i love that this show exists

Aries: Loving me will break your heart & though I don’t know how to stop writing time on the walls, snow still falls between these toes.

Taurus: I went inside of myself & have never been more lost.

Cancer: & he says maybe our hands are small for a reason - they are only meant to hold the present moment.

Gemini: Let’s skip this part & go straight to the roads that read like clouds, straight to forever.

Leo: I love you in ways only the sky can understand - in the rewinding of smiles that thunder down sunshine.

Scorpio: I can’t remove your hurt, but I can love you and show you how you exist beyond its name.

Sagittarius: I’d rather be destroyed by your lips, then be whole and not touched by you.

Virgo: When we meet, I hope I’m better, but darling if I’m not, I hope you’re gentle.

Libra: There are still nail marks in my palms from the times we fought and I only wanted to touch you.

Capricorn: I’ll always choose love because my heart needs something to fight for, & my soul needs something to believe in.

Aquarius: How many graves are you? how many mountains have dipped their smiles in the oceans of your regret?

Pisces: I don’t think my happy place exists yet.

y'know what I like in voltron? the little things

i like the little details that the writers didn’t have to include but did anyway for the hell of it, like

  • lance, being super flexible
  • coran nicknaming himself the gorgeous man
  • allura having super strength
  • keith getting a cute ass space wolf
  • kosmo delivering everyone lunch
  • galra eyes keith
  • pidge planking on beezer
  • matt bringing pidge cake when she has a bad day
  • hunk jamming out as he fixes the comet tracker (aka the infamous Butt Wiggle)
  • lance getting a cow (i love kaltenecker but she’s served virtually no legitimate plot purpose and I love that she’s just kinda there)
  • lion slippers??? they’re so cute???
  • lance using face masks
  • a fucking jurassic park reference in voltron on ice
  • the fact that the all powerful game show god is just called bob
  • the entirety of vrepit sal’s existence
  • shiro making “I want to die” jokes
  • someone on the crew probably said “you know what? altean pools are on the ceiling” at some point

add more if you want because there’s definitely more

say what you will about les mis but the moment when “to love another person is to see the face of god” fades out and the ensemble comes in really softly with “do you hear the people sing” is one of the most beautiful moments in theater 

Have the courage to exist.

Hello internet. 

Today, October 10th, is World Mental Health Day and as a cause very close to my heart I am releasing a new range of merch where all proceeds will go to the charity I represent - Young Minds, to help fight for young people’s mental health.

In 2014 I made the video ’Existential Crisis’ where I dropped the surprisingly profound quote ‘Embrace the void and have the courage to exist’. This was a message that in a universe that won’t give you the answers, it’s up to you give your life meaning in whatever way makes you happy. 

In the years since uploading this video, I’ve spoken to many people who have told me how those words resonated with them and inspired actions, art (and even a few tattoos) so I thought this would be the perfect way to put some goodness back into the world and give you courage when you need it.

As of now the quote is available as both a simple black (of course) t-shirt:

And a flag for you to pin up on a wall like a poster, raise on a pole ..or just wear like a cape if you feel like it:


When it comes to mental health I know all too well how difficult it can be just to exist, but days like this where people come together to show support for each other and raise awareness show that none of us are alone. A year on since I posted ‘Daniel and Depression’, where I was open about my struggles with mental health, I feel so much support from people around the world and pride that what I did may have helped others. I encourage anyone reading this who sympathises not to struggle in silence and otherwise to reach out to the ones you love and tell them you are there, it could make all the difference.

I hope that you like the sentiment and please get involved to support a wonderful charity, and as I said in a recent live show - if I can make it through life to this point, so can you.



“Hi, I’m Chuck! Here’s a few things you might need to know.”

September 24th, 2007 ♥ 10 years of Chuck.


“I do trust you. But when this is all over, whatever it is you’re doing, you and I are going to open up a bottle of bourbon and have a long, long talk.“
“You think I’m sticking around after this, then?”
“Stick around. We get in the truck, go for a drive. See where we land.”
“Sounds so normal.”
“You say that like it’s a bad thing.”
“What about my work?”
“Thank you, Peter. For everything.” 

I hate selfies.” - Scott Moir, circa 2013


🅱lease stop for a min and read @hopelessfountainkinkdom ‘s amazing and so so fluffy (bless) fic bcos it cleared my skin and watered my crops