What are your favorite things?” I asked you.
“Oh, I love a lot of things” you said, smiling at me. “I love saturday nights, and playing baseball. I love the sound of rain on the roof, blasting music in the car on a tuesday morning, watching movies in the dark. I love staring up at the stars, warm summer nights, eating ice cream before dinner, and late night bus rides with the team.” You pause, and look down at me. “But there’s one thing that tops all of those,” you say. You grab my hand, holding it tight. “It’s that smile, those green eyes, cute little cheeks, the way your nose crinkles up when you laugh. It’s the way your hand fits in mine so perfectly, the feeling of your head on my chest and hand over my heart. It’s that feeling when I lean in to kiss you, that tops it all. It’s you, only you; You’re my number one.
—  favorite things// 1.18.17


happy birthday!
i love you so freaking much. it seems like just yesterday i nervously sent my favorite blog a message. i’m so glad i did! you are the sweetest, loveliest person i have ever had the pleasure of talking to! we have so much in common, its crazy. i am so grateful to have a friend like you. you’ve helped keep me together when things feel like they’re falling apart. i know that i can call you anytime when i need help, and i hope you know that i’m here for you too. 

you are the tear in my heart, michelle.

i love you.

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My reaction to a drama good drama gone bad, from beginning to end... In less than 3 seconds.

So today… I casually mentioned to my horrible friend @aegyo-shinee​ that I thought Jinyoung from GOT7 looked cute as I was listening to random kpop songs on youtube..

AND THEN THIS HAPPENED…. it even progressed to instagram……. someone save me from her~~~ 

@aegyo-shinee I’m so done with you!!! xD