i love our planet

I can’t believe space is real. Like it’s not a thing that we made up or something just in movies, it’s out there and real and big and cool and dangerous and so… unknown? We’re so lucky to get to explore this great big expanse of nothing and everything and there might be aliens and there might be other Earths and there’s physics beyond our understanding and planets that do weird things. I love space.

anniinasofia  asked:

Tiiän et sult kysyttii jo pari mut vastaa kaikkiin :-)

1. Zodiac sign - cancer
2. Sexual orientation - pls love me
3. Relationship status - :-)
4. Someone you miss - u
5. Person who’s arms you’d like to be in - no juttelen kahelle iha kivalle tindertyypille ne vois olla kivoi :-)
6. What you find attractive in Men/Women? - vastasin jo :-)
7. How tall are you? - taller than u ha ha :-)
8. What you love about yourself? - i care about people and animals and our planet
9. What you’re doing tomorrow? - i’ll try to go to the gym 
10. What are your future plans? - get money fuck bitches
11. Your last night out in detail - i had one beer and i played and then watched some youtube videos
12. Your favourite book - emmä osaa sanooo oon lukenu liikaa
13. All of pets you’ve ever had - some gerbils and two bunnies
14. Something that changed your life - :-)
15. Do you remember your last dream? - yeah i couldn’t shut my friend’s tv off and i got super mad
16. What your last text message says? - ‘’se oli vähä haastava paikoitellem’’
17. Do you respect your government and the way your country is run? - kinda kinda not
18. Where you would like to live? - vastasin jo :-)
19. Your  favourite flavour of ice cream - pear
20. Last thing you ate - vihis
21. Which swear word do you use the most? - vittu probably
22. Your plans for summer - vastasin jo :-)
23. Any upcoming concerts? - YAAAS the 1975 
24. Something that you’re proud of - me not eating animals
25. Do you still talk to your first crush? - nah
26. What language do you want to learn? - afrikaans would be cool
27. Where you  have lived before? - here and there
28. Eye color - u should kno :-)
29. Favourite style of clothing - vastasin jo :-)
30. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? - depends on the day
31. Where did you go today? - nowhere
32. Where are you right now? - in my room
33. How many countries have you visited? - at least 14 
34. Something old - me
35. Something new - me
36. Something inherited - me
37. Is death more scary than life? - yes
38. Experience you’ll never forget - living in straya 
39. What’s your favorite part about today so far? - hmmm :-)
40. Who is your hero? - mama
41. Are you happy with where you live? - nah
42. Do you like your handwriting? - vastasin jo :-)
43. What do you wear to bed? - depends 
44. Tea or coffee? - tea
45. Chocolate or Vanilla? - vanilla
46. Are you excited for anything? - yeah
47. How late did you stay up last night and why? - can’t remember
48. What’s your ringtone? - the basic iphone one
49. Did you have a dream last night? - yeah
50. What keeps you going each day? - doggos
51. Picture of yourself - blaaah

Ten Facts

Thanks @white-queen-lacus for tagging me in this!

“Post 10 facts about yourself, then pass onto 10 of your faves! ♡”

1) So, I am the laziest person on earth: like, I hate jogging, playing sport, going to the gim or doing something that is not laying on the couch. Or sleeping.

2) I am in LOVE with Leonardo DiCaprio. I absolutely adore his passion and care on resolving the climate change. He is so pure and he really wants to help our planet. And of course, I love all of his films and his lovely pretty face. He doesn’t know it yet, but I’m going to marry him.

3) I HATE writing. I know this is weird ‘cos I have a blog, I wrote a book and I am currently writing another one, but it’s not like I like writing, is more like I feel the need of writing, otherwise my thoughts would obsess me.

4) Sometimes, most when I am doing this kind of posts, I write in english pretending I am english myself, but you can easily say I’m not just by looking at the many mistakes I certainly did in this post.

5) I’d like to be an actress one day. I really love the cinema and the Hollywood world, and although I am a very shy person I’ll do everything to achieve my dream.

6) I have a massive resting bitch face. Like, I don’t do that on purpose, I just look angry and mean all the time and I hate that. The problem is that I am shy and anxious when people talk to me so they always think I’m a huge bitch.

7) I am a very happy person, the problem is that I’m happy only when I’m at home. Because of this everyone thinks that I am sad and/or depressed but this only because I am in school and I HATE it.

8) Lately, I’m super Jared Leto trash. Like, I love his works, his music and films, and the things he does. I don’t get why people hate him, because he is like the kindest person on earth: he is so respectful and friendly with everyone. No one deserves him: Jared is too much for this world.

9) I’m a really anxious person. I am nervous when I have to pay for something, or ask any information, or just have to talk in front of people. And I hate this, because my social anxiety is killing me everyday.

10) When people ask me questions, or advice, or just want to say two words to me, I feel so good! It makes me think that I’m important to someone and not really so useless like I think I am.

I finished here: I know I made a lot of mistakes but I don’t really care.

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Today is the National Day of my beautiful country.

I love to travel around the world, I love to capture the diversity of our planet, but for me there is only one home and its name is Romania.

Happy 😀 Earth 🌎🌍🌏Day! I love 😍💜 saving 🌱🌼🌺our planet✔️♻️📈, but I 🙋🏼 love ❤️💚💙 YOU 👊🏼👀 more! Thanks 💋👏🏼 for being 😫😍 my 💁🏼 EARTH 🌏 HOE 😏💦🔥 through 😂👉🏽 thick⬛️and thin▪️. Send this on to 5⃣ of your closest 💯EARTH 🌏 HOES 😏💦🔥 for good 👍🏼✨LUCK 🎲

I am really interested in scienes but I find it difficult.
I like philosophy but I really cannot find any answer for my millions of questions in it.
I like school. I like learning things there but every morning I find it hard to go to.
I like art but my paintings are horrible.
I want to go to a museum because I really want to see something in my life. But when I am there, I find it boring.
I love going lost in music. But when I have time to practice the piano there are million things I would rather do.
I love summer but when it comes to 30 degrees, I just wish we would have winter.
I want to do things. I want to go outside but every day I am so tired, I cannot.
I love writing but I really have not the perseverance to finish writing a book.
I love travelling. I want to meet new people and places but I soon start missing my country. When someone asks me about my home, I cannot answer. It seems like am just always wandering and lost.
I am in love with the nature, with animals, and people. Every day I remain myself in what a miracle I live. I love our planet, I love the earth.
Sometimes I just smile for hours because the thought of our universe comes to my mind. That there are billions of stars out there. And I am a part of it. A part of the universe, a part of the miracle people never will unsterstand.
Sometimes I cry because it also means that I am just so small
I love everything but nothing holds me. I am millions of objections, I am difficult. But nothing in this world is easy. I am life. I am wonderful.