i love my boy!!! i really do!!!!!

I realised I never drew anything for my fic. Besides the character sheets that is.

So, I somehow managed to do a full colour artwork for my longfic Shining Ambitions veiled in Dust! And I’m happy I did ;w;
In case this inspires you to check out the story of 1900 perfume house heir Noctis and bar owner Ignis, please go ahead and take a look. I poured my heart into it.

Also, @ebonyphotographs is writing a sequel based off the main series so in case you liked it, you might want to check out their work too.

I love those two and it has been a long time since I really liked a work of mine ;w; <3

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“I realize I’m dying, but I’d gladly do so with your name as the last thing on my lips” is something that popped into my head and reminded me of Ruthless!Connor.

that is line is honestly 10/10 and some real good shit

also really gives me ruthless!connor x reader vibes too because they’re extra like that, and would totally say that to each other :))

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Can I just say (dif anon) on behalf of us all... we love you. I mean this in no uncertain terms. We. Love. You. You're so... so very dedicated to your fans. I mean no disrespect to other clexa authors, they're fantastic, but you, you see us. You interact with us. You answer us and believe us and integrate us. They're all fantastic and indispensable. But you're... you're like our big sis. You're the fun one. You're touchstone. I,, we, appreciate you. So much dude. Thank you.

My god, this is beyond sweet. Really, I’m touched. I put a lot of work into this stuff and I love sharing it with you guys, you’re always so supportive and enthusiastic and BOY do you guys make me feel special. I never intended to really write this much or get this involved, but I’m so lucky to have you guys, I just genuinely enjoy hanging here with you all. I don’t really think the writing is all that, I think we just enjoy it so much because it’s a story we all have input in, and it’s something we want to see. And that’s the most valuable thing I learned from all of this, as a writer: stories are better when they’re shared, and reader input is invaluable! I don’t know WHY none of the show runners or writers see it this way, there’s this ridiculous ego in the industry. Sorry I’m ranting but I just wanted to say- the fun of it is sharing it with you guys! So thank you for that and thanks for the kind message! ❤️😭💕🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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hi do u like boys??? Bc like,,,u know u cute and u can draw and u look great in button ups so u have basically already stolen my heart. If u dont like boys thats cool bc like half my friend group also find u aesthetically pleasing and that includes nb and g i r l s

I do like boys, but im really sorry!! im already dating one aaah 

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Welcome, Admin O! Would you mind sharing some of your favorite headcanons? =)

Hello, I’d love to!! 

Bisexual Ron is essentially canon in my opinion, Goblet of Fire was the epitome of the “do I want to be them or have them” dilemma for that poor boy

I’ve seen posts that headcanon Harry and James as Indian and it makes an awful lot of sense to me, and in general any headcanon that Harry isn’t white I tend to gravitate towards.

 There are a few classic ships that I always forget aren’t actually canon because they’re so obvious like Dean/Seamus and Sirius/Lupin that I will defend to my grave

I really enjoy reading any and all neurodivergent headcanons even though I don’t have any in particular that I headcanon. I think this is a really interesting area of identity to explore using literary characters and since JK Rowling really doesn’t touch on it directly AT ALL there’s whole worlds of opportunity headcanons can explore

Does anyone else have headcanons they absolutely love? Share them with us! 

10 Pics that Describe Me Tag

Thank you @mark-and-spookies Angel for tagging me I really love doing these💗

Reasons why I chose these photos from left to write top to bottom:

  1. I happen to be a coffee or chai addict. I’m trying to just keep it at chai though and I am succeeding!
  2. Now see, not only do I make that pose a lot when stressed but I do mentally scream BOI when I see any of my biases or wreckers (so practically everyone) being rude like nobody asked you, okay, I am human don’t play with my feelings like that 😭😭
  3. My last name is Rose and I love the color red. Enough said :)
  4. BTS. Oh dear where do I start. Long explanation short, I have immense faith in them and what they do, in what they sing about. They’re creating songs everyone can relate too, everyone has asked these questions, has asked the universe questions and they’re the only mainstream artists I know so far that are writing songs about what’s important here. I could never be more proud of them (watch them do something even better) for making history and showing that I am a wonderful young Asian woman in this world. I love myself 💜
  5. The concerned Kookie meme. Wow. I make this face at least once in every single one of my college classes no joke 😂
  6. Whenever I get really passionate or exited about something I get loud. And when I laugh, I laugh with all my heart so it comes out pretty loudly, or that’s what I think the volume of my laugh sounds like. Ngl I’m pretty loud and I’ve had a couple people tell me to tone things down a bit. See @mark-and-spookies Meg this is why I’m always talking with you in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS 😂😂
  7. Aaaaand that’s the position I go to when embarrassed or flustered, ie when I make a fool out of myself and want the world to swallow me whole for a few minutes until the inflammation in my cheeks have gone down 😅😅😅
  8. Na Jaemin. This boy is so genuine and also such a meme! Also I make that face at least twice a week when everything is just not going as planned and I’ve just accepted that this is the way things are so I grit my teeth, make that face, and bear it 😂
  9. I don’t paint, but I love art, I love looking at art, and I love graphic design!!! Art has always forced me to get creative and think outside the box, even when I feel stuck I’ll look at art and suddenly, boom, inspiration! Of course, this all depends on what you call art, for I think anyone can draw inspiration from what they think is art. Like nature is one, I draw a lot of story ideas just sitting in a park (or speaking with Mejoon).
  10. This one says a lot about me as a whole. I’m a very, very spiritual person. No I’m not part of a cult get that out of your head. I believe there is energy behind matter (if you don’t believe this look up scientists making this exact discovery). I feel like there is so much more humanity if we could just tap into that energy, and we could be limitless within ourselves, our souls, and never fear what waits for us in the unknown.

And that’s me! Hope you’re satisfied with the pictures and explanations, so take it or leave it.

I tag @nofunbean @rose-ice-cream @thatbubblecat @arklah @keefy-teefy @flowerlesbienne @asmodeussssss @hannahdearr @bangchanseonyeondan @iiharu-chanii @hellkaiserinphoenix

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my step-brother is 16 years old and I am 20. he was visiting me in college bc he has a 3 day weekend, and he got into my meds somehow. theres nothing really i can do. my parents are pretty poor and I'm relying on financial aid, but I only got a 60% scholarship so I can't afford regular insurance. theres not really any family I can get help from. my brother is kinda crazy. he does all kinds of awful shit and he gets away with it because "boy's will be boys". I hate him so much.

I’m sorry, love :( that sounds really horrible and if he’s 16 then he should definitely know better!! Heck I’m 16 and I know people my age can be stupid but cmon, that’s just cruel of him! That ‘boys will be boys’ thing is stupid and not an excuse


✧.。.:*・#6yearswithexo °✧.。.:*

❝ our exo-ls who never missed out… just as expected of our exo-ls, who brought us to where we are now. without you guys, we’re nothing. even though we made history all the time, being a quadruple million seller and also keep on getting daesangs all the time… made me reminisce the time we spent together in the first and second year, we’ve already been together for six years. if this goes on, let’s be together as well for another 10 years, 20 years and 30 years. if we do, there would be nothing more treasured than that. exo-ls who keeps showing us, exo, lots of love, then please be together with us till the end. ❞ - suho, artist of the year speech :: we are one! exo 사랑하자!


“When you finally get to see yourself represented [on screen], you’re so inspired, and you realize, ‘oh my god, I can do this.’ … I hope watching To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before inspires Asian American actresses as well, and aspiring actors and actresses, and young girls. That’s really important to me. It’s unfortunate that [the first time you saw yourself reflected in Hollywood] is a hard question to answer because we haven’t had a lot of representation.”


Inuyasha + Clawed Cheek 


Buttering a roll, my dad says, “I like Peter.”
     "You do?“ I say.
Daddy nods. "He’s a good kid. He’s really taken with you, Lara Jean.”
     "Taken with me?“ I repeat.
To me Kitty says, "You sound like a parrot.” To Daddy she says, “What does smitten mean? Taken by her?”
     “It means he’s charmed by her,“ Daddy explains. "He’s smitten.”
“Well, what’s smitten?”
     He chuckles and stuffs the roll in Kitty’s open, perplexed mouth. “It means he likes her.”

types of people - flowers

lilacs: freshly fallen snow, slow kisses, old perfume bottles, silky hair, late mornings, the sea, meaningful looks, always buying new books, high heels, embroidery, the ‘maybe in another life’ kind of love.

hydrangeas: blueberry ice creams, sparkly nail polish, staring at the moon, doodling, jeans jackets, enjoying your own company, silver rings, long walks in the park, flavored cigarettes.

tulips: scented candles, lazy afternoons, lying in bed, chipped nail polish, loud laughs, meeting somebody for the first time, knotted headphones, golden highlighter, staring at the clouds.

lilies: cobbled roads, midnight snacks, beat up converse, hanging out with your friends, matte eyeshadows, trying to help as many people as you can, freshly picked apples, colorful patches.

forget-me-nots: bell bottom pants, pastels, abandoned beaches, headbands, cheek kisses, jeweled earrings, soft skin, the sound of rain, suede boots, old diaries, holding hands with someone you love.

hyacinths: dusty books, sunlight, dancing in your room, new stationary, long showers, ankle cuff jeans, trying new things,90’s music, loose curls, gold necklaces, staying up far too late.