I can do now? (Not to mention the added problems with making plans and not knowing if I’m going to be the one out or not.)

I’m pretty sure it’s a dissociation thing, and possibly a cocon thing, but it’s just very… frustrating. I’m trying to apply for benefits right now, and when the social worker is inevitably like ‘you seem pretty high functioning to me’ it’s like, yes that is my job as the ANP. My main strengths are hiding things and fooling everyone, even myself, that things are fine. I’ve done it literally all my life. But just because I’m good at pretending I know how to do things, doesn’t mean I’m actually able to do them enough that it’s reliable or helpful in any way. How am I supposed to hold down a job when I might forget that I have one, or forget how to do it, suddenly not be able to understand math or know what I’m supposed to do?

It’s gotten worse, and I’m pretty sure it has to do with trying to dig up things about my system and past/trauma history, but it still sucks. Normal grounding techniques don’t work for me because I’m physically present, but a good percentage of my brain is off doing other things.

Does anyone else struggle with this, and if so, how do you cope?

“Oh ok… well…. I’m really, really sorry if this ruins your day…. but I just wanted to say that I love you… and goodbye.”

The final words of one of my best friends in the world, just seconds before he drove his car through a concrete barricade and into a canal at 80 miles per hour. He died on impact.

That was less than three weeks ago. We had known each other since 7th grade; I’m now a senior in college. Even to his final moment he was thinking of me, and wanted me to know that he cared. 

I’m going to love and miss him every day for the rest of my life. 

Sansa Stark and the Strategic Value of Jon Snow

As wonderful as we are all feeling right now about the reunion hug…And we are because dammit both of them really needed it!!! And so did we!

As beautiful as that moment is I think the most important moment comes later when they are talking and both Sansa and Jon acknowledge their shared upbringing. In that Sansa was terrible about and to Jon, and Jon resented it. All the other Stark children treated Jon Like a full brother, and loved him as a true born sibling, all except Sansa. Sansa is always described as a mini-Cat and that went for a general dislike and distance of Jon as well.

So to have them acknowledge it and forgive it is great character growth for both of them. Particularly for Sansa. And also particularly for Sansa because as genuine as I believe she is in these moments I also think that a bit of Littlefinger did rub off on her because she can definitely see the strategic value of Jon Snow now. When Ramsey told her about Jon being Lord Commander of the nights watch, she was shocked that he held that position. But it was only after that, that she was truly prompted to escape.

Sansa could have gone to Robin Arryn and Littlefinger, and the people of the vale would definitely have helped her. But she went to Jon because as the Lord Commander of the Nights Watch not only can he protect her, but he also has standing now to press a claim on Winterfell. Bastard or not he is Ned Starks oldest living son, and he is now a Lord in his own right. The North may not flock solely to Sansa, and even if loyal northern families did, she doesn’t know how to lead an army, but with Jon and the wildlings and the nights watch she has the makings of her own army complete with an experienced commander to actually lead it. A commander that she can trust completely without the worry of betrayal. Because whatever their past she knows that as her brother, Jon Snow will protect her, and he won’t leave her now that she’s with him.

So this episode makes me ridiculously happy for Sansa’s character growth emotionally and intellectually. She’s finally learning to think ahead and its glorious. The fact that this revelation doubles with an actual emotional, and fraternal appreciation and bond is just 100% bonus.

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Pat! I'm left with one exam left. Can you give me a Kaisoo Cute GIF spam for the final stretch? I'd really love it. ; u;) <3

Of course bb! I wish you good luck, you will surely do well!

I’m sure this is not the first time for Kyungsoo buttoning Nini’s shirt.

I love these three gifs too much 

What a possessive bf

I love these subtle moments so much… they way they look at each other.

I think you especially like this one (Kyungsoo control your thirst)

Good luck with your exams, let me know how it went after ^^ (I’d make this longer but I’m gonna study too, my final exams are next week)

“Let’s not fall in love, we don’t know each other very well yet.”
- that kpop superbat fanmix you didn’t think you needed.

Every Moment of You - Sung Si Kyung (x) // That Man - Hyun Bin (x) // Let’s Not Fall in Love - BIGBANG (x) // Jaurim - Twenty One, Twenty Five (x) // Fate - Lee Seung Chul (x) // I Love You - JUST (x) // Reason - 4MEN (x)// Eyes Nose Lips - Taeyang(x)

*eng. translation provided in the (x)

Note: More than 50% of the songs are from K Dramas lmao, I’m sorry I’m not very original with the songs. They needed to follow a certain lyrical theme and somehow drama OSTs are the ones with songs that are relatively gender netural when it came to lyrics.


Something funny, something funny…

Well, here; I don’t know how ‘haha’ funny this is, but it’s certainly something:

I attended a religious scholars conference recently, because, for one, it was in Georgia and I never pass up a chance for irony–and for two, they’re just so interesting. The way you people pick your own brains apart looking for answers…well, in any case, I met a lovely professor there who gave a speech about Slenderman. Among other things, but Slenderman was definitely a key point in her talk. She made some fairly compelling arguments, actually. She was also exceedingly excited and was more than happy to share her newfound expertise on “The Slender Man” with the rest of us after her speech.

There’s my story. Now, anonymous asker, may I have a moment of your time?

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OMG!! Guys!! Guys!!! Guys!!! We will probably get kabby small moments, comforting touches, lingering looks, knowing smiles, kisses!!
Marcus and Abby casually kissing out of nowhere cuz they will be together and in a relationship!
Well, hello there wifey/hubby kisses!
Goodbye kisses!
It’s going to be okay kisses!!
You’re safe kisses!!!
It’s okay, I’m okay kisses!!!
I love you kisses!!!
Kabby sharing a room/tent!
Kabby protecting each other!!
Kabby saying I love you!!!
Kabby sexy times!!! 😈

I have been counting the days since we last saw each other and I still wonder how long it has taken you to forget me.
Each passing moment without love is just a chapter skimmed over. 
Your number is an empty well in my phone and yet sometimes I still find my fingers dialing it from muscle memory.
There are nights when I can hear the shadow of your voice echo through the panes of my closed windows.  
They say a habit takes twenty-one days to break, but it’s been forty and my fingertips still remember the imprint of yours. 
I read lost poetry about love that has been left alone but each one ends in a tragedy so I guess ours was bound to end eventually, right?
One person always dies first, or leaves first, or changes first… 
The memories become as worthy as the dust gathered under a shut door that has been closed for too long. 
It was how you said my name that made it sound like music through the telephone chord. 
It was how you taught me that people are much more than nice faces to look at. 
It was how you told me that you can stop lusting for someone, but you can never stop loving them. 
And still today, after I’m sure you have forgotten about me, I wonder if you really do still love me.
—  J.M.M. // Was there ever a difference? 
Bungou Stray Dogs Ending Analysis

So, since most of the current airing shows will be airing for a few more weeks yet, I thought I’d start doing some analyses of some opening and ending themes from this season that have intrigued me! Beginning with the lovely ending for Bungou Stray Dogs, my personal favourite :)

There won’t really be any spoilers of note here other then theories and events that have happened up to the current point in the anime (as I haven’t read the manga and have only watched up to episode 6 as of this moment)

This is going to be a long post everyone, so buckle in!

The ending can be watched here:


First off, the lovely song by Luck Life, called Namae wo Yobu yo, sounds so calming and almost nostalgic, it really gives you good feeling at the end of each episode. It really resonates with me, personally, and I know many others do really like it as well.

The ED opens to Atsushi Nakajima, the main character, holding a book loosely, with the pages blowing in the wind. It then pans to show that he is looking at the book with a kind of melancholic expression as the pages start to blow away behind him, yet he continues to look at the book.

In the next, wider shot, both Dazai and Akutagawa fade in, looking at their own books as well. What’s interesting here is that Atsushi’s book is the only one that has it’s pages blowing away, possibly signifying the drastic change that has taken place in his life (joining the detective agency). 

The fact that they are all engrossed in their own books probably alludes to them all having specific goals they need to carry out, each different from the next. Yet, they are still connected, here by the literal bridge that is shown in the background. Also of note, the pages from Atsushi’s book are blowing over Dazai and Akutagawa, maybe showing his influence over them.

In the next shot, we have Atsushi looking at Dazai (most likely Dazai anyway do to the clothes) with a concerned expression as they both lie on what is probably the same bridge from the last shot. He moves his little finger closer to Dazai’s hand, signifying his want to understand and know more about him. (Also making the shippers like myself pretty happy :P) 

Following this shot, we see Atsushi looking out of a broken window at the moon (which is unnaturally large). 

Again, he has a slightly sad expression on his face. This is probably referencing his ability to turn into a tiger by moonlight and all of the bad memories that come with this ability (his being shunned and all). 

Next we have Akutagawa walking away from an ominous red moon (probably referencing the fact that idk he’s a killer and a member of the Port Mafia, the villain group!) 

The city is framed behind him, most likely due to the Port Mafia’s influence over the city. There is also quite ominous smoke swirling around Akutagawa.

Following this, we have a quick flurry of still images, a couple of which I’ll look at in more detail. A couple of them are just some elephant statue and a penguin statue (I couldn’t think of significance for these as of right now). The other two however, have more importance. 

This first one shows Dazai looking up with striking red blood coming out of his mouth (it stands out against the down-toned colours). Yet despite this, he appears to have an almost content look on his face, probably due to his suicidal tendencies in the show. This could also be foreshadowing (though I sincerely hope not :O) 

The other still is Atsushi with a look of determination on his face (and his shirt is open for some reason). 

This one is less significant then the last but still worth noting here. 

The next shot shows Atsushi’s human shadow morphing into that of a tiger’s, directly referencing his ability again. (This one wasn’t that significant but I’ll still mention it) Also the pages continue to fly across the screen, in the same direction that Atsushi’s shadow moves. 

Next, we see a book lying on the ground, it’s pages flipping in the wind again. 

It finally lands on a page which fades to white. This has a possible meaning of “What has been written can change or be erased.” But I’m not so sure about it (please give me suggestions!)

Next we get another couple cool quick stills of the three featured characters. 

This one shows Akutagawa framed in a red, blood like mist, facing away from the camera. Atsushi and Dazai are in the white side, obviously as the “good guys.” Atsushi faces Akutagawa front-on, signifying his opposition to him. While Dazai still looks at him but faces the opposite way, probably due to the fact that he used to be in the Port Mafia, and that these two probably have history together. 

This shot is pretty interesting as well. It shows Atsushi, Dazai, and Akutagawa again, this time closer together. Atsushi and Dazai look directly at the camera with looks of determination (possibly anger and contempt) and Akutagawa looks away yet again. The interesting thing about the colours is that usually blue refers to the hero and red to the villain, such as with Atsushi and Akutagawa here. But Dazai is shown in black and white (only his iris has colour) as a sort of neutral to the conflict. (Maybe also due to his magical ability to neutralize other abilities).

In the next shot, we have Atsushi and Dazai again. Atsushi stands against a wall, with his eyes closed and little emotion on his face. The wind also dies down for a moment. 

Dazai then pats his head, Atsushi smiles and the wind picks up again (the pages continue flying too). Probably symbolizing Atsushi’s need for support from Dazai, to keep moving forward.(Again this is so adorable omg)

After this, there is a longer shot of Akutagawa standing, back to the camera again, and we see his shadow go from black, to blue, lastly to white.  

This is very striking to me, considering all the other colour symbolism in the ending. We know that blue seems to signify good and white as a neutral, so it’s very strange how his shadow changes to both these colours. The shot is still very red saturated though despite this. It seems like he is conflicted within… Maybe he isn’t what he seems? :O

Next we see Akutagawa again, looking very melancholic (strange for his outward villainous appearance) and (most likely) Dazai reaches out for him, his hand fading away before he can be touched by it however. This definitely tells me of their past together (something happened for sure).

Next we see Atsushi falling into water (the city is also beneath the water as well) and slowly sinking down into it.

Even though he is sinking, he does not appear distressed or scared, more so accepting than anything else. 

Then, Dazai, pushes him deeper into the water, the colours changing from blue to white again. What is interesting here is that Dazai is actually able to touch Atsushi (where he couldn’t reach Akutagawa). And again, though he is getting pushed into water, Atsushi almost looks content. Hopefully this doesn’t mean Dazai will betray the Detective Agency, though it is possible… 

Next we see Akutagawa sinking as well (framed in red yet again) though he is not being pushed by anyone.

He shuts his eyes (accepting his fate) and cries a tear of blood (maybe regret for his murderous actions). The tear floats up and breaks the surface, becoming a firework. 

The second last long shot of the ED features Akutagawa again. He is sitting under the same bridge from the beginning, obscured by shadow. 

The shot is framed in red yet again, and the wind is blowing his coat. He looks directly in the camera here as well. 

Finally we see Atsushi again, standing directly in the sunlight, his face hidden by the shadow. 

He is framed by the blue-tinged shadow of a tree, which almost seems to trap him and his shadow. 

The ED then ends with a few quick shots in succession. The first of Akutagawa yet again, looking at the camera, with a red background. (The papers are flying here as well) 

He appears slightly sad here as well. 

Then we have Atsushi holding the same (now closed) book from the beginning of the ED and we can see it says “Stray Dogs” on the cover, alluding to the anime’s title: 

The pages are also all back in the book yet again, and it remains closed, signifying the end to the events of the story. (and just the end of the episode)

The last couple shots just include this cute (but sort of unfitting) fun shot of Atsushi, part tiger:

and then this one to finish it off:

A more serious rendition of Atsushi in beast form with the title. 

In conclusion, This ending theme is chocked full of symbolism for the anime and is just a pleasure to look at. This anime has been pretty solid thus far (I love that the characters are based on writers!) and I hope it continues to be, as it rides out the second half of the season.

Phew, that was longer then expected :P but it was fun! Hope you enjoy!