i love this mv no one say anything

OK so here's my take on the song ‘You In Me’ and the MV

Reading the lyrics, it feels like the what metaphorically ‘died’ was the relationship. The girls keep asking “why don’t you say anything to me, I’m sorry, you’re the only one I love, need you in my life, etc.” and in the MV they’re the ones that are taking care of the boys, looking at them, touching them, initiating. J.Seph and BM rarely look the girls in the eyes, and for the most part they’re sitting stationary in one place, not responding to Jiwoo and Somin’s actions. They’re rapping about how they feel half-dead, how it’s hard to breath, how the relationship is basically beyond saving.

Couple that with the “APEGO” sign that flashed in the beginning, which means attachment, it seems like the song is about a failing relationship that neither person is willing to end, one due to passiveness and one due to their unhealthy attachment to their SO.

Also near the end, you see Somin realises that something’s wrong and she kind of has a breakdown, but both she and Jiwoo decide to stay in their very one-sided relationship and the song ends with “you’ll be mine forever.” idk which counterpart I feel more sorry for, the bf who’s being held hostage in a relationship he doesn’t want or the gf who’s putting in all the effort and getting nothing back.

K-HipHop and K-R&B Appreciation Post (male ver.)

Hey guys, I’ve been listening to k-hiphop and k-r&b for awhile now, so I figured it was a good time to compile a list of my favorite artists, my favorite songs by them, and what I think about them. Obviously, this is just my opinion and of course it won’t include EVERYONE that I listen to (even if I really enjoyed someone’s album or something like that) because that would genuinely be waaayyyy too long of a post. (im doing this to save both myself and you tbh so just nod your head and act like you agree with this statement thanks). 

PSA: every song title is hyperlinked even if it doesn’t look like it. hmu if one of the links aren’t working.

*music cue* I’M STARTING


I have been a fan of Dean since the very beginning, so I’m really happy for him and how far he’s come. He is getting more and more popular and has been more and more active in the performance scene.I really like his flow and the command he expresses over his songs.

If I had to choose a favorite song by him I really can’t because I enjoyed the ENTIRETY of his first mini album, 130 mood trbl. BUY IT GUYS– IT BLESSES MY EARS SO MUCH.

Aaaaanndd as a bonus, I’m going to include some songs he featured on that I really enjoyed:

1. Heize- And July (ft. Dean, DJ Friz)

2. Zico- Bermuda Triangle (ft. Dean, Crush)

3. Suran- 1+1=0 (ft. Dean)


Is there really any need for me to explain why I enjoy Crush’s music? You know those people that you can’t explain why you like their music? Well, he’s one of them for me. He’s Crush, come on. He’s got a cute dog and everything. 

Favorite Crush song? Well, friends, I’m going to have to split it into out of new releases and older released. For the former: Outside (ft. Beenzino) or Woo ah. For the latter: Hug Me (ft. Gaeko) or Sofa

Bonus songs that he featured in (I’m not going to include Bermuda Triangle since it’s already in Dean’s section):

1. Sik-K- party(SHUT DOWN) (ft. Crush)

2. DPR LIVE-Laputa (ft. Crush)

3. Dean- what2do (ft. Crush x Jeff Bernat)


(What’s a list with Crush if it hasn’t got Zion.T on it?) I got to see my man Zion.T perform live at KCON17NY this year and I just want to say that he is as amazing live as he is on a soundtrack. I really enjoy his voice and I think that his voice is nothing short of MAGICAL. Also, how could you not like a guy whose (sun)glasses are surgically attached to his face?

It’s not hard for me to choose my favorite Zion.T song: Eat, though, Yanghwa BRDG is a close second.  

Now, for the bonus songs that he’s that he’s featured on:

1. Zico- Eureak (ft. Zion.T)

2. Gaeko- No Make Up (ft. Zion.T, HA:TFELT)

Now this last song, Zion.T isn’t listed on the title, but he sings the last verse SO:

3. Crush- Oasis (ft. Zico)


While I don’t know much about Loco, but I really enjoyed the ENTIRETY his new album, Bleached, so I thought I would include him on the list.

And as a shameless plug for my boy Yonghwa’s new album, I will also be including the new song Loco featured on:

1. Jung Yonghwa (of CNBLUE)- That Girl (ft. Loco)


IT’S TIGER JK, THE GODFATHER OF KOREAN RAP. WHAT KIND OF LIST WOULD THIS BE IF I DIDN’T INCLUDE HIM. I can’t even THINK of not including him. He’s such a good guy. Loves his wife, his kid, fights against child abuse, and  wanted to use hip hop as a form of discourse between the Korean-American community and African-American community after witnessing the  violence between Korean-Americans and African-Americans during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots as a teenager.

My favorite song by him is: Reset (ft. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child). (I know, a lot of people were expecting a different song, but this one really is my absolute favorite by him. I wasn’t expecting it and it just WHAMMED me.) Druken Tiger- Monster is a close second, though.

Now, for my bonus for him, I’m not including songs he’s featured in, but rather just MFBTY. I’m linking my favorite MFBTY song, Sweet Dream.  MFBTY (My Fans are Better Than Yours) is a group created between Yoon Mirae/ Tasha Reid, Tiger JK, and Bizzy.


I’ve got to include this man who is adorably whipped for his daughter (the way I’m whipped for his works, lol). I love his works; to me, this man is a true poet. Every time I hear a work from him, I am astounded at the beauty of what he produces. While Tablo is the leader of the iconic Epik High, I’m including him on this list with his solo artist releases. 

My favorite Tablo song has got to be, without a doubt Bad ft. (Jinsil of Mad Soul Child). AAANNNNDDDD both of his solo albums, Fever’s End: Part 1 and Part 2

Bonus: Tablo covering Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips (in English) and making it even more of a work of art than it already was. 


Favorite Mad Clown song? Hands down will always be Fire (ft. Jinsil of Mad Soul Child) <–have you noticed my trend of loving anything with her in it :D). The music video has Hani of EXID in it, bc last time I checked, Jinsil didn’t want to be in the MV. Other than that particular song, I thoroughly enjoyed Coffee Copy Girl. He says hilarious things on his tracks, too, (”roses really smells like poop”)  😂

Bonus songs that he’s featured collabed on: lol does this man even feature on anything? I only see him collabing with other artists 😂 so here is are 3 collabs of his to check out:

1. Mad Clown, Kim Nayoung- Once Again (DOTS soundtrack)

2. Mad Clown, San E- Sour Grapes

and one song that is his anyways, but has Hyorin featuring on lol 😂 😂:

3. Mad Clown- Without You (ft. Hyorin of SISTAR)


DPR WE GANG GANG. He made his debut by just releasing his first mini album in March: Coming to you Live. It was AH-MAZING. I really like his flow and what he seems to be doing as an artist. Actually, one of his song’s is listed earlier on this list because it featured Crush.

My favorite song from the entirety of the album would have to be Know Me (ft. Dean).

Bonus songs that he featured on:

1. Eung Freestyle with Sik-K, Punchnello, Owen Ovadoz & Flowsik (Yes, he was indeed a part of that iconic Youtube ad)

2. Loco- Movie Shoot (ft. DPR Live) (this is off of Loco’s new album that I spoke about earlier)

Thanks for reading until the end! I’ll be doing a female version soon enough–this post took me forever (a few weeks lol) to compile, so I can only assume the female version will take just as long. Send suggestions to my inbox if you want to.

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what is your take on the i heart ts shirts? i thought you likedv tom at one point. can taylor do anything in your eyes...even calling attention to something very painful to a man who never said one mean word about her and who truly loved her...

in all honesty anon i think he would laugh. Just like any of the other countless rumors and fake news stories Taylor drew attention to in the mv, i am sure the falsities behind the tank top situation bothered her too. You think she likes people saying she is controlling her friends and they are just brainless models? (aka Barbies?). Of course not. But she brought it up to say, “this is ludicrous.” How would her friends react? Laughter and a high five, im sure. The false stories are hurtful to her too or she wouldnt have made the whole video and gone to the effort out laying out why they are so far from truth. 

She’s drawing attention to to the tank - which became symbolic of the rs, saying, “you are all fucking ridiculous.” She’s not writing an OpEd about it defending herself, … another avenue someone could go in terms of as you put it “calling attention to it,” but rather, she is portraying it in a way which is satirical and showing just *how* absurd the perceptions were of “the tank.”  Tom told the public how preposterous their misconceptions were (both of the rs and the tank) by talking about it in an interview. His right. Taylor approached (so far) the topic in her art. I think its reasonable to conclude that the entire situation was equally bothersome to both of them, so i dont see how her bringing the subject up in her way, vs him bringing it up in his chosen way would be any more or less acceptable. 

Some one like him - who was obv close to that situation and knows the truth - would know (a) he wore the shirt on his own accord and (b) he wasnt taylor’s bitch (like the guys in the mv) but an actual person she dated - and so yes, i think he would find humor in her approach and her basically saying the following:

1- it is so ridiculous to think that she snaps her fingers and her men come running - that is, that they arent really her boyfriends but rather her pawns 
2 - that she “makes” her men wear clothing 

so in a sense, she used that portion of the video to defend the relationship and say, it was not fake. The shirt had become symbolic of the questioned legitimacy of the rs and she told the public loud and clear that it was in fact, not fake. 

as far as your remark above about … ‘can taylor do anything in your eyes…[was the word ‘wrong’ missing?]  to a man who loved her’…. well i would think the tom fans who feel as you do should be glad she basically just up and defended the rs to everyone right out of the gate, and called the rumors/haters out on their absurdity for saying it wasnt real and so forth. idk what his fandom is saying, hopefully people consider that scene critically and are able to see it for what it is and dont continue to mold her to fit a preconceived narrative about her or the rs. But maybe they like fourth grade, idk. 

so in all honesty, as tom is a mature adult with (i am assuming) a decent sense of humor, i think he would appreciate her basically telling everyone off for being so utterly ridiculous about it. 

okay now that I’ve reblogged the most important things, here’s what I need to discuss:

  • that back body shot they made at the beginning of her teaser - as if she wasn’t already looking attractive enough they had to make me gayer for her like that, thanks;
  • another iconic hair flip brought to us by the one and only hair flip queen choi sooyoung;
  • honestly just all those back shots… we are blessed;
  • her biceps? she was not joking when she said she was making her muscles bigger, keep going sweetie you’re doing great we love it;
  • her temporary or not tattoo?;
  • her ombre hair?;
  • that shot at the end of the mv where she stares at our soul for 5 seconds straight and sucks at the same time that she brings life onto us? really confusing experience;
  • all the teasers pictures… a blessing;
  • do I even need to say anything about that white shirt pic????
  • and of course she would leak her own teaser pictures;

in conclusion: I am a happy stan and I love sooyoung with my whole heart, thank your for putting up with me

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what kind of music do you listen to when you need something inspiring?

Me when I saw this ask:


Basically, I’m really happy to receive this ask because….music is love.

Problem is I’m a little confused as to what you mean by “inspirational” because that means music that encourages you to do something specific, but it doesn’t necessarily mean motivate in the general sense (sorry, it’s my English major side kicking in.) I’m just trying to gauge what you are asking for.

For now I’m going to assume that you meant motivational music.

Here are my picks: In no specific order.

Snippet of the lyrics:
Right, we are extra.
But still part of this world.
EXTRA + ORDINARY it ain’t anything big.
Run if you can’t fly. Today we will survive…

This song gets me mad hyped, and the lyrics just makes me want to fight as the underdog of the world. Highly suggest turning CC for the mv (it’s so cool.)

Need I say more?
This is the same song that Yuzu listens to pump up and it’s a damn good choice for that.

3. Lauren Aquilina - King
I came across this song when I saw a fan video for Yuzu.
And I still love this song, it helps me relax and refresh my resolve to move forward.

4. Dustin O'Halloran - Opus 23
I feel like I’m floating in the clouds when I listen to this…..

5. Smetana - Die Moldau
Honestly, if I could fucking skate, I would create a program for this song.
It is one of my all-time favorite classical piece. 
I will never be bore of it. I will never fail to appreciate the flow and grandness of the sound and the notes in this one piece.

6. Yo-yo Ma -  Bach Cello Suite No.1 Prelude
Best 2:45 minutes you’ll ever spend, at least, in my opinion.

7. Star Wars - The Imperial March, composed by John Williams.
No, I am not kidding.
You can always use a good conquering song.
But, come on, who can deny this iconic masterpiece?

8. The Beatles, this band can have it’s own section.
Look….I’m at a good age to enjoy their songs. I just feel like their songs are timeless.
In my Life - just the passing of people in life but this song gives off such a loving optimism. 
[I will mention Ed Sheeran because he also fits into this section.]

9. Kagamine Rin - The Lost One’s Weeping (ロストワンの号哭)
This song is pretty famous among Vocaloid fans, but it’s a criticism on Japan’s (and most of East Asia’s) school system, but if you think of the lyrics thematically, you can apply it to a lot of places.
The feeling of wanting to break out of standardization and the norm of standardizing one’s talent and intelligence…etc.

10. Eminem - Run Rabbit Run
Snippet of the lyrics:
“Some days I just want to up and call it quits,
I feel like I’m surrounded by a wall of bricks,
Every time I go to get up I just fall in pits,
My life’s like one great big ball of shit,
If I could just put it all into all I spit,
Stead of always tryin to swallow it, instead of starin at this wall and shit….”

These are a very small selection of my picks, but you get the general idea.

Honestly, there’s a whole bunch of motivational/inspirational on Youtube. You can get a crap ton of music nowadays if you look for it.

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Confession: I can imagine myself as Namjoon's girlfriend, but more on the platonic/intelligent level. No dirty thought ever crossed my mind with him - I simply can't. But more like late night conversations about life, books and theories based off their MVs. That's my confession, Kenna. 😊

Originally posted by ksjknj

“I think Jin’s already dead,” you said, waving around in the air. “In fact, I think he was the first one to die. The other music videos are just trying to make it look like he’s not dead, but he definietely is.”

Namjoon watched you talk, loving the gleam in your eyes as you continued to get more fired up as you talked about your potential theories. He didn’t say anything, just watched you with a small smile.

“Ooh, or you know what? What if Jin is the only one who’s dead? And his ghost is just visiting each of you, watching over you guys as you get into trouble and stuff. Or he’s an angel!” you cried.

“These are all great theories, babe,” Namjoon said, grabbing your hand and giving the back of it a tender kiss. “But I’m not telling you anything.”

- Admin PeachJin 🍑 

Look What You Made Me Do Music Video First (few) Impressions and Thoughts

Are we out of the woods yet? No.

Are we in the clear yet? No.

She lost him

But she found herself and then everyone on the outside decided to step on her for every little thing and now she’s done with it

(I swear every few listens I am going to get more and more enraged about all the *you know what* they put her through)

The first thing I thought of during the opening was haunted…which is also fitting because people thought similar things about the OOTW mv

The old Taylor is Dead LITERALLY. It’s brilliant. It’s OOTW Taylor, the last mv Taylor we’ve seen and that mv video ended ambiguously, so new Taylor could’ve killed old Taylor. The beginning is also very theatrical which reminds me of pieces of OOTW which is another great tie in.

Nils Stoberg - This Is What You Came Forall the haters you came but girlllll she dominated and there’s nothing that you can deny we’re all dead

2014 met gala Taylor swift is in the grave which seemly transitions us into bathtub Taylor. Met Gala Taylor gave me PLL vibes but I will say it over and over again that she is a genius, this is 2014 Taylor going in the grave. 2014 Taylor is the Taylor who put out an album about how she found herself again and then everyone walked on her (*realized she’ll be underground and ppl would actually walk over her wow*)

Somethings never change, starting with Bathtub Taylor we still have those same red lips. We have the $1 bill from the Trial which is EVERYTHING. What that man did is disgusting and is NEVER OK. I get Blank Space mv vibes from bathtub Taylor. I love how the makeup is very smoky to give reckless feel to it all…or just like you got in a steamy tub

Snake thrown all I can think is… were there any real snakes. I doubt that would be the case *flashback to love story bts video with the spider.* The teapot and cup, while it is being served by snakes it gives me beauty and the beast vibes like I was the beauty now I’m the beast or that new post going around I’m a nightmare dressed like a nightmare.  The pillars say “Et tu, Brute” which according to google is

A Latin sentence meaning “Even you, Brutus?” from the play Julius Caesar, by William Shakespeare. Caesar utters these words as he is being stabbed to death, having recognized his friend Brutus among the assassins. Note : “Et tu, Brute?” is used to express surprise and dismay at the treachery of a supposed friend.

Even friends can’t be trusted. Keep your eye out. (this phrase is also on the arm of the chair - which are shaped as skulls)

I also like that this scene is in conjunction with one of the “I got smarter” lines because I would equate Shakespeare with being intelligent (obv there’s a lot of different types of intelligence..but). Also “list of names and yours is in red underline while her dress is red and the chair she is sitting at has red accents).

I knew that her rings were snakes (obviously) but her shoes, her bracelet, and her necklace are either snakes or snake inspired which again has me like wow at the detailing. And then all the snakes pop up when she’s like ahh (makes me think of the promo video)

Her entire look in the Maserati scene is hideous and I love it. She has a snakeskin dress on with cheetah print and a cheetah wearing a 13 chain in the back seat (they better be fake). A reference to RED the song and album with a Grammy in hand. “love is like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street.” she’s tying all the loose ends lol. And even the fire: “it’s burning red.” And before I end on this section I must mention NO ONE helps her once she crashes they just photograph her (paps give me I know places vibes, but she didn’t get to their (her and her Cheetahs) place.

ORANGE OUT FIT I AM DYING THIS IS MY FAVORITE LOOK. ALSO. CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE TATTOO CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE TATTOO THE THATTOO. The cage gives me Miley Cyrus Can’t be tamed vibes. Also, I love the glitter on the bottom the cage (you still sparkle my dear).

Cat bank robbery. Interesting. Kinda creepy for me. She likes cats. Gives me WANEGBT mv vibes. People think she’s doing all this stuff for the money but she takes her songs off of Spotify so that new up and coming musicians can get fair pay, she asked for $1 from her trial, she has always tried her best to keep tour ticket pricing low so that everyone can come..like don’t tell me she’s in it for the money. MUSIC IS TAYLROS THERAPY. TAYLOR IS A WRITER AND SHE’S BRILLANT it makes her happy and yep.

Ok idky but my mind just went to OITNB and now I feel like the cage scene is, even more, brilliant bc orange jumpsuits in jail while she’s caged away…but there’s still glitter on the floor and she’s having a feast…it’s too late for me to figure out the symbolism in this.

Don’t ask me why but the beginning of the cage scene made me think of the 7th harry potter book/movie when they are at the ministry of magic and they are trying to break into Umbridge’s office and they use one of Fred and Georges stink bombs or something from the shop.Ironically they later do break into a bank and the snake is a very important part of the story.

Her sweatshirt says blind for love, which…do I need to say anything?? We have the motorcycle scene which made me think of 1D’s MM music video (very different and defs their worst mv but that’s what it made me think of)

My favorite part of the squad scene is the fact that her hairline is outlined with GLITTER. I had thoughts about the squad earlier but now I don’t remember but my girl’s boobs look good and like hello latex. (blah blah blah all the bs about her “squad” in the media). What is u squad…what’s the U for? Note her squad is broken and useless at the end and she’s all alone. also, note the room they’re using when looking in the background is really cool.

I need to rewatch the blank space music video because I swear this is the same set. Watching her dancers before they get their walkie talkies out is brilliant. Is he holding a wonderstruck enchanted perfume bottle?

Next is a snippet of Airplane Taylor which is sooo hard to see, but she’s cutting a wing off (Harry?) and she’s got a bandana on which makes me think Kennedy phase

And then we have the star of the show. Old Taylors crawling up like corpses. There’s not much to say except I LOVE THIS PART. I do have a question tho… do we have any Taylor Swift era Taylor’s I mean sparkly guitar could be seen as our song but the dress is fearless. Does that mean that that version of Taylor Swift is still there? or is untouched? That era didn’t have as many staple music video characters .. if she would’ve pulled an outfit though still probs been from our song. I need a side by side comparisons of all the Taylors found. Someone make this please (since it’s taking me 10 years there’s probs already one out).

STOP TELLING ME TAYLOR SWIFT CAN’T DANCE. also half the people saying that probably can’t dance either and WHO CARES. It’s not her profession were all just trying to have some fun. You’re the one missing out.

One of my favorite clips is Taylor walking away from the Maserati scene. No one helped her but now she’s bigger and better and she’s leaving everyone who left her out to burn to save themselves.


Casually picks up 2 motorcycles.

THis doesn’t matter at all but that airplane looks dusty. Anyways I love that airplane Taylor in a tropical shirt is just chilling in the background when all the other Taylors bicker.

The line up is obviously the best part. When initially watching it I didn’t realize it was still going I thought the applause was from the VMA crowd. I love how each Taylor has a different bow.

YBWM Taylor is my Taylor out of the old ones. Me is the VMA Taylor.

Yeah wow. It was amazing. Side note from the sneak preview we had gotten of Taylor I defs thought the taco bell?? commercial was the mv for a second while I was watching the vma’s and then I was like nope. lol.

Love you girl it was amazing.

Important ⚠

Hi, its been awhile how are y'all ?
I know that i dont post on here anymore about 5sos… since september 2015 more or less and im sorry… i wanted to take a time for me to focus on my studies(i graduated btw lol) and also because i was loosing interest in 5sos.

Im really sorry, i really liked them and their songs im sure they will get the success they deserve from all over the world one day :D ….during those years i was into them, i cant deny those eyes were the best of my life…. they used to make me feel alive and happy and i hope y'all enjoyed my posts about them and thanks for supporting me liking them and reblogging them.

They will always be apart of me, im gonna tell you that im not gonna change this url so you can easily find my posts about them and thanks for whoever followed me till now.

i love you all seriously ❤❤❤❤

I hope you also are gonna support me with my new interest which is kpop …. its a beautiful world tbh, i love bts not just because of their visuals but also bc they are role models for future generations,they teach about life, how to solve our problems,love problems and etc… they’re the best.

Their concept is very interesting because they’re started from school concept continued with youth concept and they are gonna start the new one which is the mature one.

I highly recommend you DOPE MV according to me its their best mv lol

Ok idont understand what they say BUT music isnt based on language right ?
Music is music you shouldnt judge people who listens songs in other language and bc they dont understand anything.


Like you saw, im starting to post about them and i will do my best not to
disappoint you.

Understand me
Thanks again
I love you

Perfect Strangers

Originally posted by jihossi

Perfect Strangers
[I am you, you are me]

It was like clock work.

Every day at the exact time he’d come in to your dad’s store. He’d grab just enough to get him through the night, and then he’d be back the very next day. You never understood why he didn’t just buy more in his visit, but somehow you didn’t mind. You didn’t have many costumes since the store was in a part of town that was relatively dead.

No matter what direction someone came in, they would have had to pass at least four other parts before they even got to the door. That didn’t seem to deter your handsome stranger one bit.

The first time you really noticed him was when you were stocking the shelves and noticed he was wearing the same sweater as you. Ever since then it was outfit after outfit. Same way, some how he’d always match with you. Down to the accessory. Sure it was creepy at first, but what were the chances?

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Hey there! I wanted to ansk something about ONF (and I'm too shy to ask without anonymous 😂). Can you describe the members' personality? I already knew MK because of No Mercy, but I'm curious about the others

Hi! I’ll try to sum them up as well as I can but I might be a bit off because I haven’t watched a great deal of their vlives etc I have a too watch list (guys if ive missed stuff feel free to add)

Hyojin: honestly I can’t think of much to say about him other than that he is the leader of the on team so that automatically means his a charming cutie, he also seems to be very sweet? his the oldest so he kinda watches over the others and its cute… from what I remember of the first vlives I saw he seems to adore the others tbh and is supportive as heck

E-tion: 2nd oldest which is lowkey fake because he acts like the maknae, the others feed him and look after him! also he bickers w laun which is a+ cutie content he named himself e-tion which stands for electric sensation apparently and i think that just sums him up. He 100% knows we use his selfies for icons because he makes them square and it is very helpful. Also he cries a lot and has a soft heart, but I still feel like his actually a slytherin deep down (he has a tattoo his hiding something i tell you not that that has any correlation at all but!!) extra, basically did an interpretive dance with fans

J-us: leader of off team! honestly a nerd he dressed up as a b1a4 lightstick. a lightstick. what. It worked tho. anyway he is very talkative and cute and idk what to say for him this is a gap in my knowledge that needs to be fixed. but I remember some snippets from Run and tbh he seems like the mood maker / joker of the group? he’ll try to make the others do things (aegyo etc)

Wyatt: quiet looks like a big tough guy but he is very soft and caring especially of the maknaes, esp yuto from what I’ve seen. have I mentioned his soft? because he is. also cant hold a camera steady when his walking… I feel like he puts up with a lot and gets more freaked out when members are freaked out than anything else

Mk: im adding him even thought you know him because he cute. he has dimples for days i swear. haunted houses terrify him (well did that one time) and he screams a lot. yet another fake maknae. him and e-tion are actually babies. Shy yet really confident simultaneously, feed stray cats…. and looks after them… eg a lovely precious bab

U: he wore socks and sandals in the mv and idc what people say it was not a look, the opposite of a look. seems quiet but that may be because Korean is his second language (his Japanese) we’ll find out soon enough. close to wyatt. idk he doesnt seem maknae like to me. never takes his cap off, well nearly never. hides when aegyo is near, honestly same

Laun: the actual maknae…who I thought was the leader for quite a while because he talks a lot! tbh his the shadow king and has them all wrapped around his lil finger. But he is very precious and has an eye smile that creates universe. encourages yuto a lot and gives e-tion advice a lot… which is hilarious tbh. a baby who everyone including me dotes on

SEVENTEEN's plagiarism of EXO's Love Me Right.

I recently watched the newly released MV from SEVENTEEN, while watching this I’ve noticed that the outfits, some dance moves and the concept of the video/comeback is very closely related to EXO’s Love Me Right. The choreography is quite similar in multiple places through out the video released, as well for clothing I’ve also witnessed that the costumes for this comeback are also frighteningly similar to the striped uniform based clothing used in Love Me Right, in the MV for SEVENTEEN I’ve noticed that not only are the uniforms grey like in some cuts in Love Me Right but they are also striped meaning SEVENTEEN copied EXO in the latest release from SEVENTEEN. I have listened to the song, due to this I have input on the song, in one part of the song you can yeah the back up vocals extremely similar to Love Me Right do the “uh huh!” in the background exactly like in Love Me Right, I have concluded that over all SEVENTEEN did plagiarize, if you’ve seen this video and EXO’s MV I dare to state that SEVENTEEN is indeed plagiarizing EXO concept and song wise, I’m sorry if this offends Seventeen fans.

I will link the MV’s down below



EXO’s MV Love Me Right:


I hope you all read that correctly. I didn’t say anything in there that Exo “invented” this school boy concept. But there is an article on Koreaboo that say Seventeen did copy Growl. I happened to notice, along with numerous amount of other people I know, that Seventeen copied Love Me Right and people I know who’ve seen the videos also stated that there is multiple connections between the two MV’s. This was an observation of mine, not a bashing post, people. (plagiarized means copied, it’s the same meaning for both words, So stop freaking out and bashing me in my observations)

Telling me that I’m the reason that Exo-L’s are hated because me is a good example of why people can’t get along with each other, I’m not spreading shit to bash. I’m stating something. Stop overreacting. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, I’m not the reason why Exo-L’s are hated, so that’s a lie. Also in the tags I’ve seen people post stuff like “you’re just jealous because your members are leaving” I couldn’t care less how many members Exo has right this second, am I being biased, sure maybe a little. But that doesn’t mean that I’m purposely setting this out to hurt people. I’ve noticed and decided to show others, not to hurt them but to show them that “Hey! Seventeen copied Exo, am I the only one who thinks this?” You know? I won’t delete this post because I feel like there are other people who may be wanting to see the resemblance in the videos. That’s all.

He has to kiss another girl for a work and you get jealous/mad (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -the only reason you were mad was because he didn’t tell you about it and you had to watch a MV. It resulted in  a large fight about honesty and him getting a hard slap in the face before you walked out of the shared apartment- “I’m sorry”

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Dongwoo: -he could see the jealousy and the anger inside you when he told you about it and you pouted trying to think of something to say. You simply called him a ‘slut’ before face palming and he found it amusing- *gif*

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Woohyun: -he was getting an earful of your jealousy at the moment. You knew it was for work but he seemed to get really into it. He continued to eat trying to hide his smile because he was glad to know you were that loved him enough to get jealous- *gif*

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Hoya: -you were giving him the silent treatment because even though it was a quick peck for a MV he still didn’t tell you. You haven’t said one word to him since he came home, and he just now figured it out- “babe I’m sorry I didn’t say anything”

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Sungyeol: -he found out today and it happened today as well so when he told you, you filled with anger. He’s been listening to you call him every rude name you could think of at the moment.- “you can stop you know I feel bad enough already”

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L: -as soon as you got on his case about it, he brought up the time where you had to do the same thing for you Drama. Mentioning that shut up rather fast- “you know what I got over it because I knew you were doing your job, so if you get on my case about it remember we don’t tell eachother because we don’t want the other person to be hurt by it”

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Sungjong: -you usually didn’t care about the fact that he had to for work but you were actually there when it happened and you were jealous and sad. So after they had to stop filming it he realized you weren’t anywhere to be seen anymore- “great”

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The Sleeping Boy | Oneshot

Summary: You were a part of one of the biggest ring of thieves in the city, and he was a work of art.
Word Count: 2,381
Genre: kinda fluffy i suppose :’)
Member: Boo Seungkwan
TW: nothing i can think of! let me know if you need anything tagged

A/N: i luv boo seungkwan and i just realized i never wrote for him…. lemme fix that with this…. based on the boom boom mv, but written with love paint on repeat

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mswiftie9090  asked:

What's the Taylor Swift moment that you've thought was the funniest? (It can be interview, when she got stuck up on her stage and didnt know how to get down, her vlogs or anything)

THE funniest? oh my god i can’t pick just one bgtnjrkfmj i really really love her humor. everything she says makes me laugh because she’s so sarcastic and so witty??? i think the Spider Emergency™ from the love story mv filming was beyond hilarious.. her wit about the stage getting stuck at my show was too funny, and the moment from my session where she couldn’t get her intro or cue for new year’s day right and we kept laughing and she kept laughing and it was such pure and good energy ahhh 

Because he is perfection!

(I will comment on this later)

Ahn Jaehyo, most people ignore him, but how dare they because he is beautiful!

(That profile is a god given gift to the universe)

(His neck is really long and beautiful too)

(I don’t have a teacher fetish, but if he would’ve been my teacher in high school……..)

(Perfect nose, perfect eyebrows, and ugh his neck seriously)

(He doesn’t even need makeup, his face game is over 9000)

Indeed, he is Block B’s visual……

He’s also a weirdo

(Behold, his squid dance)

(I don’t know what the fuck that was)

He sleeps naked! (And sometimes in his undies)

(Kyung….. Sir, contain yourself)

He says what everyone thinks; he’s basically everyone’s spirit animal 

(Me honestly)

(I will cook for you!)

(I will help you with your English, too!) 

(I am not a squid!……..when I have makeup on)

There are more funny things he says (ShitJaeyhyosays is a good blog for that)

He loves kids so much

(He bought this for his friend’s son)

He is super respectful to women, (I can’t find it, but I remember him tweeting something about how in ancient Rome male rapists had their testicles smashed, and he said that should be used in Korea)

He has an AMAZING body

But, you now what he had to do in order to get/maintain that body? 

He starved himself.

Ahn Jaehyo, drank nothing but beer for four days, ate bread crumbs, and salt.

(He looks so fucking drained and hungry, come to me, I’ll feed you healthy vegan food)

(Don’t apologize, just eat and rest)

(Poor baby being alone) 

He also has low self esteem 

(I’ll stay with you, angel!)

He has the least amount of views on all videos of just him. He is also the only one that didn’t get anything during the unit and solo debuts, and his drama wasn’t even promoted well. He gets like no lines in the songs, like no face time in MVs. And he gets so much shut from the other members, one can only take so much, but since he’s a sweetheart he won’t say anything.

(I’m not going to end this on a funny note, because I was literally in tears for him.)

Jaehyo is beautiful, inside and out, I just wish he, and others would see it, too. When I go to KCON I will find a way to tell/show him, that I love and support him. Let someone try to stop me.

B.A.P First Sensibility and 1004 Analysis/Review/Thoughts Post

As I promised, here’s my huge post on B.A.P’s First Sensibility Album. I’ve reviewed everything from the songs to the MV and the choreography. Again, my analysis posts are not professional; a lot of this is my opinion and thoughts. I’m hoping to share things of what I found with you all. Because this is B.A.P’s first full album, It’s pretty long (pics and gifs included) so bear with me if you read. 

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anonymous asked:

taylor lied to everyone, including her fans and originally she said that she didnt approve of anything kanye did in the song and MV, and now shes playing the victim just because he said i made that bitch famous? please... there's a recording where she agrees to that part too actually so.. and also numerous celebrities called her out on her bullshit, and kim is the one who actually put an end to her lying ass

Oh well then, if random Kardashian-loving celebrities say it, it must be true. -_-

And no - she didn’t approve of the music video, at all. Please don’t make things up.