i know it is a bit rough on the edges

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“How do I know that I can trust you? I mean, you got the whole ‘fairy’ look down.”

Uncertain/Questioning starters

        “Hey, what’s wrong with fairies? I happen to think that most of us are rather agreeable creatures; some are a bit rough around the edges, sure, but I wouldn’t think that any of them are necessarily untrustworthy.” 

I’ve been a little rough around the edges lately. I’ve been a little abrasive towards you and I hope you know my intentions are in the right place, but my execution is a bit poor. I am working on myself ❤

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4, 12, 15, 17

4. do you like your name?  is there another name you think would fit you better?

Hmmm. I actually like my name a lot better than I did when I was growing up, there were just too many people around me named Anna at the time. I really can’t think of a name that would fit me better, though.

12. dog person or cat person?

I am incredibly fond of both.

17.  would you say your tumblr is a fair representation of the “real you”?

Maybe? I think its a more accurate representation of me than I often give to people I don’t know well (and that is most people), so in that sense, yes. I don’t think its fully accurate though, on the basis that the internet is scary and I like some things to myself. Its like, me if someone polished it a bit and cut off the rough edges so I looked more like a coherent being.

I will answer 15 tomorrow, because that is a more difficult question than I expected and I am tired.

Don’t fall in love with the prettiest parts of me, the marketable parts of myself that I think only exist so I’m not shunned by society. Don’t fall in love with my smile. Or my wit. Don’t fall in love with easy parts of me. Instead, fall in love with the broken bits. Fall in love with the rough edges of my soul. Fall in love with the cracks in my heart. Fall in love with my scars. Fall in love with the parts of myself I try so hard to keep hidden but are just floating beneath the surface. Then I’ll know I’ve found a partner, not just a lover.

Metaphorically correct

He said, “life on the border is a little bit rough.
If you’re going to love me, you’ve gotta get tough.
Beyond the law, anything goes…
When you’re living on the edge of Mexico.”
I heard all he said but I didn’t believe
Not until I tried to keep him close to me

He rode away in a cloud of dust
Chasing the wind and Lady Luck
His bags were full of who knows what
I knew what I had to do
Girls ride horses, too

I rode all day, tracking him down
Spent the night on dangerous ground
Smelling the smoke of a distant fire
Feeling the flame of my desire
But nothing in the desert is what it seems
All that I know is in my dreams

He rode away in a cloud of dust
Chasing the wind and Lady Luck
His bags were full of who knows what
I knew what I had to do
Girls ride horses, too

I crossed the river as the sun came up
Drank his tequila from a silver cup
Traded his bags for a sack of gold
And got a little taste of Mexico
If he’s going to love me, he’s gotta get tough
Life on the border is a little bit rough

He rode away in a cloud of dust
Chasing the wind and Lady Luck
His bags were full of who knows what
I did what I had to do
Girls ride horses, too

I did what I had to do
Girls ride horses, too

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I'm loyal, shy, and creative. I can be a bit rough around the edges when I first meet people, but when I warm up to them I can be quite affectionate. I have a love for the occult, along with animals of all kinds and herbal medicine. I'm not very good with children, and tend to have a very short temper with them. I daydream quite a bit, which can lead to me getting in serious trouble. I'm pretty lazy, and not a fan of most exercise, but I love swimming. Let me know if you need more information

I think you would be a Victreebel!

This fully evolved grass type may look scary, but once you get past the exterior, it’s a very loving Pokemon - just ask James! Victreebel is extremely territorial because it only wants to protect its friends. It also has been known to collect food such as fruit and berries to feed to weaker Pokemon. It also hunts down leaf stones so its Weepinbell friends can evolve too! Victreebel is definitely the perfect Pokemon for you!


I really do like the fact how gems were placed on every characters in Steven Universe.

Both Pearl and Peridot have gems located on their forehead, signaling of their intelligence. I also liked that it’s located more on frontal lobe area, which is a function of a brain of thinking, planning, and decisions.

Amethyst’s gem is located on her chest area, maybe her heart, stating that even though she’s a bit rough around the edges, she has big heart. Heart is also symbolism for strengthening relationships.

Lapis gem is on her back, giving her an ability to have wings. I also liked that it’s shaped as an teardrop, a symbolism of her grief of being betrayed by gems. I still haven’t figured out what the significance of having her gem on her back is.

I have no idea why Jasper’s gem is a nose, but I liked it and it reminded me of someone having a huge ego…-shrug-

Garnet’s gems are on both of her hands (Sapphire and Ruby), because Garnet is a fusion, both her and her gems represents two opposites balancing each other, which is pretty obvious. I looked on line to see that hands are symbolized as justice, choice, balance and contrast.

Both Steven and Rose Quartz’s gem are located on the stomach, which is a symbolism of health, fertility, and good luck. 

Dear future husband,

With the Lord’s guidance and a tad bit of time, He will make me the Proverbs 31 woman. So I’m waiting.. Because I know God is fixing up your rough edges as well.
I can’t wait to love you unconditionally. Let God be the center in our lives. Let God’s love reflect in us. I’m excited for what He has in store for us. I’m excited to honor God with you. See you in the future.

Me <3

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Ahh, not to fret there. I’m quite friendly once you get to know me. Oh and thank you for the compliment, I could say the same about this blog here~

Thank ;u; 
I’m going to try to make it more of a ‘things we like’ blog as well, because maybe it’ll be a bit less rough around the edges.

Dipping into (another)  new blog is always awkward for me, pfffft.

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Krista: Opinion on Nigel, Lucifer, Ned, and Klarion


*stares blankly at this*

I’m starting to see a pattern here. *blushes at this*

He’s um really smart and brave and kind. Sure, he can be a bit reckless and totally impulsive and hot headed, but he has really good intentions. I really do love him so. I don’t think he knows how much I appreciate him being with me and all he’s done for me. I look up to him in a way. I wish I was as brave as he is.


He can be pretty rough around the edges, but he’s a pretty nice guy once you get to know him. He’s also really deep and intelligent. I feel he gets a really bad rep for no reason. Honestly, just sit down one afternoon with the guy and you’ll see what I”m talking about. He can be the most loyal friend you can have.


Ah, he’s awesome. I’m so glad I found someone I can talk about nerd stuff with besides Nigel. Plus, he’s really uber smart, so that’s an added bonus. In all honesty though, I hope he truly does consider me a friend. I’d hate to lose him. They thought of that kind of hurts me you know. 


You know, at first, I was pretty intimidated by the guy. However, I got to know him and he’s actually a really cool dork. Sure he tries to act like a huge almighty lord of chaos, but he’s actually a really funny nerd once you get to know him. He’s a big softie deep down.