i know it is a bit rough on the edges


EPISODE 2 UPDATE - Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope

As some of you can tell, I like Dragonball Z. It’s goofy and cheezy, but its certainly cool and has left its mark with tons of people. This is a neat Fan Project aiming to tell the tale of the ‘History of Trunks’ in live action, episodic format. The Pilot was pretty neat (if a little rough around the edges, but hey its a fan film with a low budget) and it showed promise. They’re asking for help in funding of 50,000 by May for the next two episodes. I doubt people who follow me are interested and the people who are pretty much already know, but I’m posting this to maybe try and help a tiny bit. Plus I’m throwing them 10 bucks. So there’s my bit. Take this for what you will. There are links to the pilot and the funding service at the end of the vid

But its right here too. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dragon-ball-z-light-of-hope-episodes-2-3


"Ever notice how in films —English language…

"Ugh your ‘configurations’. Feels like I’m trying to -plait- my bloody tongue every time I try to pronounce them. How can it be so HARD to make sounds sound like they’re supposed to sound? Also, what’s ‘The Centurion’?”

“You know if your own language didn’t boarder on eh, barbarism mine would be so much easier to learn.  Ah- it’s a film, a bit historically inaccurate and rough around the edges, not too too bad though, if I do say so myself.”

charming not sincere — for everyone’s favorite lady killer (dumbass).

i. lady killer — andrew jackson jihad ii. one way or another — blondie iii. kiss with a fist — florence + the machine iv. cardigan weather — meg and dia v. too drunk to fuck — the dead kennedys vi. girl with one eye — florence + the machine vii. the devil wears a suit — kate miller-heidke viii. reclusion — anberlin ix. red mist — theoretical girl x. icarus — bastille xi. i hate everyone — get set go xii. psycho — amanda palmer + neil gaiman xiii. not your concern — the hush sound xiv. goodbye — SR-71

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