i love our planet


To describe myself in 3 images is kind of tricky, but these are the first things that come to mind. The first is KAMP Student Radio, where I’m a music director. This is highly representative of how I spend the majority of my time, as I am obsessed with music and take my duties there pretty seriously. The second is satirical/nihilistic humor, which is definitely representative of me. The third is some planets we can sometimes see from our own planet, Earth. I love the idea that we can see all of these remote worlds. They look like you can reach out and grab them some nights, but they’re actually lifetimes away. Astronomy, humor, and music are probably my greatest passions.

Reflection on Hope

It’s the season where some people observe Advent (the coming of Christ).

And quite honestly, this has come at the perfect time for me, since it is actually the first time I get to reflect on this.

So, in keeping with this week’s theme, I am reflecting on HOPE.

Some people might reflect on what they hope for.
(I.E: that Trump turns out to be a good president, or that love prevails on planet earth.)
But I challenge us to place our in God almighty.

My hope is in God because, He is the only witness to all that goes on.
My hope is in God because only God knows why there is so much suffering in the world and what suffering’s purpose is.

I believe that suffering has a divine purpose and is not in vain.

“Jesus wept.”

And as we go into the coming weeks (and the new year), let us remember that not only did Jesus weep, and Jesus suffer but Jesus conquered!

So let’s place ALL our hope on God.

When things do not make sense, let’s place ALL our hope on God.

When things seem to be headed on downward spiral, let’s place ALL our hope on God.

Hoping that not only will we be vindicated, but we will be reconciled to those whom have harmed us, persecuted us, bullied us, hated us, condemned us, belittled us, berated us, attacked us, killed us, rejected us.

Let’s place ALL our hope on God, that in the end, WE will all be one family, under God’s love.

Gay, Straight, Bi, Transgender, No Gender, Black, White, Asian, Indian, Hispanic, WHATEVER.

Because in reality, there are no labels - just one creation, created by God.

Dear Charlie,

Everything is wrong in this world because of humans, and it’s like I’m forced to keep quiet and watch because nobody would listen to me anyway.

And how could you handle all this shit when you can’t even handle yourself?
I’m just another stupid human destroyer of our planet, hurting the ones I love.
Have you ever felt that way?


Today is the National Day of my beautiful country.

I love to travel around the world, I love to capture the diversity of our planet, but for me there is only one home and its name is Romania.

Happy 😀 Earth 🌎🌍🌏Day! I love 😍💜 saving 🌱🌼🌺our planet✔️♻️📈, but I 🙋🏼 love ❤️💚💙 YOU 👊🏼👀 more! Thanks 💋👏🏼 for being 😫😍 my 💁🏼 EARTH 🌏 HOE 😏💦🔥 through 😂👉🏽 thick⬛️and thin▪️. Send this on to 5⃣ of your closest 💯EARTH 🌏 HOES 😏💦🔥 for good 👍🏼✨LUCK 🎲


Happy Earth Day! :)