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do you have a top 5 recommendation of weibo lay fansites? thanks in advance <3

There are too many weibo lay fansites. They’re all truly awesome! omg It’s hard to choose them. So, I’ll choose them from some of my favorite.

this is my top 5

1. PDNLAMN **** (I really love this fansite!)
3. M1CKEY77
4. Prophet_Lay
5. AbsoluteAltitude_ZYX


6. OnLay
7. Diamond_in_the_rough1007
8.  橘子_orange
9. Tarro
10. ArtistLay_1007
11. XingPark
12. Issing Garden
13. Madhouse


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Hi Kelly! May we please have your opinion on our RP? Thanks so much!

Hi there love! Of course you may. I’m not really a big fan of long urls just because I find they’re really hard to remember. I do love your theme, I am a huge fan of simple graphics on fansite themes, I think they’re so nice. All of your graphics are lovely and high quality and match so perfectly. I love your biographies and how detailed they are, and you have quite a diverse group of faceclaims which I always enjoy. Your plot is simple, so there’s not much to comment on it. One thing I would say I don’t like is that you just have so many characters, it’s a bit overwhelming. I’ve never been a fan of big rps like that because I imagine trying to keep up on the dash and plot with people would just be a nightmare, however, that’s just a personal preference of mine. You guys seem to be doing a wonderful job, so keep up the good work!

Anybody fans of Rick and Morty?

So I’ve recently started to use Toonzone’s fansite formats to create a Rick and Morty fansite. Since I love the heck out of that show and can gab about it forever and ever and ever, I’m gonna talk, gush, and elaborate on all things Rick and Morty that I can possibly think of.

I’ve got the first episode summary up.

Expect character bios, more episode guides, articles, top 5s, comics, and if I don’t get bored by then, Pocket Mortys review and whatnot. If you guys are interested, why not consider checking it out sometime? You’d be doing me a real solid that doesn’t involve shoving Mega-Seeds up your arse.

And awaaaaaaaay we go!

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happy birthday!! thank you for all that you do esp. on ifnthoya! honestly it's so nice that you are so expressive about your love for hoya, even on ifnthoya,, i know a lot of fansites or fy-blogs try to keep their blog for objective purposes but i love when people ask for your opinions or you share your favorite pics of hoya's hair or wallpaper images, etc. thank you for running both hoaegi and ifnthoya! i hope you have an amazing day!!

oh my goodness ;;; this is literally one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said to me! i know i’ve mentioned this a few times on ifnthoya but the main purpose in the beginning as to why i made the blog in the first place was because i really just wanted a place for everyone to come and just cry and spazz over hoya with me! for me personally, i was always found fyeah blogs a little intimidating sometimes but of course, that was just my experience! i really just wanted to make a place where both me and the people that follow the blog could honestly just cry and scream freely over the perfection that is lee howon :’) and i seriously loooooove when people send in stuff for me to answer bc half of the time, i’m either crying to myself about and the need to let others know is so strong :’))) but t hank you so so so sooo much for the kind message! you just made my entire night! i hope you have an amazing rest of your day! ^^ 

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Heyy!! If you're still doing them :') Bottle Rocket by Grown Kids ft. Taka and Summer Paradise by Simple Plan ft. Taka are pretty good <3 oh ._. both ft. Taka XD

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send me a song rec for a blog rate

It’s prolly nothing much if you just come across something like this but this was uploaded by LOVE GAME aka JM’s fansite and I was so sure she’s Korean and that gif name 👍👍👍

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Hi ! I'm using oceanus theme for my fansite blog [ jacksonwangking(.)tumblr(.)com/ ] and I love it! It might be a little complicated for me since I'm not used to fansite theme but its simple enough for me to understand ( even I'm still confused a bit xD ) but, THANK YOU FOR THIS AWESOME THEME <3

Haha! You’re welcome!

I’m glad it’s not too confusing to use :)! 

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Hi! Do you also make sidebars? Like I would love to use your theme for my fansite but I would want to request a header and sidebars if you know what I mean? Do you do that or only headers?

Yeah that’s fine! I can make icons, sidebars, headers, etc… whatever you need, just make sure to give me the dimensions for everything you’re requesting! :)


Mr. Destiny has announced their online selling of their exhibition goods from their recent exhibition for Kai titled, “The 4th Wall”


• Mini Photobook + Postcard Set
• Mini Photobook / A4 size / 52 pages / Colored
• Postcard Set / 12 pieces


** Need minimum of 10 sets. Please reblog! Mr. Destiny is one of my favorite Fansites, and I would really love to have this set myself! Please show much love and interest!

- KP

If anyone wants to link me to all the f(x) fansite twitters I’d love u. I don’t use twitter but I’ve had an account for years that I just use for certain events so I gotta be sure I’m following the right accounts for pics and fancams and literally any info at all