i love the gap

Man, One Piece is really good this week. I really loved the bridging of the gap for Sanji’s storyline and the ending with Luffy made me fucking lose it laughing

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I know I already sent asks twice tonight but I just now saw the describe yourself post so, I'm turning 15 in December, I'm nonbinary, I'm about 5'8, my eyes are green and my hair is a very very faded purple, my favorite class is english, I love to write but I never show anyone, I've never actually been on a date but for a first date i would take you to a dessert café or coffee shop! I think lowkey dates are adorable and fun, I would bring you chocolate or lollipops because I love sweets :)

aw you sound nice, and i dont think the age gap is to big given im still 16, and tbh ive never actually been on a date either so it would be fun to do it w someone the first time who also has no clue what they’re doing, and i do like cafe’s so, sure why not.

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i really like you but ayeeee theres somewhat an age gap hhhhhh

Awe I really like you too anon :) Even with age gaps, I love making new friends on the internet so feel free to message me anytime!!

(i would like to clarify that i do have a lovely boyfriend, by the way, if i’m being oblivious to a different meaning lmao)

might possibly be getting a new bunny tomorrow. not sure yet we r going to go visit him tomorrow if hes still there. not sure yet. and i know its soon since mr.snuffy but idk i just need the gap filled and i will always love mr.snuffy i did the best i could for him and i hope it was enough. RIP mr.snuffleupagus

I do not hate you

When you left, I felt empty. I felt like I lost a limb. Like I would never feel loved again. Like I didnt know who I was. I’ve never felt that sad in my life. Or confused or angry. Or scared. But slowly and surely one week at a time I filled the gaps you left with myself. I might not love another person as much as I loved you for a long time (did i even really love you? Or just the way you looked at me and called me amazing. I did admire you. I did feel connected to you and our long talks. But love is a strange thing I don’t understand fully. Except now with myself, case in point.) But I love myself so much. I love so many things about me that I didn’t see because I was too busy looking at you. I could never love me this much if I didn’t first understand what it feels like to fail miserably. And climb back up. Because the struggle to get back up is worth more than any fleeting romance. I’m amazing. You kept telling me that and I loved it. I kept coming back for more. But now I look in the mirror or In the reflections in my friends’ eyes and I tell myself that I am amazing. And I know it. And you should be jealous because I love me now more than I ever loved you. But truly, thank you. And I hope that someday you find what I have found. But it might take a while.

I know I haven’t posted aaaaanything in my own words for a while, but I’m reading y'all. Sorry if I take a little bit of time to answer, but I will answer you sooner or later that’s for sure :P College has been fff**** tough. That’s all thanks to two really bad teachers that suck on their jobs, won’t teach us shit during class and for hw they would send a 100-150pg lecture for next week. Basically I have been learning because of those lectures. Jay always encourages me to speak about this issue and I have to get all my classmates to go to the director of the faculty and adress their poorly teaching method. The problem is to get all of my classmates to actually DO this, is frustrating. Meanwhile exams are approaching and I have to learn everything at home by myself -_- Jay offers me help but I really don’t like depending on him. Still is really lovely to see how caring he is :) Aaaaand… The best for the last part… Jay and I are going to celebrate our first anniversary together in a month! I’m SOOO EXCITED but I really don’t know what I should do to make him feel special as he always makes me feel when I am with him 😍 I want to give him something hand-made. Any suggestions? (Besides a letter please help me be creative)

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Hello everyone. I just wanted to publicly announce how deeply sorry I am for my lack of activity as a member and an admin these past couple of weeks. We all have our issues and I was just lacking motivation for so long. But I love you all, and alas I am back, I promise. Fortunately, I am not the only admin here, and the others have ben doing a lovely job filling in the gaps. I would also like to announce that I am changing my mascot from Pia Mia to the lovely Lauren Jauregui. See y’all on the flipside and thank you all for being such wonderful and dedicated members <3


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#3 KUROKEN!!!!!!

#3) “Please, don’t leave.”

It was amazing the difference a year made.  The year Kenma had spent alone in elementary school when Kuroo had graduated to Junior High had felt the end of the world to the child he had been.  The year alone in junior high three years after was insufferable. The year alone at Nekoma another three years after had been bittersweet, but not altogether lonely.  But as Kuroo prepared for job interviews and submitted resumes to positions in Kantou and Kansai alike, Kenma grew more and more afraid of another year alone.

Lingering touches and desperate kisses screamed, don’t leave me.

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I'm not trying to be a Dick, but in all your selfies there's that tiny gap in between your two front teeth that always collects some black stuff. It's kinda gross but I'm just looking out for you, you can really get that cleaned out by flossing.

hahahahahahhaha boyyyy I love how you pointed out my gap like i didn’t know i had one hahahaha

have you ever encountered someone with a gap before? because that’s not something between my teeth, that’s the darkness behind them lmaooooooo

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Did you graduate high school early and then start college? Because that's what happened to me and I'm honestly so nervous. (Also you're very attractive and I love your cat)

yes!!!!!!!!!! i wish i had taken a gap year tbh i wish i coulda had more time to think about where i wanted to go but honestly as long as you do your best to take care of yourself you will be okay!!!! i hope the best for you angel

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all during the presidential debate hillary looked like she was gonna punch trump, honestly same tho (if i was in her place i too would punch mr. big orange man lmao)

I know. She literally had to listen to man who will never be as qualified as her mansplain to her shit he will never understand. And she was expected to keep her cool or people would talk shit about her. If it had been me, I would not have been that calm and collected. I have actually seen her in person when she was campaigning in my state, and I know a lot of people don’t like her (a majority of which seems to be constantly rooted in sexism but I digress), but her belief in accessible early childhood education for all is why I love her. Closing the achievement gap will help heal a lot of our society’s ills. Did you know that prisons are built based on the precentage of kids not reading on grade level by fourth grade (age 9/10)? Have you ever heard something so gross? I know a lot of younger millenials are still pissy because Bernie didn’t get the nod, but as on older millenial who cam of age during the Bush 2 years, the only way to defeat Trump is to vote Hilary. Trust me. The Nader voters are what cost Al Gore in 2000. If we want to actually make things better, Hilary is the solution. She may not be perfect (is anyone really?), but she cares. Also, remember, she is not the same person she was yesterday, last month, last year, ten years ago. Trust me, change and growth is possible-you def gain wisdom the older you get and the more life you see. It really isn’t the best idea to elect a POTUS who leans too far right or too far left-that doesn’t work for a person in charge. A person in charge should be able to see both sides, and bring compromise that will benefit the most people. Change doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. Also, if voters want different candidates, then we need to stop letting fear rw us. Fear is what created racism, homophobia, Islamphobia, xenophobia. We need to let go of our our fears (politicians use that against us), and actually realize that the majority of people just want a comfortable existence where they can support themselves and their loved ones. We need to stop being scared of our fellow humans and actually start making it a point to get laws and policies passed that benefit ordinary citizens. The real power is us-the voters. We have the power to put politicians in office or vote them out, and we don’t exercise that right the way we should. People thinking voting doesn’t change anything when it absolutely can. Why do you think we end up with all these horible politicians in the first place? Because the majority of us don’t vote!! SO GO VOTE. AND NOT JUST IN PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS…MID TERM ELECTIONS….STATE ELECTIONS…COUNTY ELECTIONS…TOWN ELECTIONS. USE THE POWER OF THE VOTE.

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