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  • Richie teaches science and he’s a mcfreaking disaster teacher – Stan’s the most organized and functional math teacher the world has seen
  • Richie plays music every class, still wears khaki shorts and aloha shirts and big ass glasses, and the end of year exam had a crossword in it with the answers on the back, like, the kids love him but when they start realizing they haven’t learned anything they Panic
  • He makes them do a science fair to cover some curriculum, points to a stain on the ceiling when explaining why they aren’t allowed to do volcanoes and shudders (really he put the stain there when trying to figure out how to make a volcano, Stan knows this and calls him out in front of the kids when he visits his class)
  • Mr. Tozier literally doesn’t exist alright, they call him Tozier mostly because it’s casual enough for him to accept when they didn’t feel right calling him Richie, the kids are more professional than him smdh
  • ON THE OTHER HAND Mr. Uris strikes fear into the hearts of his children……. for the first class
  • All he wants is them to succeed okay?? he just loves these lil nuggets
  • He has a million fans and space heaters around his room so he can keep it at 72 degrees (“It’s optimal for brain function! There was a study!”)  and about three million fucking plants for the aesthetic (he tells everyone it’s for oxygen but like… they know)
  • He runs a twitter account so he can communicate with his students and it’s honestly the Most Iconic, a student tweeted him complaining about their test grade and he replied sorry! i forgot that you’re too busy looking at your phone to listen in class, ill make sure the next quiz is based on your ig feed #urised
  • #urised trended locally that night
  • Now…………………..onto the Stozier
  • The students didn’t know they were married at all???? Everytime Richie visits him Stan is polite but when he leaves he lets out the longest sigh, so everyone assumes he hates him but then one day Richie’s being especially flirty (he always was but he was borderline too suggestive in front of the kids) Stan tells him to get back to his class and when he closes the door he smiles and blushes a little and fidgets with his wedding ring, mutters, “What a dumbass.” Before he tries to find where he left off in the lesson, nearly every student’s hand shoots up and they all have the same question, “Are you married to Tozier?????” the answer is, of course, yes
  • It’s all the students talk about for a week
  • They love to work out their lesson plans together, meaning Stan will outline the school year in a massive agenda and Richie will put together a Lit playlist and design a one page ‘science summary’ in 28pt. Comic Sans
  • Somehow it takes them the same amount of time for both
  • Richie loves field trips, but in order for them to be allotted at least two classes need to attend, this means Stan gets puppy dog eyed into like, seven field trips a year – he doesn’t mind the aquarium because it reminds him of when they used to go on dates as kids, but he’s getting real tired of smelling goat farm stink year after year (sometimes twice! Richie do your students learn anything??? – Yeah! They know more about goats than any other kids their age!)
  • In a general sense, Stozier as teachers is just Richie pretending socks and sandals is work attire and Stan living his whole career as the longest yeah boi ever video in minor key – they still in love tho, they still in love

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hc for a stozier where stan gets wisdom teeth surgery and they put him on The Good Drugs???? this was haunting me last night i was literally up till one am thinking about it

oh my GODDD lmfao i’m in love with everything about this ??? ok here we go and i’m sorry for any inaccuracies bc … ur girl ? doesn’t have wisdom teeth alkhgalg

  • stan is a late bloomer. the rest of the losers got their wisdom teeth out around the standard age (15-17) and he never even once felt pain for it ??? 
  • but u know he joined in on recording them saying stupid stuff while high on The Good Drugs 
  • but he just ?? never got them and assumed he just didn’t have any wisdom teeth (after reading up on them and seeing that it’s possible for some people not to have any, and that these people are technically more genetically advanced than those with wisdom teeth)
  • don’t EVER judge a book by its cover :) :) :)
  • he started getting gum pain around graduation but ignored it because it honestly wasn’t that bad that he was concerned (and he’s not a fucking hypochondriac like eddie, who had assumed his own gum pain HAD to be cancer. it wasn’t. it was wisdom teeth. anyway)
  • it persisted on and off for a while until it came to a blow at the end of his first semester at university that forced him to go to a dentist upon arriving back home in derry and scheduling a quadruple wisdom teeth removal 
  • the thing is the day of the surgery is literally only three days after getting home and the only other loser in derry is richie (everyone else is still doing exams). which isn’t a problem except neither of stan’s parents will be around to drive him to and from the dentist so he has to ask richie, and stan has a massive fucking crush on richie tozier
  • so he’s ??? high key terrified he’ll say something while he’s loopy to the point that when he’s sat in the dentist’s chair ya boy is LITERALLY like “you know you don’t have to put me under if you don’t want… for scientific research” and the dentist is like “research says that’s probably a bad idea” 
  • count back from 100 … 99 … 98 … 97 …
  • …. “96 … 95” really loudly and the nurse has to tell him the procedure’s over
  • richie’s already laughing from his seat and he gets up to help stan walk after stan refuses the wheel chair because he’s a “big strong man … like a california condor”
  • richie’s helping stan down to the car and stan’s still fading in and out a little and he absentmindedly touches at his lips because there’s something in his mouth and richie watches the shadow fall over stan’s face with so much fucking amusement
  • “they stole my fucking teeth” “well … you don’t get to keep them, stan the man” “but i’ve had them for so long…” and richie entertains him with an elaborate plan on how they’ll break in later and avoid all the red lasers and steal stan’s teeth back so he can give them a proper burial
  • richie’s already got his vlog camera set up on the dashboard to record the drive home; stan falls asleep for about ten seconds and richie looks over at him and says “hey stanley if my wang is longer than the great wall of china and i’m your favorite out of all of us don’t say anything at all” “………..” “thanks dude”
  • stan wakes up at the first stop light they encounter and starts stretching; he stretches his leg out but it’s not far enough so he opens the car door and sticks his foot out while richie is panicking like 
  • “close the fucking door stan”
  • “someone’s gonna hit the door close it right now stanley” “my foot is preeetttyyyyy” “yes it is but close the door before someone hits it”
  • stan starts fading in and out again but richie doesn’t want to let him sleep because of this comedic gold so he’s like “stan keep your eyes open” “i’m not falling asleep” “keep your eyes open stan” “i’m not falling asleep i swear” “keep your eyes open because if you close them and fall asleep the dentist said you’ll die stanley” “i’m not fall-” suddenly stan sits up alert as hell
  • they’re about five minutes from stan’s house and stan keeps whining about how bright it is and that he just wants to go to sleep but he can’t because it’s so bright. 
  • “richie turn the light off please” “i can’t turn off the sun, stan” “you can’t or you won’t, coward?” 
  • because of the drugs, he’s probably about to cry so eventually richie just tosses his hoodie over stan’s face and says “click” ……….. and hears a muffled “thank you” in response and has to concentrate so hard so he doesn’t fucking swerve off the road from laughing
  • fast forward and he’s laying next to stan in stan’s enormous fucking bed; he’s holding the camera above them hoping for some more comedic gold that he can edit into a hilarious fucking video later 
  • stan’s rattling off random bird facts and richie keeps interrupting him and eventually they get into a (very much one-sided) argument about whether or not birds are cool
  • “the KOOKABURRA, richie …. kookie kookie lend me your FEATHERS …” and he starts giggling and richie just deadpans “kookaburras are a myth perpetuated by the government to keep us placid” and stan suddenly stops laughing and just puts up the palm of his hand and says, “m’am, i believe you are too irrational to deal with” and then just pivots 180 degrees not facing richie and ignores him
  • and you know richie is fucking losing it again holding in his laughter and he taps stan on the shoulder, and stan immediately turns to face him and is like “may i help you?”
  • stan dozes off for a minute again but wakes up right before richie was going to stop recording and looks at him and says, dazed and confused and around a mouthful of gauze: “you’re my favorite and i love you”
  • richie looks back at him earnestly, lowkey touched as FUCK because stan wasn’t really the type to say stuff like this normally ??? and richie of course is taking this all super platonic and says back “you’re my best friend, stan the man”
  • and stan shakes his head and goes “i love you here” and points at his own heart
  • the air feels heavy then and warmth slowly spreads through out richie’s body; he feels overheated and swallows around a lump in his throat and stops recording
  • that all took about three seconds but it felt like thirty. stan falls asleep again and this time richie lets him sleep and starts pacing around stan’s house with a fidget spinner in each hand to avoid tugging his hair out. eventually, stan’s parents get home (stan is still asleep) and richie goes home
  • a week later and stan’s feeling better; he can brush his teeth again and his face isn’t puffed up like a chipmunk
  • the losers ask richie in the groupchat if he’s done editing stan’s wisdom teeth removal video yet (richie works at a local diner so it’s not too unusual that this video is taking a weird amount of time to heal) and he says almost
  • richie goes to stan’s house under the guise that he’s going to show stan the video first in case there’s anything stan doesn’t want in there
  • he shows him the video which is fucking hilarious and when it fades to black, stan thinks it’s over, but then another clip plays
  • it’s the clip of them lying in stan’s bed and stan confessing his feelings; stan can feel his heartbeat in his fucking ears and he thinks he’s stopped breathing 
  • the air gets heavy again, just like when it happened, and richie’s looking at stan, waiting
  • stan tries to deny it at first and make a joke as though it had been platonic but richie cuts him off and says “does your mouth still hurt?”
  • and stan goes “not that bad”
  • and richie kisses him :):):)
  • ( the video they show the losers originally wasn’t going to include that last clip but stan’s the one who says “fuck it, leave it in” and sends it to the groupchat )

Why hello there Mr. Mystery <3

Seventeen in a nutshell: Jun

Jun is the next in the svt in a nutshell series! Just a warning it is pretty long because I am 100% junhui trash. Check out the others on my masterlist !

Jun / Junhui in a (very big)  nutshell:

  • okay jun is like my ult bias so here we go
  • 96 liner born in China, ½ of the legendary China Line
  • Korean has improved 10000% since debut
  • basiavlly saved kpop with his very existence
  • on my multifandom blog everything with him is literatly tagged with “jun saved kpop”
  • Member of performance team and can do crazy flips and shit as well
  • was blonde during aju nice era and my soul left my body
  • so all of svt are visuals but jun…he’s like a visual king
  • but the thing is…he knows it?
  • even he agrees with the members he takes the most selfies
  • when asked to name the top 7 visuals in seventeen he just listed his name 7 times in korean, chinese, and english
  • has said two words in english: “so beautiful”
  • greasy boy
  • the mansae part switch version singlehandily caused me to become junhui biased
  • he had blue hair for .5 seconds
  • his smirk is the most deadly thing on this planet I swear
  • other than his long ass legs jesus
  • okay lets move on from his looks god im sorry
  • such a freaking talented dancer 
  • go watch highlight fr
  • like the way his body moves…he can be so fluid yet sharp idek
  • He is such a meme, like don’t get him around Vernon or Josh bc of this
  • actually has such an incredible voice
  • GO WATCH “STILL LONELY” and then come back please
  • okay did you enjoy? did you hear his voice? good
  • luvs / hates / relies on minghao 
  • they did some Chinese interviews and boi he shined! 
  • deserves more lines overall like I know its hard and svt is usually really good about it but let my boy sing
  • so he is a king of dancing and being greasy and serving major looks 25/7
  • often gets covered by logos in tv show interviews plz show him more love and stan him I barley know any jun stans
  • is also like 6 ft tall so theres that
  • okay that’s enough I love Jun in case you couldn’t tell

Thank you if you stuck all the way until the end! Hoshi will be up next :) I am going in age order!

My submissions, requests, ships, scenarios, and MTLs are all open!

The God Father

Summary: You’re married to Chris Evans. He Face Times you when Sebastian and Anthony happen to walk in. You tell them both some exciting news.

Words: 510

Chris Evans x Reader ; Sebastian Stan x Reader ; Anthony Mackie x Reader

A/N: Purely based off this gif.

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What do you think about Arya and Jon as a ship? I know it makes people uncomfortable because they have such an established and loving sibling relationship and i'm pretty sure Grrm isn't going down that route with them anymore....BUT lol I still think the idea of them together is appealing. I also think there's some romantic undertones in the language grrm uses when they think of each other but that's probably just me sighs. All I know is their reunion is gonna kill me lol

Me and @thenedfur were recently discussing how the Jonerys vs. Jonsa fandom war is actually a Stark vs. Targaryen fandom war. Jon is both – the question is, what side will he choose to embrace? Who he falls in love with and marries is ultimately a reflection of the character was a whole. The reason Jonsa is the most popular Jon ship (it is, based on fanfic, meta production and non-freefolk activity, Jonsa stans you gotta stop feeling so threatened) is because this is Jon choosing the Starks. Falling in love with any Targaryen seems like a violation of Jon Snow’s very Starkiness.

In this discussion, we agreed that Jonrya would be A LOT more popular if Arya was a serious contender right now. Really, any Northern girl would be quite popular. 

But I do think GRRM changed his mind because Arya wasn’t able to age as much as he originally intended. Though cousin incest, and emotional half-sibling incest, could be explained away, Arya will likely be 12 by the ending of ADOS. And though GRRM has implied Arya can still save the world if she’s 12, I genuinely do not think he’s going to have Jon Snow fuck a 12 year old. 

Yes, child brides are a thing. Child Brides have certainly not been seen as a good or romantic thing in-universe. Sansa/Tyrion in the book was horrifying, for instance. Besides,  GRRM himself said it’s unhealthy and rare:

In the “general Westerosi view,” well, girls may well be wed before their first flowerings, for political reasons, but it would considered perverse to bed them. And such early weddings, even without sex, remain rare. Generally weddings are postponed until the bride has passed from girlhood to maidenhood. Maidens may be wedded and bedded… however, even there, many husbands will wait until the bride is fifteen or sixteen before sleeping with them. Very young mothers tend to have significantly higher rates of death in childbirth, which the maesters will have noted.

A lot of Arya’s original outline plots have already been given away. Meera was created to take over the going North of the wall with Bran thing. But Arya got lots of other cool plots, and likely she will still be a huge part of saving the world. The part of the original outline that hasn’t changed is likely what was blacked out.

All of this is to say: I don’t think Jonrya is happening. 

For the record, I also don’t think book!Arya is gonna do anything sexually with Gendry. If that happens, it will be epilogue kinda stuff? Same with Jonrya, if it does happen it will have to be at the very, very end. 

That being said: the ship itself is appealing. The way it plays out in the original outline would have been really compelling and romantic. But Arya is different in the original outline, too. I still think she will be a lot like that person when she ages, but that will be beyond the scope of ASOIAF. 

There are objectively romantic undertones to Jonrya as it stands in book canon. There is clear foreshadowing. The original outline even proves Arya was destined to fall for Jon. There is vastly more Jonrya foreshadowing than there is Jonerys, but I do think a lot of said foreshadowing has been turned into a relationship that will end up being purely platonic. GRRM himself says he wishes  he regrets some foreshadowing in his earlier works…*

As it stands: Jonrya is the one pure thing in ASOIAF, and this will remain true whether their relationship is platonic or romantic. Their love for one another is beautiful and perfect and their reunion will be epic no matter what the ultimate outcome of it is. They mean the most to each other, more than anyone else. I don’t think the AA/NN prophecy is real, but if it was, Arya is literally the only person who could be NN, even if their love is just platonic, even if he marries/falls in love with Sansa or Daenerys. Arya Stark is literally (well, figuratively, but whatever) Jon Snow’s heart.

A lot of Targ-stans think Jon will move south and abandon his family (ugh) or that the Starks and Arya will stop meaning so much to Jon because they were only children. But in my opinion that’s why their relationship to one another is so important to the story and Jon’s character in particular. Arya loved and admired Jon when he was nothing, before he became a King, when he was just the bastard of Winterfell. Sure, Bran and Robb and Rickon (RIP) did too. But Jon was Arya’s absolute favourite person because of who he was, his character, not because what he’d done or what he’s achieved. She had complete faith in Jon Snow before he ever proved himself. 

Arya may be Jon’s heart, but this is also a broader reflection of his character and a clear indication on what his future trajectory is. To Jon, Arya is Winterfell, Arya is innocence, Arya is his childhood, Arya is still having hope in the world, Arya is being loved unconditionally. There’s a reason he became an oathbreaker for her and not for Ygritte. Currently, I’m fairly certain Jon does not see Arya romantically. Like 99.9% sure. Being angry she was in Ramsay Bolton’s bed was because she was an 11 year old he didn’t want to see raped, not because he wanted to have sex with her. But Arya is family, Arya is his little sister. If you believe Jon/Ygritte was true love or even just passion, he still didn’t violate his obligations to his people for her. He betrayed her, and she died. But he canonically has broken his oath to save fake Arya. And he died for it.

In Jon’s story, family** and duty are more important than love. This is quite literally the appeal of Jon. For this reason, a platonic Jon/Arya relationship is far more powerful than any romantic relationship Jon could have at this point. 

To Arya, Jon is important because he is so associated with home to her. And being protected, and being loved unconditionally, and being able to be whoever she wants to be. But most importantly, he represents safety and certainty. From the moment they parted ways, she has been unsafe and essentially alone. She learns how horrible the world is. But even though she knows everyone is duplicitous or dead or has abandoned her, she is still completely certain Jon would protect her no matter what. No matter his vows to the NW. And she’s right. He would. Though a lot of emphasis is placed on what an evil bully Sansa was to Arya, Jon was the only person who really accepted Arya on her own terms. He gave her Needle excitedly and with love. Ned allowed her to fight with it after it became apparent how willful she was. But she was still expected to become a lady eventually, no matter what…

In Arya’s story, going home is the most important thing. Jon is her home. Winterfell isn’t her home on it’s own, it’s the people there who she misses. On it’s own it’s nothing. Once WF fell, she could still have that home and safety with Jon at the wall. Going home is much more important than romantic love, especially because Arya is like 11. However, these things and romantic love are not mutually exclusive in any way.

TL;DR If Jonrya were to happen, I would be into it unless she was too young, but even though I don’t think it actually is happening, their platonic relationship is still incredibly important.

*he didn’t specifically say this was about Jonrya, but it is a possibility.
**to any targ-stans reading this, the Starks are Jon’s ~*~real*~*~ family and always will be.

Nonny, I don’t have thoughts.

…I have an entire AU.

(Here’s a link to Hive, in case you haven’t already read it and don’t know what the fuss is about)

Dipper and Mabel leave without a fuss at the end of the summer. It’s best for everyone, this way. Fewer questions.

Each of the twins have been ‘the weird one’, at one point or another. They haven’t yet both been ‘the weird one’. There are whispers about flowers in the attic, about birth defects, about demons. At least they have each other, but the distance between Piedmont and Gravity Falls is excruciating, and grows more so by the day.

The forensic report, afterwards, says that the fire was started by a filmy scarf that Mabel had carelessly left draped over a lamp too long, too close to the bulb. Only the bones of the house remain, scorched black and warped with heat. Only the bones of the Pines parents remain, scorched black and fragile with ash. Nobody’s fault. 

The children’s great-uncles are already waiting at the hospital when the ambulance arrives. 

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Lost in Limbo (A Reddie Fic)

                (Make sure to also read the prologue :D) 

                                   Chapter 1: In a Land of Confusion

 Eddie awoke to the screeching sound of his alarm. While it was only a small piece of technology, it sure was loud. The noise managed to echo off his white walls and penetrate his fucking cerebellum. He reached over to try to turn it off, but it only continued to spiel profanities at him, taunting him. Reaching his boiling point, he immediately clasped onto the alarm and smacked it so hard on his nightstand that the batteries flew out.  ‘That’s for making me almost go deaf,’ He inwardly thought to himself. He jumped out of his bed and quickly made his way to his restroom.  

Upon looking at himself in the mirror, he was utterly taken aback. His hair was unruly. From hours of tossing and turning. He knew. The next thing he noticed was his eyes. Typically, they were vibrantly brown, and Bambi like. However, at this moment all he could see was that they were bloodshot and glassed over. From getting no sleep. Eddie knew.

He also noticed that he was paler than usual. Sickly pale. So much so that the freckles that danced around his nose were very noticeable. In the past, this wouldn’t have been an issue, but he is on the track team now. Initially, when he joined he did everything to prevent sun damage to his fragile skin by lathering extreme amounts of sunscreen on at a time, the sun still managed to curse Eddie with a decent tan. He knows that his skin should be darker than what it was now.

Knowing that he was on a strict schedule, he began to focus on his purpose for entering the restroom. He grabbed his mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss out of the medicine cabinet. He started his ritual with the mouthwash to eliminate the germs he had accumulated in his mouth when he was sleeping. The floss followed to ensure that anything stuck in his teeth from the previous meal did not end up living in his toothbrush. He then proceeded to brush his teeth, paying careful attention to each one. Finally, he used the mouthwash a final time to guarantee that it was in fact, clean. He smiled into the mirror and noted that his teeth were immaculate.

Moving onto his next task, he grabbed his brush and began to tame his hair that had been sprawled out in every direction. After a couple of strokes, he deemed his hair acceptable and quietly exited the bathroom.  

Once he reached his bedroom, he grabbed the outfit he already had picked out for the day. He slipped on his favorite yellow shirt that Beverly had given him this year on his birthday. Next, he pulled his red track shorts over his boxers.  The length was just long enough to cover his boxers, but short enough for Eddie to remain comfortable. He pulled a black hoodie on over his shirt that was a little too big for him, meaning that it probably belonged to one of his friends. His bet was on Stan, seeing as Stan had spent the night last Friday. Not only that, but the sweater was also very clean. A little too fresh for Bill. Entirely too clean for Richie.

He grabbed his backpack and exited his room, quietly making his way down the stairs. Eddie reached the door and was about to sigh in relief at the thought of avoiding his mother, but someone had other plans.

“Eddie-bear, dear! Come here, please?” His mother called. Eddie grimaced. He didn’t want to deal with her right now but walked into the living room anyways.

“Young man, you know you are supposed to let me know when you are getting ready in the morning. You know how delicate you are. You could have hurt yourself, and I would have never known! ” She said with fear and worry in her voice.

Eddie was extremely annoyed and spoke without thinking, “Just how could I have hurt myself Ma?” She gave him a look disappointment mixed with anger. ‘Well, fuck it,’ Eddie thought, ‘Might as well continue while I am already ahead.’

“Let me guess; I could have poked one of my eyes out brushing my hair? Or is it that I may have fallen off my bed and broken my leg? Mind you the bed is only a couple inches off the fucking ground.” He added, “Wait, I get it. I have the brittle bone disease now too, huh Ma?”

Ms. Kaspbrak was shocked. Her own brown eyes pierced through Eddie’s. Her face was red with anger and sweat dripped off her forehead. She attempted to grab Eddie while sitting in her chair, but he backed up to avoid her.

“How dare you, young man! You would never talk to me before you started hanging out with those dirty kids in the neighborhood. Especially that Tozier boy.” She spat with disgust, “They are a bad influence on you! I think from now on you should stay away from them. I know what is best for you. All you need is me.”

At the mention of Richie’s name, Eddie lost all of his composure. He glared fiercely at her and shook his head, “How would you know what’s good for me? All you do is try to convince me that I am sick when there is nothing wrong with me!  I’ve known that much for years. Now you think my friends, the ones who actually care about me are the ones who are damaging me? You’re deadly mistaken, Ma. You’re the one that is suffocating me.” Knowing that he was in deep shit, he turned around and booked it out of the house.

Ms. Kaspbrak was fuming now and began crying, “You get back here!  Right now young man. We haven’t talked about this. Wait! You forgot your lunch. You can’t eat the food at school, Eddie. It’s processed and bad for you! You will get sick! Eddie?” The only sound she heard was the slamming of the front door.

Eddie felt a mixture of accomplishment and defeat all at the same time walking out of his house. When he got out from school, he knew he was going to be in so much trouble. She was going to attempt to make him stay in the house forever. He sighed at the thought. He was snapped back to reality when he heard the overwhelmingly loud sound of Guns N Roses from around the corner. Which helped in drowning out his mother, who was screaming at him from the window. He pretended not to hear her and began walking towards the direction where Richie’s car usually came. While the car was nowhere in sight, Eddie knew he wouldn’t be walking long. After all, Richie drove like a damn maniac. Only a couple of seconds later, he saw Richie’s beat up truck hauling ass towards him. Eddie sighed.

Richie finally reached Eddie, only slowing down enough to allow the smaller boy to get into the car before speeding up again. Eddie quickly put his seatbelt on out of fear for his life and yelled, “What the fuck, Richie?  We have twenty minutes to get to school! Can’t you slow the hell down? You’re going so fast that the seat belts could burn our skin. Or you could fucking crash and kill us both! You could-” His sentence was interrupted.

Richie grinned devilishly at hearing the panic in Eddie’s voice. He always enjoyed messing around with the younger boy, “Why hello there! Ed’s, dear buddy ole pal, couldn’t I just want to see my best friend’s beautiful face on this joyous day?” He said in his best British accent. To this, Eddie smiled a little, his eyebrows raised, knowing a joke would be soon to follow.

Richie inhaled a deep breath, and Eddie knew what was coming.

The older male exclaimed in the happiest voice he could muster, “I gotta get Little Eds to school, so I can go see her! God, how I’ve missed your mother’s-”

“Beep beep, Richie!” Eddie cut him off. His brows furrowed and the traces of the smile that had been on his face only minutes ago had disappeared.

Richie gasped and immediately clutched his heart dramatically with one hand, “Already Eddie? This early in the morning? Oh, my achy breaky heart!”

Eddie rolled his eyes so hard in his head he could have sworn they were going to get stuck like that. “It’s going to be more than your achy breaky heart if you don’t put both of your hands on the fucking wheel, you idiot.”

Eddie’s threat went unheard. Richie doesn’t listen to anyone. He never does. He is Richie Trashmouth Tozier, after all. Richie is his name and fucking around is his game.

Immediately he took that same hand and placed it on Eddie’s thigh traveling upwards to grab one of the hems of his shorts, “Hey Eds, aren’t you getting too old to be wearing short shorts?” He yanked on the material a bit before adding, “Also, how the fuck do you wear underwear with these fucking things.” His laughed deepened, “Or are you going commando? You know that is dangerous, death by an atomic wedgie. Ha!” That most surely would get a response out of his favorite hypochondriac.

Eddie’s heart immediately fell into his stomach as he choked on a gasp. His mind was running 1,000 miles per minute. Any second now, he was going to short circuit and die. He could feel it.

All because of Richie fucking trash mouth Tozier. He couldn’t think about anything else besides that hand on his leg. The hand belonging to the person who he has been in love with the past two years. So close to him. Too fucking close to him.  He could feel his face beginning to flush. Trying to be as normal as possible, he swatted Richie’s hand away. “I’m in a sport, you idiot! Everyone on the track team has to wear them. You just wouldn’t know anything about that seeing as you aren’t in any extracurricular activities.”

Eddie’s blush did not go unnoticed by Richie, who quickly cheered, “You are so feisty and cute! Cute, cute, cute, my little Eddie Spaghetti!” He slapped Eddie’s thigh and placed his hand back on the wheel, “I don’t have time for additional sports, Eds.”

Eddie eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “What? You are full of shit, Tozier. I would know if you were in a team sport at our school. All the losers would.” He was so engrossed with trying to insult Richie that he didn’t notice they had reached the school and the car was parked.

Richie seriously looked at Eddie, “Well you see, Eds-”

“Don’t call me Eds.”

“Anyways, Eds, fucking is a sport. I don’t need a team, and it’s preferred to play in your birthday suit! It is the best kind of sport out there if you ask me.”

Eddie rolled his eyes, for the second time that morning. Earlier he had thought that he rolled them so hard that they were going to get stuck. Now, he turned them so hard he was sure that he could see his fucking brain. “You’re fucking repulsive. Who gives a shit about a sport using only your wrists?” He teased.

Richie only laughed at him again as he opened the door and exited the car. He walked over to the passenger side where Eddie remained in his seat.

“More like a sport using mainly my hips! Though I do use my wrists too.” Richie said as he made thrusting gestures and wiggled each one of his fingers. He thought his joke was so good that he tried to give Eddie an air high five. Eddie scowled at him as he too got out of the car.

The older male added, “Repulsive? Oh, Eds, what would you even know about sex? Not even halfway through getting blown you would need your fucking inhaler.” Richie joked.

Eddie knew it was only a joke. Richie would never oppress Eddie if he knew. Still, Eddie’s eyes widened as a wave of hurt and fear came over him.

He remembered the leaper covered in sickly sores and diseases as it’s menacing voice taunted him, “I’d blow you for a dime.”

Eddie could feel his hands starting to shake and tried to steady them by crossing his arms.

Richie immediately noticed Eddie’s whole demeanor changed. He locked eyes with the other boys chocolate brown eyes seeing something he thought he would never see again. Pure fear.

He began to worry as he watched Eddie hug himself. “What’s wrong Eddie?” He grabbed the younger boy carefully and shook him, “Come back to Earth, Eddie!”

Eddie could feel tears forming in his eyes as he heard the leper say, “Come back here, kid! I’ll blow you for free. Come back here!” He blinked them away and moved from Richie’s hold.

He had to get away. Richie had seen too much. He quickly grabbed his backpack from the passenger and threw it over his shoulder. Before he had the chance to start running, the taller male grasped tightly onto his wrist.

“Whoa! Eds.” He spoke in his most caring voice, the one reserved for Eddie. “Seriously? What’s wrong? What did you see? Was it-” Realization dawned on Richie, “Did you see It?”

Eddie’s stomach lurched, and he felt like he was going to puke. He pulled his wrist from his friend’s firm grip. “Dammit, Richie!” He yelled with as much venom he could muster, “You never know when to shut up! Just back off and leave me alone.” His voice cracked as he tried to hold back his emotions.

Not wasting any time, he began to run into the crowd of students, knowing Richie would try to follow him. He pushed his way through the crowd and went into the entrance of the school just as the first bell rang.

Today was going to be an eventful day indeed.

The story is going to get much darker from this point! 

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I think secretly Richie knows a shit ton about Judaism, and was Stan's study buddy for his Bar Mitzvah (because it's a small city in Maine and there aren't any other Jewish kids Stan's age) that's why Richie was the only one that showed up for the Bar Mitzvah, but yeah Richie is the one who always wishes Stan happy holidays for obscure Jewish holidays in Hebrew

richie just loves stan so much okay he wants to make him happy 24/7

Happy Birthday Mark!

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Happy Birthday to this amazingly beautiful talented person right here!! ^ I don’t have enough words to say how much love and happiness this kid deserves and how much of that is me (lol please tell me this is relatable) 

Originally posted by marktuanxgot7

Honestly though I had a perfectly ordered bias list while I was getting more and more into kpop. I had found GOT7 actually before I really started getting into kpop as a whole back when their MV for Just Right come out. When I decided to stan the group I was only in my third month of being a kpop fan so my bias list wasn’t actually that long (compared to the monster mess I have now) 

Originally posted by ultranicolet

Honestly first going into Got7, Jinyoung was my bias and Mark was honestly more toward the bottom (don’t get me wrong when I say that. Even if my bias list if a member is closer to the bottom I still love and appreciate them fully- I can not stress that enough. All members deserve love and respect from their fans) 

Originally posted by shiningmark

Sooner than I think I ever realized (looking back on it now I still don’t know when it happened) I began to look for Mark more and more in everything I watched of Got7. This heart-stopping boy climbed his way up the bias list and kicked Jinyoung off of the Got7 throne (Still love Jinyoungie but dang Mark really took over the list)

Originally posted by blueberryhouse

He was my first bias wrecker and he still holds the king’s crown of that. Tbh he had a good run at Jungkook’s crown of Ultimate Bias a while ago but don’t worry Mark still holds down the bias wrecker list even with all these new groups and disrespectful people like Im Jaebum. 

Originally posted by lovelivemark

iGot7s love his adorable squishy personality, his perfect toothy smile, his squeaky cute laughter (that literally has never failed in making me happy too), his quiet demeanor as well as his hyper prank loving time. Mark is such an important part of Got7 and if he ever thinks otherwise I will fly over to Korea and lecture (while koala hugging him cuz gotta take advantage of that one time I’m ever gonna see him) until he knows otherwise. I will also proudly be apart of the Mark protection squad that protects him from mean antis or anyone who asks for another member during v-lives. I hope Mark stans appreciate this lengthy (sorry) rant about how amazing Mark Tuan is. 

Happy 24th (intr. age) Birthday Mark Tuan!!!

*I do not own any of these gifs*

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I'm so proud of BTS and for being an army. I'm 18 and my brother ridicules the fact that I am an Army. He says that since I'm in college it's immature and stupid especially since I'm not Korean. How do u deal with haters of BTS? It sucks when people hate on such talent ):

I mean, you can be any age and enjoy kpop, like my mom is a hard Hoseok stan and she’ll blast BTS when i’m not even around (she likes a lot of other groups too) My nephews are ¾ and I showed them BTS and they both like Jimin and they enjoy the music too 🤗 I mean it doesn’t matter if you’re not Korean or if you don’t speak the language. I mean looking at popular songs like despacito, some of the lyrics are spanish and i’m sure a lot of people don’t understand but a lot of people loved it? So why can’t korean music be enjoyed just as much? I think your brother is just trying to wind you up and tease you to be honest and you should just say to him that he can enjoy whatever music he likes and you can enjoy your own music preferences too 💛

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I hate looking at famous kids around my age that are best friends and they all are funny and love each other.

And then I look at myself and think “I could be best friends with those people, but they are famous and I could never even ask or people would think I just wanna be famous too.

Then I try to make friends online and all of them live in a diffrent freaking universe and I’ll never be able to meet them in real life. I’ll never have any friends to hang out with or have cute little sleepovers with because I never get out of the house and I dont go to public school.

I act weird and insane in front of people that I do meet because I dont even know how to act normal. I’ll end up living poor alone with no friends or family because no one likes me and my family never had much money to begin with.

I think I need some sleep.

Tumblr (Jungkook)

Request:  Hi can I request a sceanio where jk start talking to this girl on tumblr and he Decided to lie about who he is like him being a kpop star and she happens to be at the concert of his so he slightly freak out about this (TT) and she a fan of his group 

Summary: Jeon Jungkook made a Tumblr account and started talking to you. He lied to you and he finds out that he’ll be meeting you during a fan meeting. Yikes, what a turn of events.

Genre: Crack, Comedy

Word Count: 1.3K

Note: It’s a bit strange, this scenario. Well, do try to enjoy it even if it isn’t the best haha. 

Originally posted by sugutie

It was a normal day for Jeon Jungkook, he was on Twitter, scrolling through fan tweets. He had always stumbled upon photo and video edits made by fans and was always amazed at the quality. Today was no different as he clicked on a link that led him to a website he hadn’t heard of before.

The Tumblr page was filled with fan art and stories written about him and his members. Of course he was flattered, as he always was. As he went to the homepage of the website and found that it would be easier if he made an account, so he did. He knew that his name was probably taken, so he came up with something lame, ‘jungkook’s lamb skewers’.

Jungkook went onto the magical website and went to follow a bunch of his fans, which included you. Your account was 100% Bangtan, with no traces of any other groups. You had soon followed him back, just as a courtesy. This led to him opening a conversation with you.

jungkookslambskewers: Hi there!

Jungkook nearly facepalmed at his lameness but kept it in as you had replied.

You: Hi! A fellow Jungkook stan I see.

Fellow? So you were a fan of him too. Jungkook happily continued the conversation, hearing you talk about him and the rest of the members was strangely funny to him as you basically confessed your love for him, well… To him.

You had revealed quite a bit about yourself, your age and your name, but he hadn’t at all. All you knew him by was his screen name.

You: So, what do I call you? Or should I stick to jungkookslambskewers haha

This had tossed Jungkook into a little bit of a panic as he realized that it wouldn’t be a good idea to tell you that you had been fangirling to your favorite idol. He had thought up a quick lie and hoped it would work.

jungkookslambskewers: You can just call me JK.

You agreed to that and continued the conversation for a while more, finding out more about him. The person you were talking to was a male ARMY, from Seoul. That was all you could get from him before you had to bid your new friend goodbye since it was getting late.

Jungkook hadn’t noticed it, but it was getting late, and he had to go to the airport to fly to his next concert in less than nine hours. He had quickly bid you good night before he shut off his laptop, feeling happy that he made a new friend.

On the way to the airport the next day, Jungkook showed the rest of his hyungs what he stumbled upon the night before, the artworks amazing them all.

“Wow, so they’re the people behind the fan art.” Namjoon commented as he scrolled through Jungkook’s phone.

“Oh, I think you got a message or something.”

Jungkook had eagerly snatched his phone back, seeing that you had sent him a message.

You: Good morning JK! Or night…?

jungkookslambskewers: Good morning Y/N! I’m currently heading to the airport haha. What are you doing?

Jungkook was smiley the whole journey through to the plane as he continued the conversation. 

“Is our baby talking to a girl?” Jin teased, peeping at the conversation.

“No.” Jungkook lied, turning around to hide his phone.

“Yup, he is.” Ji Min said, easily looking at his phone from the new angle.

Jungkook was flustered and resorted to lying flat down on the airport floor to continue talking to you.

You: Oh my god, I totally forgot to tell you. You know the upcoming concert? The one happening tomorrow?

Did you mean the one in the city he was currently preparing to flying to?

Jungkookslambskewers: Yup, what about it?

You: I’m going for it! I’m super excited.

Oh. My. God. Jungkook’s emotion took a 180 turn as he realized that you would be in the same place as him. He then realized that if you were going to the fan meet before the concert, then you would actually be seeing him in the flesh, and so would he.

Jungkook’s panic mode turned on but he kept slightly calm as he still had to talk to you.

Jungkookslambskewers: No way. For real?

You: Yeah! I’m going to the fan meet too. I’m so excited to see all of them, especially Jungkook. Oh my god. Do you want me to tell them something?

Oh my god, he was going to be meeting you in the flesh. The issue was that well… Would he come out and say that he had a Tumblr account and was talking to you? He was anxious now, especially since he lied about his identity, sort of.

Jungkookslambskewers: Help me tell Jungkook 143, and that he should open a lambskewer restaurant with Jin instead of Yoongi.

The moment Jungkook heard this from a fan, he would know that it was you. It was how he would identify you. As he bid you farewell before the plane took off, he was still nervous about meeting you.

The day of the concert came by in a flash, the rehearsals the day before going by with no problem. Jungkook had continued to talk to you as your excitement piled up. The day of the concert led to you talking to him in caps lock the whole day.

Even during the minutes leading up to the concert, you were still messaging him. The rest of the members were all busy getting ready but Jungkook had been glued to his phone, which made Taehyung curious about what the young boy was up to.

Jungkook had quickly confessed his problem to Taehyung who wanted to die laughing at the strange situation. All he said to his dongsaeng was, “Serves you right for lying. You should just come out and say it during the concert.”

Jungkook had taken that into consideration, putting his hyung’s words at the back of his head while he low key panicked about you. The concert began and Jungkook did his best. When the time came for random conversation, Jungkook had confessed all.

“Actually… I’ve been doing something this past few days.” He said to everyone in the audience.

“I made a Tumblr account and I’ve been talking with someone. I lied about my identity though, so I’m sorry about that. I just wanted to say that everyone on Tumblr is amazing at creating things for us and I’m thankful.”

The audience had gone wild at this, especially you. It had suddenly hit you that maybe the person who had randomly started talking to you was the actual Jeon Jungkook, but you highly doubted it.

“The person I’ve been talking to is here too, and I’ll be seeing her for the fan sign later. So I look forward to it.” Jungkook confesses as the audience’s screams become even wilder.

The moment the fan meeting started, Jungkook was on high alert, but he still enjoyed his time with the fans.

When the time came for you to appear in front of the boys, you were overwhelmed. You did your things with the boys but when it came to Jungkook who was last in line, you had remembered to pass the message from JK on Tumblr.

The moment the message hit Jungkook’s ears, he was in awe of how you looked. You were extremely pretty and nervous, as was he, especially once he realized you were the girl from Tumblr.

“Jungkook’s lamb skewers.” Jungkook had stated, effectively revealing himself to a very shocked you.

You were ushered away before you could say anything, but took to Tumblr to yell at him instead.

Once the fan meeting was over, Jungkook had excitedly gone onto Tumblr, only to see that you had cursing at him. He laughed at your words and asked you if you would reveal him to the rest of the community.

Jungkook was genuinely worried that he would get found out by the rest of the ARMYs and that he would get flooded. All he wanted was to enjoy the works fans created, so when you assured him you wouldn’t sell him out, he was thankful.

Jungkook had apologized for lying and told you that he was thankful that you talked to him about… Well, him and his members.

That was the start of a rather strange friendship.

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Hi, I was wondering if you could rec me some fics which are like adventurous I guess? Like they go for camping or on a road trip etc and get to know each other then fall in love? Or anything that just has them as tourists idk, if you have any in mind please share!! xx

Adventure Fics

Atlas At Last : He doesn’t know what he had been expecting out of the road trip itself besides burping contests and too much shitty gas station food with Oli and Stan, but in the brief moment before Harry ambles up his driveway, Louis idly wonders if this is about to become some sort of Gay Coming of Age story.Maine to California in ten days. In which Zayn’s an open-shirt hippie they meet somewhere in Ohio, Liam’s the pastor’s son running away from home, and Niall’s the number they call on the bathroom wall.It’s 1978. Harry and Louis are just trying to get to San Fran in time for the Queen concert.

You Come Beating Like Moth’s Wings : Harry smiles. He’s only known Louis for about two hours, knows nothing about him past his first name, but he’s nice and sarcastic and helpful and so, so pretty. And Harry’s still got a few days left in Barcelona, and he thinks he wouldn’t mind spending them with Louis.Also known as, Harry takes the summer before uni to travel Europe and meets Louis in Barcelona, and they end up traveling together.

Finding Lou : Louis is the nomadic stranger who wanders into Harry’s bookstore. Harry is the skeptic who falls for him.

Outwit, Outplay, Outlast : A Survivor All-Stars AU in which Harry and Louis are just in this game to win the million dollars, but they end up with something better.

Here Comes The Sun (Little Darling) : louis and liam are a trapeze act who’ve just joined syco circus. despite his best efforts, louis immediately falls head over heels for harry, one of the jugglers with a penchant for glittery pink leotards. but louis’s had issues before with intra-circus dating, so he’s trying his best to ignore his feelings. which is why he’s not at all bothered by harry flirting with everyone but him.featuring lots of pining, lots of ot5 friendship, runaway boys reconnecting with their families, harry and louis becoming co-dependent best friends until they figure out they’re in love with each other, liam fancying zayn who’s already dating perrie, and a beatles-themed circus.

NaNoWriMo ‘17 Day 23 - Don’t Get Short with Your Brother

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Summary: Ford arrives at Stan’s house for another extended visit, but with a key difference.  Inspired by this and this.  [Stay-at-Home Stan AU]
Word count: 1564

               Angie answered the door.  She looked around for a moment, confused.

               “Excuse me,” a high-pitched voice said.  Angie looked down.  A young boy, about the same age as her daughters, was standing on the doorstep. Angie smiled at him and crouched down to his eye-height.

               “Howdy there,” she said gently.  The boy shuffled his feet nervously.  “Aw, are ya lost?”

               The only neighbors what have boys are the Thompsons and the Millers.  And their children aren’t this age.  

               “No,” the boy said firmly.  Angie frowned at him.  He was wearing an oversized trenchcoat over his clothes.

               Was he playin’ dress-up with someone? The boy reached a hand up to adjust his glasses, which were similarly oversized and threatening to slide down his face.  Angie’s eyes widened.  Twelve fingers?  Now that she had picked up on the most glaring feature, she could see other Pines characteristics; the wild curls, the ruddy nose, and the tendency to give off an air of grumpiness.

               “…Stanford?” she whispered.  The boy nodded.  “Oh, Lord.”

               “There was an accident,” Ford mumbled.  “My current biological age is merely temporary, but Fiddleford thought it would be best if I stayed with you and Stan until I recover.”

               “But neither of ya thought to let us know.”  Ford adjusted his glasses again, but didn’t respond.  “How did ya even get here?”

               “I took the bus.”

               “You took the- Gravity Falls is over twelve hours away!”

               “I’m well aware of that.”

               “No one on the bus questioned a small child traveling without an adult?” Angie asked.  Ford shook his head.  “Goodness. What is the world comin’ to?”

               “Would you please let me in?  I walked for about an hour until I found your house,” Ford said.  Angie stood to her proper height.

               “Come on in, hon,” she said, placing a gentle hand on Ford’s back and guiding him inside.  She closed the door.  Ford scowled at her.

               “I’m older than you.  Do not call me ‘hon’.”

               “Instinct.  Sorry.”

               “Who was at the door?” Stan called from the kitchen, where he was doing the dishes.  

               “Yer brother.  Sounds like Stanford is goin’ to spend some time with us.  Again.”

               “Really?  Geez, Sixer, what’d ya do to get Fiddleford to kick ya out?” Stan asked, looking into the living room.  His jaw dropped at the sight of Ford.  “Hot Belgian waffles, Poindexter, what happened?”

               “There was an accident during an experiment,” Ford said.  “And…hot Belgian waffles?”

               “I’m tryin’ out fake swears,” Stan explained.  He dried his hands on a gingham dish towel.  “Must’ve been one heck of an accident.”

               “It could have been much worse.  As it is, this is temporary, and Fiddleford will be able to determine the approximate date it will wear off.”

               “You’re the same age as the girls,” Stan said.  He grinned.  “There’s an idea.”  Ford took a nervous step backward, discomforted by his twin’s vicious smile. His diminutive feet trod on Angie’s toes.  She instinctively placed a reassuring hand on the top of Ford’s head.

               “What’s an idea?” Angie asked, stroking Ford’s curls.

               “The girls don’t really have any friends yet.  But they love their Uncle Ford.  And now that he’s their age…”

               “Yer suggestin’ Ford play with the girls while this situation works itself out?”


               “Look, I love Danny and Daisy,” Ford said, adjusting his glasses yet again. “But spending time with them while this age might give them the wrong idea.  I’m their uncle, not their playmate.”

               “Oh, please,” Angie said.  “You play with ‘em all the time.”

               “This is different,” Ford insisted.

               “Yeah, it is,” Stan said.  “But think about it.  This ‘ll give ya a chance to bond with ‘em even more.  And it’s not like they’re toddlers anymore.  They’re five.”

               “Stan was right about them not havin’ many friends,” Angie said in a low voice.  “Once they start school, hopefully that ‘ll change.  But right now, their main social interactions are with their parents. Socializin’ with someone their age will be good fer ‘em.”  Ford sighed.

               “Very well.  I get the point.”  He shoved Angie’s hand away from him.  “But stop petting me!  I don’t want to be treated like a child while I stay here, understand?”

               “We’ll do our best,” Angie said.  “But we reserve the right to restrict certain activities fer yer own safety.”

               “I don’t agree to that.”

               “If yer stayin’ under my roof, ya do,” Angie said firmly, putting her hands on her hips and staring Ford down with a steely gaze.  Ford swallowed nervously.  

               “Y- yes, ma’am,” he stammered.  Angie’s punishing demeanor evaporated.  She threw her head back with a laugh.

               “Lord, that ‘angry mom’ face works wonders!” she cackled.  Ford scowled.  “Aw, don’t get all scrunchy-faced,” Angie cooed, pinching his cheek.  Ford slapped her hand away.  “Why don’t ya go see yer lil nieces while Stan and I discuss how we’ll adjust things while ya stay.”


               Danny and Daisy walked into the kitchen, Daisy idly dragging her stuffed animal frog, Marlo, on the ground.  The two girls cocked their heads curiously at what they saw.

               “Daddy, why is Uncle Ford in the time-out chair?” Danny asked.  Ford was indeed strapped into an old high-chair that Stan and Angie had repurposed for the use of time-outs.  Judging by his reddened face and shouting, Ford was not pleased with the situation one bit.  Stan turned from his de-aged twin brother and looked knowingly at his daughters.

               “‘Cause he’s in time-out,” Stan replied.  

               “Why?” Daisy asked.  

               “Is it ‘cause he’s getting scrunchy-faced?” Danny suggested.  Ford paused his shouts of protest for a moment.

               “Why is that something your family says?” Ford asked Stan.  Stan shrugged.

               “It’s a McGucket thing.  Now, are ya calmed down enough to get down?”

               “I don’t need to be calm to get down, I am a grown man!” Ford shouted.  “Stanley, let me down this instant!”

               “Girls, go play in your room for a bit, okay?” Stan said.  “Your Uncle Ford will join ya after he’s in a better mood.”

               “Okay!” Daisy chirped.  She wandered off.  Danny waved at Stan and Ford before following her twin.  Stan turned back to Ford.

               “Ford, you’re not gettin’ down until you relax.”

               “I’m not a child,” Ford snarled.  “Don’t treat me like one!”  

               “I’ll stop treating you like one when ya stop actin’ like one!” Stan snapped. “You threw a temper tantrum just ‘cause ya couldn’t find your Scientific American issue.”

               “Can you blame me for getting upset?  There’s not much around here to stimulate my intellect!”

               “What a loada bull.  We’ve got all sortsa science stuff around here.  Heck, your own sister-in-law has a doctorate!”

               “Yeah, in herpetology,” Ford scoffed. Stan’s expression grew thunderous. Ford swallowed.  “…I’d like to retract what I just said.”

               “Smart move.”  

               “Maybe I have been acting childish,” Ford said after a moment. Stan nodded.  “I just- I don’t know why.  I’ve been keeping my regular hours, and yet I’m tremendously exhausted. I keep feeling overwhelmed by things and- and overreacting and-”

               “Your brain might be thirty, but your body isn’t,” Stan interrupted.  Ford blinked.  “Sixer, you kept it at bay for a good amount of time, but you’ve gotta admit it.  Until this thing wears off, you’re gonna need to have a schedule like the girls’.”


               “Hey, I’m not happy about it either.  Despite what ya might believe, treating my own twin like I treat my daughters isn’t my idea of a good time.”  Stan sighed. “But it’s what’s best for your health.”

               “I don’t want to be treated like a child,” Ford mumbled.

               “I know.  And Angie and I will do our best to keep the schedule and everything from damaging your dignity as much as possible.  But Ford, ya need naps.  Ya need to go to bed before nine.  Ya need to have meals at a regular time.  Ya need a schedule.”

               “…Fine.”  A moment passed.  “Now will you let me down?”

               “Oh, right.”  Stan took Ford out of the high-chair and set him on the ground.  He ruffled his de-aged twin’s hair.  “Remember when ya first dropped by?”

               “Three days ago.  It feels like so much longer.”

               “The naps ‘ll help with that.  Sleeping makes time move faster.  But anyways, Angie said we reserved the right to restrict activities. This is one of those times.”

               “I just assumed it meant not allowing me to consume alcohol or coffee, or refusing to let me behind the wheel,” Ford said.

               “Those, too,” Stan said.  He walked over to the sink and ran a washcloth under cold water for a moment, then walked back to Ford.  Ford blinked at him curiously.  “For your face,” Stan explained.  He crouched down and began to carefully rub Ford’s cheeks.  Ford opened his mouth to protest, but changed his mind with a tired sigh.

               “Why are you wiping my face?” Ford asked quietly.  

               “Gotta get the tear tracks washed away and you cooled off a bit. Not to mention, pitchin’ a fit like you just did uses a lotta energy.  You’re tired now, aren’t ya?” Stan asked.  Ford nodded.  “This’ll wake ya up for just long enough that you can get in some PJs.”


               “It’s naptime, Ford.”  Stan tossed the washcloth onto the table.  It landed with a damp splat.  He put a guiding hand on Ford’s shoulder.  “Come on, I’ll tuck ya in.”

               “Only if you promise to read me a story.”

               “Wait, really?”

               “Pfft, no.”

The three times Mike saw Stan and the One time Stan saw Mike

“Hi Stan.” Mike stood in front of the grey stone protruding from the dry soil. Flowers, lilacs and hydrangeas to be exact, were clasped in his left hand while an old book laid asleep in his right. The wind had felt like icicles stabbing his exposed flesh and he had to close his eyes a couple of times so they wouldn’t sting. 

“I, uh, I brought you your favorites this time.” Mike kneeled down on both knees and looked at the flowers in his hand. Under the winter sun, they looked beautiful, but soon they would wilt. As the others always do. 

“I found a book. And it’s beautiful. You’d like it.” Mike whispered as he took out the flowers from the week before and put the new ones in. He laid the old ones to the side of the of the stone and let out a distasteful and dreadful sigh. He felt his lip twitch as he read the written message over and over again.

Stanley Uris

A son, a friend, and a lovely young boy.

1999 - 2017

He reached across and gently traced the name with his ring finger. He still wore the ring Stan got him for his birthday. Underneath the band, the words “Everlasting”. 

Why? Well they both originally wanted to tattoos of the saying on their left shoulder blade. But they were quite underage. So they both saved up and bought identical rings with ‘their’ word.

“Oh yeah, the book.” Mike chuckled as he retracted his hands away from the cold stone. He looked at the book, cover so simple yet so alluring. He opened the book and flipped to a page that had been marked with a light blue sticky note. 

“I want to read this to you. And I want to read so much more.” Mike looked at the gravestone with sadness. He palmed the slighlty rough page he had opened to and began reading.

The only regret is that I waited

longer than a breath

to scatter the sun’s reflection

with my body.

New stars burst upon the water

when you pulled me in.

On the shore, our clothes

begged us to be good  boys again.

Every stick our feet touched

a snapping turtle, every shadow

a water moccasin.

Excuses to swim closer to one another.

I sank into the depths to see you

as the lake saw you: cut in half

by the surface, taut legs kicking, the rest of you sky.

Suddenly still, a clear view

oh what you knew I wanted

to see.

When I resurfaced, slick grin,

knowing glance: you pushed me back under.

I pretended to drown,

then swallowed you whole.

Mike started to feel an ache in his chest. He closed the book and stood up. He dusted the top of the stone and kissed the fingertips of his hand before placing them lovingly on top. His feet walked off, but his soul remained. His soul remained with his lover.

“You will never guess what happened!” Mike excitedly took the old, wilted, flowers out of the vase and placed the new, fresh ones in. Today he didn’t bring a book, but rather a letter. He opened it for the third time. The first time he opened it was in front of his grandfather who had begun to cheer in joy. The second time he opened was on the car ride here. 

“Dear Mike Hanlon, 

I am delighted to inform you that the Committee on Admission has admitted you to the class of 2018. Please accept my personal congratulations for your outstanding achievements.” Mike finished with a wide smile. He held the paper with fragile hands as he flipped it over to the stone, acting if it were really Stan.

“I can’t believe I got into Stanford. You always did believe in me.” Mike turned the paper around and read it over again. He felt his smile grow wider when he scanned the handwritten signature at the bottom of the page. But, the more he looked at it, the more his smile started to fall. He got accepted, that was the good part. Put Stanford wasn’t in Derry, Maine. It’s all the way across the country.

Mike just sat there. Acceptance letter still in his now clammy hands. He didn’t say anything. He thought. He though a lot. After a little bit he placed the letter next to the gravestone and the flowers. And continued to think.

The chilly day turned into the unforgiving night sky before Mike’s eyes. He only realized it got late when the contrast between his breath and the sky was visibly noticeable. 

“Why’d you take him?” Mike asked. He looked up at the stars, barely twinkling. They looked like little obscure lights mocking the tears that streamed his face. His sniffles were no louder than the chirp of the crickets in the forest behind him. 

“Why’d you take him?” Mike asked again. 

The moon had no answer. Neither the stars. Neither the black blanket that held both things together. And Mike thought.

Maybe there was no answer. Maybe there was no answer at all.

And that night, Mike Hanlon was sad. So was the moon. The only difference was that Mike had no clouds to cover his forlorn face.

His coat reached down to his ankles. His leather clad hands had been tucked away in the depths of his coat. The scarf of color red and soft brown kept the winter air from getting to his neck. It was 8:00 a.m on a Sunday morning. Mike had brought flowers, this time his favorite. Roses. He placed them into the vase but kept one in his hand. He twirled it around, gently, before smiling.

“I’m leaving today.” Mike bit his inner lip. Words wanted to claw their way out of his throat. But he was a knight in shinning armor, and he would not let them win. So he just coughed and swallowed the lump that grew in his throat. 

“I’m not going to see you for a while.” He let the sentence drip out of his mouth like it was a snake. He shook his head and dug his heels into the ground.

“I’m doing this…not only for me. But for us. This is for the both of us. And I’ll make you proud. I promise.” Mike felt the corners of his eyes getting damp. The cold air stung, but he didn’t care. He stepped closer to the grave and leaned down to trace the letters that read his lover’s name. One last time. He closed his eyes and recited something personal.

“Dear Stan…The day I met you. Was the day, I knew…I knew what love was. It was a long time ago. We were just kids. I mean, we’re still kinda kids, huh?” Mike chuckled, a chuckle that seemed to mean something other than happiness.

“But, I remember being scared to admit, to myself, that I loved you. I didn’t know what to do. But then one day…October 14, 2015, you kissed me. And I felt, I felt like euphoria. Like I was luckiest boy to ever live. And then I fell in love with you even more. So the years passed. And you’re gone now. But I continued to love you. I will always continue to love you. You were my first love. And I was yours.” Mike slowly took off the band on ring finger, and let out a breath. 

He kissed the ring and read the engraved writing before putting the rose through it. He placed the rose and the ring on top of the gravestone before standing back.

“I will always love you. My love for you…will always be everlasting. Sincerely, Mike Hanlon. They boy who was taught love by ‘Love’ himself.”

Stan wasn’t lonely. He had the trees. And the delicate birds. And the graceful night sky to keep him company. But Stan still felt a void. A void that would soon be filled. 

He was writing, nothing really, just a few notes. 

Draw another picture of the Blue Finch that visits you at precisely 10:00 a.m

Try on you’re old clothes

Watch another Alfred Hitchcock movie. 

Just the same thing as any other day. He hadn’t aged. Not one bit. He still looked like the same boy. The same boy who had loved Mike Hanlon to death. But then he heard footsteps. Footsteps other than his own. And he stopped, frozen, tapping of his pen ceased. 


That voice. The voice Stan had been longing for, for what seemed like centuries. The voice that reminded him of Honey and Tea. The voice that would give him goosebumps in the earliest of the a.m’s. The voice that he hadn’t heard in years.

“Mike?” Stan had stood up, chair almost falling to the ground. But he didn’t care. He didn’t care because Mike Hanlon stood at the door. Hands by his side with an expression of shock. He looked the same. He wasn’t old, no wrinkles seemed to plague his face and no teeth had fallen from his mouth. He still looked like the teenage boy Stan had knew very well.

They both stared for another minute before running to each other. They hugged. And they kissed. And they would never let go.

The moon became sad with me. Days of eternal misery had vanquished my hopes. But I saw him again and the sun smiled. And so did I.

Well, there’s that. And if anyone is confused over the ending, Stan had been in a type of ‘peace’. Yes, lmaoo totally from Vampire Diaries, but if you want to assume they were in some type of heaven, you can. All I’ll say is that ended up together. The poetry that is mentioned is from a book called “Prelude to Bruise” by Saeed Jones. 

logicalbookthief  asked:

Idk if you've heard of the 'One and a Half Stans AU' but it's essentially smol, de-aged!Stan hanging out with everyone else in present time. Him being super cute with any/all of the Pines family is my request (:

((Quick “not-so-quick” doodle? 8D;; Yes I’ve heard of this AU, I love this AU! I just don’t see it around much, so I’ll forget about it 8T I’m trying to do these quick so no family shot, but I loved the idea of Mabel and Stan bonding regardless hes so stoked to get a flower crown))

Quick doodle prompts still going

[goes into Sebstan tag]

[sees people getting uptight about him making one sassy DC comment]

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Bias Tag! :)

Bias Tag!!

rules: List some biases and then answer the questions below. Don’t cheat?

tagged by: @sevngmin @jeongn @maetaamong


1. Jun (Seventeen)

2. Jae (Day6)

3. YoungK (Day6)

4. Minho (Stray Kids)

5. Kiseop (U-KISS)

6. Donghyun (MxM)

7. Jun (U-KISS/The Unit)

8. Kenta (JBJ)

9. Jisung (Stray Kids)

10. Kevin (Ex-UKISS)

can it get any mroe obvious i stan like fpur groups


Between 1 & 4 who would you rather kiss?

between jun and minho?! *err* the age difference with minho is smaller so minho!

Between 2 & 7 who would be your best friend?

jae and junyoungie?! AAAAA I HATE THIS TAG!! I-I-I bYE NOTANSWERING,,, Jae is the sassy bestfriend while Jun is the funny supportive best friend so I’ll go with Junnie!!

Between 5 & 10 who has a better voice?

YO I HATE THIS TAG! Kiseop or Kevin?! >.< ,,ok I listened to U-KISS and cameback and ima say Kiseop cos he has a sweet sounding voice

Between 1 & 8 who is the funniest?


Between 6 & 9 who would you date?

I HATE THIS TAG,,, but ima date Jisung~~

Between 9 & 10 who would you do a collab with?


Between 4 & 8 who is the best dancer?

Minho! Minnie wasn’t a BTS backup dancer for no reason~

Between 3 & 5 who would you most likely marry?

bETWEEN YOUNGK AND KISEOP?! They’re both dancers, visuals and lyricists~~ um youngk cos he knows english and is the kind of person who doesn’t like fights?? Kiseop is a scaredy cat but we need someone who can kill bugs honey,,,, and it aint me

Between 1 & 7 who would you nurse when they fall sick?

mAKING ME CHOOSE BETWEEN THE JUNS?! this tag is pure evil and it can burn in the deepness of Wonwoo’s voice. Definitely, Junyoungie, he’s been working really hard for U-Kiss as an actor and on The Unit!

Between 2 & 3 who has the better smile?

Jae, its obviously, YoungK.

Between 6 & 8 who would you vacation with?


ima tag: @jeonginsbracessavedmylife @officialchangbin