i like taking things everyone see as fact about steve and switching them over to bucky

“Absolutely not,” Tony says immediately. Steve will probably feel a little hurt later, after he gets over the surprise. “You’re not even going to think about it?” “Steve, you look like a stiff breeze could blow you over. I’m honestly worried that even taking a single sip would be too much.” Bucky sighs tiredly as Steve draws himself up straight. “Tony, why.” “A breeze will not blow me over, you sanctimonious dick!” Tony is not… scared of Steve, but he is certainly terrified of the tirade he goes on about his health and his concerns and his consent and lots of other things that are probably super important but mostly just sound like “MAD MAD MAD.” “I,” Tony begins weakly. “I’m sorry.” He twitches away but Steve grabs him by one pointed ear and drags him back. “Don’t run away when I’m yelling at you!”

“Here, honey,” Bucky says gently, setting a cup of coffee with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream in it in front of the shell-shocked vampire. “How does someone so small contain so much anger?” “It’s the same amount of anger everyone else has; it’s just more concentrated than it would be in, say, me?” Tony stares into the distance stonily. Every time he thought he understood humans, he met a new one that challenged everything he knew about them. He had never met anyone like Steve and while he very much liked Steve he was glad he hadn’t met Steve earlier. He probably wouldn’t have been able to cope.

Steve doesn’t ask again, but he’s still kinda hurt about it. He understands why Tony has (valid) concerns about drinking from him, but that he didn’t even have to think about it… It just makes him feel useless and looked-over like he did as a kid all over again. He can do something to help now, and Tony won’t let him. He gets it, especially because he knows about Tony’s aversion to blood, but it still really, really stings. Bucky sighs and leans his chin on his hand as he watches Steve mope around the apartment. “I get that you’re hurt, Steve.” “He drinks from Rhodes!” Steve bursts out, realizes he sounds like a jealous asshole, and flops face-first onto the couch in despair. He doesn’t want to be a jealous asshole. “…I bet he’d drink from you,” he can’t help but add petulantly. “If only I wouldn’t instinctively bite him back with the intent to crush his throat in my jaws,” Bucky deadpans. Steve sits up to glare at him. “You know what I mean, you fuckin’ asshole.” Bucky sighs. He does know what Steve means.

“I haven’t,” Tony begins helplessly when Bucky gently brings up how hurt Steve was that he wouldn’t even think about it. “I mean, I’ve never—It’s not, not because I don’t trust him, or that I think he’s one of—of those people—I just—” “He’s not drunk from a lover before,” Jarvis supplies, and Tony squeaks and covers his face in embarrassment. Bucky can’t help the way the corner of his mouth quirks up in amusement. He also can’t help but imagine what Tony would look like, flushed with color and healthy. Probably beautiful. He’s pretty enough right now, but healthy… he’d probably glow.

“I’m not saying that you hafta do it,” Bucky assures him when Tony starts to look stressed out. “In fact, even if you know you’re just gonna say no again, that’s fine. But just—think about it? Steve has an inferiority complex, doll, no matter how he might insist he doesn’t. He just wants t’ feel needed. I know you’re scared t’ hurt him. I was scared to hurt him too. But he’s a lot easier to live with when you realize that he’s too stubborn to die easy. Start viewin’ him as this weird faux-supernatural.” “Faux-supernatural?” Tony repeats, brows furrowing together in confusion. Bucky rolls his eyes. “What part of ‘too stubborn to die easy’ doesn’t sound supernatural to you? Sometimes I think he’s a supernatural creature that got switched up finding a body.” “He doesn’t look like a Changeling, but I could ask Pepper if you want to be sure,” Tony says seriously. Bucky sighs. “Tony, no.”

Steve notices that Tony has stopped showing up to the diner. “I did scare him off,” he laments when they get home that night, face pressed into the couch. “I’m sorry, Buck.” “There, there,” Bucky says, trying not to laugh, and pats his head gently on the way by. “You didn’t scare him off. Probably. I’m sure if you’d actually scared him, Rhodes or Pepper would have tracked us down and murdered us.” “…Well,” Steve agrees reluctantly, then groans when he hears Bucky in the kitchen. “Ugh, how can you stand to cook after being at the diner all night?” “Unlike you, I was serving food all night, not cooking it. Dumbass. Whatcha want? Fried tofu or chicken?” “I want a nice juicy steak.” “Chicken it is.” Steve mutters into the couch petulantly.

“Why can’t you have steak?” Tony asks from where he’s sitting in the armchair. “Because as popular as the diner is we can’t afford to splurge that often and because I can’t eat that much red meatHEY,” Steve barks, sitting up. “How’d you get in here?! Don’t you need to be invited in?!” Tony blinks at him slowly. “You have a welcome mat.” These goddamn fucking welcome mats for heaven’s sake. “Chicken?” Bucky calls over his shoulder. Tony blinks at him as well before he finally answers, “I guess.” He looks at Steve. “Bucky can cook?” “Yeah, he just doesn’t like to do it unless it’s just for a couple of people,” Steve admits. Bucky would take over the grill in a pinch, but he hated not seeing who was stepping into his territory in the dining room.

The chicken is juicy and tender and Tony takes just as long to eat that as he does everything else. Steve and Bucky are sipping cups of decaf coffee so they’re not all wired when they go to bed before Tony even gets to his vegetables. “I’ve been thinking,” Tony says between bites of broccoli. Bucky hums to show he’s listening as he leans all of his weight on Steve, and Steve rolls his eyes and sighs but reaches up to rub circles into the bones behind his ears. “Yeah?” “…If… if you really want me to,” Tony says hesitantly. “I could—bite you. I guess.”

Fucking ow,” Bucky snaps, jerking his head away from Steve’s fingers which had dug in way too hard to his skull. “Steve!” “Tony,” Steve chokes out in concern when he notices the way the vampire is fidgeting nervously where he sits. “You don’t have to do that if you really don’t want to. I’m sorry I was such a brat about it.” Tony fiddles with his fork a moment before taking a deep breath and letting it out again. “I’m just saying—that if you wanted to try it, and Bucky was okay with it, and it wouldn’t hurt you or exacerbate any of your current illnesses… I guess I wouldn’t mind trying. Not because I think I have to,” he adds hurriedly. “But Jarvis said—Jarvis said that if we were all consenting parties and had considered the risks—” “You were given a sex talk by a hundreds-year-old cat?” Bucky sputters, and Tony sighs and rolls his eyes in annoyance as the werewolf and human begin giggling like idiots.

They decide to do it on the next thirteenth that fell on a Friday. The diner was closed those days—too many supernatural creatures liked to make mischief on Friday the Thirteenth, and Steve would probably give himself a goddamn aneurism if he tried to corral them so they just closed for his (and the other supernatural creatures’) safety. Tony insisted Steve would need time to recover and while they’d discussed how much blood would be taken (not a lot) and that it shouldn’t be a problem, Tony wanted to be sure, and Steve was willing to concede this point after being an asshole.

“And we can stop at any time,” Steve adds, and Tony nods furiously. “Of course! Steve, I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable—” “I meant you,” Steve cuts in before he can misunderstand too much. “If you decide you really don’t want to go through with it, you can stop it, too.” Tony fidgets, frowning. “I—okay?” “Okay,” Steve and Bucky say firmly, even though their hearts ache that Tony hadn’t even considered he could say ‘no’ once they started. But it was okay. They had plenty of time to teach him that, too.

The Forgotten One

The Forgotten One

Steve Rogers x  reader

Part 1

So I had an idea and started writing a fic and in about an hour is was 1700 words so I am going to split it in to 2. 


   You were in love with Steve Rogers, and he didn’t care about you at all. At first you were depressed, then kind of numb but after what had happened in Germany while you waited for him to get his shield back from Sharon Carter you were just done with it all. For years you had been a teammate and you thought a friend to him and now he was standing 10 feet away from you kissing the “love of his life”’s niece just weeks after Peggy’s death. All you could think while Bucky and Sam smirked at him was “What the hell is going on here?”. The same man who had specifically told you a month before Peggy’s death that he just didn’t have time for romance was now kissing Sharon Carter.

   “You can’t just leave, (Y/N), Wanda said from behind you as you continued stuffing clothes and other essentials into a duffle bag.

     You knew you were all safe in Wakanda for now and that the rest of “Team Cap” were planning to stay for a while to help Bucky. You normally would have been there for him as you had been for the others but at the moment your nerves were stretched thin and a certain Captain was at the center of all the jumbled thoughts running through your head.

    “Wanda I love you but I have to go. You don’t understand.” You said not even glancing in her direction knowing you would immediately break down in tears.

     “If I don’t understand then tell me what is going on. Why did you start packing today?” Wanda was pacing your room now, her accent becoming thicker the more upset she got.

    You just stood there for a moment and took a deep breath. Then you made a decision, she deserved an answer but you couldn’t explain so you said the only thing you could think of, “Wanda, I know you can read my mind so do that because I can’t tell you what I’m doing.”

    Wanda stood there looking shocked as you bowed your head and continued to breath deeply trying hard not to block her out. After a few seconds she gasped and began to walk toward you with a look of such sympathy that the tears you had been trying to hide began slipping down your cheeks and you hands began to shake.

     You tried to control your power but when you got upset they became unpredictable and you disappeared from Wanda’s sight and she mumbled “Oh, sweetie”, using her red glow to shower a few sparks over you so she could hug you.

      You knew what she had seen. The years of being alone and ignored until SHIELD had found you in a foster home. No family, no friends, and not an ounce of self esteem. You had been trained for combat, taught to shoot, and you had made friends. You had eventually even begun to date and had a couple of not so successful relationships but they never got you down because you had parted as friends.  

        Then Fury drafted you in to the Avengers. When they flew you to the carrier you were excited to see Natasha but she had been talking to Captain America. Having never met him before you had gone invisible due to nervousness and walked past Nat, poking her in the back with your elbow, causing her to stutter momentarily before continuing her conversation.

         You had not fought in New York as much as the others, using your power of invisibility and force field to shield civilians and moving them from the streets and into the subway tunnels. After everything was said and done you had become a valued part of the team you thought. There had been parties, training, movie nights, and family dinners. There had been mission after mission culminating in helping Steve search for Bucky. Unfortunately that had led to a break in your little family but none of that hurt as much as being in love with someone who basically acted like you were invisible all the time lately.

         Natasha walked in on Wanda with her arm wrapped around you, tears running down the younger girl’s cheeks and you still partially transparent due to your emotions and immediately said “So ladies, who am I going to have to kill tonight?”

         You and Wanda broke apart and you took a couple of deep breaths and began to head toward the bathroom for your toiletries, asking Wanda to explain things to Nat.

Time skip to dinner

      T’challa, Steve, Bucky, Sam, Wanda, Nat and Scott  sat around the formal dining table, the men talking about random things and the women just shooting each other looks then glaring daggers at Steve. After the first course Sam happened to look down the table next to Nat and ask “Where is (Y/N)?”

       “She requested dinner in her room.” T’challa answered, turning back to his conversation with Scott.

        Frowning, Steve turned to Natasha and Wanda and asked “Is (Y/N) sick or something?”

        Neither Nat nor Wanda answered, instead they gave each other a look, not glancing back at Steve and picked up their utensils and placed them on their plates and proceeded to take their dinners and wine glasses and leave the room with a not overly polite “Excuse us!” thrown to the room in general. As they exited dramatically Bucky turned to Steve and muttered “What did you do, punk?” to which Steve just shook his head in bewilderment.

     The knock on your bedroom door took you by surprise because you knew that everyone should be at dinner. When you opened it there stood Nat and Wanda with their dinners and smirks on their faces.

     “If this is your last night with us we are going to have a sleepover.” Nat said pushing past you and taking her dinner to the small table in your room, Wanda trailing behind her.

      “You guys are the best” you said with a small smile as you joined them and laughed along with them as you each recounted funny stories from various missions including when Tony had stepped out of his suit and left it in guard dog mode, tripped and fell in a huge mud puddle.

      After a couple hours, a couple bottles of wine, and a mountain of junk food sent up from the kitchen everyone was getting sleepy so you decided to take a shower so you would be ready to leave in the morning. As soon as they heard the water switch on in the bathroom Nat and Wanda looked at each other sadly and decided to come up with a plan to get you to stay.

       “Nat, we have to do something. She is so unhappy. I looked inside her head and it is chaos and I don’t know how she is living with that burning ache in her chest. I was only in her mind for seconds and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.” Wanda said, her eyes tearing up again as everything she saw replayed in her head.

    “What exactly did you see? I knew she liked Steve, hell the first week after he joined the Avengers she would go invisible whenever he entered a room, but I didn’t know she was still crushing on him so hard.”

      “It’s not a crush Natasha. She loves him. She loves him more than she loves herself. I saw all these moments over the last few years. They would go for coffee or go out to lunch, he would hold her hand or give her a kiss on the cheek and she would melt inside. He would snuggle up to her on movie nights or rest his head on her shoulder while she was cooking. Then a couple months ago she got up the courage to ask him on an actual date and he said he didn’t have time to get romantically involved and then in Germany he kissed Sharon Carter right in front of her while she was shielding Steve, Sharon, Bucky, and Sam with her forcefield and hiding their cars.”

      Natasha’s mouth dropped open and she muttered something like “Oh no he didn’t”. She jumped to her feet and raced out of the room leaving Wanda speechless.

  “STEVE ROGERS!!!! Where are you hiding you All-American asshole?” Nat yelled as she banged on Steve’s door. When the door swung open to show Steve looking at her with a half smile Nat almost punched him but due to her inebriated state and the fact that Bucky read her intentions and grabbed her arm she settle for rattling off a tirade in Russian (Steve only recognizing when she said Sharon’s name) and aiming a kick toward his groin that he easily side stepped.

   “What the hell is wrong with you Nat?” Steve asked and was shocked when she spit at him, pushed Bucky off her arm and walked away.

    “You messed up bad kid,” Bucky said shaking his head at Steve. “The Russian she was speaking was basically how she would like to carve you into little pieces and throw you to the wolves, balls first.”

     “But what did I do Buck?”

     “You broke her best friend’s heart.” Bucky said sadly then turned to head to his own room, not even finishing the movie he and Steve had been watching.

      Steve stood frozen in place. He didn’t know what to do. Should he go talk to Natasha? No, she was too angry right now. He should talk to (Y/N). He didn’t understand how he had broken her heart.

      Making up his mind he went toward the room T’challa had assigned (Y/N) and knocked on the door. When it swung open revealing Wanda and a still angry Nat he sighed and asked “What is going on?” to which he got a jumble of Russian curse words and Sokovian tossed at him and the door slammed in his face. He hadn’t even seen (Y/N) in the room. Was she hiding from him by going invisible?

   He decided to go back to his room and sort it out in the morning. Little did he know the restless night of sleep waiting for him… 

Sparks Chapter 15

Originally posted by yunotheidiot

Pairing: Bucky(POV) X Reader(POV) ft. other characters from the avengers team

Word Count: 2.3K

Summary: Tower Christmas Party ft. all the avengers team members. Bucky gets you for Secret Santa and has trouble deciding what to give you.

A/N: This is a story about two people building a great friendship and then slowly falling in love. y/n is a strong, independent, and smart scientist. She meets Bucky when she wakes him up from cryo sleep and they become friends. This is going to have all the angst / best friends falling in love / fluff / drama / & eventual smut ;) that I can possibly fit in it. This fic is going to be looong! So far my document is like 50,000 words. So editing is hard If you catch any grammatical or formatting errors let me know.

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Family Reunions

(A/N): All I have to say is yes, yes I loved this so much

Request:How about the reader is Wanda and Pietro’s little sister. They got seperated in the blast when they were younger and got kidnapped by Hydra. So when Wanda and Pietro encounter them on a mission they almost kill the reader. But then Wanda sees the memories, then they realize who it is they break down and then they’re a big happy family again! Fluffy ending!

Warnings: some swearing and fighting

Originally posted by charliesaurrus

    “They were so pretty,” Wanda whispers as she trails her fingers along an old photograph of the three before everything had turned to shit. 

    “Do you ever miss them?” Pietro asks as Wanda sets the photo back down on her dresser, giving it one last look before truly setting it down. 

    “Everyday, Piet. Not a day goes by that I don’t,” 

    “Do you think they remember us?” 

    “They’re our sibling, how could they not?” Wanda thinks back to the few years before the twins were separated from their sibling, all the happy memories, all the shared laughter and pleasant smiles, everything that had been happy before it had been stripped away, leaving the three broken and desolate. Thank god Wanda and Pietro had each other but god knows how (Y/N) was doing. The twins hadn’t seen them in years, who knows if they were okay, if they were well taken care of, where they were, and everything else. 

    “Hey little babybirds,” Nat smirks at the nickname bestowed upon them after having defeated Ultron. “We’ve got a mission tomorrow, debriefing at 6, be there this time? No more slacking,” The twins give a polite smile and affirmative little nod, one Nat returns before leaving the room just as quietly as she had entered. 

    “Someday,” Wanda reached out, gently patting Pietro’s hand as she smiled softly. “We’ll find them,” Pietro smiles back and nods too despite both of them knowing that they never were going to find the long lost Maximoff. They’d been missing for god knows how long with no word or anything, it was a false hope that they were holding on to, this idea that some day (Y/N) would return to them safe and sound. So now with heavy hearts and aching souls each Maximoff retired to bed, going to sleep off the recent painful memories.

    “Hydra didn’t just stop with Bucky,” Steve mutters as he oh so casually flicks through some files. “They created multiple winter soldiers, most of them didn’t survive the experimental serums they had. But there were a few, Zemo took down a few and we’ve got Buck but there’s one more,” Steve switches to another file, this one containing a picture of some Hydra experiment. A mask covered its face, making it impossible to tell who or what it was. 

    “They’re fast and strong, intelligent, and very, very dangerous.” Steve glares at every person seated at the table. “They took down shield in under 3 minutes and stole valuable information so they are not a force to be reckoned with, understood?” Every team player nods, all staring at the dark figure in the picture Steve had presented. “Well then, let’s suit up and get going,” 

    The Hydra base was easy to get in to, with a team of super powered beings it wasn’t hard to take down a few agents what was hard was tracking down whatever…experiment this thing was. Like Steve had said, it was fast and strong, and most definitely cunning enough to escape everyone’s radar. Not even Wanda could get a good reading on them, their thoughts were muddled and nearly impossible to read. She could see some colors here and there, maybe a very blurry shape, but other than that their thoughts offered no help to the team. 

    “Maybe Hydra moved them elsewhere,” Bucky asks lightly, his gun raised and aimed to shoot at anything threatening. “I know for a fact they did it to me,” 

    “No,” Wanda whispers, closing her eyes as a small thought came to mind. 

    It was of a scalpel, some blood, extreme pain, it was torture. 

     “They’re here, I can feel them,” 

     “Well then, where the hell are they,” Sam mutters through gritted teeth. 

     “Right here,” On cue a body swings from the ceiling, knocking Sam in the throat and onto the ground before landing perfectly, a gun already cocked and loaded in their hand.

     Without a moment to waste the soldier fires shot after shot at those who were the least prepared, Nat was one of those. She took a hit to the ribs, blood cascading from the good sized hole in her chest. Next it was Steve, his shield was ripped from his grasp and thrown against him, hitting his gut with such force that it knocked the air out of him. Tony fired repulsor blasts at them valiantly but alas he missed every time, the soldier dodging each one with ease. 

    “Wanda,” Steve rasps, “Pietro, do something,’ Pietro gives a curt nod and is just about to speed up to the soldier when a memory hits Wanda hard, leaving her nearly crippled for a minute or so. 

    It was of a happy family, a mother and father, and 3 beautiful babies. They were all smiling and playing together, throwing and catching a ball as their parents watched on happily, smiling at their children. 

    It was vague but Wanda knew that memory anywhere, she distinctly remembered that smile and those eyes, those eyes she hadn’t seen in so long. Before she can call out to Pietro, or to anyone another memory hits her. 

    This one was dark, literally. The world was shrouded in dust and the soldier coughed a bit, a small weak sound that made them sound sickly. And then they began to call to someone, to some people actually. 

    “Wanda! Pietro!” Another series of coughs hit them, causing their body to double over in pain. “Where are you?” Their voice was quiet and weak and so full of fear that it brought a tear to Wanda’s eye.

    This was (Y/N), their (Y/N). Their little sibling (Y/N) with the bright eyes and wide smile, the (Y/N) who had a happy life at one point, the (Y/N) who actually had a life at all. Now here they were, standing before Wanda brutally beating all her teammates. 

    Steve arises from his spot on the floor, his eyes narrowed and his shield clutched to him tightly. Sam too had risen, more or less as angry as Cap, his wings flared behind him as he reached for the guns on his hip. 

    “Wait!” Wanda cried, attempting to gain someone’s attention. “No! Don’t hurt them!” But no one would listen, to absorbed in the fight to pay any attention to the shy recruit. “I said stop!” Wanda roars, little strings of energy exploding around her. Immediately everyone stops in their tracks, the winter soldier included. 

   Wanda took a step towards the soldier, her palms upwards to show she meant no harm whatsoever. 

    “I’m not going to hurt you,” She whispers, eyeing the soldier with a longing kind of gaze. “I promise (Y/N),” The soldier’s face scrunches with confusion, their lips parting as they go to ask some question. “It’s me,” Wanda nods, smiling softly. “It’s Wanda, you remember me don’t you, I forced you to let me braid your hair when we were little, yeah?” Pietro’s eyes widen and his jaw drops as he stares at Wanda, who was slowly making her way towards the dark soldier standing perfectly still. There was no way in hell that this was (Y/N), their (Y/N), he wouldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe it-

    “W-wanda,” The soldier gulps, their dark eyes melting to show a bit more emotion than they had before. Their eyes glance over to Pietro’s and he’s damn near sure his heart nearly shatters because he knew those eyes anywhere; it was (YN), their (Y/N). 

Feeling Alive (Introduction)

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 1/?: Introduction

Word count: 1007

Love to @systemfailuresunshine for her endless patience and the inspiration to write this. (See at the bottom for author notes!)

The studio smells like white vinegar and floor polish, and sunshine pours in through the skylights. In the centre of the room, the dancers twirl gracefully, their reflections keeping pace as they sketch out the steps: from downstage left to centrestage right. Bucky quietly closes the door behind him and joins the gaggle of first years who are craning their necks to watch Miss Carter’s advanced ballet class. He fixes his eyes on the flash of red hair. Nat is dancing in pride of place, the centre of the ensemble. He smiles a little to see it. Nat will be pleased. She likes to be the best.

“Good.” Miss Carter raps out the word with familiar sharpness; Bucky automatically straightens his spine. “Now, to music. Please give your jetés more life: you should glide, not hop about like a rabbit.” She switches on the ancient CD player and counts them in.

Bucky watches with interest as the class complete the intricate line of steps. Nat makes it look easy, weightless. Mind you, that’s what seventeen years of training do to you; and, after all, he would know. The dancers finish the line and Miss Carter shuts off the music.

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Faking It (Part Eleven)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: I like my language

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other. 

Note: sorry I’m posting so late again. I had a lot going on today, but this part is longer than usual so hopefully it’s worth the wait?

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Your name: submit What is this?

“No, the gift bags go over there,” you point to a table on the far end of the club, barely looking up at your tablet as you do so, “And how are we doing with the liquor license? We can’t have a club without alcohol.” You’re about to launch a full investigation when your phone rings. Seeing that it’s Steve, you glance desperately at Bucky, silently begging him for help. He nods before going to oversee some of the million things you’re trying to do at once.

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The Things I've Left Unsaid

Steggy Positivity Week, day 6
Prompt: Quotes, Lyrics, etc.

Summary: Steve tries to plan a date. Things don’t go quite as planned.

AO3 link here.

There are plenty of great things about actually getting to date Peggy Carter. Their snatched moments during the war might have made his breath catch and left him with sweet dreams, but bunker lights and night operations were so dim that he is only now finding out how truly dazzling her smile is, and war rationing had made it impossible to know that she always got an extra scoop of ice cream and didn’t have any shame about stealing from his too.

He’d just like all that discovery better if they actually got to go on regular dates.

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A Very Bucky Christmas (Part 4/7)

Summary: Snow, Christmas trees, lights - standard things people see around Christmas time. But when you and a few the Avengers are stuck at a safe house during the Christmas season, you get bummed that you can’t have a standard Christmas. Bucky takes it upon himself to get you back into the holiday spirit. Well, he tries his best, anyway.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~1000 (another short part)

Warnings: Language, (not-so) unrequited love, more day-dreaming of Bucky cuddles, Christmas fluff

A/N: Part 3 got a reeaaalllyyyy low amount of notes (it hasn’t even broken 50 yet, which even when I posted my first stories with under 50 followers it got more than that) so I hope this part is more enjoyable for everyone. I’ll try going back and editing/adding I guess, but since this is a shorter series (including word count) I don’t want to make it too complex. :/ Anyway, complaining over, I hope you enjoy this part :)

Originally posted by heartsnmagic

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Summary: These are the words I held back as I was leaving too soon - I was enchanted to meet you. With Bucky at a party and you being gorgeous and different and everything he’s ever wanted. ((Requested by @berrystained))

Warnings: it gets a little steamy but that’s about it

Word count: 1500

A/N: Ughhhh I love this song. I really hope this is what you were hoping for, I could have gone a few ways with that ending but, well, let’s just leave it at that. Enjoy~

Originally posted by elenaamerican

Tony Stark was known for throwing “legendary” parties. That’s not exactly the word Bucky would use for them, but lavish, expensive, and utterly pointless crossed his mind multiple times throughout the night. There was a possibility that if Bucky wasn’t well known as the traitorous assassin to all the guest, and if he still had his 30’s mentality, he could actually be having fun. But that was just a dream, because every corner he turned sent another group of distrusting gazes weighing his shoulders down another ten pounds.

He was prepared to spend the whole night alone, chasing corners like a dog let loose on the street, and he would have if you didn’t have a better idea. Bucky would be lying if he said he saw you coming, though maybe that was the fun of it. He couldn’t completely shut down the watchful eye Hydra conditioned him into keeping, so the fact that you could sneak up on him at all had him jumping for answers.

He knew before he even turned around that you were someone he wanted to know. Maybe it was the sweet twist of your perfume or the casual tap of your fingers against his shoulder; people found it hard to be casual around Bucky, and no one ever got close enough to touch him. Steve was the obvious exception to all this, but he didn’t see Steve all that often.

It took him less than a second to get trapped in your beauty. Black dress, red lips turned up, and shining eyes like (E/C) vortexes. Nothing could go through his head but a small wow that echoed between both hemispheres of his brain, up and down and back again until your lips moved.

“Bucky, right?” He was still adjusting to someone sparing a smile so lovely just for him. His thoughts were only beginning to defrost, questions ringing in his ears like fire alarms. Who are you’s, How did you sneak up on me’s, and Where did you come from’s, but most importantly the Where have you been all my life’s. Amidst all of those vibrating inquiries he nodded, simple and small and lost in the pools of your irises.

“Y/N, it’s nice to finally meet you.” You smiled wider and noticed his blue hues glinting in recognition. It was the first time since you tapped on his shoulder that he looked at you like he was a person and not a daydreaming puppy. In Bucky’s head his thoughts were switching from She’s gorgeous to She knows me real fast, and he had no clue if that was good or bad.

“You’ve heard of me?” His voice is much steadier than he expected, and so much louder. But he doesn’t notice the burning stares it illicits from the guests around him, he’s too busy swimming in the thought that his first words to you were just plain stupid. Of course you’d heard of him, everyone in the room knew who he was. A solid metal arm was a pretty big give away if you weren’t familiar with his face, which you probably were.

“From Steve. Unlike everyone else in the room, I only know about James Barnes, best friend to the meatball from Brooklyn.” You laugh lightly and Bucky doesn’t think he’s heard music that meets the same archaic melody, in this century or the last. He’s also just a tiny bit relieved, Steve could certainly weave a good story or two, so maybe your impression of him wasn’t as negative as he had come to think.

“James, I don’t hear that name often.” He’s laughing now, but it comes out as more of a huff. Even in the 30’s he was rarely called James, and it was rarer still for it to roll off the tongue of someone so breathtaking.

“I don’t doubt it. Even the curators in the Smithsonian call you Bucky.” He only shrugs, wanting to break the silence with questions he was supposed to ask a pretty girl at a party or dropping lines he only just seemed to remember from dimly lit bars and nights before he shipped out, but his mouth swallowed them faster than one of Tony’s fancy new cars.  

“You’re wondering how I know Steve?” You guessed, and the flash over Bucky’s face proved you right.

“How’d you know?” His brow lifted and his head tilted, but now there was a smile playing with the corners of his mouth. It was a nice change from the stern anxious look he was sporting before you turned him around.

“I’m great at guessing games. Makes me really fun at parties.” Bucky’s never seen a charming smile like that on someone else and it makes his heart jump right out of his chest. He wondered if you could guess what he was feeling right now, and if you wanted to kiss him just as badly.

“I’ll bet.” Bucky doesn’t know who took the first step but there’s definitely less space between you now and he cant help but think that’s not such a bad thing.

“To answer your earlier question, I’ve worked with Steve before. He really likes telling stories about life before the war. He’s painted you quite the hero.” You’re almost taunting him now, close enough for him to feel the heat of your skin and the mint on your breath and imagine for the shortest second about those red lips against his. He had to hold his breath and bite his lip to concentrate on your words and not just how you’re curling them into the air against his chin.

“Sorry to break it to you, but I’m not a hero.” Which is true, but Bucky really just wants to know if the air leaving his body has any effect on you, or if he’s the only one being pushed overboard by the electric wall between your skin and his.

“That’s what makes you fun at parties.” Your smirk is devilish now and the glint in your eyes screams for him to just go for it. There’s a full on brawl inside Bucky’s head. We’re in public was taking a heavy beating with Kiss her leaving almost no room to be stopped. It was a bad idea, a horrible idea, but the twist of your red lips was too much to debate against.

So he did it, desperate and fast and only a millimetre away from completely missing your mouth. It was so good too - bitter with alcohol and lipstick swirling against his senses but smooth and hot like steam after a long shower. He pulled back before the second passed, regretting it when he immediately missed your taste. The look in your eyes was utter bliss when they opened again, with a good amount of deserving shock. You hadn’t expected that from Bucky, not that fast anyway. You thought about going in for a longer kiss, but then the temptation of Bucky chasing after you sounded just as rewarding.

“This was fun, why don’t we do it again some time?” Your finger traced his jaw slow enough to make him drool before you twirled around and walked away, heels clicking against the tile floor and Bucky’s eyes burning into your back. All he could do was gulp and dream about your lips grazing his, hair tangling his fingers together and breath burning holes through his skin.  

1 AM came too slowly and now you were in bed thinking about your short encounter with Bucky; his endless blue eyes and unfairly soft lips. You wondered if you made the right call, because yeah, the next time you saw him would be awesome, but that whole waiting thing was a lot more to deal with than you thought it would be. The delayed gratification of this situation was really delayed and you craved Bucky’s feel like you’d never craved anything before.

You almost didn’t answer the door when you heard an eager knock, too absorbed in your daydreams to really hear it. But you did, and you carefully flung the door open in case the person knocking so desperately was a murderer trying to get into your house.

There was no time to think after that. Familiar lips met yours and hands held your hips close. Bucky.

His metal hand gripped your hip while the other burned up your skin to trace your cheek and run through your hair. The door slammed shut again with his foot kicking it in place and your back was pressed into the wall, Bucky holding you firmly but carefully in against him.

“Took you long enough.” You laughed before he connected your lips again, feeling his grin permeate the air around it. The kiss was searing and open mouthed and left you wanting more, regardless of how much you got. Bucky couldn’t believe how good it felt to have you between his fingers and in his mouth, brushing against all of his senses perfectly. You were magic and he was caught, happily and forever if he had any say in the matter.

Familiar Faces, Familiar Feelings

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Tittle: Familiar Faces, Familiar Feelings
Bucky x Reader
Word Count:
This is the second part to Distant Memories. Anyways, this is a few years later after Tony found the reader and now Captain America has joined the team.
Other Characters:
Natasha, Sam, Steve, mention of Tony Stark and Howard Stark

Read Part One Here

“If my brother finds us like this… He is going to almost murder you.” Y/N spoke softly, letting her words sink into Bucky’s brain.

He only squeezed her hand a little bit tighter. He gave a small chuckle and finally looked over at her. “But how many times have you layed here with me and he has not found out yet?” He looked back up at the stars, admiring their beauty and enjoyed the silence of the night.

Y/N turned to look at him, admiring Bucky’s features. “That is true.” She smiled softly, watching the way his lips slowly turned into a beautiful smile. Oh, that smile that could make all the ladies melt, and make every man jealous, wishing that they were him.

“But, you’re right. Maybe it’s time to tell Steve that you’re not with F/N, instead, you sneak out with me every night and I kiss you, and kiss you, and kiss you.” Bucky spoke softly as he laid on his side, pressing a soft kiss on Y/N’s lips. “And tell him that I love holding you in my arms, and that you fit perfectly with me and I couldn’t possibly be more in love with you.”

Y/N’s cheeks starting turning a bright red, and she thanked God that it was dark and Bucky couldn’t exactly tell that she was blushing. “You are so darn sweet to me, James.”

Bucky looked at her, wondering why she liked calling him James, but he smiled dismissing the thought. “It’s only because I love you, doll.”

“And I love you, Buck. But take me home now. Steve should be at the door waiting.” Y/N smiled, knowing she just ruined the moment.

“You always ruin the moment!” Bucky chuckled, jumping up and then offering his hand to Y/N, which Y/N gladly took for help.

“It’s only because I love you, Buck.” Y/N grinned from ear to ear, mocking his sentence.

“Ha-ha.” Bucky faked a glare and pressed a kiss on her forehead. “Alright, let’s get going because you’re right. Knowing Steve, he’s probably behind the door,”

“It’s a good thing that you agreed to bring me back every night, huh?” Y/N smiled as they started walking back, hand in hand.


Some things did just not make sense at all. Fast forward two years and now Y/N was standing in front of her brother, the only person whom she trusted at the moment.

“This can’t be right.” Steve whispered to his little sister, glancing over at her.

She stared at the wall with a blank stare. “Happened to me.”

There was no doubt that she was happy about the fact that her brother wasn’t dead. He was frozen, like she was but differently. Different situation.

“Everything’s changed so much, Steve. Everything.” Y/N starting talking again, finally facing her brother. Her blank stare falling, and a sad one taking its place. “I don’t know how to trust other than Tony. It’s like I’m living a nightmare, a life that I’m not supposed to be living for crying out loud! We should probably be dead by now, Steve, but we’re not. I’m stuck here with only memories from the past; from a life that I so desperately want to go back to.”

Steve reached for his sister, wiping the tears that were falling form her tears. “I’m here. You can trust me, can’t you?” He embraced Y/N, letting her cry in his arms.

It was the first time she’d cry in front of anyone she woke up. She hated everyone seeing her cry, so she held it in, but there was no holding it in around her brother. It was like she wanted everyone to believe that she was the stronger person, and she had no weak spot, but there were so many weak spots.

“I can relate, I guess.” Steve said and looked down at his sister. “I’m the only one that will understand you. Understand how life was back then, and all those memories that you have, share those memories..”

Y/N nodded, knowing that everything was about to change again. “I get to introduce you to Tony, Howard’s son. Remember him? And also Tasha. She’s a little hard to get used to, but you’ll warm up to her and she to you.” Y/N tried to smile through the tears, and she made it.

“Doesn’t sound too bad. Howard got married? Had kids?” Steve asked, his mind instantly switching back to Peggy. Could it be that Howard married Peggy?

“Yeah, super nice lady according to Tony.” Y/N answered. “Not Peggy if that’s what you’re thinking. Nothing ever happened between them, Steve. Remember that.”


Fast forward another two years and suddenly everyone that Y/N, Steve, and Natasha know are trying to kill them. S.H.I.E.L.D has finally gone after Captain America, and of course, his sister wouldn’t stand down and let her brother get dragged down. Natasha getting involved in this wasn’t part of the plan, but it happened.

Fury died, or so everybody thought he did. It was a well-planned death and secret, but of course, secrets don’t last long. Y/N, Captain and Natasha made a new alliance; Sam Wilson. He could be of great help to them if ever needed, and not to mention that he was the one who let them stay in his house when they needed shelter.

There was another war about to start, and everybody was getting in the middle. It was time to put a stop to H.Y.D.R.A once again. It was inside S.H.I.E.L.D, and nobody knew about it until now. It was up to the Captain, Y/N, Natasha, Sam and Fury to put a stop it. The Captain tried to keep his sister away from most problems, but some were impossible to keep her away from. They were going to need help, but there was a big secret that Steve was hiding.

“Are you guys ready to fight?” Sam asked, snapping Steve and Natasha out of their thoughts. “And is your sister fighting too?” Sam addressed Steve, still unsure about what was going to happen.

“She doesn’t know that the Winter Soldier is alive, huh?” Natasha looked at Steve, almost with a smirk but she knew it was a sensitive topic. “She doesn’t know about our encounter with him a few days ago, does she?”

“Oh my god.” Sam sighed, already knowing where this was going to lead to.

“Bucky.” Steve corrected. “She doesn’t know that Bucky is alive.” Steve started, little did he know that Y/N was listening from the other room. She covered her mouth to prevent the sobs that were threatening to escape her lips. “How do I tell her that Bucky is alive?”

“Just like that.” Sam and Natasha answered.

“And how do I tell her that the love of her life doesn’t remember her? Doesn’t remember me. How do I tell her that he’s been trained to kill us all? No matter who it is? He’s part of H.Y.D.R.A. I can’t risk taking her. That will walk up to her, look her in the eye and try to kill her like if she was just another little simple thing.” Steve comments.

“Can’t risk taking her? Or don’t want to break her heart?” Natasha looked at Steve. “Steve she is the most powerful out of all of us. Nothing will happen to you if you take her, so you just don’t want to tell her. You don’t want to break her heart.”

But her heart was already broken with what she was hearing. Her love of her life was alive but with no memory of her whatsoever. No memory of the love that they once shared. Their plans were only a memory that she held onto, that she knew about. He didn’t.

“I’ll tell her.”

“No need to.” Y/N wiped her tears before she finally showed her face. “I heard everything…”

Steve stared at her, running a hand through his hair for a second. “Y/N…”

“No, it’s okay. I know what H.Y.D.R.A can do.” But even if she knew, she never forgot them, they never went that far. “I’m still fighting, Steve. I can handle it. If I could handle the thought of him being dead, I can handle this.”

“No offense, but you almost destroyed a city when you found out they were ‘dead’.” Sam interrupted.

“And I will destroy you if you dare get in the way.” Y/N turned to Sam, shoving past them and rushing outside, the thought of seeing Bucky ran through her head like if that was the only thought that ever existed in her head.


Y/N had the second chip in her hand as she landed in the Helicarrier. “I’m on… I’ll be quick.” She spoke, mostly to herself but she knew she had to be reporting back.

So far so good on staying clear from Bucky. She wasn’t supposed to run into him, and as far as she knew, he wasn’t around. Yet, she was nervous, very nervous. She was devastated, but barely let it show. She wasn’t supposed to be thinking about this on this mission. It was super important.

“Y/N? Are you in?” Steve asked just as Y/N replaced the second chip. Falcon was done with his job, now it was all about distracting the enemy.

“Got it.” She replied, on her way back. Her plan was to put the chip in and get the hell out of there. Nobody wanted to risk her seeing Bucky. Who knows how things would go.

“Alright, go.” Steve talked back, seeing the person who was standing in front of him. Bucky.

That’s how the fight started. Time was running and Steve was getting injured. His best friend was injuring him, but he refused to hurt his best friend. He refused to kill Bucky. He couldn’t do it, and he knew damn well that his sister would not be able to.

“Steve, can you hear me? You got it?” Y/N was back on the helicarrier. She was getting worried that the last chip was still not in place, and she was getting no answer from her brother.

“Got it.” A very exhausted Steve came through, but it was too late. His sister was already searching for him everywhere.

“Where are you?” Y/N demanded an answer. “I can’t find you.”

“Alright, Cap, Y/N get out there now!” Maria demanded, setting up her things. “Time to blow this thing up.”

Yet, there wasn’t enough time. “Y/N, get out of here.” Steve answered back.

“Both of you!” Maria came in again.

“I’m not getting off without you, Steve!” Finally her eyes landed on two figures above her. Steve, and another person. That person quickly came into view as they both fell down, landing in front of her.

She gasped seeing the second face. Her heart beat so much faster, and a wave of terror shook through her body. The man she once knew was trying to kill her brother. “Do it, Maria.”


“Do it!” Y/N yelled again before she felt the whole thing move. For a minute everything became a blur and the conversation between her brother and Bucky became something that she wasn’t listening to, until she was brought back by a yell.

“Your name is James Buchanan Barnes.” Steve stood up.

“Shut up!” Bucky yelled, sending Steve backward with another punch.

Y/N tried her hardest to concentrate, her power slowly flowing and the shield she had was starting to spread, which meant she could protect her brother from any other harm, but tumbled down, falling down into the river that was below her.

Bucky looked over. His movement stopped for a while as he took in the familiar face. Everything that the man in front of him was saying was triggering certain memories, and that girl just fell down was familiar to him. It brought him a different feeling that was so unfamiliar to him again.

He continued the fight until he was watching Steve fall down, following his sister’s fate. After that, Bucky found himself going after them, saving them both, but she came first. He was drawn to her, yet he had to leave them outside of the water. Someone would find them both, but he had to disappear.

Read Part One Here.

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