i love this mv no one say anything

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Okay I've gotta ask this, this is something I've been wanting to ask for a long time, so here goes: top 3 kpop MVs of all time, any group? I always find it interesting to see what people's favorites are cause it says a lot about the person. (P.S. you're the best :D)

nononono this is so hard omgggggg!!!

  • f(x) - 4 walls
  • snsd - i got a boy
  • infinite - bad
  • exo - call me baby

i put 4 because they’re literally my fave mv’s of all time i can t leave a single one behind!! and im reallt not but you0re so lovely and nice for thinking my messy blog is the best!! tjank you <3333

ask me anything pls!!!!