i love books more than i love most people

I hope Thedas has self-help books, and I hope one of them is called something like “So You Love a Fereldan, And They Have a Mabari: How to Handle Not Being the Most Important Someone in Your Beloved’s Life”

the speckled band is A+ i’m so glad acd has good taste in his own work. the villain is absolutely heartless, and the victim’s history is so affecting. it’s a great example of the fact that holmes was solicitous and respectful of women, and was very sensitive to the vulnerable place that women held in society. it’s a creepy, sickeningly familiar story. holmes and watson are heroic in the most satisfying way. 

In six months you’ve taught me more about love than any book i’ve ever read or movie i’ve seen. You taught me that the people we love the most are normally the ones who treat us the worst but it’s too late and we’re knee deep already. You taught me that I need to love myself before I can love anyone else. You taught me that moving on is hard and it sucks but it happens eventually and it always turns out alright. You led me to begin writing about my heartbreak and taught me that through my words I can express everything that I’ve ever wanted to say to you. You taught me that no matter how much you loved someone at one point, sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. You taught me what a boyfriend should do and act like and definitely taught me what they shouldn’t. You taught me how to fully trust and then not long after you taught me that I can’t really trust anyone but myself.
And finally, the most worthy lesson of all,
You taught me that some best friends need to leave it at best friends and that’s all.
—  Some things I learnt from you.

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Why do Leo suns fall out of love so quickly? Like I do not understand how they can be so in love and chase someone only to drop them just as fast???

Hmm. It might be their moon more

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I have book stories! In kindergarten I hardly ever slept during nap time because the teacher let me use that time to read books. By that point I was already on a 6th or 7th grade reading level; most of my classmates were still learning the alphabet and couldn't read anything more difficult than a spelling test list. By 3rd grade I was at an 11th level (I think 11.4). I was also in what our school called "the gifted program" and the teacher of the program had me write short stories every week 1/?

Anyway, I started reading Harry Potter in 3rd grade and for some reason found it incredibly boring, I didn’t pick it up again until 7th grade. I never did stop reading in between, I actually ended up working as the school librarian’s assistant in 5th grade and then again in 7th and 8th grade. The librarians had never let a student do that before, but I was in the library so often that they knew I understood the organization and let me do shelving and check in’s/out’s. Now I hardly have time 2/3

To read at all and have been sitting on the same two or three books for the last couple months. I managed to race through the Grisha trilogy a few months back and Six of Crows as well as a couple other, but that was all in December. I read more books that month than I had in the year leading up to it…. Wow, I rambled a bit there. Point being, I love reading and really wish I had more time for it! I check out your writings when I can because they’re always so well done but quick! I love them!

Thank you! I love short stories personally because you can finish them in a reasonable amount of time, easily fitting them in your hectic schedule!

And, funnily enough, (and some people disagree with me!), the Harry Potter books are not written in the most interesting way. They’re written very well, of course, but they’re not urgent. The language is very simple and Rowling takes on the tone of the classic storyteller. There’s a distance between the reader and the narrator that a lot of people love and a lot of people don’t love very much at all!

Now, I’m a total Potterhead, but, for me, the only reason I love them is because the story is breathtaking! Any other story written in that style tends to  either do something to catch my attention within the first ten pages or suffer the worst fate of all–gathering dust on a bookshelf!

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Per your top 5 favorite characters list, why Ginny? I love her too, just curious what in particular put her in your number one spot. Love your blog, btw!

Honestly my top 5 varies based on how I feel when I get up in the morning. I honestly can’t choose a single character most of the time.

But I do love Ginny dearly.

She’s smart, witty, and friendly, and what’s not to love about that?

But more than that, I think she is an incredibly strong woman who comes into her own over the course of the series.

From the very beginning, she’s impressive. How many 11-year-old girls could escape from Voldemort’s control like she did when she got rid of the diary? How many 11-year-old girls could go through what she did and come out on the other side without completely falling apart? From the very start, she’s a survivor.

A lot of people complained that she wasn’t included enough in the books (though she’s mentioned more often than most people realize), and I would love to have seen more of her story too. On the other hand, I also love that she has her own thing going on in the background. She grows into this amazing self-assured woman, and we as readers get only glimpses of that transition. There are all of these wonderful little moments, her developing independent friendships, her sharing a joke with Harry. One of my particular favorites is when Ron suggests she goes to the ball with Harry. She had already accepted Neville’s invitation to go as friends, but to be completely honest, Neville would have understood if she ditched him. But she didn’t. This is a 13-year-old girl who has just been handed her crush on a silver platter, and she turns the opportunity down because she already has a date.

This is the girl who Fred and George were both impressed with and slightly afraid of. And that alone says a great deal about Ginny.

As we get into OP, I love that Ginny is even more confident. She stands up for both Luna and Neville, and that absolutely matters. She also shows that, regardless of her feelings for Harry, she’s still going to stand up to him. She calls him out on his shit when she thinks he needs it, but she’s also there to listen to him when he just needs someone to listen. OP shows Ginny’s ability to connect with Harry emotionally, and give him exactly what he needs. I love that she has the emotional intelligence to deal with both Harry and her friends. She’s down-to-earth, but she also injects some much-needed positivity into Harry’s life.

In HBP, we get to see even more of Ginny. I genuinely like the way the subplots with Ginny’s boyfriend were handled. Ron’s annoyance seemed perfectly in-character, but I love how Ginny and her relationships basically deconstructed the idea that Ron has a voice in her dating life. Not only does she repeatedly fire back and assert her independence, she challenges the hypocrisy and makes it clear that her business is not her brothers’ business. And I love Ginny for giving zero credence to the idea that her brothers had a vote in her dating life.

All in all, I just really really love Ginny.

16 Days of Outlander - Day #5 Rent

Another of my favorite episodes of the season (just like almost every other episode of the season).

Favorite Location: first camp by the loch. Give me all the landscape shots in this episode. They’re all soooooo gorgeous but the opening shot with Claire reciting poetry is perfection (I’m also really partial to the river where she and Ned have their chat about legalities but more on that later). One of the things that just makes this scene is the raucous of the men teasing and wrestling with Willie that’s just audible below Claire and Ned reciting their John Donne.

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part, Favorite Music Moment: Claire waulking wool with the village women. Since Claire spends so much of the rent collecting trip - both on screen and in the book - surrounded by the men of Castle Leoch, I loved that the show dropped in this few minutes of Claire spending time with and bonding with the women of the community. I also love that one of the songs they sing is about “mo nighean donn.” I don’t know what all the lyrics translate to but I recognize that phrase. So glad these songs were included on volume two of the show’s score. 

Favorite Line: “Only two.” While I like that in the book, Claire is able to figure exactly what Dougal is up to on the first guess, her confrontations with Ned Gowan over the particulars of Dougal’s actions and the legal arrangements - and the way Ned plays along - are one of my favorite sub-plots for the episode. His acknowledgment that she would have made a fine advocate (though we learn and he knows that she’s missed the mark, her explanation of the evidence at hand is sturdy) is more genuine than just humoring her and her own knowing retort as he walks away (that they both know something the other doesn’t creates such great balance) and then Claire’s judgmental stare as Ned rejoins Dougal…

“It’s a pity they don’t allow women to practice law.” 

“Not yet.” 

“It’ll be a few centuries before that happens.” 

“Only two.”

Favorite Performance: Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser. It’s not that his performances leading up to this one weren’t fantastic, it’s that in this episode Jamie had so much more to do that Sam was given a greater opportunity to demonstrate what he can do. Jamie has been on the outskirts of Castle Leoch trying (and failing) to keep his head down and not attract attention. On the road with the men, his protectiveness of Claire (and growing feelings for her) forces him to walk a delicate line as he fights to keep the peace between her and the other men in camp (especially Angus). He is patient and gentle with Claire but also frank and honest as he calls her on her attitude. He is also put on display in a way he hates as Dougal uses the scars on his back to raise money for the Jacobite cause. Heughan makes the most of every scene in Rent.

Honorable Mention for Music Moment, Favorite Shot: history lesson on the Jacobites. 1945 Claire’s reflection in the framed Scottish flag as Frank and Reverend Wakefield discuss the failed Jacobite rising with the music rising into a somber version of the show’s opening theme is just beautifully managed on so many levels.

Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptation: Jamie confronts Dougal. I love that in both versions, Jamie doesn’t make a scene by calling Dougal out in front of people. Jamie has far more tact and diplomacy than that. In the screen adaptation, I love the fact that you can hear whispers of their conversation as Claire moves in to eavesdrop and watch before the camera’s focus brings the audience fully into the conversation between the two men. There are some little changes as the scene shifts (logistically and emotionally) with Dougal walking off and Claire chatting with Jamie (I rather prefer the book version where it’s Claire who suggests Jamie hit the tree to blow off steam), but the conversation they have and their blossoming connection hit all the right notes for both characters and deftly handles another meaningful chunk taken right from the book.

Favorite Costume: Claire’s fur accented coat. Claire has way more outfits and accessories than is practical for being on the road and the rough camping they do during the episode but none of that matters because all the accessories look cozy and gorgeous but none look quite so tempting as that coat. How she manages to keep the fur so fluffy and clean in the damp and muck of camping and riding, I have no idea (magic, maybe?). 

Favorite Claire and Jamie Moment: the inn. I’m counting all of this together from the moment candlestick-wielding Claire trips over Jamie outside her door to their adorable greeting downstairs the next morning. Despite the tensions from the night before after Dougal’s speech, when these two are around each other they wind up in their own safe bubble of cute. Jamie’s face the following morning as he excuses himself it just the cutest/funniest thing; he looks like a kid who got caught stealing cookies from the jar and instead of being punished was given an extra cookie and told not to tell anyone else, so pleased with himself.

Favorite Minor Character: Ned Gowan. Who doesn’t love Ned Gowan with his mutual love for adventure and the law? His yearning for the days of his youth when the Highlands were truly uncivilized, his admonition against accepting live pigs, the way he plays with Claire’s interpretation of what Dougal is up to (and keeps Dougal from giving his true purpose away), there’s just so much to love about Ned. But I think my favorite Ned scene in this episode is when Claire earnestly tries to warn him that the Jacobite cause is doomed, that history will never record the name of another Stuart king and his response, “History be damned.” Then of course as the fist fight breaks out, he is right at Claire’s side keeping safely out of the physical fight. 

Favorite Scene (and yet another honorable mention for Music Moment): Claire makes a joke. Everything about the joke Claire makes and the reaction to it is a perfect payoff for the journey she takes this episode as she truly becomes a part of this community - she’d been largely welcomed into Castle Leoch by Mrs. Fitz but without Mrs. Fitz there, it’s been a rough few weeks and the tensions got pretty high there for a while. There’s that beat before Rupert laughs and the tension breaks with all the other men admitting in their own ways the merits of her joke. And then the emotional pendulum swings once more to somber at the mention of Culloden Moor and Claire revisiting her earlier reflections on the Jacobite cause but from a place where she is so much more personally attached. The lesson from Frank and Reverend Wakefield earlier and Claire’s voice over then were more detached and clinical; in this scene the camera lingers on the faces of the men who she knows, who will likely fight that battle and it is so much more real for her at this later point of the episode (and the music once again supports the emotional weight beautifully; the Wrong Side of History track is my go to for finding the right place mentally to write angsty ficlets). 

Arrow’s journey for me

Arrow is a show that when it came on the scene a lot of people expected it to fail. It was hot on the heels of Smallville, and many assumed they would just cast Justin Hartley, because he’s Justin Hartley. Why would you take a 10 year established set of characters and relationships, and start all over with unknown qualities? Why would someone want that risk? But they took that risk, and it was the best choice they could have made.

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You’re his celebrity crush and you talk about him during an interview (SHINEE)

Onew: -you were asked to pick your favorite male idol group and Shinee flew out much faster than you planned and you turned into a blushing mess. The being asked who was your favorite you replied quietly Lee Jinki and his heart skipped a beat- “she likes me the most”

Jonghyun: -you were an open book and wasn’t ashamed of who you liked. So over the years you had been famous you’d always say you liked no one ever but ever since you met Jonghyun your opinion on relationships changed. ‘I honestly think Jonghyun is the only guy I could say I’ve liked more than a friend’ you informed the MC when you were asked about your love life- “hopefully now she will accept my love and we can live happily ever after” 

Key: -you were caught out with male idol a few nights ago and people had been asking who the boy had been. ‘Kim Kibum who else male wise have I been hanging out with other than my manager’ you said rolling your eyes as if it was obvious. Him he was waiting for what the ship name for the two of you would be- “I bet it would be catchy something I can put on a shirt kinda thing”

Minho: -the MC mentioned that the previous week Choi Minho had admitted he liked you on the show but your response surprised most people. ‘I guess I don’t have to feel bad now saying that I like him as well, do I?’ you said with a wink, And as soon as he saw he was a blushing mess- “omo she actually knows who I am”

Taemin: -they’d been teasing him that his ‘girlfriend’ (you) was finally legal and that it didn’t help that you mentioned during your latest interview with you group that you found Lee Taemin very attractive. Now that you were officially of age he was planning on trying something- “go away I have a pretty girl to impress and she’s not my girlfriend yet. Give it time though” 

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what are your favorite writing styles to read?

I read mostly YA, classic literature, historical fiction, fantasy, and a little sci-fi now and then. Every once in a while I’ll read a biography or other non-fiction book. I love reading YA above all else, I think because the variety, breadth, and depth of the stories are often so much more than people often expect. I think you could take a lot of YA titles, pass them off to book snobs as something from “the adult section” and they wouldn’t know the difference. The book I’m most looking forward to at the moment is Maggie Stiefvater’s All the Crooked Saints. :)

Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you! Prohibited questions: portrayal of diverse characters, portrayal of emotions, specialist knowledge questions (medical, military, mental health, etc.), “how to portray/describe,” asking for tropes/cliches, asking for resources; broad, vague, or complicated questions. See master list & main site for more info!

ID #96287

Name: Carolina
Age: 22
Country: USA 

Hi, i’m currently a senior in college with a major in International Studies. My biggest interests are probably anime and video games, it’s because of that that i’ve actually chosen to study Japanese. I watch a lot of american tv (particularly shows based on comic books), and listen to a lot of Korean and Japanese music (tbh I know more about that than I know about American music). I’m also a second generation Latina so I also know Spanish but i’m not very good at it. I prefer speaking or reading it compared to writing it! Unfortunately i’m not the most artistic person so any letters I write probably won’t be the prettiest but I love stationary so there’s that lol

Preferences: I’m going to say i’m fine with anyone choosing to contact me as I assume everyone that looks on here is lovely, I prefer people close in age to me (2 years on either side) but that’s not a breaking point if you’re not!

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Do you have any headcanons about Joe and Cammie's relationship? I love their father-daughter roles, but I wish it was addressed more in the books!


  • They spend a lot of quiet time together. Things that Cam would’ve done with Matt, like fishing (THEY LOVE FISHING TOGETHER) and cleaning knives and doing outdoor stuff at the cabin, but with WAY less talking. Matt and Cam would’ve been comfortably quiet together, don’t get me wrong, but Joe and Cam can share maybe eight words for two hours and they’ve ‘talked’ more than most people ever do
  • Joe lowkey LOVES calling Cam his stepdaughter and does it all the time (he doesn’t put it randomly into conversation obvs). It makes Rachel ridiculously happy
  • He tells horrible jokes to Cam, and sometimes between him and Zach it’s a cavalcade of understated but bad jokes and puns and Cam’s just like “Mom make them stop” and Rachel’s like “I married him already there’s nothing I can do”
  • They like the same music–a fair amount of classic rock. Any car ride with them is John Cougar Mellencamp and Don McLean, etc.
  • Joe taught her about cars. This is like 80% because Matt isn’t around to teach her and Rachel’s not into cars, but it’s also because Joe was like “no way in hell my stepkid is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with a busted carburetor” so during the summer, he taught her all about how cars work and how to fix them. Cam had a basic understanding (the Gallagher Academy teaches literally everything, seriously) but Joe made something of a motorhead out of her
  • Joe knows that Cam likes steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli (that’s a subheadcanon of mine please don’t ask me why) so he always makes it at the cabin for her and she’s just like <3 <3 <3
  • Rachel chose the first dance song for them at Cam and Zach’s wedding. Joe and Cam were both crying by the end. 
  • Joe prefers pancakes. Cam prefers waffles. It’s a problem. 
  • Moving Cam into her dorm at Georgetown was the most normal that the three of them have ever been with each other, and it’s secretly one of their favorite memories. Joe was kinda nervous about having to go Full Dad around all those Real Dads but Rachel and Cam ended that real quick when they made him move all her furniture around
    • subpoint: if you don’t think that Joe bought some variant of a “Georgetown Dad” shirt or sweatshirt then HOO BOY LEMME TEACH YOU A THING BECAUSE HE ABSOLUTELY DID 
  • He lowkey spied on all the boys in her classes for the first two years to make sure she was safe, until Rachel found out and was like “JOE SHE’S GROWN” and he was like “that guy looks sketchy, Rachel, seriously”
  • HIKING. SO MUCH HIKING. And CAMPING WOW. He rarely takes Cam and Zach because “yes Rachel I know that there’s both basically our kids but they’re also in a relationship and I’m not putting that into a tent” but his trips with Cam are pretty awesome. 
  • They take really bad pictures together. Just the absolute worst of badly-timed, purposefully-ugly-faced photos to the point where Abby is just like “for fuck’s sake you two, this is for Rachel’s birthday, please just make normal faces for one picture.” Lots of ugly frowns for Joe and lots of no-neck pics for Cam
  • Sometimes Joe has to stop and take a second when Cam’s around and the light is just right or she laughs a certain way because he’d swear for half a millisecond Matt was in the room again–no it’s just Cammie but “jesus man, talk about xeroxing yourself, that kid is just like you and i’m so proud” but it really makes Joe’s stomach clench sometimes. It gets better with time–it does for all of them–but in the first few years, it could be a wee bit tough
  • He’s a horrible gift buyer, but Cam has loved every single thing he’s ever gotten her.
  • Joe taught Cam how to cook. She’s no culinary expert, but because of Joe she can make some pretty mean scalloped potatoes. 
  • When it comes to Valentine’s Day, Rachel picks out the candy they mail to Cam but Joe always picks the stuffed animal dammit, and it’s usually pink
  • When it comes to nightmares, Joe is better at comforting Cam than Rachel is, in a way. There’s nothing a mom’s hug can’t solve obvs, but Rachel only knows about All of It in theory, only as the worrying party who has to look for the ones she’s lost. Joe and Cam have been the lost ones themselves, and they know how much it fucks you up. One night in the cabin Cam woke up screaming, and Rachel wasn’t there because Important Headmistress Things and Zach wasn’t there because a mission in Kiev was taking a while, so all there was between those wooden walls was Cam’s terror. Joe knocked on the door and then stepped into the room without a sound and held her until she stopped crying, then they stayed up and talked for hours on the dock. They didn’t tell Rachel, but of course she found out. But she’s so, so glad he was there, and he’d be there from then on. And he prays to whatever god exists that Cam’s memories stay buried, because he’s not sure he’ll be there physically if they do. 


Why I love Amanda Palmer: An Election Night Story by M.L. Wahl

Dear Amanda,

I love you. I love you because you put out music that means something. I love you because you consider your signing table to be a confessional of sorts. I love you because you are unabashedly loud and proud about things that many people don’t dare to speak of. I love you because you genuinely want to know how we are doing, and celebrating holidays. I also love how you crowdsourced things to help illustrate points in your book when you were writing it.

However, I love you most for your community. Somehow, you find followers that are truly genuine, and who want to connect with each other. We connect over one or two topics, and then we add each other as friends on Facebook. We read each other’s more private status updates, and we frequently comment on them more than friends within our immediate communities. We send each other gifts around the holidays, even if we have never corresponded before. We buy each other’s art, which tells them that we see them, and that they are real. We donate to people’s funds to keep roofs over heads. We stay at each other’s houses, and celebrate very human things together.

Or, we post to be seen like I did tonight. I posted in one of the AFP groups to whine about not having any meat or veggies in the house until Friday. I described the kinds of protein that I had left in the house as evidence that I would not starve. I just wanted to be seen, because it’s something that we never see people struggle with in public, and it sucks to struggle with it behind closed doors in private alone.

A woman who I have never seriously talked to until the beginning of this month asked me if I was close to a Safeway, and I told her, “Yes, I’m close. I can survive with what I have until we get paid though too. It’s just a lot of beans and rice.”

I didn’t even have enough time to beg her not to do anything out of embarrassment before she told me “too late. Check your email.” She had sent me a $25 gift card saying, “A girl has got to eat more than just beans. I mean seriously.“

I was able to buy 2.4 pounds of chicken, mixed salad greens, a block of cheese, 10 pounds of potatoes, tortillas, an onion, and two boxes of 79 cent mac and cheese. More than enough to complete meals that I already had most of the of the ingredients for until Friday. I took the doughnut, (even if was offered to me like Jason Webley offers his CDs when he’s given money when he’s busking.)

Tonight is the first night I have been full in a few days. Tomorrow, I won’t have to eat a bowl of refried beans by itself for lunch like I did today. On a day such as this with a major election, a day of collective anxiety, a wonderful woman gave me money to buy groceries. No matter what happens, life will go on. Our special community will still exist, and for now that is enough for me.

Thank you Amanda, for creating and encouraging a community such as this. Thank you for being uniquely you. And when people ask you about crowdfunding, you can point them to this blog post. We crowdfund to support you, because we love the ideas that you foster, and the community that has been created because of it.

All my love.

Rebel Girl

Requested by @mysteriouscrystalnomad: Reid and the Reader meet some of her old friends from high school. She was in the “badass” group, and it leaves him feeling insecure.

The minute they walked into the coffee shop, he starts looking around, trying to pinpoint which group of people might be the right group. Some of Y/N/s old friends from high school are in town, and they’ve asked her to meet up, an invitation that has been extended to Reid as well. At various tables there are small gatherings. Is it the group with matching navy coats? The table where four books are stacked in the center, people gesturing at them excitedly every few seconds? He’s fairly certain that he can safely rule out the group in the back, with leather jackets and piercings as –

“Doc!” shouts a guy with bright blue hair. He waves in their direction and Reid is about to ask whether not the man means him, until Y/N grins and runs over, leaving him momentarily shell-shocked.

The blue-haired man holds out a fist, and they perform a short, intricate handshake before he claps her on the back, a gesture that is followed by hugs from the others sitting around the table.

“This is your friend?” asks a girl with two nose rings.

Y/N nods, and beckons him over. “Everyone, this is Dr. Spencer Reid. My boyfriend. Spence, this is the gang.” In rapid-fire succession she introduces them – the girl with the nose rings is Gemma, the blue-haired man is Neil, the bald girl is Ebony, the guy with the Mohawk is Nico, and the man with the thick glasses is Yuta.

“So, looks like our Doc found herself a doctor. Impressive.”

“I, uh, I’m not that kind of doctor. They’re PhDs,” Reid clarifies, taking a seat beside Y/N at the table.

Ebony nods, smiling. “That’s just as well. Typical Y/N, always showing us up. Like the locker wars.”

“Oh, now I can’t take all the credit for that,” she laughs. “I wasn’t the only mastermind, after all. Nico was the one who figured out how to swipe the master key without being caught.”

The table bursts into raucous laughter and the hurried mutterings of what he assumes are inside jokes. Feeling entirely out of the loop, he asks, “Locker wars?”

“It’s a long story,” Nico says, in a way tone that clearly excludes him. You wouldn’t get it because you weren’t there. “Essentially it was a large-scale prank involving several members of the student body. Some of whom were rather unprepared for what they found.”

“Oh god, like Nina Vangaard,” interjects Yuta, and they all laugh once more. “Doc, that was absolutely one of your more innovative ideas. I still can’t believe how many water balloons you fit in there.”

Hoping she’ll  be more receptive to his questions, he asks Y/N, “Why do they call you Doc?”

“Well, the six of us were sort of… like a little gang. Or at least, that’s how we fancied ourselves. Causing trouble, making mischief, that sort of thing. But always for good. Like if Robin Hood and the Merry Men were a bunch of leather-clad punk teenagers. So we gave ourselves nicknames. Neil was Operation, because he was always getting hurt and stitched up in some crazy scheme of his. Yuta was Picasso, since he was always getting these crazy tattoos.”

Gemma jumps in as well, saying, “I was obsessed with Rocky Horror, so I was Rocky. Ebony was Queen, since she listened to Bikini Kill exclusively for almost two years straight.”

“Hey, ‘Rebel Girl’ is an amazing song!” Ebony says.

Gemma rolls her eyes. “The Runaways were so much better. Anyways, Nico was the Duke, because he was our de facto leader. And Y/N was Doc, because of the pair of red Doc Martens she always wore. That, and she sort looked out for everyone.”

Especially Nico,” jokes Neil, smirking.

Y/N turns red as Ebony adds, “I think she did a little more than look out for him.”

It doesn’t take much to put the pieces together. Reid glances at Nico, feeling rather self-conscious. Though he’s much taller than the man with the Mohawk, he’s nowhere near as buff. Or intimidating. It’s obvious from the way the others defer to him, regard him, that he’s well-respected in their circle. A leader, one with quiet charisma and a rebellious streak. All of them were pretty hard core back in the day it seems. While he had his nose buried in books. He can only imagine what they would’ve said about him.

Ebony passess him her phone, to show him a photo of the gang. They all wear leather jackets, with various extreme haircuts and piercings. In the middle is Y/N, with hair that is black, a streak of brilliant red in the front, cut shorter than he’s ever seen it. A choker is around her neck, a stud in her nose, and her hands on the chest of a younger version of Nico. The younger incarnation sports heavy eyeliner and a brooding stare, and has an arm wrapped rather possessively around her.

He can definitely imagine what they would’ve said about him.

The photo only serves to make him feel more insecure, excluded from this strange gathering of memories. As they reminisce about old pranks and crazy misadventures, he finds himself wishing he’d just stayed home. He doesn’t belong here. Does he even belong with her at all? She’d told him about getting into trouble as a teenager, but he’d never heard about this group of people in much detail. Six rebels from a bygone era, when anarchy was in. They are nostalgia dressed in black.

“Remember when they dressed up as Sid and Nancy?” Yuta asks, nodding towards Nico and Y/N. “That was junior homecoming, wasn’t it? The year Neil tried to spike the punch.”

“Back when we thought you two were going to get married. When you weren’t masterminding revolution and anarchy, you were trying to outbang even the Sex Pistols,” Gemma adds.

Nico shakes his head, the slightest smile appearing on his indifferent face. “Nah. Marriage was way too establishment for us.” The absence of denial in regards to the sex part doesn’t go unnoticed by Reid. Whoever he was to Y/N, they were serious once upon a time. How does he measure up to this guy? This cool, unflappable rebel?

From what he can gather, they were all as brilliant as they were fearless. Undaunted by life and the rules of society. He tries to distract himself as much as possible until the group finally decides it’s time to go their separate ways, and they say goodbye with that complex handshake, a few hugs, and promises to meet again sometime.

Reid and Y/N have walked a few blocks when she asks him, “What’s bothering you?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“Spencer, I know you. Something’s wrong, you hardly said a word for an hour and half. Did we say something that bothered you? Do you not like them?”

Reid sighs, fidgets with his hands, and tries to find the right words. He settles for just blurting out the truth. “I’m just feeling kind of… lame compared to them. I didn’t realize that’s what your friends were like. You could’ve warned me, you know. About what I was getting into them. And that one of them was your ex? Is that the kind of guy you’re into?” He doesn’t mean for that last bit to come out, but he can’t help it.

She raises her eyebrows, tilts her head as though trying to see something that isn’t quite clear. “Are you jealous, Dr. Reid?”

Obviously so. “I know it’s silly to be jealous of someone you dated thirteen years ago, but I am. All of you were brave and fearless, and I’ve never been that kind of person.” He stares down at the sidewalk, focusing on the little cracks and bumps in the pavement. Embarrassment is nothing new, he’s never seen himself in any grand light. But he doesn’t want Y/N to see him that way. Doesn’t want to lose her.

“We weren’t brave,” she says. “We were reckless, and dumb. And Nico? He’s just a poser. The whole non-conformist thing is such an act. I was into brooding assholes back then, but that’s when I was sixteen. I’ve changed.”

Her hand cups his cheek gently, directing his gaze back to her, and he finds a smile on her face. “Spence, you’re in the FBI. You hunt serial killers, you save lives, and you read more books in a week than some people do in their entire lives. You are the bravest man I’ve ever met. And I love you.” The kiss she gives him is passionate, frenetic. Chaotic.

And he loves it. He loves her. Loves her no matter who she was or who she is or who she’ll become. Sometimes love feels like the most rebellious act. Accepting that sort of love, stronger and truer than he thought he’d ever have, is a revolution.

Back at her apartment, she slips into her bedroom for a moment, and comes out wearing a black leather jacket and that same pair of red Doc Martens he saw in the photo. She marches over to him, grinning.

“My riot grrrl days may be behind me, but you know what they say. You can take the girl out of the riot, but you can’t take the riot out of the girl. Now that this secret has been revealed, I hope you don’t mind me wearing these every day for the rest of our lives,” she teases.

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t.”

He wraps his arms around her, taking comfort in the fact that he could spend the rest of his life with her. It takes courage to love that hard. She makes him braver, every day. But he’ll never be reckless with this love, never careless or dumb.

She doesn’t need anyone to take care of her or protect her. But she lets him. And he’ll look out for her until the end of time.

So I finally finished the book! Here are a few of the things that I made me yell and/or cry:

  • Elliot’s obsession with Hot Carla omg. It takes up so much of the book it’s such a shame we saw pretty much none of it in the show. I mean I don’t wanna start any discourse™ but I’m not 100% thrilled with the way Sam deals with LGBT people on the show, and Carla was played by an actual transgender person, so it would have been nice to see more of her.
  • Elliot always refers to Carla with the correct pronouns (unless he’s directly quoting one of the transphobic inmates). In his own damn journal. He didn’t have to do that, but he did. He DID that.
  • The confirmation that Elliot’s mom was definitely physically abusive :(( And the way Elliot said it was so offhand I just… it broke my fucking heart. 
  • Going along with that: Elliot and Darlene’s polar opposite views about their mother was also heartbreaking. We saw a bit of this in that scene where Elliot went to visit his mother, but the book gives a little more detail. It was just really interesting and sad.
  • Elliot calling Robot “the supreme asshole” (accurate)
  • EVERYTHING ELLEON JUST AHHHCGGXRXTX. Elliot listening intently to everything Leon says, Leon worrying about Elliot, Elliot genuinely considering his advice… it was all too much. And I still want more. I want another notebook that’s just 100+ pages of Elleon plz thx.
  • Leon just being pure as fuck and always trying to help Elliot and Carla
  • The story about Moon Pie…. ffs I almost wanted to stop reading because I was nauseated and terrified of how it would end, but it was a nice ending I guess :(
  • Carla’s backstory… very sad and sort of cliche but I love that she got her name from someone who really cared for her. 
  • I love that Elliot is sort of a cheeseball?? He says things like “going bananas” and “super fabulous hairdresser.” In the show too, Elliot has a childlike quality about him. From the way he speaks to the way he approaches people, there’s a lack of maturity there, or at least less maturity than you would expect from someone who’s almost 30 (most likely caused by his childhood essentially being nonexistent). It’s really endearing and it’s great to see more of it in this book.
  • Conversely, Elliot is also quite a prick. This has been proven time and time again the show of course, but Carla said it best when she said that Elliot sees things too black and white, and really only ever sees things from his perspective. I think this is the negative part of his childlike personality. Children see things from their perspective first and foremost and, if all goes well, they learn to see things from other people’s point of view and they learn that there can be serious consequences from their actions. Elliot is obviously intelligent enough and old enough to understand his actions can have serious consequences, but he still doesn’t get the gray-area thing. Which makes sense considering his horrible childhood; growing up in an abusive environment, he and Darlene were constantly walking that fine line between everything being fine and everything being terrible, and it could all change in an instant. It clearly fucked him up in that way. He has a very do-or-die way of thinking.
  • Sam is a huge nerd for dropping in so many things that we were clearly supposed to get now that we’ve all seen s2, like when Leon was talking about that person who’s obsessed with time and it gets on his nerves. But because I am also a huge nerd I loved every single one of those not-so-subtle hints bye
  • THE POEM 😭😭😭😭 had me feeling like I was 12 again, wanting to keep that shit in my pocket and whatnot.
  • The main thing that really got to me was just seeing how ugly Elliot’s illness is, over and over again. It is not fucking pretty or poetic at all, ever. The way Robot’s attacks progressively got worse and worse was very hard to read. Elliot was suffering pretty much 24/7.
  • On a lighter note, there were several times that I laughed out loud at their interaction. I’m pretty sure I dropped the book at that part when Robot was going on one of his rants and Elliot replied “duly noted and ignored.”
  • I know nobody’s on the Elliot/Angela train but honestly, the way he talked about her was so sweet. I don’t think that just because there’s a romantic element to their situation that it’s now “tainted” or “cliche”; it’s still very complex and there’s still a lot that we don’t know. Also Elliot kept mentioning that Angela is not someone to fuck around with, and he really predicted Angela’s personality change that we saw throughout s2. So I really want to know more about what she was like when she was younger.
  • Sadly, the pages shown in the show (you can see them in this post) are not the same as they are in the actual book. The part with “Obama is really hot” wasn’t there. And neither was the part about latkes :((( Considering how insanely detail-oriented Sam is - plus the fact that I’m sure he knows we took screencaps of the notebook in the show - I find this pretty strange. Maybe it’s a clue of some sort, maybe the real book just changed throughout production… Who the hell knows.

Anyway. I’m still deciding whether or not I liked the book as a whole. It was a pretty exhausting read, and in true Sam fashion, he dropped in stuff that we still don’t have answers to… but I can’t help but be in awe of his dedication to this show. To create an interactive book like this, where everything looks so real… I just… Rami was not kidding when he said Sam doesn’t sleep. This show is clearly Sam’s baby and he’s literally obsessed with it and, as a fan, I’m just overwhelmed by it all. He’s so passionate about Mr. Robot and it really shows. I love my mortal enemy ok :(((

OK I’m done rambling now. I’ve queued up a few of my favorite quotes from the book so enjoy :)

i don’t understand that thing people do where they end relationships and pretend that it was never worth it, that they never loved the person.
i’ve been fucked over more times than i can count, but i can recognize that most people were in my life for a reason, and they made it better at one point.
i can’t see why everyone is so keen on rewriting the story with only the awful side. if there was nothing else to it, it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. a past relationship deserves to be viewed as it was: a mixed experience with some amazing times and some major fuckups.
of course, if the relationship was abusive or something absolutely disgusting and unforgivable happened, viewing the person in a purely negative light makes sense. that’s not what i’m talking about.
generally, holding onto anger and bitterness instead of seeing reality can only be hurtful, and it won’t make getting over them any easier.

outlander starter sentences

from both the 1st book + season 1 of the show!

  • “people disappear all the time.”
  • “for where all love is, the speaking is unnecessary.”
  • “don’t be afraid. there’s the two of us now.”
  • “i can bear pain myself, but i could not bear yours. that would take more strength than i have.”
  • “does it bother you that im not a virgin?”
  • “you’re tearing my guts out, ______.”
  • “where did you learn to kiss like that?”
  • “a hedgehog? and just how does a hedgehog make love?”
  • “sometimes our best action result in things that are most regrettable.”
  • “and if your life is a suitable exchange for my honor, why is my honor not a suitable exchange for your life?”
  • “that’s what marriage is good for; it makes a sacrament out of things you’d otherwise have to confess.”
  • “who in god’s name is ______?”
  • “boldness in battle is nothing out of the way… but to face down fear in cold blood is rare in any man.”
  • “haven’t you ever seen a naked woman before?”
  • “what does ‘fucking’ mean?”
  • “getting up once in the dark to go adventuring is a lark. twice in two days smacks of masochism.”
  • “i didn’t tell you because i didn’t want to lose you too.”
  • “i wish i could have fought ______ for you.”
  • “it wasn’t your fight — it was mine.”
  • “i can’t bloody do without you, ______, and that’s all about it.”
  • “ill thank you to take your hands off my ______.”
  • “if you ever lay a hand on me again, ill cut out your heart and fry it for breakfast!”
  • “i won’t have you dying for nothing.” 
  • “you’re the regular bob hope." 
  • "i said i was a virgin, not a monk." 
  • "i won’t surrender. to you, or any man." 
  • "well, if you’re going to hell… i might as well go, too. god knows you’ll never manage alone." 
  • "chickens are very poor company." 
  • "it doesn’t matter where you come from. you’re here." 
  • "i wake up every day, and i find that i love you more than i did the day before." 
  • "i’m not the meek and obedient type." 
  • "you don’t look that heavy. if you won’t walk, i shall pick you up and throw you over my shoulder!" 
  • "because i wanted you. more than i ever wanted anything in my life.”
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: how could someone possibly hate harry potter? it is so much more than just a children's story. it is about how love is literally the most powerful source of magic among any of us. it is about friendship and loyalty and how people die to do the right thing. it's about fighting your demons and learning about yourself. how would someone not like to learn about themselves through wandlore and hogwarts houses? do you not want to know about another part of your identity? and how can you not find lily sacrificing herself for harry riveting? and how can't you respect harry with everything he has gone through? he has been abused and used, he has suffered from ptsd, and it is all for the sake of protecting humanity as we know it. how can you find harry annoying after everything he has gone through? wouldn't you say his actions are completely justified? are you incapable of love like voldemort? is that why you hate harry potter? but just think about how tragic it is that voldemort couldn't love most likely cause he was conceived under a love potion? do you not like to read anything with depth that is heartbreaking? every character has so much growth, is that not what you like in a book? i just don't understand. harry potter is about so much more than magic; it literally teaches you the important things to look out for in life and what you should protect. does anything like that mean anything to you? or have you just not given it a chance?

thenorns-themoirai  asked:

For the writer ask - hydrangea, lavender and petunia ^^

Hydrangea = What inspired you to begin writing in the first place?

Well, I believe I’ve always written fanfics in my head. Everytime I’ve read a book, watched a movie or tv show, I imagined different scenarios.

But I started writing about Rollo and Gisla more than a year ago. It happened after I’ve read amazing fanfics from people that I love and that I’m still friends with, like @zoesongs, @daizydoe, @laure-demontety, @stripesandpolkadot and many others. My English was terrible and because of their encouragement I started studying to improve not only in writing, but to be able to communicate with them. These ladies are amazing, lovely and kind. I felt accepted to start writing because of them. No judgment, only love.

Lavender = What is the most important thing for you as a writer?

What I love the most is when a reader says it was possible to feel like she/he was in the story or feeling the characters’ emotions. I try to imagine how I would feel, what I would think if I were in the situation I’m trying to write. Writing intriguing and complex characters in a detailed way is my priority.

Petunia = Who is your favorite character to write for? Why?

Ivar. His personality is interesting because you can imagine him in different situations, and reacting in different ways in which one of them. He can be stubborn, sensitive, ruthless, insecure, proud, bossy…
It’s a good character to play with. Hahaha.

Thanks for the ask Fê. ❤❤❤