i love this fansite

mycheefung  asked:

I very love DIA, Can I ask more pictures of Eunice??

I’d love to but Eunice doesn’t have many fansites, unfortunately :( There are still photos of her which I have not uploaded as of yet because I’m still catching up so you can look forward to them :D

Thank you for supporting and loving DIA! Also, keep a lookout because they’re going to have a comeback in August hehe

hyuks-pink-turtleneck  asked:

I noticed you have an unstyled tag now!!! That's awesome especially since I love seeing her in causal clothing :')

yes! i’ve noticed that other fansites have special tags such as that but i was unsure about it till i got an ask about her unstyled/ her own fashion??? so i thought that it’d be nice to have that for starters.

if anyone wants anything special tagged, please do tell me! i’ll try my best to tag them too!!

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips on starting up a new fansite here on tumblr? thanks :-)

not really lol im terrible at it… i just grabbed a good url quickly when the show first aired and although i do love the show im not IN love with it and i don’t really enjoy maintaining a fansite rigidly devoted to one thing so im kind of just doing this out of habit at this point

my only advice would be, for your own sake, to make sure your personality is present on the blog and do it for YOU, not anyone else. if it doesnt make you happy, fuck it

(sorry this is a month late i havent been here much lately)


20.07.17 ·˖✧˖ happy birthday won !°˖✧˖

this week’s spread is dedicated to seventeen because watching their diamond edge concert makes me scream so much (⁎⁍̴̀﹃ ⁍̴́⁎)♡ their costumes n hair for this era must be my fav im crying ꒰˘̩̩̩⌣˘̩̩̩๑꒱♡ 

 ↬ fav non-title tracks: 

⋆ healing 

⋆ say yes 

⋆ beautiful 

⋆ smile flower 

⋆ shining diamond 

tbh i love all their songs bc my bias wrote it

fansite links according to age:

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anonymous asked:

would love it if you did another fansite theme at some point! I love love love your themes and really love helium. You're so talented and my absolute favorite theme maker. <3

i actually am thinking of replacing helium altogether ahaha so yeah stay tuned for when i “update” it


Vixx individual members 1980X1080p Desktop Wallpaper.

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*The pics do not belong to me only the crappy edits

*The quotes in these pics belong to VIXX 

(I dunno if anyone makes PC Background or not but I just thought I’d give it a try. Its my first time trying these, so forgive me if these looks terrible.)

Original pic Cr:

  1. Cherri0628 
  2. Beanzip [closed fansite]
  3. 러브블러쉬 
  4. KENdid LOVE   
  5. 정택운닷컴 
  6. OFF THE CHARTS [closed fansite I think]

anonymous asked:

What's your favorite yixing fansite if u have one?

Uhh I love baozi…chere Mamie,laynydays, luv10xing,baby moon lay (it’s a newish fansite I think but their soft airport pics 😥❤️💞) and the cult..the movement..yixings third parent.. Xingpark.

anonymous asked:

hi! so i saw u talking about new baby fansites for minhyuk and i was wondering if u had like a list of new fansites bc i feel like i need 2 love and support them

aaah yes!! i’m not sure if there’s a ton of new ones but the two that just popped up this week that i mentioned are aqua dream and it’s sunny! and in_mh931103kr is also pretty new :-) i also have a running list of current mh fansites that i know of if you’re interested? i call many of them baby fansites as well because i feel like not a lot of people know them!!

anonymous asked:

'baby minhyuk fansites'……why does it sound so cute??? jakshjsdjdfkd i love u amy!!!

fjskdfs please they are the baby fansites… i will raise and support them (especially the few that literally created within the past week.. those ones are My Babies) :’) i love you too!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡