i love the way he and greg interact with each other

i love michael so much

Lucky you, I’m drunk watching TSoT again, cuz i went thru the.list and realized hey what other episodes matter, right? Here we go: The game is, drink whenever you wanna forget s4 and that Mary was never given the chance to be a true villain and mastermind of the Moriarty network thus invalidating her relationship with John and solidifying Sherlock and John’s true love:

- There’s gotta be a faster way to steal gold.

- All Sherlock texted was “Help,” and Greg brought friggen helicoptors. He’s worse than John.

- Aaaaahhhh…I almost forgot what good cinematography looks like.

- Why does Mrs. H say “you always live alone”? Goddamn EMP, get your filthy paws off my favorite episode.

- Oh sure, one of the main characters got married in this episode, but we’re not gonna show tge ceremony at all, and his first word spoken will be “Sherlock.”

- I hate Mary but she’s so pretty and I love her dress

- David looks like he knows he’s gonna be a Surprise Parent in 9,783 fics.

- When will we see Harry. When will we see John’s bedroom. When will we see the truth. Why is my tequila pink.

- Goddamn every time Sherlock and Mary interact it’s so purposefully easy. They work. They’re like siblings. She’s so smart. TST would have never happened. Goddammit.

- Whenever I’m about to do something uncomfortably sociable I imagine Mycroft saying “Minnngling…?”

- Okay, I get the Greg and Molly thing. He stands so close…

- It bothers me that the Best Man Proposal is the only scene we see the kitchen from that angle. Seems like a different flat.

- God fuckin damn I love the editing of this whole fucking episode. I need a sandwich.

- John flirtily saying “Nnnyess?” while Sherlock is freaking out about the best man thing is downright indecent.

- John trying not to cry during the speech is cruel. Let the man feel.

- Their entire friendship is contained in John saying “wait til I sit down.” And the fact that John reacts to everything in this speech a millisecond before Sherlock says it. Cuz he knows what he’s gonna say. Cuz they’re meant for each other. I hate this episode.

- There is a man bleeding out, Sherlock, control your libido.

- He said, abOut the stag night: “There’s hoyrs if material here, but I’ve cut it down to the really good bits.” I SEE YOU, MOFTISS. WITH THE EDITING PUN. GIVE US THE GAY BAR SCENE.

- I need 12 minutes of the theme i dubstep, please.

- Sherlock gets so much campier when he’s drinking. AND SO DOES JOHN.

- The most interesring thing about the knee grab “I don’t mind,” line is that it was clearly ADDED IN POST. They organized time to sit Martin Freeman behind a microphone to more clearly Insert. That. Line. Whyyyyyy. Releaseee meeeeeee.

- Sherlock drunkenly realizing his hand was behind John’s back is EVERYTBING.

- “WITH A GHOST MR. HOLMES.” Okay so let’s not acknowledhe thT this while thing mirrors TAB or whatever. So mucb fake death in tbis show. I wish s4 was fake, cuz that was a death if ive ever seen one

- Okay, tbis is definitely a two sandwich problem


- I like how Sherlock basically says “no more murder and mystery” and then in ten seconds it turns into a murder mystery. SUCK IT, MARY.

- BBC Sherlock shows John Hamish Watson coming up the stairs with groceries more times than it shows him embracing his actual wife. HMMMMMM.

- “We would never do that to John Watson,” with his deduction face on. They.are both in love with john, and he just confirmed it.

- “Oh wbat a niiiiight.” I hate this episode.

oh man, I said this before but I’ll say it again, I missed this show something fierce and I love it so dang much. It makes me happy every time, even with tense or sad episodes. It’s great and I love it. I hope the next hiatus isn’t nearly as long as this one was.

Okey doke, here are a few thoughts on this block of episodes. I’m just gonna sum up a few thoughts since I’m talking about all 6 rather than each episode separately, but I’ll discuss each ep later if I feel the need to.

1) “Dewey Wins” - this episode sets up the main conflict of the block, which is Steven and Connie’s fight. It’s also the first in a string of upheavals this arc sets up in that Mayor Dewey ends up stepping down and Nanafua is the new mayor. Very curious on how that change is going to play in the plot, ‘cause I reckon Nanafua will be the better mayor to have when the Diamonds figure out Steven is back on Earth (she’s very good at rallying people)

2) “Gemcation” - I reeeeally loved this one! I’ve been dying for a Gem Family-centered episode (in the vein of “Steven Floats”) for a while and this was just what I was looking for. Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Greg all had excellent moments (Garnet awkwardly following a script, Amethyst trying to comfort Steven, “It’s not the pain, it’s the surprise,” and sweet supportive Dad Universe, just as a few examples) in this episode. And I just love when everyone comes together to try and support Steven.

And do not think I didn’t notice that Pearl, like, physically cannot talk about things. As I’m sure a lot of other folks have pointed out by now, this isn’t the first time she’s clapped her hand over her mouth during intense Homeworld talk. The fact that they’re pointing out that it’s more of something preventing her from talking about it (“impossible to describe” in a more literal sense) rather than just her being overcome with emotion tells me we’re getting pretty close to when she will be talking about it.

3) “Raising the Barn” - This was another great episode which I feel very evenly portrayed Lapis and Peridot’s perspectives on what was going on. I like how Peridot has sort of become this Gem advocate for Earth and I think it kind of gives a picture of what early Crystal Gems were like, just discovering Earth and the idea of infinite potential. Peridot is such a goofy, often comedy relief-centered character but she has such genuine heart when she talks about the idea of the Earth and I feel like that aspect really balances out her character.

I do totally get where Lapis is coming from, having lived through a terrible war and been prisoner for so long. She hasn’t quite yet felt part of Earth or the Crystal Gems, she just knows she’s not part of Homeworld anymore. She remembers what happened the last time, how even after such a long fight the Diamond’s corrupted the Gems on Earth rather than let them get away with their revolt. It really does seem like a hopeless fight and without feeling like she belongs on Earth it doesn’t make sense for her to fight a battle she believes they’ll definitely lose and be severely punished for. She does have a connection to Earth, though, and we know she will be back. I look forward to seeing how that happens

4) “Back to the Kindergarten” - This was a nice episode and it was sweet to see Steven and Amethyst trying to cheer Peridot up. I also loved how excited Amethyst is about the Famethyst and how it reframed her context for the Kindergarten from the difficult and depressing place it was for her for so long to more of an optimistic and positive place of “this is where me and my family are from!” sort of thing. I’m glad it could be like that for her.

I like the conclusion in the end, that some things aren’t fixable but that doesn’t mean everything is bad and hopeless. Sometimes you just gotta move on to something that you can work with.

5) “Sadie Killer” - This was another upheaval in that it ends with Sadie quitting the Big Donut, which is a big change for her character. I’m super curious where they end up going with this and how it’s going to play into everything. I also really enjoyed the song!

It’s so fun to see the Cool Kids interact and hang out (with Steven!). They’re all sweet kids and I definitely think it’s good for Steven to have them in his life

6) “Kevin Party” - This was such a Stevonnie episode even though Stevonnie never actually shows up (like, physically, I mean). Kevin was very Keviny in this ep but in such an entertaining way. He had his own interest at heart but he did still help Steven out (I mean, not with the best advice but)
But also I can’t not hear Janja now when Kevin talks, haha

I did like the conclusion to Steven and Connie’s conflict. I like when stuff like this looks at both sides, and that the problem isn’t so much a black and white right or wrong thing, but the idea that you have to think more about how your actions affect others but also that it’s okay to be hurt even if you understand? I dunno, it’s a complicated thing but I think about it a lot. 

I’m curious how this will affect Steven’s matyr complex going forward. He has a real problem with guilt and feeling like he has to atone for stuff his mother did but also has an issue with understanding Rose’s actions and motivations, he just sees that people are upset by it and being caught in the crossfire and he wants to fix it. But, like, a few episodes back he says something like “Homeworld is only attacking Earth because of what Rose did” which is true, but he doesn’t take into account how if Rose didn’t start the Rebellion, there straight up would not be an Earth for Homeworld to be attacking. Something isn’t quite connecting there for him (I do kind of wonder if part of that is from Rose’s own guilt about everything and it’s just kind of leeching into him and preventing him from thinking objectively about it)

I dunno, it’s interesting. I definitely feel like it’ll come into play and be confronted in the episodes to come. I think this incident with Connie, and Connie in general, will play a big part in helping Steven stop punishing himself for the imagines sins of his mother.

Anywho, those are just some quick thoughts on these episodes. I thoroughly enjoyed them, though they could be pretty heavy at times (it’s tough to see Steven so somber for so long!)

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Headcannon/prompt: Sherlock is mid case at NSY & John has to pick up toddler Rosie. When he brings her in, there's a few incredulous questions about Sherlock helping raise her from Greg and snide remarks about it from Donovan. Rosie is a bit tired and fussy. However, as soon as Sherlock walks in, Rosie lights up and reaches for him and he settles her on his hip without blinking and carries on working, while she rests her head under his chin and settles down. The others are surprised- John is not

@johnlockedatbakerst This has been sitting in my inbox for awhile now but I hope it’s worth the wait!

Sherlock was mid rant about footprints in “his” crime scene, mocking Anderson’s ability to handle a scene when an alarm rung out from John’s phone.

“And that’ll be John’s cue to go pick Rosie up from daycare,” Sherlock’s said, punctuating the end of his rant.

“Yeah,” John agreed, switching off the alarm. “Where are we in this? Do you still need me? Should we go home?” John never really wanted to go home while Sherlock was on a case. Being stuck at home going stir crazy when there was adventure going on was never good for his state of mind. But NSY wasn’t exactly the most inviting place for a two year old. With the phones and criminals and the office workers cooing at her, distracted detectives splitting their attention between the baby and the investigation, and Sherlock’s manic energy a trip to the office was a cocktail ensured to create a tantrum. But he always left the option to come back open, just in case.

“I’m not sure yet. I’ll text in twenty. Go get Rosie, I’ll be just fine without you for now.”

John nodded. “Right.”

On his way to the lifts, John placed an order for an Uber and it had arrived by the time he exited the lobby of the building. He was walked through the doors of Rosie’s daycare to find the blonde sniffling and rubbing her eyes. Seeing her obvious malcontent, he bent down to scoop her into his arms and comfort her.

“Hey there, little bee. What’s the matter, love?”

One of her caretakers appeared beside them and said, “someone’s a little crabby today. We had a little trouble napping today.”

“That’s not on at all, is it,” John asked Rosie whose only reply was to whine and mash her head into John’s neck. Well, home it is, then, John told himself. He didn’t deny the small pang of disappointment but his daughter needed some rest and Sherlock hadn’t texted so it wasn’t likely he was needed.


John flinched, Sherlock’s text alert summoning part of his attention. One handed, he dug into his pocket to read the incoming text.

-There were lacerations found on the victim’s feet. Definitely not self-inflicted. Need your opinion.

John clicked the talk to text feature, a godsend that Sherlock installed to help him with what his partner called “deplorable use of opposable digits”. The microphone icon glowed blue and John talked into the phone, “Rosie is fussy. Send a picture?” He pressed the send button and walked outside, bouncing Rosie on his hip as he went.

The reply was immediate.

-Bring her. Lestrade won’t let me take the pictures home. Says they’re evidence.

-Terribly inconvenient.

-Shouldn’t be too long. We can go home once you’ve gotten a good look.

-You can make the thing with the peas for dinner.

John replied, “are you sure?”

-Of course. See you soon.

John kissed Rosie’s forehead and asked her, “papa needs some help. Want to go see him?” Rosie nodded her head, her curls tickling his skin as she moved. “Well then, let’s get a ride then.”

Fifteen minutes later, John and Rosie were walking through the doors of NSY. It had been quite awhile since they had brought Rosie to NSY. Even then, only a handful of times before daycare started. Back then she mostly slept in the carrier or was passed around the office like a bag of chips, watched over by a couple of friendly officers. It hadn’t escaped John’s notice that people had intensely watched Sherlock interacting with Rosie without trying to look like it. They muttered under their breath about Sherlock’s apparent lack of attention and wondered why John was “allowing” Sherlock to dictate where “his” daughter was taken.

John had bit his tongue. Of course he was irritated that, even after all this time and everything Sherlock had done to prove his was human, that he did care, there were still people who saw him as he was before John. Unyielding, cold, distant. That just wasn’t the case anymore.

John had been given the gift of Sherlock’s unflinching devotion and that devotion naturally extended to Rosie. It didn’t take too long after Mary’s death for them to finally pull their heads out of their arses and admit what had been glaringly obvious from the moment they met; they were impossibly in love with each other and always had been. And once that fact was embraced, there was no turning back. They were both in with both feet in both love and work. But that didn’t mean much had changed.

They still shared 221B. The only real difference is that John had folded his clothes in alongside Sherlock’s in their drawers and Rosie had a room to herself. They still fought over silly things like whose turn was it to get the milk; it was perpetually Sherlock’s because John always broke down and bought it because the Great Detective couldn’t be arsed to actually get it. Only now, those fights ended in kissing and maybe a tussle in the sheets. They still worked together, as effective a team as there ever was. Only now they were sure not to take unnecessary risks with their lives to avoid making an orphan of their daughter. Still, they took out life insurance policies and updated their wills to provide a future for Rosie.

From the outside, John did admit, it didn’t look like much had changed in Sherlock. He still snapped at his colleagues, he still called everyone idiots, he still dashed off without much warning, and he still ran intellectual circles around everyone he came in contact with. But if one was inclined to look, they would see that little things had changed.

Sherlock never failed to check in on John while he poured over documents. When Rosie was with them, he made sure that someone checked Rosie’s nappies, even if it wasn’t him. He even tried to scarf down a few nibbles of food at John’s insistence when he was feeding Rosie and himself. Granted, he didn’t pick her up or fawn over her while he was working. But he didn’t pay close attention to John or himself when he was working. His partner was more than affectionate enough for the three of them when he wasn’t swimming in a case and John clung to those moments when The Work took precedence. Sherlock’s emotional distance while working was an accepted and predictable pattern, anticipated by all those who knew and worked with him. He had known and prepared for it and it bothered him that no one else could see the softer Sherlock. The one who read bedtime stories in funny voices, loved bathtime because he could play pirates, and learned lullabies on the violin. But that Sherlock wasn’t the one who saved people, so John tried to push his irritation aside. John knew that having a child wouldn’t change much about how Sherlock went about The Work. But John wasn’t about to get into a long drawn conversation to defend Sherlock against people who refused to see him.

There were more important things.

Stepping out of the lift, he was greeted by Lestrade. “Hey there, John. And Miss Rosie, how are you darling?”

Rosie turned her head away from him, hiding her face in John’s neck. John smiled at the movement and cupped her head, lightly massaging the back of her head. “We’re a little fussy today.”

“Gotcha, no stranger to that,” Lestrade said, giving them a little space. “His Majesty call for you, then?”

“Yeah, where is he?”

Lestrade gestured to a bank of empty interrogation rooms. “We’ve got him set up in one of the rooms over here. But if Rosie’s needing to go home, I’m sure he’ll be fine without you.”

John shook his head. “He said he needed some input on the lacerations you all found. It won’t take long, a half hour won’t make much difference in her mood to be honest. Then I’ll be taking them all home and out of your hair.”

“Don’t mention hair, mate,” Lestrade joked deprecatingly, running a hand through his thinning hair.

Donovan met them outside the room and said, “are you serious? He’s calling for you when you have her?”

John’s brow furrowed. “I always have Rosie. That’s part of the “parent package”, Sally.”

Donovan rolled her eyes. “Anyone can see she’s in no state to be out. Sherlock’s just being selfish, calling for you when you should be at home.”

John frowned, knowing that in a way she was right. Rosie did need to go home. But if Sherlock needed him, he wasn’t going to ignore him. That’s not how they worked. Not anymore.

He opened his mouth to speak when Rosie started whining and squirming in his arms, clearly restless and her patience wearing thin. John struggled to hold her and Donovan said, “see? Just take her home. Even Sherlock has to see that she shouldn’t be here.”

As if on cue, Sherlock poked his head out of the door, requesting post-its. “Oh, John! Wonderful, come here, I think I found something.”

At Sherlock’s voice, Rosie went still and whipped her head around to see Sherlock. Her eyes, watering and nearing Impending Tantrum territory, she shoved her little arms out to him and called out, “papa! Want you!”

Sherlock, without pausing, said, “of course. You can help your daddy and I figure out this little puzzle, come here.” He took her from John’s arms and settled her on his hip and in three seconds flat, she was quiet and still.

Lestrade and Donovan’s jaws hit the floor.

Without giving his colleagues the time of day, he refocused his attention on John. “Now that that’s settled, come, I have pictures to show you. Molly won’t let me see the body until tomorrow, most inconvenient.” He swanned into his temporary office, gesturing wildly with his one free hand as he went. “Now, this is going to sound highly improbably, but just hear me out.”

John grinned, tucking away his beam of pride deep in his chest and followed his madman into the room, bypassing Lestrade and Donovan. “Of course, love.”

Sherlock, with Rosie along for the ride, began to pace around the room spouting off his theories. John leaned against the metal table in the middle of the room and looked at the pictures Molly had sent them. Eventually, the even, if quick, pacing of Sherlock’s feet soon had Rosie snoring in his arms. At a particularly loud snuffle, Sherlock stopped mid sentence. He glanced down at the girl tucked into his body and curled his other arm around her to hug her closer. He smiled down at her and kissed her forehead before making eye contact with John.

Sherlock whispered, “naptime a lost cause at daycare, then?”

John nodded. “She probably won’t sleep long. But if we’re lucky she’ll make it home and be ready to eat something when we get back.”

“The thing with the peas,” Sherlock asked hopefully.

John smiled fondly and nodded. “Yeah, I can do that.”

Sherlock nodded slowly, smoothing Rosie’s curls with his palm. John couldn’t help himself, he straightened and closed the small distance between them to kiss his daughter and then Sherlock’s lips. The kiss was chaste and sweet and when it ended they pressed their foreheads together, eyes closed.

John whispered, “you know Donovan and Lestrade are watching.”

Sherlock huffed. “Let them look.” Sherlock extricated his arm from between John and Rosie and wrapped it around John’s waist to pull him close. “You were angry when you came in. It made Rosie more irritable. What happened?”

John chuckled lightly. “What? You can’t deduce it?”

“Of course I can. You just want to talk. So talk.”

“Git,” John whispered under his breath. “They still think you’re a machine, that you don’t care about us.”

“They’re idiots,” Sherlock said simply. As if there was no need for further explanation.

“I’m an idiot,” John pointed out. “Said so yourself.”

“Yes, well,” Sherlock said, amusement in his voice. He pulled back slightly and they opened their eyes to look at each other. “You’ve always been quicker on the uptake than the rest.”

“Took me long enough,” John mumbled.

“But you got there. That’s all that counts. Now,” Sherlock said, leaning in to kiss him softly once before straightening himself up and holding Rosie more securely. “I think it’s time we get our little bee home. We’re all hungry and I need my violin. Don’t bother putting anything away, Lestrade can do that.”

Lestrade’s voice over the intercom came through, “oi! I am not your nursemaid!”

“That’s what you get for A. spying, and B. not letting me take things home with me.”

“It’s evidence you berk,” Lestrade complained.

“Tsk, tsk, detective,” Sherlock chided, walking towards the door. “Such language. And around little innocent ears.”

“Bite me,” Lestrade barked back before silencing the intercom.

John chuckled and shook his head. He quickly scooped the papers on the table into a stack and stuck them in an empty folder. Lestrade met him in the doorway, looking somewhat sheepish. He had never seen Sherlock so demonstrative before and John supposed it could be considered a shock.

John just gave him a knowing smile. “We’ll let you know what he comes up with. Night, Greg.” Without another word, he followed in his partner’s footsteps to find him waiting at the lift doors. John placed a hand on the small of Sherlock’s back and pressed the call button. “Ready for home?”

“God yes,” Sherlock replied.

class stuff at mcm manchester (aka how i spent the whole day)

- so i wasn’t gonna go up to the signing area until after the panel because i wanted to save the moment cause i knew it would be great
- but whenever you wanted to go to the other con hall you had to go straight past the classt
- and after going past a few times, sophie saw me
- like, m8, it’s supposed to be the other way around
- it was awesome thoughhhh
- there’s a shitty pic of me on her instagram story
- greg remembered me from last time lol
- he had a post-it note on him that said ‘meme queen’ on it
- and a lil victorian headdress thing that someone gave to soph
- got soph and viv to sign my swords
- sophie hugged me at least once in this 10 minute interaction
- and apparently my outfit was almost identical to the real thing which is good to hear!!

~panel time~

- vivian had a tiny angry pikachu plush that she kept putting in her coffee mug and moving around and stuff it was adorable
- me and @classdoctorwho sat next to each other in the front row, and we both asked questions, so there were two scimitars stuck in the air for ages 😂
- i asked what hogwarts houses they thought their characters would be in, and they said:
charlie: slytherin
tanya: ravenclaw or gryffindor
april: hufflepuff
matteusz: gryffindor quidditch jock who lifts charlie off his feet on his broom :’)
don’t think they mentioned ram or quill??
- @classdoctorwho asked vivian what she thought tanya’s sexuality was, and viv took the question really well which was awesome, and said that tanya never really showed interest in anyone, not just because of the age gap, so she could be asexual!! (and yes, she did actually use the word asexual)
- if they could be a different character, they would all want to play quill, viv said she was kinda in love with katherine/quill and i was like ‘saaaaaaaame’
- if they played the doctor, greg would be matt smith-esque, viv would be a ‘matrix doctor’ with a leather jacket and sunglasses, and soph would be a disco doctor with a rainbow sonic
- i can’t remember what she asked now (sorry!!) but when @en-jclras asked her question greg went 'oh hi katie how’re you doing’ and i was like 'ayyy i know her’
- can’t remember the context but at one point after someone mentioned matteusz greg got distracted and said 'sorry, just thinking about jordan renzo’
- 'sophie says 'gl-ah-ss’, april says 'gl-ar-ss’’
- greg was a dancer before he got into acting??
- sophie tripped when she jumped into the crack in ep 4, and she said something about april’s timberlands and then just kinda. pointed at me.
- i love that they’re all friends with pearl it’s the cutest thing
- sophie is the only one to have been watching dw since 2005, and she’s also seen 'an unearthly child’ cause of coal hill!!
- although they said they wanted to do a special like sense8
- and someone suggested they should do a crossover with all the other spin-offs to tie up the loose ends

~post-panel action~

- went back with my pop figures
- (and the ink on the boxes had rubbed off loads which SUCKS)
- and they all loved them :’)
- got sophie to sign the april one
- and i was about to pay
- she is the nicest human being i stg
- i think she hugged me twice in the space of those last 8 bullet points
- then me and @classdoctorwho
took those photos with them
- and sophie asked for one on her own with the two of us :’)
- its on her instagram story
- and she hugged us again lol
- AND THEN after the cosplay masquerade when everyone was leaving
- i ended up walking out of the con centre with sophie 😂
- and tripped on the stairs 😅 (but it was just because i was clumsy lol not because of soph)

SO YEAH all in all, amazing day, and i love the classt a lot

ishipallthings  asked:

top 6 non-canon ships and top 6 female characters? also, I'm curious, why do you resent The Proposal? :)


Hahaha, I mostly just resent The Proposal because I think it’s a PERFECT premise, TAILOR MADE FOR ME, with the added bonus of being set in my home state where I have always wanted to see a romcom set, but a lot of the ways the portray Alaska really just didn’t work for me. Why is it so clearly somewhere in the east coast where rich people hang out? Why isn’t anybody wearing Xtratufs? Why are they making a joke of Alaska Native culture and, if I recall correctly, showing literally no Alaska Native people? And wtf is up with Oscar Nunez’s character? I cannot be asked to stomach that. wHY DID THEY DO THAT TO OSCAR NUNEZ????


Anyway: A++++ @ Sandy and Ryan’s delightful chemistry, NO THANKS to everything else. I hope for a better Alaska-set romcom one day.

Top 6 Non-Canon Ships (for this, I decided to go with stuff that is genuinely not canon, as opposed to stuff that was briefly or on some level intended canon before my dreams were dashed, a la Mindy/Jody, Betty/Kate, etc. Sidenote: sobbing for always.)

  1. Rory/Paris (Gilmore Girls) - WIVES IN MY HEART. Equals. Soulmates. Keeping each other on their toes! Driving each other nuts but also being overachieving nerdy kindred spirits! Having the most perfect slow burn relationship development in seasons 1-4, to the point where if they had slipped into shippy town circa season five, it would have honestly felt perfectly natural. I love Rory/Paris with all my soul, and I am so glad that a lot of other people do too.
  2. DeWitt/Dominic (Dollhouse) - Never have I known such exultation at two people technically just standing next to each other in a work setting. The perfect loyalty + tragic betrayal storyline! The intense repression! The stylish outfits! The greatest fandom in the god damned world, in the last glorious years of the livejournal era! It was my heart’s truest and purest fandom experience. I will always be incomplete as a person because they never angrily made out on Adelle’s desk. (But at least Dominic held her at unnecessarily sexy gunpoint on Adelle’s couch.)
  3. Grace/Frankie (Grace and Frankie) - I mean, like, I don’t know, I DON’T KNOW, could season three’s life decisions really have been unwitting????? Was flying off embracing in a rainbow balloon that Grace literally stole from the guy trying to take her out on a date and regifted to Frankie while a song about having bittersweet feelings about your love played in the background something that happened in a platonic way? Only time will tell??? Anyway: season three of Grace and Frankie is literally the most exquisite portrayal of gradually realizing you are inconveniently in love with your best friend who has also been your lifelong nemesis that I have ever seen, and I am very, very glad that there is a fandom that is extremely enthusiastic about this solemn truth. I am kind of scared for season four to come along next year and crush all my dreams. (But what if it DOESN’T?)
  4. Oscar/Andy (The Office) - A very wonderful fun time was had by all (or … by an enthusiastic few?) with this pairing back in ye olde The Office days, after season 5 episode 7 entitled “Business Trip” came along and blew all our minds as we realized that Oscar’s and Andy’s perfect soulmates had been EACH OTHER ALL ALONG. My heart to this day gets super overwhelmed any time they have a brief exchange in an episode, or are perhaps sitting next to each other in a conference room meeting. This show did more good than it did bad overall in my opinion, but perhaps the worst thing it ever did was not realize that Oscar and Andy needed to fall in love and live happily ever after. At least they both ended the series single, and are in my heart of hearts husbands by 2017, no question. Like, maybe they get roped into doing some sort of publicity event for the documentary – maybe Oscar writes his own version of The Audacity of Hope, or Andy writes his own version of Scrappy Little Nobody, and either way they wind up on a book tour! Maybe they make the bonkers decision to collaborate on a memoir about the documentary to boost their careers and then we can imagine the joyous process of Oscar Martinez and Andy Bernard collaborating on a written work! Imagine that Google doc. Imagine how frustrated Oscar would be with all Andy’s font choices. – and at some point they find themselves having another unexpected drunken hotel adventure, and this is the one that ends in the inevitable start of their romantic relationship. And lord, just think of the whole Dunder Mifflin crew coming back together because OSCAR? and ANDY? are GETTING MARRIED?!?!?!? It would frankly be worth making a, like, four episode mini-revival of The Office for. And if Greg Daniels is interested in this idea, he can totes email me any time. p.s. I think we all know that Andy would love the life of being a local politician’s husband.
  5. Remus/Sirius (Harry Potter) - I will always remember so vividly how I felt when I had the Remus/Sirius epiphany as a middle school aged youngin’ (thanks internet!), and the iNTENSE EPIC TRAGEDY OF THEIR LOVE STORY OVERWHELMED ME. Remember that essay on livejournal that intricately broke down every single bit of Remus and Sirius’s interaction to prove that they were in love and Harry just didn’t realize it? That stuff was my god damned Da Vinci Code! (Er, or something. I don’t really remember what actually happens in the Da Vinci Code.) Oh my God, how ardently I shipped it; how weary I was when Sirius died and then Remus/Tonks happened. I somehow didn’t quite grasp that bisexuality existed yet, so I was very disheartened. Now, though?? You can pry my belief that Remus/Sirius was straight up canon from my COLD DEAD HANDS.
  6. Buffy/Faith (BtVS) - Another early pairing in my shipping life that got me to really broaden my shippy horizons beyond mere heterosexuality. Their chemistry was SO INTENSE, and I just had so much fun analyzing the anguish and electricity of their dynamic. I have no idea what happened in the Buffy comics, so I’m just going to envision a post-series Buffy world where they eventually get together and have some peace.
  7. Bonus mention: Christopher Hayden/Jason Stiles (Gilmore Girls) - The happily ever after that I really wish Amy Sherman Palladino could have somehow magically let me throw into the revival. DIGSTOPHER FOR LIFE. They are married in my own personal understanding of Gilmore Girls as a universe. Emily is flabbergasted.
  8. One more bonus mention - Gwen/Morgana (Merlin) - THIS SHOW DID NOT DESERVE THEM OR THEIR LOVE, GOD DAMN IT.

Top 6 Female Characters (without quite as much rambling because this post has become a giant monster)

  1. Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables) - Anne Shirley was, I’m pretty sure, my first hero. I just loved everything and imitated everything about her when I was young, as a little wildly imaginative and romantic weirdo myself. I went back to the series as a young adult and found even more value in it, and have I mentioned how thrilled I am that we have a new incarnation of this girl in Anne with an E???
  2. Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre) - I didn’t really get into Jane Eyre until college, but once I did, it ate my whole life. I just love how fiercely Jane values herself and won’t compromise her principles even though she’s not objectively an extraordinary person and even though she still wrestles with a lot of self doubt and insecurity. I think that is truly a radical message for women even now.
  3. Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - This movie was my childhood everything, and I spent more time pretending to be Belle as a little kid than probably anyone else. MY HERO, for always. I still think “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere / I want it more than I can tell / and for once it might be grand / to have someone understand / I want so much more than they’ve got planned” might be the most poignant words ever (melodically) uttered onscreen.
  4. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) - The true love and most beloved heroine of all my teen years. This has totally become a theme in this post, but having a nerdy bookish unpretty girl right at the center of the action and so essential to Harry’s life was just awesome to me. (And shipping Ron/Hermione was basically the center of my soul as a youth, haha.) I miss her, and really need to do a series reread soon, gosh darnit!
  5. Rory Gilmore (Gilmore Girls) - My most beloved kiddo; the teenage girl character who super cared about her schoolwork and looked forward to staying home alone and doing laundry. Rory was a quiet old soul and that meant a lot to me when I was younger as a quiet old soul when clearly that just was not a cool thing to be. As I get older I also feel super, super protective of her and all the criticism she gets, so I will always be willing to die on a hill for Rory Leigh Gilmore, by golly. One thing I’ve really come to realize that I value about her as I get older is how hard she is on herself and how much she struggles with wanting to be perfect in everything. I don’t think that’s portrayed super commonly in stories in the way that it is in GG, and it is so achingly relatable to me. YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH JUST THE WAY YOU ARE, RORY.
  6. Xena (XWP) - I actually prefer Gabrielle a little more in terms of favorite characters from the series itself (because of course I do, she’s a nerdy plucky aspiring writer!), but I just think Xena is such an important character for us to have as a … species? Her role in her own narrative is one that had usually just been reserved for male characters–like, having wielded terrible destructive power and yearning to atone for that somehow is such a traditionally male character type (Angel much?)–and it really moves me to see a woman character wrestle with that. She was fully realized in an unusual way, particularly at the time when the show aired but sorta even now.

So I know this is like a week late but i’ve been preoccupied during the week to really get this all out! Besides, I like to think back to this amazing weekend. And this gives me a great excuse to do so!

Day 1 of con was meeting Emily, who was absolutely gorgeous in person.  Emily….. I mean…. THERE ARE NO WORDS. The woman is DAMN gorgeous in real life. I WAS NOT PREPARED! First of all, just standing back and looking at her at her booth was mesmerizing enough, but seeing her UP CLOSE! MAN OH MAN I WAS PARALYZED! During her photo op, she played music and was dancing in between photo’s. When I was coming up to get my picture with her, we did a mini dance party and I feel like my life is complete just from that. And not only that, I ALSO TALKED TO HER when I got her autograph! And let me tell you… her beauty up close is even MORE mesmerizing! GOD FRAKING DAMNIT I HAVE BEEN SO SMOAKED!

Now on to Day 2, which was a day full of Emily and OTA. Honestly a perfect day for me.

The day started with the OTA panel, which, btw for anyone going to any future OTA panel try to get there EARLY cause the front row fills up FAST. I got there an hour early and all the good seats were already taken. Course I was just general VIP, so we pretty much had to score the closest row behind the Gold and Platinum holders who got front row. But DAMN did the front section fill up quickly by VIP peeps. So def plan to get there early!

Anyways the panel itself was full of laughs and giggles. If you can find it, i’m sure there are A LOT of videos and recaps of it on youtube and/or twitter. Highlights for me were all the Diggle loving (also Diggle hatchling!!!) and Emily’s want for Felicity to wear pants rather than skirts (same girl, i’ve been thinking the same thing) and also how Emily ran away from law enforcers (and before you ask she did not get arrested, she won *wink*)

It was also a bit deep. Like there were a lot of deep questions and I am so amazed and the well thought out and sincere answers the three gave. When the question got too real, they really thought about their answers and they gave a very eloquent and genuine response. (Especially Emily, my god when she was answering the question about her doppelganger or about the paralysis story line, I swear I was gonna cry.)

After the panel, there was a rush of photo op because I had my Olicity photo op back to back with my OTA photo op. Lemme tell you something. This is when your girl died and went to heaven!

So my first photo op was the Olicity one and just as I was stepping up to take my picture, Stephen walks away to start up the playlist so they can listen to music. (fun fact: Emily LOVES to play music during her photo op. re: my photo op with her during day 1) So I’m standing next to Emily as we wait for Stephen to get the playlist started. Emily literally linked her arms with mine so we were pretty close together.


Basically Stephen went to turn on some music saying “Play the music you were playing from the Uber ride last night?”

And Emily says “Yep, that playlist.”

I catch what they were saying to each other and I go “Oohh, are we gonna get some dance music going on?”

And Emily goes “Yeah right, finally! I’ve been listening to his drab songs all night, I mean come on! We gotta get some good jams in here!”


Anyways Emily asks me how I was doing and I was telling her how I’m having a good day so far since it’s mostly consist of the OTA panel and seeing her. And I showed her the new Sailor Moon patch I got on my jean jacket and she was fawning over it and touching it (MEANING SHE WAS TOUCHING MY ARM)

I told her I wasn’t planning on buying anything but the Sailor Moon patch called out to me.

And Emily said “Hey, when you see something you really want, you just gotta get it! And that looks like it’s worth it to me!”

Wise words EmBett, such wise words!

And then Stephen came back and he said “Sorry I took a while.” But honestly, I did not mind AT ALL. CAUSE I GOT TO CHAT WITH EMILY FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME. THAT IS ALL.

Immediately after my Olicity photo op, I was still internally dying but I had to line up for my OTA photo op. Fortunately it took a while so I had time to cool down.

When I got in line for my OTA pic, it was just right before @academyofshipping​ had her photo op, which included a high five celebrating the bride and groom (Honestly look at the photo on her blog it’s awesome!) And David makes eye contact at me looking super proud and satisfied that almost looked like ‘YEAH! OLICITY IS MARRIED!’ and honestly, I feel the same.

Also, there was another hold up because Emily took one of the glasses that were used as props during the photo op and rushed over to Casandra and put them on her so she can look through them. Which is honestly one of the sweetest interaction i’ve seen during this weekend. This whole group is just so sweet!

After the photo ops, I went straight to the autograph lines cause I wanted to get another autograph from Emily and one from Stephen since I actually didn’t get anything with him this weekend. 

But anyways, back to Emily. She looks like a ray of sunshine as always and looks even more beautiful the more I look at her??? LIKE HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN! Anyways, she signed my picture and I told her I was gonna go to Stephen’s line after this and if she would write a message for him.

Which she did “Hey buddy you’re the best!” and told me to let her know on twitter what his reply was.

Oh honey, you betcha I will!

Which I then went to Stephen’s autograph line. I asked him to write a response and he did so immediately “She’s sort of the best” I MEAN CAN YOU TWO LET ME LIVE PLEASE!

Also, on a sidenote, while waiting in line I also talked to Casandra and talked to her about Stephen’s outfit change. (cause he put on a Rams xmas sweater) and I was like, “Is there a game on? Is that why he has that outfit?”

And she was like “Oh yeah, there’s a game.” and got that smirky, teasing look.

And honestly, it was a good way to end the con for me. Getting to talk and interact with my favs.

Yes, this weekend wins.

Steven Universe & Executive Functioning skills

So With the newest reveals I’m seeing a lot about Rose and how she’s a terrible person or how she’s an amazing person and did the best she could and I think a lot of this conversation disregards the central themes of the show. So under the cut is my meta about this show and the central ideas. 

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anonymous asked:

What ships in SU do you like and dislike ?

ahhh okay so the ones I love are definitely 

- Ruby and Sapphire. cause come on how can you not adore them, they are the epitome of a healthy and understanding relationship , and being tiny and absolutely adorable doesn’t hurt 

- Lapis and Peridot. honestly they are just super cute to me and i think they work really well together and have shown to be comfortable around each other, which is something both characters have struggled with when it comes to others. Aside from in a romantic stand point I think they just work really well 

The ones i like are probably

Mystery Girl and Pearl. I think they can grow into something special , their first interaction was sweet and I would like to see more of it. I also think it’s really important to see pearl taking the steps to move on , even if it doesn’t work out

Amethyst and Peridot . I really love their interactions, and the few episodes that showed their dynamics proved they would probably be pretty good for each other, I love the little teasing from amethyst and how they find each other hilarious, overall a pretty sweet ship 

Steven and Connie. I don’t necessarily ship these two in the way i ship the other characters, they are kids, and they are good friends. I could see steven’s little crush on connie growing though , and if they become a couple i would have no complaints, it’s always cute being with your best friend  . 

Lars and Sadie. Now I wouldn’t have a problem if these two stayed friends. There is just obvious love between both of them that i could see actually turning into something real. Honestly these two just need to get their shit together lmao  .

I’m indifferent to:

Rose and Pearl . Okay , out of all of these (besides ruby and sapphire ) , this is the most canon pairing, at least when it comes to feelings. We know how much pearl loved and adored rose, almost to a fault really , which is part of the reason she had such a hard time with greg and Steven and still has yet to completely move on . I don’t dislike the ship , but seeing how we don’t necessarily know how Rose felt about Pearl , (I’m sure it’s a lot more complicated then just her loving or not loving her back ) I don’t really know what to make of them together as a dynamic or a couple, or how healthy and stable their relationship would be, especially with rose being pearls whole world, and possibly rose thinking of pearl as just part of it. That’s something that pearl took like a dagger and kept with her until she finally realized she needs to let that out , and not blame greg or Steven for rose not being her’s anymore.  

Rose and Greg . sooo..these two. They very well could go under a couple I like or even love , they seemed to work great together, all those videos of them just on vacations or going on adventures were all so sweet . It’s obvious there was love there . The only thing that rubbed me the wrong way is rose’s feelings for greg. They came off as more of an interest, a fascination with an overall species and one member of that species that seemed particularly fun . I don’t want to demonize rose, I don’t want to imply that she didn’t actually fall in love with greg for who he is and not just what he is . I know rose , and all the gems really , were ignorant at first to what humans actually are, and how they actually think and feel . It’s not to say that They didn’t fall in love. The way Rose thought about greg , (maybe just at first and her views changed, idk ), just rubbed me the wrong way . 

Pearl and Amethyst. Im ultimately indifferent on these two because I like their dynamic , i just don’t really see anything happening . Not to say it wont. I just have yet to see many hints of it? aside from the beginning of the show with the slight blushes and teasing, I think I shipped it more back then . I still have really no problem with the ship, and it would be pretty cute to see them develop into a couple, I just don’t see it really happening that way . I don’t wanna stomp a foot on ppl who ship this lol , i genuinely would be happy to see it develop . 

Garnet and..(insert all the crystal gems here ). So . Garnet. ..Honestly , i love garnets dynamics with the pearl and amethyst, and i get why people would take a liking to them , especially after seeing that both pearl and amethyst are probs a kinda gay for her ( i mean yea who wouldn’t be ) or at least admire the shit out of her . And i guess I’m pretty indifferent, but im leaning towards not liking it . not because i think the dynamics don’t work or they would be unhealthy or any of that , but because of garnet herself being a fusion . Now I am all here for consensual polyamory ( i mean in the way that all parties agree and know about the everyone involved ) . But , I’m not sure if garnet is ? And my reasons for saying this are her talk with Jamie , her main reason given is that she is a relationship , she is made out of the love of two gems , she is already taken . Her turning down Jamie with that explanation pretty much tells me she believes herself to be a single monogamous relationship , and she does not want to be with anyone else . 

ships I dislike :

okkkaaayy here we go

Jasper and Lapis : Okay , before I actually analyze why I dislike this ship , I don’t hate Jasper, I don’t hate Lapis . But , It is obvious to me why I shouldn’t ship them together, as a couple . One of the main reasons is what their relationship was telling the audience, juxtaposed  to Stevonnie or Garnet, other fusions , fusions that are about trust and comfort and safety , and utmost compatibility with one another . Lapis and Jasper , were completely and undeniably a metaphor for an abusive relationship . Their forceful fusion dances, their monstrous and unstable form , their constant battling of one another to be the one in power . Not to mention the language used in the episodes that discuss their relationship .  Garnet outright saying “ they are really bad for each other” . Not to mention the entirety of alone at sea, Lapis admitting she misses the jasper , and the control , Jasper begging for lapis to fuse with her again , saying that she never felt that way before about fusion , that she needed the power, that they have both changed , using the excuse that it would be “better this time” Lapis shocked to find Jasper would want to be something so unhealthy again and saying “ I never wanna feel like I felt with you , never again “ Everything about their relationship is the epitome of an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship , resulting from attachment that came from enjoyment of control and power on both sides, something neither of them have had. 

Aside from the fact that everything about their relationship was unhealthy and not anything anyone should strive for, it hit too close to home for me to see any potential of them working it out. Being in an abusive relationship in the past, I recognized everything right away, not just the obvious tactics, but the begging , the missing of the abuse, the confusion on whether or not it’s actually something bad. Alone at Sea literally triggered my anxieties from what happened because they hit the nail in the head so hard of how it’s really like, at least how it was really like for me. I thought i deserved my abuse , and i thought I loved the person who was doing it , and i believed them when they said it would change , or nothing bad was really happening. I was relieved when lapis said no , and acknowledged how unhealthy they were together. 

The show would have to do a hell of a lot to convince me they both grew and could actually work out something that’s not dependent, not emotionally damaging, something healthy and understanding and supportive. If they don’t convince me , I don’t have it in me to look at the two of them and see a dynamic that deserves support . For me I see a warning, this is what not to strive for ,these are some of the signs you need to look for if you think you’re in a bad situation , and get out of it in anyway you can . 

I don’t want to demonize those who ship them , I know a lot of people ship them in a scenario where they actually talk , they actually work it out, they actually help each other with their insecurities and fears and become something okay .  But that’s not what their relationship is like at all right now, it’s the opposite, and I personally can’t support it . 

So toward the end of last week, I reached the whopping number of 800 followers on this beloved arrogant tol son! Now, my mind pondered on what best way to celebrate such an achievement and I decided a sort of bias list/ follow forever would be the best option. Now, this is going to get incredibly long, so I am going to put majority of it under a read more just so that it does not bombard people’s dashes.

Please note, that there are over 810 of you all, so I will apologise now if I forget some of you but know that I love you all!

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anonymous asked:

I love Greg too, and I'm glad he moved out of West Covina. What do you think Greg would make of these events post-wedding? Do you think anyone would have kept him updated in the big events, if not the details? If he and Nathaniel ever met, how would they interact?

I have to imagine that he’s still in contact with the guys. From what it sounds like, he’s doing well at Emory with his new life and his new girlfriend, so maybe he doesn’t speak to them all the time, but I like to think that now he’s out of West Covina, maybe he has a little more fondness for it so still at least speaks to his friends.

I feel like they wouldn’t talk about Rebecca so much, though, because the other guys knew how he felt about her and he wants to stay present in his new life and knows how easy it is to get drawn back to her.

There’s no way he didn’t hear about the failed wedding, but he kept his distance because of just that reason. He has something good going now and has to not drop everything just because Rebecca might be hurting. It’s not his business.

I was surprised that there wasn’t a mention of him contacting anyone after the suicide attempt. My thoughts are that he heard about it and just could not deal. If he’s going to hit the bottle again, it’s now. Whether he reaches out to her or not, he watches every single one of Valencia’s videos and is confused as hell by their friendship but feels calmer knowing that she has people.

As for Nathaniel… I feel like they’d both look down on each other? Greg would think Nathaniel’s a pompous ass, and Nathaniel would think Greg is a miserable low-achieving slacker, and they both don’t bother to look further than that, especially when they find out their mutual connection to Rebecca. Or maybe they do, since this show never does what I expect when it comes to character dynamics, and Rebecca is completely weirded out by it.

I like the idea of them both calling Rebecca out on her shit, but getting offended on her behalf when the other does it.

GingerBeck Theories

Rebecca Guertin, is a 20 year old college student from Massachusetts who was a patron of Greg and Taylor. Beck started talking to both Taylor and Greg on Twitter on July 15th, and I have yet to see prior interactions. After trying to get their attention through Patreon, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, and creating songs for Taylor, she finally succeeded and received a ticket from Greg to go and visit them for 10 days, even though Taylor had no clue. Here are some theories that are going around about why Beck is there. 

  1. Beck actually is there for Taylor. Beck created a song posted to SoundCloud on July 25th, 2017 for Taylor, called “A Like Song For Lainey.” In this song she says that she is “gay” for Taylor and has a massive hairy crush on Taylor and wants to kiss them and be their girlfriend and fix all their pain and earn their trust. Beck sent Taylor presents. Beck also took a bunch of selfies with a sign that says “I love Lainey Bot” on it, on July 17th, 2017. Laineybot has only ever tweeted to Beck once, but Beck has tweeted to them a small handful of times. However, it is very obvious that Taylor does not have interest in Beck whatsoever. Taylor has not been in any videos with Beck, at least not yet. Beck however is not Taylor’s type, at all. 

  2. Beck is really there for Greg and Greg wanted Back to become their girlfriend. Beck talks more frequently to Greg on Twitter, and he replies frequently. Beck has sent him a couple gifs with “virtual hugs.” Taylor did not know that Greg was going to have Beck come to their house, which is a major breech of trust considering that Taylor wants to protect their kids and doesn’t trust others right now after the whole Billie thing and all the catfishes and girls coming forward claiming to be their exes. Greg was also quick to have Beck in his videos - including getting almost naked and putting Beck’s crotch in his face and sprinkling glitter on her tits. He also has another video where they almost kiss but the camera cuts out.  Greg and Beck have had frequent YouNow broadcasts together, and Beck looks at him like Billie would and also gets close to him a lot, touching their bodies together. In the prank phone calls video, Greg looks at Beck in flirtatious ways in parts throughout the video. Beck looks similar to Sky and Shiloh, and her acting in his videos is very similar to theirs. Beck also makes a bunch of silly faces and everyone knows Greg LOVES that.  Typically Greg goes for naive, uneducated, young girls with zero life experience so Beck is definitely a change, as she is in college and is a little older than usual, but she still isn’t close to his age but is still younger than Taylor. Greg would not spend a large sum of money on a “friend” just to collab a few times and be done with it - He wants her fully. 

  3. Beck is catfishing and trolling them. Beck may be there to irritate Greg and Taylor and collect information on them. Somehow private texts between Taylor and Beck, from Taylor’s phone, has made it online from an unknown source. Taylor at first thought their phone was hacked, but is now convinced that their phone wasn’t hacked. Either Beck, Greg, or Taylor theirself leaked the texts. Taylor did confirm that the texts were in fact real. Beck also clogged their toilet, and was sharing what was happening online as it was happening, which prompted the silly video Beck and Greg made to make fun of the situation. Beck may have done this to seem like an annoying girl and to intentionally turn Greg off, maybe he was making advances towards her that she didn’t want anymore. Taylor definitely seems to not trust Beck and has been keeping their distance from her. There are also rumors going around about Taylor confirming somewhere that they hate Beck and thinks she is a troll, but that’s just speculation for me for now. There are also rumors that Beck has befriended top patrons and friends of Greg and Taylor to try and get information out of them as well. If this is all true, she has gone too far by going to their house and pretending to be a fan. It would be insane and criminal, as funny as it would be, and with how much info she’d leak, it would be crazy and wrong.  

  4. Beck is just there to collab. While having not paid the full $500+ to see them, she did get to go to their house for “being a loyal patron.” Greg and Taylor are in a financial rut and bringing fresh meat into the mix to stir things up may definitely bring in some views and revenue. The recent drama may have been manufactured by all of them to keep people interested in their videos to see what happens next. No one is actually interested in each other and the “I’m gay for Lainey” stuff is just for attention, everyone is in on it. 
Sabina, Pearl and Kevin parallels to Rose, Greg and Pearl

So, if the theory that Mystery Girl is Sabina is true, then Sabina, Pearl and Kevin would be a parallel to Rose, Greg and Pearl. The way I see it is:

Sabina is a parallel to Rose as they are the ones who are loved by both people

Pearl is a parallel to Greg as they are the ones who are seemingly swooping in and taking the love of Sabina/Rose from Kevin/Pearl. Pearl/Greg isn’t really stealing the love of Sabina/Rose away from Kevin/Pearl but it seems like it to Kevin/Pearl at the time.

And Kevin is a parallel to Pearl because they both had their hearts broken by the person they loved. Perhaps sometime after meeting Pearl, Sabina breaks up with Kevin off screen, or even just simply starts wanting to talk to Pearl more, causing Kevin to feel jealous and he’s feels as if she’s breaking up with him because she likes someone else, breaking his heart. Similar to how Rose broke Pearl’s heart when she started seeing Greg. Pearl started to feel like Rose was choosing Greg over her, even though Rose never actually “chose” one of them and loved them both.

Now we do get hints that Sabina and Mystery Girl “S” are indeed the same person. Steven’s phone number is almost identical to Sabina’s, which is why that awkward Steven giving his phone number to Kevin scene exists, because when Steven starts to recite his number, it makes Kevin think of Sabina, and thus Kevin interrupts him and tells him to just put the phone number in himself.

I think another interesting thing to note is the personalities of the characters. Pearl’s personality used to be a lot like Kevin’s is now. Arrogant, salty and willing to do anything to attract the attention of the one that they love. Which is why Kevin is actively trying so hard to be cool, even going so far as to try and get Stevonnie’s help, someone who he looked down on in the past, to show Sabina that “he’s living”, which is exactly the way he told Steven to act with Connie when he thought that they were exes. He’s desperately trying to attract Sabina’s attention again just like how Pearl always tried to boost herself up in comparison to Greg, because she wanted Rose’s attention on her.

But Pearl has changed a lot, especially after “Mr. Greg” when she and Greg finally started working out their issues and they got a lot more comfortable talking to each other. And in “Last One Out of Beach City” we see Pearl interacting with Sabina in the same sort of awkward but endearing way that Greg interacted with Rose. And I think it’s a really significant way of showing that Pearl has the potential to have that same kind of relationship with Sabina that Greg had with Rose.

... Right; Greg Lestrade x Reader

Requested by Anon: Please write Greg and the reader in a secret relationship. One day the reader walks out of Greg’s office after having sex and meets Sherlock and John only to be called after by Greg who yells that the reader forgot their bra in his office, not realising that everyone would be there, including Molly, Anderson and Donovan. They begin to protest about to the relationship because if they break up their dynamic won’t work until Greg declares he loves her for the first time. Sorry this is so long.

Hope this length is okay!

You were quickly redressing yourself in your boyfriend Greg Lestrade’s office. With your clothes and his littered all over the office, it wasn’t a very speedy process but Sherlock and John were on their way to help with a case and there was no way you could be caught in Greg’s office.

“How much longer till they get here?” you asked Greg, who was retying his tie while you pulled on your heels.

“Any minute.”

“Alright. I’m going to head down and pretend I was waiting for them,” you said as you gave Greg a quick peck on the lips. “I’ll see you… well in a couple of minutes.”

You ran out of his office while fixing your ID before you literally bumped into not only John and Sherlock but Molly also. “Oh, you’re here early…”

“We’re actually right on time,” Sherlock retorted. “What are you doing here already?”

While you racked your brain for an excuse Greg called for you from his office. “Y/N! You forgot your bra!” he yelled before peeking out from his office and seeing the array of people staring at him.

“Wait, you and Lestrade are a thing?” Donovan asked, looking up from her desk.

“… Is that why you’re always here?” Anderson questioned, turning around from the printer.

“Umm… Yeah so, Greg and I might have been in a secret relationship for the past couple of months,” you relayed to the team as Greg came up from behind you, laying his hand on the small of your back.

“That’s a terrible idea Y/N,” Sherlock chastised.

“Sherlock!” John reprimanded.


“I don’t know… won’t it mess up the whole dynamic we all have?” Molly said, finally speaking up.

“She has a good point,” Anderson agreed.

“Okay first off,” you began. “Anderson, you’re not involved in any dynamic that we all have.”

“I agree,” Sherlock said.

“… and secondly, Greg and I like each other is it really such a bad idea for us to at least try it out?”

“We’ve had a blast these last couple of months and you want us to end it because of some weird sentimentality you all have about the five of us?” Greg told them. “And besides… I love Y/N and I won’t end it all because of a problem you have.”

“You love me?” you clarified, looking up at Greg.

“Well of course I do. You’re the best thing that had ever happened to me.”

You smiled at his revelation while Sherlock rolled his eyes. “Sentiment,” he chastised.

“Y/N, if you’re happy then I’m happy for you,” Molly said honestly.

“Same here Y/N,” John agreed.

“I think you’re perfect for each other,” Anderson said, having fetched his copy and now just staring at the entire interaction.

“No one asked for you opinion Anderson,” you reminded him.

“Really Y/N? Gavin?” Sherlock asked, still not understanding the concept.

“It’s Greg,” you sighed, leaning into Greg.

“… Right.”

“I love you,” Greg whispered into your ear while John reprimanded Sherlock about something he had just said that you chose to ignore. 

“I love you too,” you returned before kissing him ever so lightly as for not everyone to see. Just something for the two of you.


This rant is kinda a hard one for me. I want to preface this with something for those that haven’t been around my blog long; the whole reason I got into “onision drama” over 7 years ago is because I had just gotten out of my greg like ex, that did give me PTSD. I’ll get into this in a bit but the other thing I wanted to say is that I wish Angel no harm. She did make an apology for this and is said to be getting the help she needs, and I hope she is. Unlike konstigo,who was just a normal fan with little interaction with greg, I’m not bluring her name however because she put herself more on the lainey scale, because of her interactions. It’s import for your story to be told and I don’t want you to be nameless, I’m glad you have spoke up like you have (tim too!).

With that out of the way let’s get down to business. For those who don’t know the story behind this (and these are not the full caps, you cam look for those yourself) sometime around march one of joysparklebs fans began to doubt her and talked to a guy that knew her a long time. He had ptsd, that joy knew about. He then felt bad for thinking that joy was manipulating him and sent another fan he was close to messages about his doubt and everything before confessing to joy. They (mainly Angel as shown) jumped down his throat about PTSD and then someone sent him those messages in the last screen shot. Let that sink in, they purposely triggered a man with PTSD, they shoot down his explanation from the get go with shitty logic (something angel now says joy was on skype at the time telling her what to say, but sorry I take that with a grain of salt from you).
Getting back into my past as to why this ~triggers~ me and puts you in the “as bad as onision” catogory (joy). I lurked the anti o community for years before I joined, I came to love everyone really involved because as onision-needs-to-stop put so well lately, we all had a past with an onision like person, we are all passionate about helping others. This community helped me have the strength to have a voice, and I hold it very dear. As I said before this voice is of a person with PTSD.

I don’t know Tim’s story, I don’t need to. I have a feeljng his PTSD is a lot like mine, someone, somewhere in his life had control over him. For me it was my greg ex. I also got what people recovering from these types of relationships call fleas ( traits of the narc/abuser you pick up, often out of survival). My Greg controled everythjng I did, down to how much time I spent on the internet, to who I talked to. Though I was totally into a poly relationship, he manipulated us and pit us against each other. He was also telling me I was always wrong or what I liked was bad so everything was very confusing at the time for me. And that’s why I don’t fault any of gregs exs, or angel, because I know what it’s like to have your brain fucked with.

Like Tim probably experiences (he says he’s in therapy so that’s a big step, I’m going to be talking about my past untreated self) I often have doubt in the people around me. Sometimes it’s really unnecessary, but sometimes not, because people like joy and onision exist. The people that feed off the people they deem as weak. I too have had many toxic friendships because people will take advantage of your compassion, you have to become better at telling people apart, and learn from mistakes. Like I said though I also ruined many good friendships/relationships because I was use to abuse and had fleas. When I started to ~recover~ I apologized to the important ones, some forgave, some didn’t. I don’t dwell on it and no one should, you’re becoming a better person than your past.

The way this was handled is sickening. That joy influences this on someone she knows has PTSD, and claims she has it too, it’s no excuse. PTSD comes in all different types and degrees. Even 4 people won’t have the same experience. I just can’t even. This is what she is projecting onto her “close audience”. For a person that claims they want to help they sure do hurt a lot of people… oh and $$$. She said recently that she’s not telling her audience to do vicious things, no not your bigger audience, but as angel and a few others have shown, the close few you do. The people you can manipulate the most.

This goes beyound basic “kys” comments, this is harassment. I don’t know where Tim is in recovery, but I know at my worst point, those messages would of caused a lot of harm to me. And people look up to you.

Ok I’m going to end this rant here, but I’m sure I’ll have another rant soon about this. I do want to say this last thing though joy, if you read this, I know you want people to come to you in private when they have beef. I’ve learned not to do this with people like you cause you will mental gymnastics till you can get by; but also like I said you are welcome to another chat with us. I’ve seen all the evidence I need and I see through all your bullshit.

How I Would Fix Steven Universe: Season 4 and Fillers

Arguably regarded as the worst season of the show, season four annoyed a lot of fans with a whole lot of episodes of… nothing. After such a big reveal of Rose shattering Pink Diamond, we really hoped the plot would kick into gear. But aside from a few select episodes and the Steven Bombs, nothing of interest happen.

Originally posted by giffing-su

Yes, this is still a kids’ show. Silly moments and padding is inevitable and often necessary to balance out the more intense stuff. But there’s only so long you can keep your audience waiting to move on to the next plot point, especially when you’re four seasons in with so many questions still unanswered. Filler was welcome in the first season when we were just learning about these characters and the world they inhabited. No one knew what to expect, which is what really spiked the number of viewers by the end of the first season. Fans expect more, and when you just deliver mindlessness, they’ll get bored.

On top of which, many just straight up don’t care for some of these pointless episodes. I myself skipped “Tiger Philanthropist” cause it just felt like a side plot that was already resolved ages ago. Do we really need to see Mr. Smiley mend a relationship with a distant friend? Do we have to make Ronaldo more annoying than usual with a shoved in message about allyship and appropriation? Even if you need to make filler in between plot heavy episodes, at least make it entertaining. I think I’m one of the outliers who actually didn’t mind the filler in season three cause at least enough episodes were fun enough to hold my interest and didn’t distract too much from the plot (and also probably because season three was aired on a more constant basis than season four but that’s on Cartoon Network’s bad scheduling).So here’s the episodes I would cut out all together and why:

1. Future Boy Zoltron: Doesn’t advance the plot and honestly is kinda a bore.

2. Last One Out of Beach City: In reference to my piece on Pearl, it felt like an excuse to give her a kinda love interest we never see again and it’s mainly based on that Mystery Girl looks like Rose.

3. Onion Gang: Doesn’t advance the plot. This honestly feels like a filler more appropriate for an earlier season.

4. Rocknaldo: Again, doesn’t advance the plot and turns Ronaldo from tolerably annoying to (for a lack of a better term) a raging douchebag. I get it’s a criticism on allyship among marginalized communities, but not at the expense of a character’s dignity.

5. Tiger Philanthropist: See above…

6. Room for Ruby: I really have no idea how I would fix this. Granted it gives reassurance later on that all the Rubies were saved, but did we really need a red herring episode where Navy was going to betray them all anyway? And couldn’t we save the adjusting to Earth for a character who will actually stay with the Crystal Gems?

And there are some episodes which really can’t decide if they want to advance the plot or character development, or just be pure filler. But there’s still potential, so here’s the episodes to rewrite as well as possible ideas for episodes to fill in the gaps:

1. Gem Harvest: I get they’re trying to say that family is still family, but this was really awkward to sit through with a xenophobic character like Uncle Andy– it didn’t exactly help that this came out shortly after the presidential election and we were all sour as is…

I’d just cut Uncle Andy and have this set shortly after Bismuth and Jasper have their redemptions (don’t worry lovelies, I’m still working on Jasper, hoping to have that up soon). Everything is mostly forgiven, but it’s still an awkward dynamic and new life to get used to. So Steven gathers all the gems together to make a grand dinner as a team building exercise. Hell, maybe we can see Jasper try to eat food. Just an episode of new interactions and trying to work off each other and balance out their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Three Gems and a Baby: Once again from my Pearl post, I’d move this episode back to either season two or three before Mr. Greg. A much better placement for an episode on grieving Rose and moving on.

3. The New Crystal Gems: On one hand it’s pretty fun to see Connie interact with Peridot and Lapis, but shouldn’t we have more episodes by now with the two on missions and helping bubble corrupted gems? Maybe instead of running the car wash, a corrupted gem comes to Beach City, and they have to work on their own without the guidance of Steven or the Crystal Gems? It’d be way more fascinating to see them handle these kinds of situations themselves.

4. Lion 4: Alternate Ending: I… have a whole other post planned for this episode. I have a lot to say about it… mostly negative.

5. Doug Out: I think it’s sweet to get an episode focused on Connie’s dad and he’s a lot of fun, but there’s no major plot development until the cliffhanger. Perhaps they can find more gem activity much sooner, and hell, maybe Connie’s dad gets captured and she has to save him, and he can finally see how strong she’s become– think of it as a parallel to Nightmare Hospital where her mother comes to realize she was too controlling over her daughter.

6. The Good Lars: This one requires a rewrite of Lars’s character, and probably place it in an earlier season where I would care more about Lars fitting in with the Cool Kids.

And of the major events which should be included in season 4, I’d definitely put in Bismuth and Japser’s redemption arcs, and way more backstory on the Gem War and Pink Diamond before finding out about the Diamonds visits and the Zoo. These fixes would definitely make a more fascinating season with a plot that is continuously moving, even if Cartoon Network’s scheduling gives them the short end of the stick.

Top 30 Favourite Person of Interest Episodes

Been wanting to do this for a while, and I thought I’d do it now because…hey, seems as good a time as any. I hum and ha over the order, but these are pretty solidly my top 30 favourites even if the order fluctuates and my top 5 are nice and concrete for the moment. And I’ll do some short reasons that, as I come back and edit this, get a bit long in the top 10.

30. Most Likely To…

Directed by Kevin Hooks

Written by Melissa Scrivner Love and Denise The

The first of many Denise The written or co-written episodes on this list, I love how this episode manages to weave together major plot developments with Vigilance with a fun number plot that they get a lot of mileage out of. And it’s kinda fun to see Mayor Natural Eyeliner from The Dark Knight Trilogy. 

29. Sotto Voce

Directed by Margot Lulick

Written by Sabir Pirzada

I have some issues with this episode in the grand scheme of the season (I think Shaw’s return should have had a full episode to itself, but I also know there were a lot of behind the scenes constraints so I try not to be so hard about that even if it’s not ideal), but on it’s own, I think it’s nice and tightly paced, with heartfelt moments from Root and Shaw, heart-pounding ones with the Die Hard-style setup, a lot of fun with the Finch/Elias team up and the final musical sequence is one of my favourites of the series. The shot I picked might be one of my favourites from the series, and I love it as a callback to the pilot. 

28. .exe

Directed by Greg Plageman

Written by Greg Plageman and Erik Mountain

I do wish we had gotten a full episode within this AU, but what we got I quite liked. Amy Acker as The Machine is a treat, some great Mayhem Twins moments, and I have to say that the “dark Finch” theme is one of my favourite pieces from the series.

27. Panopticon

Directed by Richard J. Lewis

Written by Erik Mountain and Greg Plageman

I didn’t love this episode the first time. I thought it was fine, but didn’t love it. Boy did that change after seeing how the season unfolded. All the characters get great moments, the first look at this world dominated by Samaritan is fantastic, Martine’s introduction, and how they kick off both the season arcs right away works wonderfully.

26. Mors Praematura

Directed by Helen Shaver

Written by Dan Dietz

The first time Root and Shaw really work together, it’s great seeing how they bounce off each other and where their dynamic starts to evolve. And if that wasn’t enough, I’m a big fan of Vigilance/Collier as antagonists, so having them appear here is icing on the cake for me.

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