i love this mv no one say anything

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How do you feel about Boomboom? (and Pledis releasing it legit 45 minutes late, but they're the same company that drops teasers on the dot) I hope you've had/ or will have a nice dayy - Sherlock anon

Oh my gosh I’ve been so busy sleeping my life away I forgot to check my asks but since I have some free time at 5:30 AM bc i slept all day I finally did T-T

Firstly like I woke up about an hour after the MV was supposed to be dropped so the only possible explanation for the lateness was that Seventeen heard that I had stayed up all night before and wanted to give me a little extra room to rest before blessing us all. 

WONWOO AND THE8 LOOK SO GOOD I love how their concepts have started kind of switching to how The8 is now the serious quiet intimidating one and Wonwoo is the cute sweaterpaws one. Due to my Blood Pact with the Pledis Stylists (running blog joke) I’m not allowed to say anything bad about Seventeen’s hair, so any comment on S. Coups is right out. The blonde is super adorable on Seungkwan though~.

As for the song itself, I really like it. It’s super funky~. Also the album is fantastic and I highly recommend the entire album to every single breathing organism on the planet. @ succulents I’m sure u’ll enjoy Fast Pace.