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Confession: I can imagine myself as Namjoon's girlfriend, but more on the platonic/intelligent level. No dirty thought ever crossed my mind with him - I simply can't. But more like late night conversations about life, books and theories based off their MVs. That's my confession, Kenna. 😊

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“I think Jin’s already dead,” you said, waving around in the air. “In fact, I think he was the first one to die. The other music videos are just trying to make it look like he’s not dead, but he definietely is.”

Namjoon watched you talk, loving the gleam in your eyes as you continued to get more fired up as you talked about your potential theories. He didn’t say anything, just watched you with a small smile.

“Ooh, or you know what? What if Jin is the only one who’s dead? And his ghost is just visiting each of you, watching over you guys as you get into trouble and stuff. Or he’s an angel!” you cried.

“These are all great theories, babe,” Namjoon said, grabbing your hand and giving the back of it a tender kiss. “But I’m not telling you anything.”

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Song Mino Scenario #34 “BODY” Part 2 REQUEST

Part 1

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“You know I love you, right?” Mino said caressing one of your arms with his fingers, while you were resting your head on his chest. You two, just had an amazing night.

You didn’t say anything. 

It was weird to you. You are not a jealous kind of person so the fact that this MV was actually making you feel uncomfortable it’s confusing you.

You know is part of his job, you are not stupid but still, why are you feeling like this?.

“Are you hungry?” he asked you, taking you out of your thoughts.

“No I’m tired” you said whispering. And it was the truth, you were extremely tired. But more emotionally than physically. 

“I can make you something really quick" he says, now caressing your head, and gently, running his fingers through your hair.

“No I’m fine” that’s not so true though, you weren’t fine at all. 

“Are you sure?” he asked. 

“Mmm” you answered, closing your eyes.

Mino knows something was wrong, even when you were trying so hard to pretend that everything was ok, he knows you were hurt by this whole thing with his new MV.

The thing is that he doesn’t know what to do, he didn’t want to talk again about it because he was afraid that things could get worse. 

But he also hates seeing you like that. 

You fell asleep in a couple of minutes, but he couldn’t sleep at all that night. He couldn’t stop thinking.

Mino was so desperate to find the perfect way to make you understand how much he loves you and how much you mean to him. 

He wants you to know that you were the only one for him.

The next morning he was preparing breakfast for you, while you were taking a shower. 

Mino is so tempted to join you, but he knows you probably weren’t in the mood. Besides he doesn’t want you to feel that he’s only with you because of sex. He truly loves you.

“Hey sleeping beauty…” he says as soon as you walked into the kitchen. “…did you sleep well last night?”

You nodded, approaching to him, to see what he was doing for breakfast … it was cereal. You smiled when you saw it.

“Breakfast is ready!” he smiled proud of himself.

You were overwhelmed by how cute he was.

He prepared cereal, but the way he presented was so special, he even put flowers on the table. 

It was the first time that you eat like this, usually you are always in a hurry, so your only breakfast it’s a cereal bar and you would normally eat it in your way. 

So, just by being there with him you were feeling really thankful.

After a few minutes he says “I got something for you” he suddenly changed the topic. “What?”

“Close your eyes” he says with a playful smile on his face, and you narrowed your eyes.

“Don’t you trust me?!” he stood up, walking towards you, still smiling. 

“I trust you… but not in your intentions” you laughed.

“Rude” he says, furrowing his eyebrows. And then you close your eyes.

After a few seconds he says “Ok… you can open them” and so you did.

In front of you there was his laptop. 

“Amm… thank you, but mine its newer”

“Someone woke up in a jokey mood” he says “mad” and you burst laughing. He bends and started to look for something. 

“What is it?” you asked him curious.

“Yesterday I couldn’t sleep at all…” he clicked on a folder “… so I made this for you” and he pressed the play button.

The screen goes black and then you could hear the beat of his new song “Body”.

(YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!) you thought, you don’t want to go through that torture again. What was he thinking?

But then…

The video started and it wasn’t the MV you saw yesterday. It was a video with pictures of you and him. 

The pictures and the clips matches perfectly with the rhythm and the lyrics of his song. It was a beautiful video. 

And also, here and there he put some phrases, like “Remember this day…”, or “I love when you do that…”, or “That’s when I miss you the most…” and at the end of the song when there were no more pictures and clips of the two, he wrote…

I’m sitting here, right beside you, watching you sleep… you look so beautiful… 

I started to asking myself, since when exactly did I start loving you? Maybe from the moment I saw you, maybe when we talked for the first time, maybe when I saw your beautiful smile, or maybe when you accepted me, because that was when you and I became “us”.

I’m not sure when it began but I know it will never end, because my love for you is lasting and true.

There can be no other woman in my life now but you.

I love you babe, please never doubt it…

You are and will always be the only one for me.

And the video ends.

It was the most sweetest thing that someone ever did for you “Mino…” you turned to see him, and tears were already falling from your eyes. 

“It’s the truth…” he gives you a little kiss on your lips “… you are everything to me” he says, and he kisses you again.

Perfect Strangers

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Perfect Strangers
[I am you, you are me]

It was like clock work.

Every day at the exact time he’d come in to your dad’s store. He’d grab just enough to get him through the night, and then he’d be back the very next day. You never understood why he didn’t just buy more in his visit, but somehow you didn’t mind. You didn’t have many costumes since the store was in a part of town that was relatively dead.

No matter what direction someone came in, they would have had to pass at least four other parts before they even got to the door. That didn’t seem to deter your handsome stranger one bit.

The first time you really noticed him was when you were stocking the shelves and noticed he was wearing the same sweater as you. Ever since then it was outfit after outfit. Same way, some how he’d always match with you. Down to the accessory. Sure it was creepy at first, but what were the chances?

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“I’ll be the one to be in pain

I’ll handle it

Instead, promise me this.

Just promise me one thing

Your spot will aways be the same.

If you miss me again,

Don’t worry about anything

And just come back”

There isn’t much I need to say.

My favorite Male Solo MV.

My favorite song.

Love Sunggyu’s acting

Love Sunggyu’s outfit, expression and everything.

Kim Sunggyu is sooo cute and special like beyond words. 

Every one in INFINITE are talented but Sunggyu is extraordinary for me

He has to kiss another girl for a work and you get jealous/mad (INFINITE)

Sunggyu: -the only reason you were mad was because he didn’t tell you about it and you had to watch a MV. It resulted in  a large fight about honesty and him getting a hard slap in the face before you walked out of the shared apartment- “I’m sorry”

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Dongwoo: -he could see the jealousy and the anger inside you when he told you about it and you pouted trying to think of something to say. You simply called him a ‘slut’ before face palming and he found it amusing- *gif*

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Woohyun: -he was getting an earful of your jealousy at the moment. You knew it was for work but he seemed to get really into it. He continued to eat trying to hide his smile because he was glad to know you were that loved him enough to get jealous- *gif*

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Hoya: -you were giving him the silent treatment because even though it was a quick peck for a MV he still didn’t tell you. You haven’t said one word to him since he came home, and he just now figured it out- “babe I’m sorry I didn’t say anything”

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Sungyeol: -he found out today and it happened today as well so when he told you, you filled with anger. He’s been listening to you call him every rude name you could think of at the moment.- “you can stop you know I feel bad enough already”

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L: -as soon as you got on his case about it, he brought up the time where you had to do the same thing for you Drama. Mentioning that shut up rather fast- “you know what I got over it because I knew you were doing your job, so if you get on my case about it remember we don’t tell eachother because we don’t want the other person to be hurt by it”

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Sungjong: -you usually didn’t care about the fact that he had to for work but you were actually there when it happened and you were jealous and sad. So after they had to stop filming it he realized you weren’t anywhere to be seen anymore- “great”

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Because he is perfection!

(I will comment on this later)

Ahn Jaehyo, most people ignore him, but how dare they because he is beautiful!

(That profile is a god given gift to the universe)

(His neck is really long and beautiful too)

(I don’t have a teacher fetish, but if he would’ve been my teacher in high school……..)

(Perfect nose, perfect eyebrows, and ugh his neck seriously)

(He doesn’t even need makeup, his face game is over 9000)

Indeed, he is Block B’s visual……

He’s also a weirdo

(Behold, his squid dance)

(I don’t know what the fuck that was)

He sleeps naked! (And sometimes in his undies)

(Kyung….. Sir, contain yourself)

He says what everyone thinks; he’s basically everyone’s spirit animal 

(Me honestly)

(I will cook for you!)

(I will help you with your English, too!) 

(I am not a squid!……..when I have makeup on)

There are more funny things he says (ShitJaeyhyosays is a good blog for that)

He loves kids so much

(He bought this for his friend’s son)

He is super respectful to women, (I can’t find it, but I remember him tweeting something about how in ancient Rome male rapists had their testicles smashed, and he said that should be used in Korea)

He has an AMAZING body

But, you now what he had to do in order to get/maintain that body? 

He starved himself.

Ahn Jaehyo, drank nothing but beer for four days, ate bread crumbs, and salt.

(He looks so fucking drained and hungry, come to me, I’ll feed you healthy vegan food)

(Don’t apologize, just eat and rest)

(Poor baby being alone) 

He also has low self esteem 

(I’ll stay with you, angel!)

He has the least amount of views on all videos of just him. He is also the only one that didn’t get anything during the unit and solo debuts, and his drama wasn’t even promoted well. He gets like no lines in the songs, like no face time in MVs. And he gets so much shut from the other members, one can only take so much, but since he’s a sweetheart he won’t say anything.

(I’m not going to end this on a funny note, because I was literally in tears for him.)

Jaehyo is beautiful, inside and out, I just wish he, and others would see it, too. When I go to KCON I will find a way to tell/show him, that I love and support him. Let someone try to stop me.

SEVENTEEN's plagiarism of EXO's Love Me Right.

I recently watched the newly released MV from SEVENTEEN, while watching this I’ve noticed that the outfits, some dance moves and the concept of the video/comeback is very closely related to EXO’s Love Me Right. The choreography is quite similar in multiple places through out the video released, as well for clothing I’ve also witnessed that the costumes for this comeback are also frighteningly similar to the striped uniform based clothing used in Love Me Right, in the MV for SEVENTEEN I’ve noticed that not only are the uniforms grey like in some cuts in Love Me Right but they are also striped meaning SEVENTEEN copied EXO in the latest release from SEVENTEEN. I have listened to the song, due to this I have input on the song, in one part of the song you can yeah the back up vocals extremely similar to Love Me Right do the “uh huh!” in the background exactly like in Love Me Right, I have concluded that over all SEVENTEEN did plagiarize, if you’ve seen this video and EXO’s MV I dare to state that SEVENTEEN is indeed plagiarizing EXO concept and song wise, I’m sorry if this offends Seventeen fans.

I will link the MV’s down below



EXO’s MV Love Me Right:


I hope you all read that correctly. I didn’t say anything in there that Exo “invented” this school boy concept. But there is an article on Koreaboo that say Seventeen did copy Growl. I happened to notice, along with numerous amount of other people I know, that Seventeen copied Love Me Right and people I know who’ve seen the videos also stated that there is multiple connections between the two MV’s. This was an observation of mine, not a bashing post, people. (plagiarized means copied, it’s the same meaning for both words, So stop freaking out and bashing me in my observations)

Telling me that I’m the reason that Exo-L’s are hated because me is a good example of why people can’t get along with each other, I’m not spreading shit to bash. I’m stating something. Stop overreacting. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like this, I’m not the reason why Exo-L’s are hated, so that’s a lie. Also in the tags I’ve seen people post stuff like “you’re just jealous because your members are leaving” I couldn’t care less how many members Exo has right this second, am I being biased, sure maybe a little. But that doesn’t mean that I’m purposely setting this out to hurt people. I’ve noticed and decided to show others, not to hurt them but to show them that “Hey! Seventeen copied Exo, am I the only one who thinks this?” You know? I won’t delete this post because I feel like there are other people who may be wanting to see the resemblance in the videos. That’s all.

B.A.P First Sensibility and 1004 Analysis/Review/Thoughts Post

As I promised, here’s my huge post on B.A.P’s First Sensibility Album. I’ve reviewed everything from the songs to the MV and the choreography. Again, my analysis posts are not professional; a lot of this is my opinion and thoughts. I’m hoping to share things of what I found with you all. Because this is B.A.P’s first full album, It’s pretty long (pics and gifs included) so bear with me if you read. 

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taylor lied to everyone, including her fans and originally she said that she didnt approve of anything kanye did in the song and MV, and now shes playing the victim just because he said i made that bitch famous? please... there's a recording where she agrees to that part too actually so.. and also numerous celebrities called her out on her bullshit, and kim is the one who actually put an end to her lying ass

Oh well then, if random Kardashian-loving celebrities say it, it must be true. -_-

And no - she didn’t approve of the music video, at all. Please don’t make things up.