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Caesar: I’m proud to identify as morosexual. I’m attracted to dumbasses and dumbasses exclusively. A guy asked me what the Spanish word for tortilla was once and now I dream of kissing him under the moonlight.

Joseph: What kind of animal is the Pink Panther?

Caesar, already taking off his clothes: Jojo, you’re so fucking stupid.

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Do you know the blog @voicemailsfrompeterparker ? If not, check it out.

Ok, this blog is amazing!


“but I need to know if he’s hurting you. I know you can handle yourself, Peter, but if you need me to step in, I will. Call me back, kid.“

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“Um…hi, Mr. Stark. So, you know how I sent you a voicemail around 30 minutes ago about how I needed help and it was an emergency? Well, I just looked outside and I just saw three Iron Man suits circling my apartment and I just saw your 27 missed calls and I just realized that you thought I was actually in mortal danger.”

protective dad tony is my life  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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This. This is by far my favorite Sterek moment in Teen Wolf history. That soft look Derek gives Stiles, the tears in Stiles’ eyes…and then Derek all ready to kill Jennifer in the next second when she lied about knowing where Sheriff Stilinski was. It’s such a powerful look and shares an unspoken conversation between the two. And then Derek doesn’t even hesitate to take Stiles’ side. Even if Scott hadn’t been there, he still would’ve believed Stiles. No questions asked. Didn’t even care that he was dating this wench a few seconds prior.

Because it’s Stiles and Derek cares about him. Always has and always will.