i like the idea of her running in socks with some padding only anyway.

I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.

Down For The Count (Lin x Reader)


Summary: You’re Lin’s Eliza.

Word Count: 3826

Warnings: terrible depictions of how musicals work, swearing

A/N: i’ve decided that i don’t know how to write short fics - that’s all i learned from this. also!! thank you to @hamiltrashtothemax for hitting me up w that picture of a page from the hamiltome since i don’t have mine with me. there are some references to it in here

You were situated in your usual spot on you and Lin’s old, slightly worn couch with your laptop warming your thighs and your sock clad feet crossed on your coffee table. Your hair was styled in a sloppy bun that sat on the top of your head, stray pieces of hair peeking out. You softly bit your cheek, the ongoing clicks of you and Lin’s laptops ringing in your ears. Lin worked on the seemingly never ending process of Hamilton as you worked on finding some new gigs.

Marrying and moving in with Lin had been a miracle, seeing that you both were passionate, avid people of the theatre. You had met him just after he left Heights through Lac’s fortunate pulling of strings, and you were forever thankful for him. You took a second to tear your eyes from your screen, glancing around your living room as you let out a soft sigh. You and Lin had hardly moved into your apartment approximately a week ago, and you had barely touched your overflowing boxes that lined the walls. The other day you had moved in Lin’s extremely out of tune piano that sat untouched against the far wall, so Lin had resorted to the software on his laptop to do his musical mind justice.

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Electric Kiss | Baekhyun

Originally posted by sebaeked

Genre: Angst.

Description: “In the span of an electric kiss, just 40 seconds, Byun Baekhyun became someone you didn’t know.”

Featuring: Red Velvet , Kyungsoo.

Warnings: Mentions of sexual situations, underage drinking, and smoking.

Word Count: 3850

Author’s Note: This just came in a rush and I’m like proud?? Red haired fck boy Baekhyun is my muse, don’t touch me.. anyway, enjoy *^*

A sticky tune blasted off the stereo. The kind that accumulated the masses in one same plaster of sweat and way too expensive clothing that served mostly just for show. It prompted groove and grinding, bodies fixated onto one another with the euphoria of alcohol and heat.

Just one more reason to step away into a corner. Simply put: parties weren’t much your thing. Sure you enjoyed the free cookies and all, and the dancing wasn’t so bad, but the hotness of it all, the wildness—the raw effervescence of the city—you haven’t near as much gotten used to it still.

So that’s why you smiled a thanks-my-hero at Seulgi’s direction as she approached you with a drink.

“Woah, go easy on the water there, Irene might run short,” Joy teased, nudging your arm as it came up to wipe your lips.

“Run short my socks, Nene could fit a bloody aquarium just in her bedroom,” you retaliated, setting your glass—and with a solemn expression at that—down by the great adorned table padded to the edges with sweet goodies.

“I told you we should have gone upstairs,” Yeri was cross-armed, leaning her weight on one leg and cocking her head to the side like a bird, always in the right. “Maybe she’s got some apple juice up there, who knows.”

Joy gave her a look, one that said you’re so adorable because you can’t drink yet haha jokes on you, and Yeri pursed her lips into a thin line.

“You know, that’s not such a bad idea,” you said, looking around to find Wendy and Irene off entertaining someone else, probably someone you didn’t even know (as it turned out, a ‘wee party’ for Wendy and Irene–someone you wouldn’t have considered much, say, wild–meant inviting every possible soul in Seoul, pun intended because you found it so funny still).

“I know,” Yeri emphasized, knowing that, as usual, she had the most sense out of all. Joy stuck out her tongue anyway.

“What, tired already?” Seulgi smiled nonchalant, as if dancing around in high heels after downing a couple of drinks and looking utterly flawless while at it was just about the easiest thing in the world. City girl, you thought with a smile.

“Did you see all you wanted to see?” She continued, brushing back her sunshine hair a little, the flaming orange strands.

You’ve told her how you wanted to try out a party at least once before deciding you wouldn’t ever do it again—might as well give it a chance right? Even more so you wanted to see how far the fizzing city could take one of its parties. Two years in Seoul, and as a mere student who lived with her mother, aunt, and cousin all crammed up in a single two bedroom apartment, couldn’t sell much of the fever that run crude in the naked core of the city. Besides, you knew it’d be far too different from the events thrown back at home–the small sunwashed town by the shores of the sea that usually only ever held gatherings whose music of choice wasn’t exactly one talking about ‘how fast someone could make someone come’.

Still despite the weird bed squeaking noises that played back behind the lyrics, strangely, you had enjoyed the party—though you could’ve gone for flip-flops instead of boots.

“Yes,” you grinned, both thankful for the girls who’d planned out the party just to get you to assimilate and completely exhausted—and dehydrated as hell (did Irene have only bottles of Vodka to hand out as drinks or did she expect them to drink Soju to calm the thirst?).

“Good, then let’s get the heck out of here,” Yeri muttered, craving water herself—and a mirror, thinking she’d smudged her make up and not believing neither Seulgi, Joy, or you when you told her she hadn’t.

“Going away already?” Wendy suddenly waltzed into the conversation looking inconceivably fresh.

“Just upstairs, these two need a drink,” Seulgi replied, motioning to both Yeri and you.

“But there are a bunch of drinks—oh,” Wendy didn’t question your not wanting to drink (let’s say it once went, well, just pretty awful). “I don’t think Nene’s got anything up there, though. But there are some lemons in the fridge.”

“Lemonade!” Yeri and you exclaimed, almost holding hands in bliss.

“And also, I thought Byun would want to talk to you,” Wendy commented, a bit confused by her own statement.

You mirrored her expression, “Baek, talk to me? Why so?”

Wendy shrugged, “I don’t know, I just got the feeling. I mean, he’s been looking at you the entire night like he owns you. And after that little scene at the beginning, I expected he would ask to take you home.”

Ah, yeah, that. That had been strange, and yet not so much. When you arrived at Irene’s place you didn’t expect to find so many people, no. But what you expected less was your best friend suddenly leaving his possible next hook up behind to almost grab you by the shoulders and act like a maniac. He questioned you about your motives—why you were there and until when you would stay—and then storming off until hearing what he had to hear. Maybe he’d been surprised, you thought, with you not going to those kind of situations (yeah, those involving people) and all—but he couldn’t possibly be that surprised.

Maybe he was embarrassed. He didn’t want you to see how he locked himself up in a closet to have sex with, well, whoever that was, and he didn’t want you seeing him come out of it. Ha, cute.

“My guess is no, I think he has better plans,” You smirk, wiggling your eyebrows, to which half of them cringed.

“Just, go make some lemonade and stop hinting at your best friend possibly getting laid tonight, will you?” Yeri almost scrunched up her nose, although Wendy was laughing behind her.

And that’s how you went from the corner of a very vast living room all dripping in giddy fever and overpriced cologne, to the entrance by the kitchen—not a bit less inexpensive in class than the rest of the house. From there you noticed Baekhyun in not-so-tight-not-so-loose black leather pants and an equally black but tighter dress-like-shirt in a silky material. His red hair accompanied perfectly the tightness of his garments and his lips which usually bloomed with color.

There was someone by his side, someone you didn’t know that was very clingy in her red lip gloss. You cringed a little for Baekhyun because you knew he absolutely dreaded lip gloss and because he wouldn’t want to kiss her then. You remember him saying he didn’t like kissing anyway but winked at him still a wink that said ‘go get some’.

You couldn’t question his habits—as long as he was careful and just didn’t do anything too foolish you were alright, and that’s how you found yourself cutting lemons with knifes that probably costed more than your earrings and that Baekhyun’s roommate, Kyungsoo, would totally like.

You missed Baekhyun entering the room right after you and only noticed when he cleared his throat.

“Hey,” you cocked your head to the side, seeing as he did not reply. “What is it, do you want some lemonade too?”

His lips parted and he looked away abruptly as if by a jolt of electricity. “No, just needed some fresh air.”

He was curt and that made you furrow your eyebrows but you didn’t question it. You picked up your glass and fished with your mouth for the straw–might as well keep him company in the meantime, not like Yeri would mind if it took you a second longer. And it wouldn’t take long; not like Baekhyun would pass up the opportunity for fun with that clingy girl from before: she was pretty

“So, are you going to your place after this?” You tried to strike up a conversation, mostly because you felt at ease there in the kitchen with him rather than out there assaulted by the loud music. “Remember Kyungsoo’s not too fond of your rather loud guests in the brink of midnight,” you teased. “Spare him the noise at least?”

Baekhyun looked at you only for a second before quietly nodding and lowering his eyes. 

“Oh, I’m joking alright?” You pushed your smile further behind the straw, muttering something like ‘I’m sure you can’t make them go that loud’ before you noticed he hadn’t laughed or childishly whine like he’s supposed to. 

“Baekyun. Is there something wrong?” You dropped the kid-ish grin along with your drink, setting it aside as you stood straighter and more serious.

Baekhyun didn’t quite look at you when he took a step forward, just like you didn’t quite notice he was kissing until–well, until he was. 

What was it that people were supposed to do when their best friend was suddenly kissing them? You sought the answer on the glass wear–some cups for wine and some for champagne–that dangled from one of those things that you guessed belonged in houses with rich families. Pretty, you thought, and cute, when you saw stuck to the fridge a drawing that might’ve been made by a, probably, 6-year-old Irene once upon a time. 

The answer was: you weren’t exactly sure what to do in those cases.

Did you follow the rhythm of his lips and let him take you from there? You mind might have answered no, but your mouth had other plans. I mean, come on, what could be more awkward than not kissing back.

Maybe the way he kissed you was more awkward. 

It was as if Baekhyun wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing yet he did it all the same. He was febrile and asserting in the way he pushed you against the counter and practically devoured your lips. He was utterly and wholly electric. But he was still unsure in the way his hands didn’t entirely know what to do with themselves. They were harsh around the area of your ribcage and shoulders as they kept trying to bring you closer; closer as if there were more space to break between you and Baekhyun. 

The kiss was short and desperate. Desperate you guessed in the way his teeth almost–or rather, probably–bruised your lower lip and the way his breathing was so agitated. Either Baekhyun was usually extremely turned on by girls drinking lemonade or he was really damn wasted. 

You opted for the second choice once you tasted the alcohol in your tongue. 

Baekhyun’s eyes were maybe wider than yours and his lips couldn’t be more hotly pinkish. They looked like they hurt and for a split second you snapped in thought almost saying ‘I did that’ out loud. 

He didn’t give you a chance to be mortified before he slipped out of the room with as much as a sorry look. You huffed, he didn’t even say goodbye

Explaining the events to the girls resulted more troublesome with them questioning you right and left (they just needed to point a flashlight straight at your face and you would have wetted your pants). They accepted your conclusion without much trouble, however, owing to Baekhyun’s foxy nature: the guy was drunk as much as he was horny.

The thought pleased you but couldn’t quite rid the weariness that had befallen you. Dropping still on your bed seemed almost just about the hardest thing you could possibly do at that moment. It was as if Baekhyun had managed to capture some orb of energy from inside you just by using his lips. Your fingers slipped unconsciously to your lips and the warmth of your blanket became vertiginous–in the span of an electric kiss, just 40 seconds, Byun Baekhyun became someone you didn’t know. 

You didn’t think much about the kiss until the next morning and until having slept in for most of the following day. As much “heat of the moment” there could have been–which, really, couldn’t possibly have been there at all since you never really did anything other than drink lemonade that might have turned him on–it didn’t make much sense Baekhyun would have kissed you for just that. He wasn’t into kissing, almost at all. (He’d said that quite a few times himself, half-joking when he explained the only thing he ever did need for sex was his, well, that.) So why would he do that?

Maybe he wanted to try it out. Yes, and maybe he thought it’d be easier with you since you were so close–still, that didn’t explain why he would just do it, no questions asked. Maybe he was embarrassed to ask–

You groaned. It wouldn’t be so complicated if you had someone to talk to at least. (The girls were out of the of the equation, definitely; they could only make things worse by puzzling you more.) You leaned over your bed to look at the one underneath, empty from the lack of your cousin’s presence in your shared room. You were worried, of course, Jin-ah was like your sister and not having her there all night turned your stomach into a not. But you were just as bitter with her for not telling you about her whereabouts that would curiously take her all night, so that feeling cancelled the other out.

The door to your bedroom opened suddenly and you almost hit your head on the ceiling when you jumped up. Jin-ah barely noticed you when she collapsed with a giddy grin on her face. You didn’t have to ask to know she was drunk. 

“Nan,” you pleaded your voice to remain calm. “What have you been doing all night?”

Jin-ah giggled like a child pushing some hair off her face to reveal some sweat. “Nothing,” she stuck her tongue out at you. Sometimes, she seemed to be the youngest. 

You rolled back onto your bed musing at how you would begin your conversation. Not that you hoped to get any coherent solution with her in such state, but anything would do. Before you could say anything, though, she’d already begun talking. 

“That Baehyun of yours is one talented bastard.”

“What did you say?” You propped yourself on an elbow and let your hair dangle with you looking down at her with a frown. 

She giggles, “He knows how to move his hips.” 

Conversation ends at that. Either because Jin-ah’s too drunk and already passed out to continue or because your head is practically imploding with this new information. 

“YOU HOOKED UP WITH MY SISTER?” It didn’t take you long to find your way into Baekhyun’s shared apartment. You felt almost apologetic as Kyungsoo fled to the completely opposite extreme of the flat with toothpaste foam still leaking from his mouth. 

“Technically, she isn’t your sister,” Baekhyun pointed out from his homemade gaming station (just a really unclean corner where he kept his treasured PC). “And besides, it’s just a fling.”

“A fling,” you scoffed, feeling your hands almost shake as you gestured aggressively. “Baekhyun, she’s a woman, a 23-year-old adult, not any other wet eighteen or seventeen year old ready to give you a blow job whenever you asked.”

Baekhyun seemed stung when he laughed, finally leaving his controller aside to give you a look. “You think I’m not good enough for Jin-ah?”

That wasn’t at all what you expected. It took you aback and you almost recoiled. Did he actually consider liking Jin-ah? No. He’s simply too proud, too egocentric–he wants to hear it from you that he’s not actually that fucked up for being a man. 

You didn’t want to give that pleasure to him so easily. “I think you could get Nan in trouble, and you yourself while at it.”

And that much was true. He was five years younger than her, after all. Fling or not, that could get Jin-ah in trouble as fast as it could get him–with the underage drinking and all. You wouldn’t let that happen. 

“You think I’m just a kid stupid enough to do things without measuring the consequences, don’t you,” but he didn’t seem to be on the same page, he was shaking his head. “You think I’m just a kid.”

You knew Baekhyun had this complex–he was this kind of person who wanted to seem greater than what he really was. He wanted to appear more mature and independent by having the usual one-night-stand, to show that he cared so little about what others considered him because at the end, in his eyes, he was the better person. He wanted to be this big brother to everyone–well, everyone he didn’t bring to bed at least–and that included you.

He took you under his protection when you first arrived to school, freshly new from the outskirts of the country. You’d thought he was simply nice at first, a cute pup willing to make friends with the new girl at school. So when you realized most people just weren’t nice out of the goodness of their heart in the city, you weren’t afraid to confront his motives and to learn the kind of manipulative person he could somewhat be–wanting to have people at his knees, either to praise him like the good big brother he is, or to suck him clean.

But by the time you fully understood this (and that his intentions in no way involved the latter part), you already cared about Baekhyun far too much and so did he. 

“Baekhyun, hear me out,” you inhaled deeply as you would whenever he refused to listen. “You were drunk, out of it. You must have left the party sometime after…I left,” you wouldn’t mention the kiss, it wasn’t the time. “So you must have drunk quite a lot before that. I understand your “plans” for that night might’ve already been set and that it might’ve been pure coincidence that you found Jin-ah drunk too and–” that you decided to have sex with her instead, “that you brought her home with you, but just think. If you’d never found Jin-ah, if instead a cop had seen you wasted, or if someone might have taken advantage of your condition–”

“Stop it. Stop thinking I can’t defend myself.”

“I’m not saying you can’t, but when you drink–”

I wasn’t drunk.” 

That shut your mouth. You blinked a while before you could process his last words. So he wasn’t wasted, he was conscious, he knew Jin-ah, and he wanted that. Maybe it was the thought of it that made your stomach twist on itself–because how lost had you been that you hadn’t noticed your best friend’s obvious attraction to your cousin, your big sister, your Nan? And that she felt that attraction too?

But it wasn’t so easy, and it still was a risk too. Maybe you were old-fashioned, but had something like that happened in your hometown Jin-ah and Baekhyun would be publicly shamed, she could’ve lost her job, and his reputation could’ve been stained. You were almost positive something like that wasn’t as likely to happen in Seoul, but you were scared still.

“Jin-ah and I were perfectly sober when we…” he didn’t say it, “afterwards is when we drank.”

You breathed a bit easier now, “And that’s all?”

He couldn’t keep in his answer, two years of responding to that tone you had kicking in, “And we smoked. Less than half a pack.” 

You groaned, running a hand through your face. Baekhyun’s image of big brother was there for anyone else around but for you it was breakable. You knew his way of growing up wasn’t exactly the best way of actually growing up so when it came to who was “the greater person” it was you. And he knew that. 

“Baekhyun,” it came out almost in defeat, but from what? You cleared your voice. “You know–I don’t mind what you do to…entertain yourself. You know that right? But I can’t just not care; not when you might be putting yourself at risk–”

Baekhyun laughed out loud, almost maddeningly. He was standing in front of you know; you could’ve reached and pushed his red bangs from his eyes but you didn’t. 

What risk? I’m not joining the bloody mob, for fuck’s sake,” his eyes were wide and almost wild, for a moment they reminded you of the way he’d looked at you after you kissed but you ignored it. “Oh. You mean, like having sex? You think I’m such a lowlife sleeping with every thing I can fit my dick in, is that how you see me?”

No–you shook your head, fervently, almost dizzyingly–no, that wasn’t it at all. But that’s not what came out of your mouth, nothing did for a couple of seconds anyway. You didn’t think someone having a different perspective on your perspective of things could hurt. Oh, but it hurt. 

“Baekhyun, I just want you to be careful–” maybe you were stupid enough to not say what you’d thought first out loud, you just couldn’t believe how much it stung seeing your friend judge himself through your eyes as if he were nothing. 

“Stop thinking that you have a right to care,” Baekhyun flung himself forward and by the way he grabbed you by your arms you thought he would kiss you again. He didn’t. “Stop thinking that I’m a child that needs protection and that you can give me that protection. And, please, stop thinking you can just waltz into my fucking life and pretend like you can make it any less miserable. You cannot, you don’t have any bloody sliver of control over me.”

He shook you as he said that with his fingers pressing deeper into your skin with each word. You knew he wasn’t try to hurt you, he was just…desperate. Again you were reminded of the way he clung to your arms when he kissed you and you wanted to slap yourself out of it. It wasn’t necessary, each of Baekhyun’s words was a blow thrown straight at your face. 

You didn’t want to think of his lips like electric capsules as he bit them, clearly trying to stop himself from throwing any other insult your way. You glanced at his hand around your arm, very close to your shoulder, and wondered if there would be any marks left tomorrow.

Baekhyun followed your gaze and seemed to immediately regret it. His eyes shut tightly for an instant before he opened them back again and you could’ve sworn another second of him biting his lower lip would leave a trail of blood. He let go of you which only just made you realize you’d been standing on your tiptoes. 

“Got that?” He didn’t waste time looking at you before he simply left. 

On the walls of his room you could almost see the words painted in nasty lines: Someone hurt your Baekhyun and that someone may have been you. 

[part ii]

Headlights Fading (7/13)

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Summary: When Emma Swan’s car breaks down outside of a small town in Maine, she finds herself stuck at the local garage, but as the repairs take longer and longer to complete, she has to decide if, in the end, she wants to leave the town at all.

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The starter of drugs and alcohol

After hearing her alarm ringing and turning it off a couple of separate times, Lily suddenly bolts upright in bed as she remembers it’s a school day!
Lily immediately scrambles up from the bed to check her alarm clock. 7:15, thank the gods. She immediately flops back onto the bed with a whumph and suddenly notices that she’s entirely naked, save for her socks. Oh gods, what happened? Oh yeah, me and Anna… Geez! She covers her face in shame at what they did last night. She definitely enjoyed it but… That can’t have been a good thing, right?

Ugh, this isn’t the time to think about that. I gotta shower and get ready for school pretty quick now… Lily hops out of bed, and immediately loses her balance, dropping back down to her butt. “Ugh,” She groans, as she shakes her head to clear it before standing up more slowly.
Once she’s standing, Lily notices a note on her bedside table and picks it up to read it.

Last  night  was  awesome!  Sorry  I  had  to  run  out,  but  I  got  a  lot  of  getting  ready  to  do  for  school  so  I  had  to  leave  and  I  didn't  wanna  wake  you  up.  You  probably  need  a  shower  and  stuff  too,  so  I  cleaned  up  a  bit  on  my  way  out,  and  laid  your  clothes  out  for  you.
PS:  Not  sure  which  panties  you  wanted  to  wear,  so  I  laid  out  a  couple  pairs.  Took  the  rest  with  me  so  they  wouldn't  confuse  you  or  anything.

There’s a crudely drawn smiley face at the end, which combined with the note at the end, makes Lily immediately terrified of what she might have done. Lily’s actually slightly starting to like Anna’s sexy pranks a tiny, tiny little bit, but they’re still embarrassing most of the time! And she has school today, too.
She peeks in her underwear drawer to see if Anna was telling the truth, and sure enough there’s not a single pair of panties left in there… Lily groans, hoping Anna at least gave her something tolerable to wear. There’s a uniform, if nothing else…

Lily looks around the bedroom for a minute and can’t find the clothes Anna said she laid out for her, and she’s briefly worried that her mischievous girlfriend intends for her to go to school naked or not at all… But when she looks out in the living room, they’re all on the couch.

After a brief check to make sure no one can see her running around naked, Lily darts into the kitchen and sticks some waffles into the toaster to be done in a few minutes. She then runs back into her room and the bathroom, and hops in the shower before it’s even warmed up all the way. After scrubbing herself clean as quickly as she can, not an easy task with how… sticky she got last night, Lily dries herself off rapidly and runs back into the kitchen to pop her waffles before they burn.

With those set on a plate to cool, Lily runs into her bedroom again and checks the time. 7:35. Still a few minutes left to eat and get dressed. She probably even has time to brush her hair, or she would if her hairbrush hadn’t been blown up a day or two prior… Instead, Lily settles for using a few tendrils of telekinesis to comb through her hair and get rid of any obvious knots or anything, anyway. After sprinting to the living room, she finally takes the opportunity to inspect the clothes Anna… ‘provided’ for her, so nicely.

School skirt and jacket check, black and white undershirt check, hat check thank the gods, socks… wait when did Anna take those off of me? Whatever, check. Oh and hey, she even found two of the same length. Shoes check.
As for panties… Lily finds them under her hat after a moment of searching. There’s a white pair, with bows on both sides, apparently holding the undies together, and another bow right on the crotch… Those aren’t so bad, I guess. Besides them are an entirely see-through pink pair no way, and the pair Lily was wearing last night, with the vibrator still inside, and a… pair of underwear? It barely seems to be more than a scrap of fabric and some strings. Lily covers her bright-red face at the thought of wearing any of these.

Well, these wouldn’t be so bad without… Lily tries to pull the vibrator out of that pair, but finds that not only is it completely stuck, but that it turns itself on as soon as her fingers touch it, and she can’t move the slider on the control. She tosses that to the side with a look of terror on her face at the idea of wearing it in public.

Aside from that… The white bow-covered ones would probably be best, but despite Lily’s struggles she can’t seem to manage getting the knot to stay tied against barely any tugging at all… There’s no way I can wear these, they’d come undone at some point… The entirely see-through pair is all that’s left, besides the ridiculous tiny thing, and both of those would practically be the same wearing nothing…

“Ugh! Come on, Anna this is a schoolday you can’t make me do this today…” Lily complains aloud to the underwear. After a minute or two of deliberation, Lily settles on the bow-covered pair, and she tugs them on. Having to retie them just after putting them on, she groans, and tries to think if she knows a spell to keep them in place. As she’s thinking though, she checks the clock and notices that it’s 7:45.

“Crap! No time to worry about that,” Lily exclaims as she hurriedly pulls on her skirt, socks, and shoes. When she puts on her undershirt though, she notices it’s a lot smaller than it was previously. Her boobs poke out a bit further than she remembered, and the shirt doesn’t even completely cover her nipples. “Agh! What? I haven’t gotten bigger in months!” She doesn’t have a bigger size shirt, so she just tugs her school coat on over that and prays for the best. I HATE not having my jacket… Finally, she jams her head into her hat, and gets ready to leave.

She almost panics that she’d forgotten to pack her bag for the day, but she spots it fully packed right by the door, with a note on it. She runs over and reads it; nothing but a smiley face from Anna, with a heart next to it. At least she can be nice…

As she picks up her bag she hears a muffled ding from inside it, and digs out her phone as quickly as she can. On it is a text from Anna, saying ‘Pretty sure the whole floor heard you, but that was awesome.’ It also includes a picture from the video Anna took of Lily tied to her bed, with her mouth open probably in some noise of pleasure. Lily’s face immediately goes glowing red and she closes that and shoves the phone away into her bag again.
Dangit I forgot to eat! I’ll have to grab a snack at some point… Lily disregards her not-quite-burnt waffles and picks up her bag and broom to head out the door, trying to hide that she’s still blushing like crazy by staring at the floor.

Since she’s not looking, Lily doesn’t notice when Anna suddenly pops up next to her and makes her jump away with a sudden, “Hey!”

“Geez, don’t do that,” Lily complains, still walking at a rapid pace towards the broom-pad.

Anna chuckles at her, and Lily looks over to notice that she isn’t wearing her red dress for the first time ever; just the school uniform, with its jacket wide open to show a half-shirt underneath. “Runnin’ late, aren’tcha?” Anna asks her, and Lily sighs.

“You coulda got me up!” she complains to her, only earning an apologetic smile.

“And besides, I had to spend forever deciding which…” She looks around to make sure no one’s nearby and whispers, “panties to wear… Thanks so much,” she adds sarcastically.

“Oh yeah,” Anna exclaims with a sly grin. “Which’d you decide on? Not the vibrator, I’m guessing?” She pouts and leans down to tug on the back of Lily’s skirt.

Lily lets out an eep and slaps her hand away, “Th-there’re people around,” she hisses quietly at Anna.

“Mhm, I’m sure they’d wanna know which panties you picked, too. Or did you figure out I just made your normal ones invisible?” Lily lolls her head back and groans at that, she could have just stuck her hand in and dispelled it… “That’s a no then? Goody!”

Lily has to dodge her hand a couple more times as they near the broompad, and she eventually just relents, stating quietly, “All right! The ones with the bows. Geez…”

“Ooooh,” Anna begins. “Those’re fun. If you pull on ‘em at aaaaall, they’ll come off.”

“Shut up, Geez!” Lily complains loudly.

Anna pats Lily’s shoulder. “You’re no fun,” she whines, before offering, “If you really wanna be all boring, I put a pair of your normal undies in your bag. You can go change or whatever, if ya want.”

Lily sighs in relief, “Thank you!” She exclaims, before rethinking, “Though it’s your fault in the first place…”

“Well, see ya at lunch!” Anna exclaims before suddenly teleporting away on one of the pads, just now making Lily realize that she’d made it to the broompad.
Ugh, I don’t have enough time to change and get to homeroom… I’ll be fine for 15 minutes, I guess. Lily flies off to her homeroom class, and sits through it uneventfully. The only real news is some updates about the rules, and cautions not to travel alone at night  due to some increased monster activity near the city. Nothing new. Though there do appear to be a few new students here that were absent the first day, a couple of whom look nice enough. Lily’s too distracted, and nervous in general, to introduce herself or anything.

She does though, before leaving, quickly explain to the teacher that Marie won’t be in school for a few days, maybe a week or two, because she’s sick. He lets her know that he’ll tell the rest of her teachers, and asks if she could take Marie her homework. Lily agrees, though she says she isn’t quite sure when she’ll be able to get up to her house again.

With that dealt with, she runs off to the bathroom to change and then flies as quickly as she can down to her broom-riding class, with barely 2 minutes to spare. The rest of the class seems to have changed into sports outfits though, consisting of just shorts and t-shirts. The teacher asks why Lily didn’t change, before being reminded that Lily and Marie had to sit out of the last class. She sighs and lets Lily in any way, with instructions to get the outfit by the next class.
Lily thanks the gods, though, that they’re doing solo exercises today. Not only does she not have to talk to someone new, but there’s no chance for anyone to peek up her skirt in this class.

Now that her easy class is out of the way, after Lily gets a solid 10 minutes to just sit around while everyone else gets changed, she heads up to her alchemy class. Adam’s in this one, so she prepares herself for it.
He doesn’t actually end up being too bad, though. He does move to the desk right next to her and bother her about the weekend, and that Anna told him that they’re dating, but she just nods along and they quickly get too busy in work to talk any more.

After that, Lily rushes to her magic basics class before Adam has the chance to tag along and bother her more. That goes pretty smoothly, though Lily realizes quickly that Ally is also in that class, and she won’t stop talking the whole class, which Lily has to try and understand but mostly just ignore.
After class, Lily follows Ally to the 70th floor for lunch, and Anna is waiting for her on the broompad. Judging by Lily’s lack of an adorably blushing face, she realizes that she’s changed panties and sighs. After Lily lands carefully, Anna hops up and hugs her.

“You two’re so cute together,” Ally chirps excitedly, her wings turning a cute shade of bright pink. “You should kiss or something!”

Lily shakes her head, “No way! We’re at school and there’s people—aagh!” She all but shouts and tries to squirm away as Anna suddenly kisses her. Ally claps happily, and after a second or two Anna stands back up with a wink.

She whines, “Anna, we’re at school… Geez!”

“You know they don’t care about that, right? Hell, they halfway encourage it. Not like the dorms’re separated or anything,” Anna muses in response, answered only with a hmph from Lily and Ally’s knowing nod-bob.

“So who wants lunch!?” Ally excitedly asks.

“I packed one for me and Lily, it’s too crowded in there,” Anna tells her. Ally sighs and just darts off into the cafeteria.
Lily sighs in relief, “Thanks, I hate having to find a table and everything…” Anna just nods and flops down to the ground, almost giving Lily a peek up her skirt. Lily sits down a lot more carefully, and they both scooch to the edge of the broompad to unpack their lunches.

Anna packed Lily a peanut butter and jelly and some chips, and a handful of strawberries. “Sorry, wasn’t really sure what ya like and you didn’t have a lot in your kitchen.” Lily nods and starts stuffing her face with the strawberries.

“Hungry?” Anna teases her.

“Well someone didn’t wake me up in time to eat…” Lily mumbles with a mouth half-full of strawberries. Anna just puts her arm around Lily’s shoulders and squeezes gently in response, making Lily scooch next to and lean against her.

“You did have fun last night, right?” Anna asks after a few minutes of eating in silence.

“Mhm,” Lily answers while she chews, eventually adding, “I… I think so yeah. It felt, ya know, really amazing but… I’m not supposed to do that kinda stuff, I don’t wanna be all uh… like that.”

Anna chuckles and answers, “You know that’s all bullshit, right? You can do whatever ya want.” Lily shrugs in answer, but eventually nods. Anna gives her a pat on the hat, and Lily snuggles up to her happily.

Eventually they both finish and Anna offers a little sheepishly, “You can have some blood too, if you want it.” Lily immediately cringes away from her, and shakes her head rapidly. “Hey, just offerin’. Ya don’t have to, though you really should…”

Lily sighs and flops backwards to lie on the broompad, looking back towards the building. She notices a couple of girls, who look almost exactly the same, arguing by the door to the cafeteria. She tries to shush Anna, but she’s still going on about how Lily needs blood, so she can’t catch any of what they’re saying before they both head off on a teleport pad. Lily sighs, since she’s pretty sure they were both in her homeroom today.

“You know ‘em or something?” Anna asks, making Lily jump a little. She gets a giggle from Anna in response, as she waits for an answer.

Lily just shrugs though, “I think they were in my homeroom, they look like twins or something. I wanted to see if they were nice…” Anna shrugs in return at that point, and eyes Lily up and down lustfully.

Lily doesn’t notice, but she does spot a clock that notes the time as just 10 minutes short of her next class. She immediately scrambles to her feet, giving Anna a long look at her ass as she kneels to get up in the process. “Sorry, gotta go to class!”

“Ya still have like—“ Anna stops talking as Lily almost immediately hops off the building and flies off towards her next class. “Guess I’ll clean this up,” she sighs as she tosses out Lily’s trash and heads off to her own class.
Lily’s telekinesis class goes pretty standardly for that class, the teacher trying to screw with her at every opportunity. She manages any way, though, and endures through it.

After rushing to her next class, Lily is humiliated by the teacher when she and 7 other kids, including 3 humans and 4 artificers, are brought to the front of the class and reunited with their familiars, who had been dropped off at the familiar daycare on floor 100 since they’d been forgotten about. Once they’re back at their desks, he does explain that this is a fairly common occurrence for freshmen, but Lily still pets Tally extra out of guilt. The little ferret doesn’t seem upset though, she seems to understand.

The teacher then gives out some basic familiar care supplies, which Lily stuffs into her bag for later. After that, school’s out for the day!

When Lily heads down to her floor to return to her dorm, she spots Anna and some other girl on the broompad. When she lands, she recognizes the girl dressed mostly in blue, save her grey witch’s hat, as one of the girls she saw arguing earlier. She lands carefully in front of the both of them and waits for someone to say something. After a moment she offers, “Hi?”

Anna and the girl giggle, and Anna says, “Hey, I wound up accidentally stalking this girl to class and she ended up bein’ pretty cool.”
Lily looks at her sideways, and the other girl offers, “She said you two saw me at lunch, and we had the same next class. Fuckin’ boring, by the way.”

“Hey, healing is useful,” Anna protests, but earns only an eye roll. “Though I will give ya that the teacher’s an asshole.”

With a sigh, Lily agrees, “Yeah I got one really racist teacher…”

“You should report his ass,” the blue girl offers. “Oh, and I’m Valentine by the way. You can call me Val if you want. Whichever.”

Lily tries to decide if she should shake her hand, but Valentine doesn’t offer so she just replies, “Oh, yeah. I’m Lily.”

“Nice to meetcha,” Valentine answers, though she doesn’t say anything after. Anna eventually starts heading towards the dorms, and they both follow.

“I uh, gotta go put my stuff down, but were you two wanting to do something today?” Lily eventually asks.

Anna answers, “Yeah, Val actually knows Nisha, we were gonna see if she wants to hang out or anything.”

“I think I’ll just stay here then if that’s okay,” Lily answers with a sigh.

“Come on, ya gotta get out more,” Anna urges her with a pat to the back.

“Besides, we’ll have fun. You can bring your homework and stuff if ya need to.”  
Lily happily shakes her head, “Nope, still no homework! Too early in the year, I guess. And I guess I can come along,” she reluctantly agrees.

“Great!” Anna claps her hands, and high fives Valentine over Lily’s head. They eventually get to Lily’s dorm, and she opens the door to let them both in. Anna and Valentine hang out in the living room, which Val comments smells a little weird, while Lily heads into her bedroom to change, after sneakily grabbing the underwear Anna had left on the couch.

Lily ends up taking a good 10 minutes changing, so Anna excuses herself from chatting with Valentine to check on her. “Anna!” Lily exclaims as she opens the door on a topless Lily, still in her school skirt. Anna takes a second to stop being stunned before closing the door behind her, not sure if Val got a look or not.

“What’re you doing?” Anna asks her, “It’s been like 20 minutes. I thought you were just changing real quick.”

“I’m trying! I don’t have any friggin’ shirts that fit! I don’t even know why,” she whisper-shout-complains.

Anna raises an eyebrow, and she pulls on one of her half-shirts that doesn’t even cover her breasts any more. “I don’t know, I love the look,” Anna teases her.

“That’s not the point!” Lily argues, struggling to get the shirt off and tossing it across the room, to a pile of similar shirts. “I don’t know what’s wrong, am I getting fat or something?” She angrily complains while tugging on a regular t-shirt, which does fit her, but it leaves a gap between her skirt and itself, not to mention hugging her chest so tight you can practically see through it.

“Again, not seeing the issue. Seeing something else, but not the issue.”
Lily groans and pulls that shirt off too, “I don’t wanna wear something like that, or a friggin coat! And why are they all too small anyway?”

Anna rolls her eyes, “I think it’s your boobs getting’ bigger,” Anna tells her, gently squeezing one to prove the point. Lily seems too annoyed to be embarrassed at the moment.

“Ya know, since you drank some blood yesterday, finally?”

“W-wait, does that really happen?” Lily asks, suddenly confused out of her anger. Anna just nods. “Why didn’t anyone tell me that? Geez!”

“Doesn’t normally, it’s ‘cuz you haven’t ever had it before. Your body’s tryin’ to catch up or somethin’ now,” Anna suggests.

Lily just goes to flop down on her bed. “I mean I kinda appreciate finally not looking like I’m 10 anymore, but all my clothes are too small now!”

Anna chuckles and suggests, “You could just wear your school jacket over a T-shirt, or nothin’, I don’t think anyone’d notice.” Lily blushes at the idea, and chooses right then to remember to cover her breasts.

There’s suddenly a knock at the door followed by, “If you two’re fucking in there, I want in.”

“Not yet,” Anna answers back, snickering.

“What do you mean not yet!” Lily accuses back, and Valentine just walks away from the door laughing.

“Come on, just put on a t-shirt under your jacket, it’ll be fine,” Anna suggests, as she heads back out to brag a bit to Valentine. Lily does so, not quite liking how tight it feels, but figuring it’s better than nothing. Having to wear the school jacket outside of school kinda sucks, not to mention that she doesn’t have any other clean skirts so she looks like a massive nerd, but she puts that aside for now.
When she gets back outside, Valentine asks, “Thought you were changing?”  with a wink. Lily just groans, and sits down.

“So what’re we doing, then?”

“Dunno, texting Nisha now to see if she’s available,” Valentine answers, and Anna just responds by leaning over to squeeze-hug Lily.
Nisha would get a text from Valentine, asking “You free? Got a couple girls from school say they know you ‘n wanna hang out. –V”