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(4/4)It gets to the point where hell forget and rant about the girl he likes and Ill start feeling sick to my stomach Ive almost left class to throw up because thinking about losing him is terrifying.. its been months how the hell do I get over this?


my poor poor nonny..

Your story is incredibly sad and I’m really sorry you’re dealing with that. As I read your asks I felt this aching pit in my stomach as I know the feeling… I watched the man I love stay with someone for years and it hurt to watch it did… I eventually got him and now have him and I’m grateful for that but not everyone is that lucky.

My, dear anon, what I did to ease the pain was the wrong thing. I can’t tell you what you can do, but I can tell you what not to do…

1) Do not obsess over it. Distract yourself. If you need to cut him out for a while, that’s fair. I did that and it made me forget I loved him.

2) do not force yourself to date other people you do not like. that will only make it worse.

3) do not try to confine him. do not be afraid of “losing” him… I know this might sound mean but… you’ve already lost him.. I know I know that’s incredibly hard to hear and its OK to feel sadness. You have to come to terms with that reality or else you can never heal.

4) do not hate him. it will only make things worse for you and him.

5) if he does get with another person, do not spend time with them together if you think you wont be able to handle it. its ok to avoid it. its ok to be sad. its ok to hurt and feel pain.

6) I guess… this is something that you can do… you can focus on yourself. I know that sounds cliche but you really need to do that. spend time with other friends or family or alone. write in a diary. play video games. make art. do whatever it is you love to do. if you feel sad get some ice cream. if you want to feel happy, force yourself to smile. you will eventually start to actually feel happy. spend time apart from that person. spend time apart from the world. go on walks, look at the sky, talk to a dog, make a new friend, pick some flowers, go dancing, sing, do everything you can think of that you want to do.

Healing takes time. A few months is nothing… it could take a long time to completely heal… to completely erase your love for him. and if uts never fully erased that’s ok too, just as long as you can make it not hurt.

I really wish I had better advice, my love, but I’m afraid relationships are not my forte. I do wish you the best in healing, love, and life.

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I've been slowly accepting and getting comfortable with the fact that I'm a lesbian, but I'm still so afraid that 1 day I'll fall in love with a man (even though I don't even like being around men and can't see myself with one in the future). I know the chances of this happening are really really small (if not nonexistent) but I think the heteronormative idea that we must always end up with a man is so ingrained in me that I can't shake it off?

Unfortunately, this is actually pretty common, anon. I know I have the same fear as well, and I’ll sometimes find myself thinking about a future with a faceless man that I’m not interested in.

Something that’s helped me a lot is consuming a lot of sapphic media (like Hayley Kiyoko music videos lmao) to sort of normalize that your future will most likely be with a woman. Movies like The Kids Are Alright (lesbian moms who don’t have a perfect relationship!), TV shows like Jane The Virgin (not Perfect Lesbian representation, but they say the word lesbian and there are actual lesbians in it!!) that make ending up with a woman seem normal and good and regular can really help. I’d say that you’re probably right in that the chances of you ending up with a man are practically nonexistent (or entirely nonexistent tbh), but I know knowing that won’t make the fear go away.

I’m sorry you’re feeling like this, but you aren’t alone and you’ve got a whole community on here supporting you!! <3 Have a wonderful day anon :)

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NTKG has to be a single from this era. Come on label! Maybe waiting for November? With a Missy feature and performance? It would kill. They're doing jingle balls so that's the perfect time to promote.

“Jingle balls” 😭😭😭. Can we get a Christmas album before they go??? I would LOVE a Christmas album man

- Danielle

thank you for all that you have done for me. thank you for helping me find the light in the dark. thank you for helping me when I’m stuck in the mud. thank you for dealing with the the pressure of my past, present, and future. thank you for continuing to love me through all of the crazy. I promise to love you for all that you are and all that you wish to be. I promise to be there when you need someone to vent to or a shoulder to cry on. I promise to reassure you that I love you each and every day. I promise to always be your very best friend. I promise you that we will build a future together. I promise you will always be the man I am crazy in love with for the rest of my life. thank you for being the best boy out there for me. thank you for being the love of my life. thank you. thank you. thank you. (at I Love You So Much)

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☀️ what do you like the most about your best friend?

well like,, ella’s just,,,, wonderful??

but my favorite thing is their smile it’s so cute!!! >:0!

or maybe i like how we have that thing where we call each other cute things in french i love that a lot

idk i like ella a lot man theres too many things

I love this man so much, he is my everything in the world. He is the most amazing human being in the world.
“Physical attractions are common, but a real mental connection is rare. If you find it, hold onto it.”
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YO anaugi I just bought all your shirts on teepublic, I love your work man


I haven’t thought about that. I’d have to make one up for her. Maybe something like what Simon wears in 2.

internet I guess. all my IRL friends are people I met through someone I met in a class in college. Even then I’ve never made better friends than that in any other classes at school. 

who says slender samus can’t do that too?


part two i guess?? idk it’s only a few hours later from the first day 3 post

it’s currently 1:01 am and i still can’t sleep. i’m laying on your side of the bed again. i want so bad to feel you next to me, our skin touching, my hand on your chest and my head laying on your shoulder. i wouldn’t even care if we watched all the video game plays on youtube as long as i could be next to you in this moment. i want to be able to look up and see your face, the face of the man i love, and just kiss you right on the cheek. now it’s 1:04 am and i’m thinking maybe, just maybe i’d be able to sleep right now only if i had you.