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"Perfect-for-me" Space

Today I am responding to prompt #11, my “perfect-for-me” space. My ideal space is somewhere I can be relaxed and completely at peace. I have always been a busy person, in what seems like a constant state of stress. In my perfect space, I picture a cozy cottage in a valley where I am the only person there, and the rest of the living creatures are animals and vegetation. Inside this space, there is plenty of room for activities that make me happy. It will have a large TV to satisfy my binge-watching needs, and my collection of DVDs will be massive, ranging from movies like the ENTIRE Star Wars Saga to the cheesy Twilight series and everything in between. There will be huge windows and a way to stargaze without having to leave my couch. I have always loved thinking about what goes beyond our planet, and being able to see stars in this way would bring me so much joy. I will also need a fancy kitchen because I love to cook and more importantly, I love to eat. You will find me making anything from mac and cheese to sirloin steak. I also love cookies so I will ensure I have endless buckets of cookie dough to devour. My space will have a pet cat with me, because I am indeed a cat lady. My big cozy couch will have a little spot for my cat to lay in when it is not cuddling with me. The space will have an amazing sound system so I can play music, since that is what truly brings me to peace. Frank Sinatra, Bob Marley, Mozart, and other greats from years before me is the music I will play in my perfect space. It will have space for dancing and singing, because who doesn’t love dancing and singing? In the end, my space will combine all my favorite things that keep be happy in one location. So now, without further ado, I am going to study a little harder so I can afford this perfect place in the future.

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I don’t understand how the hell I’m the one in a relationship with you. It baffles me why someone so flawless and kind would ever want to be with a person like me. I don’t think I’m terrible, but deserving of someone like you? I’m reading Nothing Less which probably doesn’t shock you and I saw a quote that reminded me of you and kicked this post into gear. It says “I could live a thousand lives and never deserve you.” It resonates with me because that’s exactly how I feel about you, Crystal. I’m in love with your beauty. I’m in love with the way you see the world, people…me. I’m in love with how good you are. You are far more giving and generous than you’d ever fess up to. You’re the reason my heart beats and the reason my world turns. People like you are the reason why I have any hope at all for our planet. I’m in love with you and the way you make my world move. I’m in love with the way you make me see so much color in a world where things are misperceived as being so black and white. I’m in love with your mind. I think you are the loveliest woman I’ve ever laid eyes on and I just really need you to remember that. You are surreal. You’re a dream. You are my dream and I will never hurt you. @crashingmoons

My name is Holly and I’ll be 19 at the end of July. I’m from and currently residing in Brisbane, Australia, and I only speak English I’m sorry.

I’m interested in and have a particular love for musical theatre and dance performance, health and fitness and classic literature.

I love having discussions about what is happening in the world and especially love learning new things and new perspectives. I love anything that will help our planet so I try to be very ecologically aware.

I absolutely detest closed mindedness and unjustified hate and rudeness. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and to have their voice heard and respected so long as long as it isn’t communicated via belittlement or insults. 

I’d love an international penpal whose willing to send letters and or things but if you’re just wanting an email/messenger pal that’s ay okay as well :)

You can contact me initially though my tumblr:


:) xx

character development: A Journey

2012: a big P-L-A-T-O-N-I-C happy birthday to my totally platonic (pləˈtɒnɪk/
(of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual)
friend and bro and guy and dude Amazing Phil!

2016: haha happy birthday lil angel bean :p 

2017: happy birthday to he who is literally The Sun; a star round which the Earth orbits. He who is as warm and as radiant and as vital and beautiful as the Sun’s rays are to our planet Earth. I love you and also Marry Me.

Today is the National Day of my beautiful country.

I love to travel around the world, I love to capture the diversity of our planet, but for me there is only one home and its name is Romania.

I am really interested in scienes but I find it difficult.
I like philosophy but I really cannot find any answer for my millions of questions in it.
I like school. I like learning things there but every morning I find it hard to go to.
I like art but my paintings are horrible.
I want to go to a museum because I really want to see something in my life. But when I am there, I find it boring.
I love going lost in music. But when I have time to practice the piano there are million things I would rather do.
I love summer but when it comes to 30 degrees, I just wish we would have winter.
I want to do things. I want to go outside but every day I am so tired, I cannot.
I love writing but I really have not the perseverance to finish writing a book.
I love travelling. I want to meet new people and places but I soon start missing my country. When someone asks me about my home, I cannot answer. It seems like am just always wandering and lost.
I am in love with the nature, with animals, and people. Every day I remain myself in what a miracle I live. I love our planet, I love the earth.
Sometimes I just smile for hours because the thought of our universe comes to my mind. That there are billions of stars out there. And I am a part of it. A part of the universe, a part of the miracle people never will unsterstand.
Sometimes I cry because it also means that I am just so small
I love everything but nothing holds me. I am millions of objections, I am difficult. But nothing in this world is easy. I am life. I am wonderful.