i love this mv no one say anything

T/n: One of Lay’s Chinese nick names is egg bro and right here is where SM humpty dumpty’ed him. And yes, that egg had a longer, clearer shot and unlike Lay, the shot was unobstructed. WOW. Also, to give you an idea of how much screen time that egg got (aka > Lay), I tried to make it into a gif with my non existent gif making skills…the app was like oh you want to make a one second long gif? LOL nope. 

After seeing the short version of the MV I wasn’t expecting much and now that I’ve watched the full version ofc SM didn’t disappoint me. I can now confirm that I indeed saw more of and clearer shots of Lay in the BTS than what I’ve seen of Lay in the actual MV. Also to note, I saw more of Tao in the Second Box DVD.

I’m just gonna leave a few things here. 

Left: Tower Records Store EXO LMR sales ranking for Nov 2nd - #1 Sehun, #2 Lay & #3 Baekhyun. Right: Shibuya exhibition - Xiumin, Kai, Sehun and Lay IC card sticker are sold out as of Nov 3rd. Photo cr: yixinqins.

Also, today Lay won Asia’s Most Influential Artist award. He couldn’t be there but he said this via video

“I want to share this award with my members. EXO members, I love you guys”.

I can write more but I don’t want to make this into one of my long af posts. In conclusion, SM you messed up again.