i know it is a bit rough on the edges

“It can be rough, I know. But we can do this, alright? We can! Just trust me.” - Mike Schmidt

(( Mike is quirky as hell in our AU. It’s sort of a thing that we thought would be funny for him… Yeah. He has a bit of a short temper, has a “rough-around-the-edges” sort of charm… But? He’s sweet, and he really does care about the health/mental health of his co-workers/friends. 

And so? He’s one of the lot that tries to keep his spirits up. Yeah, things have gotten rough for him in the past. But? That won’t stop him from trying to get things done… and trying to help those around him.

You can do it, Mike! ^_^ - Trivia ))

Beorn (the hobbit readalong week 3)

This is my prompt for The Hobbit readalong bingo week 3.

I would like to discuss the character Beorn. He seems kind-hearted and gentle to a certain extent. He is much nicer to animals than people. I really enjoyed the description of this character and find that his love of animals is admirable. He may be a grump and a bit rough around the edges but it must come from living in lands that are sometimes riddled with evil. He can also be rude. I loved the chapter and I had a wonderful image of the company eating in Beorn’s house being waited on by the animals. The animals were not forced either, they were doing it out of kindness and respect for Beorn. Which shows the mutual friendship between him and the animals. I’d like to know you’re thoughts on Beorn. Anyone else have anything to add about his character? I’d love to read them.


“You? Truly? I could never imagine why.” Her words carried an edge of dry sarcasm as Fienelef turned her attention to him. “What do you intend to do about it?”

“I know! I mean, a beating from the guards or even a roughing up by some hired thugs I take as an occupational hazard, but this is too much.” 

Claudius flung himself into the nearest chair, hiking his boots up onto the table as he rubbed his forehead in a pensive manner. 

“I was hoping I might stay here for a little bit,” he said, as he tugged at his collar, the velvet stuck to his neck by sweat. 

With that, he shrugged off his pack and set it on the table, bulging at the very seams with gold, gems, and jewellery. The opening had been forced shut with two arrowheads, and a candlestick poked through the top like the tip of the White-Gold Tower pokes through the clouds in Cyrodiil, even the slightest movement sending a few coins, or a flawless amethyst, or a silver necklace, spilling out onto the floor - quickly scooped up by Claudius as quickly as the hounds in Understone Keep wolfed down their meat. It was becoming slightly clearer as to why he was marked for death.

“I can cook, or clean, or… rearrange your books, if you like.”

Okay, I get it that Kaiba is being a jerk BUT for goodness sake his brother had been kidnapped and unlike the others using the tournament to get to Pegasus, Kaiba has been hunted down, nearly murdered, and has every intention to go head to head with Pegasus physically to get his brother back AFTER he has to break into the dungeon where his brother is kept hostage. AND the company, as far as I know he built, he owns is being taken over by the inside by the shareholders in their intense greed thus perpetuating the kidnapping of Kaiba’s only family, his near murders, and his having to go into hiding.

Then when he arrives on the island, he thanks Yugi and OF COURSE is a bit rough around the edges given all the shit he’s been through, and despite some hurtful words is leaving peacefully by walking away. And while rude, Joey first puts his hands on Kaiba, gets in his face, and Kaiba was uncalled for when he twisted Joey’s arm to get him off him? Yeah okay.

I do like his speech at the end where he basically explains how brutal you have to be, how the philosophy of the heart of the card works for them but he has his own strategy and philosophy to win and he has to rely on that right now. And that Pegasus is just as brutal if not more so than him and you need to toughen up to do it.

4-15-15, 5:13PM

you always made me feel like i was hard to love, like i was rough and difficult to the core.

but you know what? i realize now, after everything, i’m none of those things. i am, and always have been, a diamond. and yeah, maybe i had a few rough edges and maybe i was covered in a little bit of dirt, but i just needed someone to clean me up and give me a little bit of love. and that’s something i can do by myself.


I originally started filming for use with a different, longer song, but then decided against it. I changed to this one, so selected my favourite clips from those I’d filmed - the rest are to follow in an “Extras” video soonish. Some clips are a bit rough around the edges because I was always thinking about how much I needed to film, so as soon as it was usable I moved onto something else. Huge thanks to TartyBikes and Trialtech for seemingly continuing to deem me worthwhile, and also to Jack, Aaron, Stan, Ross, Rob and the Morecambe guys (sorry - don’t know your names!) for their boundless patience with me whilst filming. I know I get a bit wrapped up in the moment sometimes and that it’s really not on, but I don’t realize how much time I’m taking until it’s too late. Sorry! P.S. Hope you’re enjoying your breakfast, Aaron. via http://www.codeandcommand.com

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You could also do a song by Ed Sheeran. I don't know the 1975, but Ed has a soft voice and a bit of an accent, so maybe his songs could fit your voice better :)

aw that’s a good idea because he’s British too, im not too familiar with him though (i think i picked the 1975 because matty has a very ‘rough around the edges but mostly sounds p good’ voice and my voice is kinda like that) im actually considering just singing one of my own songs bc the scariest part is showing everyone so i might as well get all the scariness out at once haha!