i love all these tweets tho :((

hello my friend hot me drink for my birthday which is on 2 days from now and did u know that I love u gus so much like so so much u guys all deserve the ebst ever and I want only good things to happen. to u from now on ok I’d.tweet that out into the universe but I don’t have a Twitter but u have a really good Monday ok like a nice awesome one like maybe eat a cookie or two bc u so deserve it I love u a lot

Louis loves his Louies: a Saga

  • he knows we call him “king” and answers to it (iconic!)
  • “this is your year” “*our year”
  • constantly acknowledges our fan projects
  • + the promo we do for his songs
  • ++ and tweeted (?) about the sponsorships during JHO promo so that more sponsors came in
  • “do something for your louies” *does Stuff*
  • creeps tumblr and makes it rly obvious that he’s doing so lol (hi louis)
  • “the Directioners are lovely! they’re lovely!” “they are, they are watch your mouth” :) ((HE’S SUCH A MOM I CAN’T))
  • actually, he’s always the first to defend us so jot that down
  • making videos to thank us for everything ???????? even tho it’s totally our pleasure to do all this and be there for him :(
  • being really cute on twitter and making us feel included in his entire solo process
  • calling us a team
  • making sure we feel loved even tho it’s impossible for him to know us all personally
  • :’))))))))

what if the mini-genos gang all represented different parts of big genos?

so like, one is super emotional and fragile, representing his human emotions, and another is his robotic side, and is super pragmatic and unfeeling about everything. another wants to destroy and burn stuff down, bites literally anything he can at every possible opportunity. another just steadfast follows saitama around 24/7, copies him down to matching his footsteps and breathing pattern exactly.

Imagine all the possibilities…

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So, what do you think about the whole thing with Markiplier? He's getting so much hate for supporting his friend (But Pood's jokes were really bad tho..)

(✿◕ ‿◕ฺ)ノ))。₀: *゜ Ah RLY??

sorry,i’m totally unaware of this! 

i don’t have the same story there…

i guess,ppl should blame all the youtube community then…(灬º 艸º灬)

(and yea’ yea’, i kno’ ur feel, i understand ppl doesn’t like his jokes )

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hi leela! I hope you're enjoying your holidays if you celebrate. I don't know if you're still keeping up with dnp stuff but I'd love to know id you have any thoughts on dans tweet kind of backtracking about being with the lesters? It kind of bummed me out to see him make excuses for it like that and you always have a way of explaining the silly things these boys do...

aw, ya i totally understand feeling bummed by it!! :( it feels a lot like when he tried to downplay how long he stayed with the lesters in florida, but i think it just feels a lot firmer to see it in writing in a tweet reply rather than to hear him just gloss over it verbally in a video or live show. it also kind of feels more explicitly like a “lie” since there’s next to zero likelihood he actually went to iom for one day only. the other striking thing about it to me is that he basically went out of his way to answer that tweet. he could’ve easily ignored it and not said anything at all.

idk if i’m actually able to explain dan’s exact rationale but to me it just feels like a classic example of boundary setting on his part. he’s showing that this is a particular instance of smth that he definitely doesn’t want to talk about or expound upon any further in front of a public audience. i mean, on the bright side, he’s acknowledging that it happened, but in the same breath he’s establishing that it’s essentially off limits, to the extent that he’ll even fudge the truth a bit to downplay it and cover it up. and even though on face that can feel a bit brutal i think the heart of it is actually quite sweet? bc he’s basically saying that this family time is private, and therefore something special/significant to them. and that really makes my heart warm, that he wants to save those memories and hold them close, rather than invite millions of people in to share in them. it kind of underscores to me that sharing the festive season w the lesters was a bit More than any of his other one-off visits to see them and it’s just fucking cute. viewed thru that lens it makes sense to me that he went out of his way to answer the tweet rather than ignoring it, bc in doing so he’s essentially discouraging any further questions about it from his audience. otherwise whom knows how long he’d be getting questions and sappy tweets about it in his mentions??? soooo in short, i think dans just protecting his family time which is in keeping w how he normally feels guarded about family matters and i think it’s kind of lovely in a roundabout way and even tho it’d be better to hear him say some shit about how he’s rly happy and full of love for the people he cares about most in this world and kath forced him to eat his body weight in biscuits, firstly that’s hella contradictory to his branding and, secondly, i think all of that sentiment is fully there, baked into the subtext of all of this :)

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People say hes homophobic because he answered a question about lgbt+ (it was about the tweet from 2013 about the song 'same love') kinda vaguely, (even tho he literally said "love is the same"). But you can see from the interview that he was trying to answer all the more controversial questions carefully. Luckily yoongi answered those questions more straightforward. Namjoon definitely has a lot of pressure to speak for the whole group so it's understandable.

I can’t believe people are calling Kim Namjoon homophobic. Kim Namjoon, the man who recommends movies and books with gay characters. The same man who said “we don’t have boyfriends or girlfriends”, who promotes the idea that there are different kinds of love in this world. People have the audacity to call him homophobic? This just proves how eager they are to twist words and take them out of context, to create problematic things for the sake of downgrading idols. BTS aren’t perfect, they take a lot of pressure too, they crack because they’re just human. After all the things they’ve done for us, some of you actually take something he clearly didn’t say and use him against him. People are disgusting. The only thing that I have to say is this: We don’t deserve the blood sweat and tears they shed for us

Do you all remember that time when Tae posted a photo and drew collars on all of the members?

  • Istg this boy has some kinks.
  • Look at all of them, assuming that everything is well and normal
  • Jin looks suspicious tho
  • *Casually posting a kinky photo of group members*

Meanwhile the member’s reactions like 20 minutes later after they saw the post:

Gotta punish him.

-Jimin grabbing his hair

-Jungkook watching him suffer

-Jin cheering them on

What a lovely family

I stan an amazing group.

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This is the 1st time I love an idol & it hurts everytime I see my baby is treated badly. He cares abt others too much compared to himself. How come nobody came to support him or even talked abt it? They love him, maybe not as much as we and JM thought? I hope JM could realize that it's time to love himself the most. Maybe when he love others less, they can see how much he treasured them as they always took it for granted? However sadness and loneliness like this help us grow up becoming stronger

Anonymous said:I understand that not everyone have the same way to show their love and support so just because jimin is always there when they do their individual shoots and he is always tweeting and talking about their solo projects doesnt mean that we should expect the same from the others but the fact that when the others did some filming for solo projects all of them always visit them but for jimin they didn’t went even tho he was filming for 21 hours makes me kinda sad

I think it’s the fact that members visited or at least tweeted about other member’s solo projects, but no-one did for Jimin, it’s this that is sad.

What makes it more so is how Jimin is always visiting, and sending presents, and supporting, and tweeting, and hyping up all the other members…

Like @makuthebtsartist very eloquently said, “I’m not angry, it’s not my place to feel this way. I’m just sad seeing Jimin say three times in a row that he was alone :(”

Me too, I am not angry, just really really sad.

Nobuyuki’s tweets (day 2)

Hello. I’m going to go train after this. I’m a Sanada after all, so I do join in from time to time.

Yukimura’s strength is bottomless. It’s good to be young.

Father seems to be interested, so here’s a picture.


Nobuyuki has gone to the bathroom.

Nobuyuki is going to organize documents after dinner.

Nobuyuki occasionally eats sweets while organizing documents. Well, whatever.

Yukimura is going out for training this evening too. Admirable.


It seems that Father was tweeting. He was interested after all.

Recently I’ve been getting the feeling that Yukimura and Sasuke are doing something behind my back. Well, I shan’t ask now. Good night.

SQ twitter 12/9/18 - Kuga twins birthday

☆ Today is Kuga Issei and Kuga Ichiru’s birthday ☆

Eichi: Happy birthday!

Shu: I’m glad that we got to spend this special day together.

Ei & Shu: (In English) HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Issei: Thank you!

Ichiru: Thanks~!

Twins: Happy birthday, Issei/Ichiru!

☆ Today is Kuga Issei and Kuga Ichiru’s birthday (2) ☆

Eichi: Speaking of which, since it’s your birthday, shouldn’t we be going out to celebrate somewhere nice?

Shu: We ended up just talking about it and staying at home (laughs)

Issei: No, this is perfect. This is what we wanted to do.

Ichiru: Yep. Today we got to have both Shu and Eichi to ourselves!!

☆ Today is Kuga Issei and Kuga Ichiru’s birthday (3) ☆

Ichiru: I mean, we got to eat whatever we wanted and sleep whenever we felt like it~

Issei: We even managed to bump into everyone that we wanted to meet in the dorm and had tea together.

Ichiru: Rikka gave us some cream puffs!

Issei: And Shiki-san gave us coffee jelly.

Ei & Shu: When did this happen

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Ummmm....Is no one going to say what we’re all sitting at home thinking? That both SC have been quiet as church mice all day .... and after S tweeted he was traveling yesterday .... They must be burning up the 400 thread count in some fancy hotel tonight!!!!! 🔥🔥🍷🍸🍾🥂🥃💘💘

hahaha oh I love you anon. is it crazy to say that I haven’t really thought about them all day? I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole of watching Claire Foy and Matt Smith interviews all day (and totally shipping them even tho she’s married shhh) so I’ve had a nice little break from the ship today, unintentionally. 

THAT BEING SAID. I hope, if they’re together, they’re having a lovely time! and maybe can they be online at the same time tomorrow thx :)

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I'm crying rn. Candice's tweet made me so happy. Westallen has always been special to me not just for being a beautiful ship but because it's interracial and a black woman with a white man. I only see black man white woman relationships being considered normal interracial relationships. I'm a black woman and I fell in love with a white man. We were really happy together and got married a few years ago. It was hard tho because people judged us all the time. Even friends of mine were rude.

It made us struggle with our relationship. I didn’t know if we were strong enough to make it work with so much racist stigma from the people who are supposed to support us. One aunt of mine disowned me because she said I was betraying my race by not being with a black man. But we have been doing it for 8 years now and I have never been happier! I started watching the Flash not long ago and cried over Westallen. 

I see so much of myself in Iris and my husband in Barry. I have never seen a relationship on tv or in the movies like theirs. Seeing that love for each other even though they are different races is beautiful to me. It’s what I see when I look at my husband and know he sees when he looks at me. I ship Westallen more than just because it’s on tv but because it touches my heart. They mean so much to me. They are the future in my eyes. I see them changing minds for better.

It makes me so mad to see haters try to tear down Westallen. They are so pure love. It’s sad ot think if they were the same race people would see the beauty of the couple. But I love them and I love how Candice and Grant stood up for them but especially Candice just now. Interracial couples are normal!

End segregated society once and for all! Black and white people need to be free to love one-another without judgement. Interracial is normal and beautiful, just as beautiful as any other couple’s love.

Wow, your story is beautiful. Thank you for taking the time to share it with me. I’m so happy you and your husband found such a special, beautiful love together. 

WestAllen is a great example of love between two people. Love that no racist could ever understand. You’re right when you said that WestAllen is the future. They will show a new generation that interracial couples are normal and beautiful. Candice and Grant know that and I think it’s clear they are quite proud of that. Candice’s tweet standing up for WestAllen against that racist was badass and will undoubtably make a lot of young women feel more confident in their relationships with people of a different race.

Representation matters!

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15.09.1992 ❇ Happy blessed birthday to our oldest hyung in Day6!! 💖

To: Dearest Jae,

Happiest birthday to you and my heartiest congratulations and best wishes to you on your special day! I’m so happy that you get to spend your birthday together with MyDays and the members, have a blast and rock the stage as you always do! However, never feel bad about letting us down if you are still not in your top condition! Health is your utmost priority, I’m sure you already know that.

My wish for you is to always be happy in whatever you do, and to never lose that passion you always have for music because I know you shine the brightest and your smile is the brightest when you are out there performing. :’)

You were not my bias when I first got to know Day6, in fact you did not really catch my eye in the beginning. However as I got to know Day6 and you better, I realise you are someone so lovable, so genuine and so so beautiful. I love your voice (yes your voice is the thing which attracts me the most - it’s like it’s got that sexy vibe there and I’m just so drawn to it), I love your smile (how you sometimes use your hand to cover your face and your laughter omg), your fingers (why are they so slender and pretty??), your eyes (that you so like to cover but baby let me see your eyes), your dorky self (takes dorky selfies but goddamn I love them), your confident ass when you speak in English (does this even need to be clarified?), your sincerity and humbleness whenever you tweet in korean, your self promo for Day6 and Jaesix, your words of encouragement (which you always know when to say the right words), your humour (i love you and your wits), your aeygo (even tho u hate it but u dun even know it’s the cutest thing in the world and in my heart u beat kwp ☻), your awesome jawline (im always attracted to jawlines and yours is so freaking sharp) and a whole list of things I could list down….but most of all, I love how genuine you are. You say some honest thoughts on radio but when people took it the wrong way, you immediately apologize. You pushed yourself to attend the fanmeet and performed Beautiful Feeling even though you were sick. You cried because you must have felt so vulnerable, sad, regretful and unwell, you showed us that you are only human too. You put in so much effort for the fanmeet, with only love for MyDays, wanting to show the best you can but ending up not being able to showcase to us. I know, it must be hard for you, I know. So that’s why I cried so much for you that night or whenever I see fancams of that night. I just wanna say thank you so much, thank you for being you. I don’t think I can ever love you even more, but I did. Happy birthday and you deserve everything in the world, my dear Jae. Finally, #ListenToADay6SongTodayBecauseItsMyBirthdayAndISaidSoSincerelyJae #Day6 (using last year’s and this year’s hashtags ㅋㅋ )

Caitlin Farmer Headcanons
  • Her and Shitty get along eerily well, like. THEY’RE BROS. Shitty just fucking loves Caitlin. Like, real recognizes real, brah.
  • Her and Chowder are both from Cali, right? But Chowder is from San Jose where it’s hot + beachy, while Caitlin is a literal wild forest creature that grew up in a rural northern CA town filled with redwoods.
  • She fucking loves redwoods
  • She has a bluetick coonhound back home named Itchy. She brings him to stay one semester, and Chowder becomes obsessed with spoiling Itchy
  • She is a vocal, inclusive feminist and will physically fight you if you say something off
  • Her and Shitty used to always say “meet me in the fucking pit” jokingly, but slowly that developed into her and Chowder’s code phrase for “let’s go up to your room and be sappy/have sex” so Shitty has now forbade the phrase from being spoken in his presence
  • She prefers not to drink, which is good because Chowder is such a lightweight. He feels very comforted that Caitlin is always there to make sure he’s okay whenever he dips into the tub juice, and he’s so trusting that sometimes he needs a little protecting
  • She has two dads, and since Nursey has two moms, they bond over the struggle of what to call which parent. “Dad! No, not you, the other dad.”
  • One of her dads is literally the most Scottish human to ever exist, so she has the teeniest tiniest brogue, even tho she was raised in CA
  • Her and Bitty are both avid tweeters, but she’s the type that tweets those really intense Scottish tweets. “Am wi Chowder, he’s a ragin lil fuck ye i luv him, canny luv him moar”
  • Bitty has her twitter on notifications.
  • Chowder is really insecure about his braces, so Caitlin makes sure he knows she loves him just the way he is. She leaves little sticky notes all over his room!
  • Her favorite musical artists are Creedance Clearwater Revival and TLC
  • Caitlin is a Biology major. She wants to teach middle school biology and become Miss Frizz 2.0
  • Chowder is really allergic to chili powder and other spicy ingredients, so even though Caitlin really loves spicy food, she gave it up so she could kiss Chowder whenever she wants
  • Her and Lardo get into really heated debates about art. Lardo is a #stan for modern art, but Caitlin just feels like it’s stupid. “Warhol was a genius, Caitlin, get your head out of your ass” “He doesn’t hold a candle to Bob Motherfucking Ross”
  • Her alignment is Beer Dad (Chowder is totally Wine Mom)
  • Bitty knows Caitlin loves pumpkin pie, so he bakes them for her like weekly, and she always picks them up after visiting Chowder. Everyone is baffled as to how she isn’t dead yet.
  • She likes the pumpkin pies frozen, by the way
  • When her and Chowder graduate and want get a house together, they decide to just close their eyes and point to a map to decide where to live. They get ‘middle of the ocean’ eight times before they finally give up and settle in Minnesota
  • Caitlin, Chowder, and Ransom all love to knit, so they just knit shit for each other all the time and start to wear these all-knitted ensembles that look absolutely ridiculous
  • Caitlin and Chowder both like oversized t-shirts, so they’re constantly wearing each other’s clothes
  • She is such trash for lipstick, and likes to wear weird colors like green or metallic teal
  • She loves kids so much
  • Has gotten in a barfight once but only Chowder really knows the details
  • She comes to all of Chowder’s hockey games and he comes to all of her volleyball matches
  • Her and Chowder have dressed up as ‘Eleanor & Park’ and Daft Punk for halloween
  • Her favorite book is “The Hobbit”
  • Loves making fancy pasta dishes, so once, Bitty and her created a really cool dinner for the team that everyone still talks about
  • Has a lot of tattoos! but they’re all of really silly things, like scooby doo on her ribcage and a blueberry muffin on her wrist
  • Talked Chowder into getting a tattoo of a shark on his butt because “the Sharks own that ass way more than I do”
  • Eventually gets a tattoo of a can of clam chowder soup over her heart because she is a LITERAL SAP and then chowder gets a tattoo of a redwood tree over his heart because he is also a LITERAL SAP
  • Does not know how to skateboard but she tells everyone she does