i love her so much omfg i wish she was on the show

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Mom army anon - this is fine thank u v much for the comp i can show these to my mom and squeal lmfao. <3333 u're so niceee ah! Another fun episode of my mom is everytime she shows me a pic and goes all: cute???? i don't understand but they're cute??? <--- i love her) she doesn't speak english or korean so it's a wild ride trying to keep up with the translations for her ahaha(i have to show her the size diff comp too; as a Jimin stan, she is v protective "he is NOT tiny. he's taller than suga!")

Omfg i wish i could fangirl with my mom lol. She only likes korean dramas couldn’t get her into kpop lmao. i think jimin is actually taller than yoongz but i think they are just scared of him and dont mention it