i love it so much

I’m just gonna go, stretch out my back a little.  But I’m beyond happy with this, and I honestly think this is my fav thing I’ve done yet.  Conversely, my laptop hates me and this file, and tried to crash twice?

Anyway the filename I saved this under was “Goddess Seiya” and that’s really the only way I can present this. C:

Edit: Uhhhhh, not sure if tumblr is fucking up the image for anyone else but it’s looking terribly compressed.  I may need to replace the file bear with me.


love yourself: answer '起承轉結’ + tracks

Yeah I have a shitload of work to do in the next two weeks BUT tonight I found an article about English country housemaids having crazy sex with fairies so if you think I’m not going to call this paper “Kinkshaming Oberon: Fantasy, Housewifery, and Getting Freaky with the Fairy King” you are WRONG