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kaerlighet  asked:

what is the gayest thing noora has done

not in order because imo, noora as a character is an EMOTION and everything she does fuels my lesbian soul with the conviction that the world can be good 😌

1. when that dude sat next to her and she looked everywhere for an escape and then proceeded to seductively walk towards eva, sit next to her and flirt with her. he was there. he was GONE. now, she’s whispering Spanish to a girl’s ear and checking her out… she narratively murdered him with her lesbian powers this LEGEND

2. biting her lips, laughing and generally lighting the HELL up when she’s around sana or eva. it happens a lot like she literally glows around girls

3. when eva was kissing jonas and she interrupted them, looking both bitter and SMUG like it’s some ao3 lesbian slow burn classic and not Julie’s hetero self insert fic. I mean, what’s the narrative purpose in jonas appearing so visibly threatened by her very presence ? I’m asking but we all know why!! she’s so gay even straight guys can sense how her love for all girls put their mediocrity to shame!! they KNOW

4. serenading to eva. TO eva. no straight girl would do it like this, they could NEVER do anything like this. she’s literally inches from her, leaning in, scrunching her face like she’s just dying to touch her, to be near her, to feel her close, rewatching these scenes FEEL SO GOOD like!! that’s a lesbian!!! I know it in my heart of heart, her entire smile screams pure and genuine love, understanding and affection, she’s GIDDY with it, drunk on it, it’s like she can’t get enough!! she looks at girls so hungrily, lovingly, fondly it KILLS ME EVERYTIME

5. her entire relationship with eskild. they both enhance their gay powers around one another, they can finally just relax and be openly gay comfortably in their own home it’s so cute :,)

6. vilde : we’ll meet there
noora : don’t tell me what to do
sana : no she’s right we’ll meet there
noora : Sure thing!! Whatever you say!! 💓💓

7. how she stares at sana in every scene of s4. the RAW attraction feels like being hit by a bus I mean she caressed her face, she’s literally buzzing with how badly she wants to be near her!! she’s so into her!! always has been!!

8. coming in at the party and eva being drunk and how there’s a split second where they consider kissing. literally it’s tangible, she’s really standing there in her butch ass coat, staring at the girl’s lips like it’s cherry candy SECONDS AWAY from her straight scenes with willheeverleave… lesbian noora truly went fighting before julie murdered her!!!

9. the way she dances. there’s something so free and unsexy to it! it’s so divorced from any dude’s hot take about what girls should look like while having fun, it’s so fun and warm and silly!!! like she’s out there!! being gay and swaying her arms awkwardly, missing the beat!! makes me MELT

10. her unique pair of mom jeans she wears all the time cause it’s THE gay girl size and she’s comfortable existing out there looking like a lesbo on her way to steal your girl!!

Dirk: but you’re a robot you don’t need “emotional support” you don’t have emotions

Hal: *slides everything off dirks desk to send it crashing to the floor* ooo look what you made me do look what you made me do look what you made me do look what you just made me do

is it just me or whenever you think about meeting Taylor you get emotional and all happy over just the thought of it and you have this huge goofy smile on your face as butterflies burst into your stomach and your eyes tear up?


sunmi - pierrot smiles at us + the dance in rhythm (orig. kim wan sun) @ jyp’s party people (170923)