i love this man so much it's unreal

First Reactions To Reputation
  1. …Ready For It?: fuck yeah BABY LET THE GAMES BEGIN. I I I SEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Bop. Forever. This is never getting old. MY DREEEEEEEEEEEAMS, im scared it ended
  2. End Game: YOUR A TEAM. okay im moving my hips, feeelin it. nodding my head. OH MY GOD ED AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH REPUTATION PROCEDES ME. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ITS UNREAL. oh my god his verse is fire. oh okay taylor yes.  dramma loves me. OKAY YES GIRL YES. here’s the truth from my red lips. 
  3. I Did Something Bad: oh. this is gonna be good. for every lie i tell them they tell me 3- IF A MAN TALKS SHIT THEN I OWE HIM NOTHING. YES BITCH YES!. OH MY GOD. NEXT LEVEL. MOST FUN I EVER HAD. YES GIRL YES. TARAARA ok thats a lil weird. you gotta leave before you get left this is blank space 9.0 holy shit. THEY ARE BURNING ALL THE WITCHES EVEN IF YOU ARENT ONE. SO LIGHT ME UP OMFG. This is club material. 
  4. Dont Blame Me: oh wow. intriguing. They say she’s gone too far this time.  I once was poison ivy, but now I’m your daisy!!!!!!!!!!!! this reminds me of a darker take me to church. oh THOSE CHORUSES AAAAAAAAAAAAH THAT HIGH NOTE JUST KILLED ME. She is all in ahhh take it away YES YES YES THOSE VOCALS. JOSEPH WAS RIGHT TRACK 4 IS REAL SOMETHING
  5. Delicate: Pure. magic. those verses im in heaven.   Do the girls back home touch you like I do
  6. Look What You Made Me Do: crime scene starts. murder is about to happen. killer pre choruses. WHAT?! THE WORLD MOVES ON ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DRAMA DRAMA. understanding why it was picked as a single. it stands on its own.
  7. So It Goes… YOU DID A NUMBER ON ME IM YELLING. 1 2 3  Scratches down your back now. i need to go to clear my soul for impure thoughts
  8. Gorgeous: * dancing internally *
  9. Getaway Car: okay faVORITE SONG ALERT. YES YES YES. KILLER EMOTIONAL BRIDGE. IM IN LOVE. ITS THE CHOSEN ONE. and toping it with an amazing outro. yes.
  10. King Of My Heart: whats with the alien voice. sucker for quick wordy lyrics. and also, aw.
  11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied: And darling, you had turned my bed into a sacred oasis.  I’m a mess, but I’m the mess that you wanted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  need to hear this acoustic
  12. Dress: loving, loving, loving this. But cleary not as much as taylor loved it .  Even in my worst light, you saw the truth in me, And I woke up just in time, Now I wake up by your side, My one and only, my lifeline SEX AND LOVE
  13. This Is Why We Cant Have Nice Things: OKAY YES. nice. things. ho. ney. HAHAHAHA OHMY GOD 
    HAHAHA I can’t even say it with a straight face. THIS IS GOING A LONG WAY. Its my new HAIRBRUSH SONG.
  14. Call It What You Want: oh my god im crying already. this is my favorite song. seriously its still #1 . im doing better than i ever was he built a fire just to keep me warm they fade to nothing when i look at him at least i did one thing right. seriously amazing beautiful brilliant ♥ ♥ ♥ CHAIN ROUND MY NECK, WOULD YOU RUN AWAAAAAAAAAAAAAY, IM THE ONE HE’S WALKING TOOOOOOOOOOOO, WHOOOOOOOOWO. HUHU HUHUUUU.
  15. New Year’s Day: Its piano. its amazing. its what love sounds like. what happiness sounds like. the most beautiful way to end this album. unique. epic. acoustic guitar im crying no synth THOSE HARMONIES, THOSE VOCALS. THOSE LYRICS. and if that wasnt winning everything, a beautiful wrecking bridge. SHE STAYS. HE STAYS. HOLD ON TO THE MEMORIES. IM AN EMOTIONAL WRECK. why arent more piano songs on this album- BEAUTIFUL, BEST SONG YOU HAVE RELEASED.

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So when I rewatched IW I really was struck by RDJ's voice acting. Pretty much the whole time you can tell in his voice how scared he is (especially when you can't see his face, he really emotes with his tone of voice) and I really don't notice that with other actors too much. I think it's because he's obviously keeping it together, coming up with plans, being brave, etc. But that's what makes someone brave, is to still act in the face of fear. And I really appreciate RDJ doing that.

I 100% agree. RDJ did a phenomenal job with even the tiniest details. His voice throughout definitely carried that thinly veiled note of panic. 

The scene that leaps out to me the most in that regard is when he’s having his showdown with Thanos. His voice is damn right near the borderline of trembling. Tony is terrified, but he launches himself headfirst into a fight with this man who has been haunting him for six years like the BAMF he is. Like… damn, Tony.

That’s what make a true hero. Being afraid, but doing it anyway. Ugh. I love him so much.  

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I'm a Ravenclaw with a Slytherin gf and just, it's so unreal. Everyone's so right abt how great slytherclaw relationships are bc like,,,,,,,i just love her so much??? And she always wants to hear more abt my dumb theories and exciting new facts and, man, I hope everyone can find themselves a Slytherin like her

Aww that’s so cute!
I’m glad you’re happy, it sounds like a great relationship!
-Mel (the Slytherin)

Wavering Heaven

Request: “I’ve just read Coffee Shopes and Scars and could you do a part 2?? It was just so cute and wonderful!!!”

Word Count: 3,767

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy

Sunbeams strike your husband’s face. The golden light outlines the soft freckles dotting his face. His lips are parted, taking in and letting out deep breaths. His chest rises and fall in the same peaceful rhythm as his breaths, casting a shadow on your arm over and over. The sight brings a smile to your face as you run a thumb over his cheekbone and down a small scar on his cheek courtesy of your own clumsiness when dealing with a murtlap. You don’t feel too guilty given the amount of scars crawling up and down your arms that Newt caused before you met him.

The coffee shop where you first met Newt earns your business at least once a year, sometimes more if the two of you happen to stay in town for any amount of time. The sweet little shop hasn’t grown or changed much, aside from investing in more durable vases. Newt had proposed there six months after you first fell for him, then brought you back the past three years for your anniversary.

You trace shapes with his freckles as you contemplate your marriage and how you ended up somewhere so vastly different from anywhere you’d ever even dreamed of. Newt is heaven. He’s a blessing that has only ever proved the existence of soulmates, that the universe didn’t mess up when it brought the two of you together.

A tide of peaceful joy swells in your chest when Newt shifts, murmuring nonsense as he wakes up.

“Good morning, darling.” You say, pulling your hand back to your side.

He blinks his green eyes open, smiling when he sees you. “Morning, love.” He mumbles.

His sleepy smile warms you. “You must have slept well.”

“Quite well.”

“I didn’t see you come to bed.”

He stretches, revealing a strip of skin on his stomach that you run your fingers over. “Pickett wanted to talk. He wouldn’t stop ‘til I let him sleep in my vest pocket.”

That explains why the vest is so nicely hung on the coat rack in the corner. “I guess I should just be happy you made it to bed at all.”

His cheeks tinge pink as he slides out of bed and changes the subject, heading to the dresser. “You’re shopping today, right?”

You step next to him, giggling at his expression when he notices his jade sweater grazing the middle of your thighs. “That was the plan. Need something?”

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hey you guys know what the most incredible thing is? truly, one of the most unbelievable, remarkable things? if you listen to the different cast recordings that Christian Borle is on, all of his characters sound completely different, and it blows my mind. his Marvin has a sound that’s completely unique and is nothing like his Willy Wonka or his Shakespeare or his Emmett, or any other character he’s done. like it’s still always his voice, obviously, but you don’t hear any part of Marvin when you listen to a song off Something Rotten, you know? and I’m not just talking about the accent for Shakespeare, it’s just like a completely different energy and sound in every way. and all of that is to say nothing about how much his voice has grown and matured in the last decade if you listen to a song from Legally Blonde (or even Spamalot!!) and then a song from Falsettos. talk about a musical glow-up, and he was already so!! good!!! as Emmett.

it just shows what a talented and versatile actor he is, like I honestly cannot get over it. he’s so good and I!!!!! love him very, very much.

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okay but like at this point im just praying to god that he has a daddy kink too bc that would be such a waste of potential. like seb pretty much screams daddy! at this point. at least to me (?????). feel like it wouldnt be like too full on though, feel like hed be the kinda guy who literally would bust a nut in 0.6 if called daddy in bed, or like at any point really. hed be so into it, and probably call u baby or babygirl 97.3% of them time, always being like “shit baby, tell daddy how much you love it when I pound you like this” or some shit this is like off the top of my head ye and with spanking man, hes got such beautiful veiny big hands that make me lose it sO QUICK m8 like its unreal they are. made. for. spanking. dnt fkn argue with me on this. like if youd be laying in bed on ur tummy just chilling on ur laptop, hed sit next to you and literally lift u up so ud be over his knee, and then hed start off slow and massaging your ass, slipping his middle finger down your pants over your slit, ever so slightly tapping over your clit, and then would suddenly slap your ass hard and then immediately place a wet, soothing kiss over the burn, bitting slightly and moving his other hand down the small of ur back and over to ur hair to pull lightly, whispering like the dirtiest fucking things, calling u princess and HIS babygirl and telling u to tell daddy how good this shit feels and woah is anyone else sweating or just me

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How do I deal with the fact that I'm probably going to hell? There are tons of awesome Christians around me, I wish I knew God loved me like they do. But I'm such a massive screw up its unreal man, I hate sin so bad but I sin? I'm not trying to but it's like a freaking disease I can't get away from. Pretty sure I already messed up too much though. The bible even says if we keep messing up we don't have salvation so I'm just done now..

Hey, I’m so sorry to see that you’re suffering and going through this struggle..

The first thing I want to tell you is that you need to drop the “I’m probably going to hell” mentality. Whether someone told you that you’re probably going to hell or you have come to believe this on your own, this is the enemy whispering to you so that you continue to fall away from your faith and feel hopeless. The enemy wants you to believe you’re too far gone for God’s grace and mercy, which can wash you clean of your sins and give you the strength to resist the temptations of the flesh you are currently battling. Remember that God is the only Judge (James 4:12). Only He can make the decision of whether or not someone is going to hell. We have no right to tell someone they are conclusively going to hell, and we don’t have the right to say that about ourselves - because we aren’t the Judge. We can warn someone when they are doing something to endanger themselves spiritually and we can acknowledge when behaviors are ones that put people at risk of not entering the kingdom of God (for example, the behaviors listed in 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 and Galatians 5:19-21), but we cannot conclusively say, “You’re going to hell” to anyone, not even ourselves. God alone is the Judge and only He can make that decision.

God does love you! That’s just a fact that will always be true, and it is not dependent upon how you feel and/or if you accept the truth that He loves you. However, you will live much more happily and peacefully if you do acknowledge and accept that He loves you. He loves each and every one of us beyond what our human minds could ever attempt to comprehend. He doesn’t love certain Christians more than others, since God has no favorites. And the Word also tells us that God loved us even while we were sinners, which is demonstrated by the fact that Christ was given as the perfect, living sacrifice to pay for the sins of all who accept Christ. Stop for a moment and really let that reality sink in - He loves every human being He created in His image so much that He made a way for every single one of us to saved if we accept Jesus Christ through faith and this was accomplished by God coming to this world in a body like ours and enduring slow, brutal, and torturous death for our sake. This is love beyond anything any human being could manage. So don’t ever doubt for a moment that you are loved.. because this reality applies to you. You aren’t an exception to the truth of the Gospel.

All this being said, it’s true that you can’t continue living in sin. As the Word tells us, living in sin without repenting and addressing it does endanger one spiritually and is something not to be taken lightly. However, it is never too late to repent/turn away from the sin you are struggling with and be made right with Him. The Bible continually demonstrates the theme of those lost in sin being given the chance to make themselves right and repent. The parables of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost son emphasize this concept in Luke 15. I strongly suggest you read these! God is not just waiting and hoping for you to mess up so He can condemn you to hell. It’s the opposite - He is waiting for you to realize the fault in the sins you have been falling prey to (and it seems you have already reached the point of realizing the sin is a behavior that needs to stop - and it’s good that you realize this!) and waiting with open arms for you to come back to Him and seek His love, forgiveness, and guidance. Look at what the verses say in these parables - there is rejoicing in heaven when a sinner repents:

“…Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.” - Luke 15:6-7

“And when she finds it, she calls her friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost coin.’ In the same way, I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” - Luke 15:9-11

“But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.” - Luke 15:32

I’m guessing you are referring to Hebrews 10 when you are mention the idea of salvation loss. Many people misunderstand that chapter because they read isolated verses in the chapter and not reading the chapter in entirety to get the true context. Hebrews 10 demonstrates to us that people will be held accountable for choosing to live in sin without repentance, and a person who knows Christ’s message but chooses to reject Him and go back to the old sinful life they used to live and stay in that lifestyle without making themselves right with Him will be held to an even higher level of accountability than someone who sins and does not know Christ’s Good News. But the meaning behind the chapter isn’t actually saying that a person will be turned away after a certain point if they are genuinely repenting and seeking His forgiveness. If you read the entire chapter, Paul is urging the Hebrews (who are being addressed in the chapter for falling away from their faith in Christ and returning to sin) to turn away from their sin and return to Jesus with repentant hearts so that they can be made right again. I answered an ask about Hebrews 10 before and went into detail about it, maybe it will be helpful for you to read. You can find it here.

If a person chooses to have a hardened heart and rejects Him, there is nothing He can do about that because the person has made that choice with their freewill. However, God does not reject those who come with a repentant heart that is genuinely seeking forgiveness and the strength to overcome the temptation of the flesh.

I think it may also be helpful for you to read Romans 7:7-25, where Paul discusses the details of his struggles with sin/the flesh - even after He was saved and became a follower of Christ. Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean that the temptation of the flesh magically vanishes and Paul’s account of his struggles with sin as a Christian is proof of that. However, because all things are possible with God, it is possible to overcome the temptation of the flesh with His strength and guidance, and for one to be forgiven through the blood of Jesus.

You’ve identified the sinful behavior you have been falling into and realize that this is something that can’t go on. That’s a big and important step you’ve taken. Now it’s time to press into Him and seek Him for guidance and strength. Shying away from Him out of shame and believing the enemy’s lies that you are too far gone and you’re done for is not going to help anything. You need to hold tight onto God now and ask Him for His help to overcome this because this is the only way you can defeat this struggle. You’re right - sin is like a disease, but sin is not bigger than He is. No sin is too much for the blood of Jesus. Jesus took every curse, every sin, every disease, every horrible thing you can imagine upon Himself on the cross. He became sin so that we could be set free. Death was defeated on the cross and now it’s a matter of trusting in His power to work in your life. Claim the victory that was made in Jesus’ name when He died on the cross and rose from the dead! The victory belongs to all who believe in Him and the power of His blood that was shed for us.

I hope this was helpful to you.. You may also want to check out my sin tag for other asks similar to your situation. If there’s anything else I can do to help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.