i love her in this so much

its so weird what can happen in a year

exactly a year ago he jokingly said we were soulmates for the first time because we both wrote “men” for toys in scattergories

and then the next day i tweeted about feeling melty because of it, but didn’t realize i had actual feelings for another month

and here i am a year later, months after he said he loved me and couldn’t wait for four years so he could be domestic with me, waiting for him to talk about our feelings with me since we never really talked after he broke up with me, because he apparently still has some of those feelings and boy oh boy do i definitely still have those feelings but im so worried hes just going to tell me he still loves her more than he does me

and im scheduling a date with someone else even though im still completely in love with him which just feels so weird but i like them a lot and everything is just so strange

so much can happen in a year

okay i am liking the supergirl rebirth comics, and the new supergirl rebirth art is better than the first rebirth comics.

but someone explain kara’s new 52 rebirth history, please?

also i love how the comics are taking more cues from the show and that we see snapshots of kara’s life in krypton was– cars in krypton have holographic interfaces! she was one of the best students in krypton and was, according to her family legacy on track to joining them in the science council! 

you can see kara’s isolation and her anger issues, and just… i miss kara so much that i’m now looking for her in other media.

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Vikings' Blaeja/Heluna was so pretty and I'm glad she had her famous dark eyes! Sigurd's going to be gaga when he sees her! Also, that scene of him and Ivar rolling around on the floor and wrestling until poor Ubbe broke them up was funny! You just know he's had to do that a thousand times before.

Ubbe being the perfect dadbro is my favorite thing ever! You can see how tired he is of this shit! I just love him so much  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Low key (but who are we kidding HIGH KEY) in love with Amber Liu

Like can anyone tell me if this is possible like low key want to adopt puppies with this woman and support her in all she does because tbh she spreads so much good and is a blessing to this world

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How sweet it is to be loved by you. ☺

You know, looking back on this year so far, I’ve seen Dani a pretty good amount, and although it gets kinda lonely on the days I don’t see her, if I see her as often as I have in the past two weeks for the rest of the year, I think I’ll be okay 💕 I didn’t see her today, it’s just a thought.

Man, the day felt long. So much so that I came home and knocked tf out.

The kids were off from school and all at the center. I’m a little drained but at least some of them finished their puppets! Enough to display outside anyway. One teacher said Caden’s reminded him of Towelly lol.

Other than work, not much went down today actually. I get to sleep in!

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ahhhhhhh late night kiss made me feel like a 8 year old girl who just got a pony for her birthday. i love it and i now equally love you. i'm normally a very pessimistic person when it comes to love stories but HYDTCHONDSOGML it was just so good. i'm squealing

omg ?? this message is so pure… my heart has swelled up three sizes reading it 💞 thank you so much, this means so much to me! i’m glad i converted you into loving the cutesy fluff (w/ some sprinkled angst) that is lnk

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im rewatching gilmore girls and im on season 5 ep 5 and it's the part where rory and dean, and lorelai and luke are on a double date and luke is sO passive aggressive towards dean and is like "do you see the way he talks to rory? the way he grabbed the drink from her?" to lorelai and i just love it so much!! he cares about rory so much and I'm just like yes Luke, drag him

LMAO YAASSSSS luke is such a protective dad and i love it bc rory’s always been his daughter tbh :’’’))) and on a related note one of my pet peeves of the show has ALWAYS been the way lorelai absolutely fawns over dean ugh jfc he’s like her blindspot just bc he moons over rory and lorelai just doesn’t seem to recognise he does it in a really unhealthy and controlling way a lot of the time??? it makes me so annoyed grrrrrr

My girlfriend is the most amazing girl in the world and I can’t see my life without her. She means so much to me and I don’t know what I would do without her. She’s so kind, funny, beautiful, caring, dorky and intelligent. I would do anything for her and if I could go back in time I’d only change one thing, that we met and we’re together sooner. I love you I always will no matter what.

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I have recently read Debt of Time and while I never really thought of Hermione as a strong and independent woman, Mia has amazed me throughout the series with her strength and power and I'm honestly jealous how one can write such good fanfictions! I would also like to ask if you have a collection of all the quotes and poems you used? It's a unique idea to have the characters quote poems and I love it and would like to go through all the quotes as whole instead of reading it in the series.

Thank you so much. Writing Mia was just … cathartic. I may have Mary Sued her a bit (in regards to power and knowing everything) but she was so flawed in so many other ways. Detrimentally stubborn, hot-tempered, vicious, violent, cruel, and dramatic. It was the story I need to write in order for my brain to go “Okay, we’ve successfully fixed canon for the satisfaction of our own heart, now we can play in sandboxes where everything doesn’t always get cleanly figured out in a perfect happily ever after.”

I don’t have a collection of the quotes I used, unfortunately. I should make a list and keep it around somewhere. Most of the poetry used was from Pablo Neruda (because I swoon) and I carried my love of his words over into Tying the Nott.

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I would love to know more about Bonnie! (Like her profession, childhood, anything that comes to mind!) As well as Lady V they're so hella rad my dude *//^//*" ❤

Lady V isn;t mine, actually, so I can’t tell you much about her! xD

But Bonnie, I can tell you plenty about. At the moment, she works free-lance, hired muscle and all that good stuff. She ends up running an all girl gang of thugs, and ends up growing her hair out and gettin’ locs :D

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I really wish there was a way for us to be able to do photography together, cause your photography and your little 'photoshoots' if you will, are so amazing+I'm doing gcse photography but none of my friends will be in photos which is rather upsetting

AhHHH I would like that SO very much … honestly there is nothing I like more than doing photoshoots atm, modelling for them is SUCH a ball & im so inspired by all the creativity that happens on the other end, it’s really lovely to see? if ur doing GCSE photography then I’m guessing u live very far away from me indeed though … what a PITY bc I would so love to hang with u! And it’s a BUMMER that ur friends don’t want to model for u or her in on the process w that… u could try find a slightly different crowd of people in ur area though because honestly art attracts arty types and there are BOUND to be a bunch of people who would be so into that! I know that I’ve made SO many friends because of it / through all this arty stuff, and bonded w people I never thought I would? And it’s SO special, honestly! So take the opportunity I suppose … make a space for yourself on Instagram or w/e? It’s a wonderful tool u have, I think, ad u should use it if u can!
But 4real best of luck for it my dude… and who knows, ONE DAY maybe we will & maybe it will be worth the wait bc I’m sure we will both only improve at what we do over time! Love 2 u 💞

I had the best customers the other day. A mother and her little girl came in for a Moana toy. The little was as sweet and polite as could be. She used her manners well and was so happy about the toy. My coworker rung them and asked if she liked Moana or Frozen better and she said Moana.

The mother was telling us how much her daughter loved the movie and important representation is for brown people like them (their words. My coworker and I are both biracial but we don’t look it). It was a really sweet and touching moment then the little girl chimes in yelling “Yeah, we hate white people!”

Sherlock fandom loved TFP so much that they can’t even write the name of the main villain of the episode correctly


I'm (not) sorry, I need to say my part

I enjoyed TST, I liked TLD, TFP was a delusion.
They created too much expectation. They lost the plot. They didn’t achieve what they made us hope for and expect since the very beginning. It’s not just Johnlock, the episode itself was full of loose ends and red herrings. I’m not saying I’m not in love with the show anymore, I’m just stating a blatant fact: the writers are human, they make mistakes. But so are we, human as much as them, and we have every right to be upset, disappointed, mad at them and whatnot.
So speak up, you people. Spread the love but the truth as weel