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Is it true that Isayama said that Eren must follow Levi's shadow in order to grow/develop? In an interview?

Hello anon! Yup, this is true.

It happened on an interview about Levi, in the August 2014 FRaU magazine. I’m sure you guys have seen this cover around many times!:

This is the same magazine that gave us a lot of important info about Levi (he has insomnia and only sleeps 2-3 hours on his chair, he has good resistance to alcohol and doesn’t get drunk, he fears mold, he takes 3 minute showers, etc.) and about his relationship with other characters (this is the interview where he said Eren is the best at cleaning, too!). Honestly that magazine was so good, it even had character horoscopes, haha.

I am quoting you the translation for the part you asked for:

Isayama: I have also sensed Levi’s appeal, and he is a character that makes me happy whenever I get the chance to draw him. He truly plays a role that helps the main character(s) preserve stability. If Eren has to march forward in pursuit of Levi’s shadow…the entire series could also progress in a similar manner.

(Eren can become shaky whenever he is angry/emotional, but Levi wouldn’t budge in the least). Levi probably can’t express himself like this any longer… Convulsing means that your anger has reached some type of limit, but Levi has probably already evolved past that stage.
Levi is a character who existed since I was conceptualizing everything. His personality was settled upon way back then.

The source of this translation is this post by fuku-shuu. Since Isayama was a bit vague, she also clarified on this post what the meaning of his words could be:

1. How I’m interpreting this part from the Chinese is that Eren needs to continue chasing Levi’s shadow in order for the series (And himself) to evolve.

2. Yes, it’s definitely possible that Levi also used to have such emotions/react in such a way - but the nuance here is not that he simply “grew out of it” but has become rather desensitized. It’s meant to incite sympathy towards him, as far as I can tell from the language used.

I love this because it shows how important Eren and Levi’s relationship is for the story. I know that many times, when we get a lot of Eren and Levi official art, merchandise, etc., when they’re featured side by side in magazines, advertisements, and all that stuff, our first reaction is to think: “well this is because ereri is popular and they’re thinking on profit”. 

And yes, that might be correct, but it’s not the only reason. Their relationship is essential for the story. There’s always been paralels between them in the manga, which have been analyzed and discussed again and again, but this is great because this info is coming from Isayama himself, he’s saying it with his own words, and he’s showing us a little bit of his view on them.

He already knew when he was creating the concept of the story, that Levi was going to exist and was going to be a huge influence on the protagonist. And for the ones who read the manga, we have seen how Eren has evolved a lot already. I am really eager to see him after the timeskip!

I know many of you are sad and dissapointed because the lack of interaction between Eren and Levi lately. But Isayama’s story is huge, and has been expanded even more in the latest chapters. On top of that, this is a monthly manga, so things move really slow. But this here, is a real confirmation that Eren and Levi are very important to each other and to the whole story. This honestly makes me really happy and gives me hope that there still will be meaningful moments between them in the future.

Fun Fact: 5 year old Kyoya tripped over himself to show off how much he knew about oranges. In the manga, he literally made an enemy (Kuze) because he could not resit being an attention seeking know-it-all in front of all his class. This benefited him in no way. In fact it obviously made him worse off.

When Kyoya was a kid he was young and earnest and desperate to prove how smart he was and be validated (I wonder where that comes from, almost as if, he felt insecure, like he was comparing himself to older siblings or something…hmmm)

Kyoya wasn’t born the Shadow King/Demon Lord. Somewhere along the way he broke the five year old who just wanted people to pay attention to him and had no tact. He broke the five year old who wasn’t good enough. He broken himself down until none of that weakness was left, until he could live and breath the shadows. And then he built himself a new persona, one that was entirely fake, and strong.


Happy belated birthday, @ravnesque!! Hope you’ve had an amazing day yesterday! Sorry that this is late, and also that it’s also probably such a mess with grammar and all, but I just wanted to give you something for your b-day ahh!! I’ll probably have to read it through later aka. when it’s not late at night haha, but yeah, hope you like this!! <3 <3

(Also just general disclaimer: I have no idea how much a manga costs in Euros/in France, but according to my quick research, I think 18-20 Euros is correct for two manga? Idk please correct me if anyone knows x3)

The bell chimed as a customer arrived, and, looking up from her book with a friendly smile, Marinette greeted the new customer. “Hello! Is there anything you’re looking for?”

The customer seemed startled at having been noticed so fast, and mumbled something akin to “I’m just looking” as he continued further into the shop. He was clad in a hoodie and wore large sunglasses. The typical celebrity disguise from movies and anime. Marinette resisted the urge to raise an eyebrow, but instead continued with her book.

After a minute or two, the stranger was back. “You wouldn’t happen to have any comics, would you?” The timid mumble from earlier was completely gone. Now his voice, while quite dark and suave, sounded somewhat fake. Yet at the same time, it also sounded strangely familiar.

“Sure! They’re in the back, there’s an entire wall covered in comics and manga there, shouldn’t be hard to find,” Marinette grinned, pointing between some shelves to the back of the store.

The stranger seemed a bit taken aback, and blushed. “Thank you, kind lady,” he said in the same suave, voice, doing a small bow in thanks as he disappeared into the back again.

Now that Marinette thought about it, something about the stranger in general seemed familiar. Was it maybe someone she knew? No, nobody she knew went around dressed like that. Or talked in such a way for that matter. Maybe someone from TV then? Despite the size of their store, there were actually several celebrities who came to there quite regularly. Then again, they all tended to act naturally, unlike this young man.

She heard a small gasp, and leaned to the left to see between the bookshelves at her newest customer. It seemed he had finally found the back row of comics and manga, which he seemed quite ecstatic about. She heard something that sounded akin to hushed gushing coming from the stranger and couldn’t help but smile. There was a reason why their book store was one of the favorites in Paris.

“You have the newest volumes of Yona of the dawn!!” The stranger was suddenly in front of her again, fake voice forgotten in his excitement. Marinette was almost certain that if this stranger had had a tail, he’d have wagged it back and forth in excitement.

Marinette giggled. “Yes, we get all the manga faster than the other book stores because of my family.”

“Woah, and yet I never knew about this place until today,” the stranger said, astonished. Then, it seemed as if he remembered something, and he coughed rather awkwardly. “Uh… I’ll take these then,” the fake voice was back, to Marinette’s continued amusement.

“Alright then, that’ll be 18 euros, please,” Marinette said, not able to hide her smile at the changing behavior of her customer. He blushed again as he paid, staring intently down at the bank terminal. Putting his two books into a plastic bag, Marinette held it out for him to take.

“Thanks,” he mumbled, awkwardly putting away his wallet before taking the bag. He was about to walk over to the door, but seemed hesitant. The fake act seemed to have disappeared once again. “Do you.. mind if I stay a little longer? Someone was following me, which is why I came in here in the first place…”

“Sure, this is a book store after all, look around for as long as you want,” Marinette smiled gently. She knew that that was how the celebrities that were now regulars had found their store as well. “Oh, there’s also a small reading room with some couches out that door,” Marinette pointed to a door to her left. “If you want, you can read your manga there, then leave later.”

“Really?” Marinette nodded. “Wow, that’s really nice. Thank you! A book store with a reading room…A bit weird but at the same time really fitting,” he mumbled the last part to himself as he walked over to the door and disappeared inside.

Marinette couldn’t help but look after him as her weird, but cute, customer walked away. There was this familiar feeling hanging over it all, but Marinette still couldn’t quite figure out just where she knew him from.

Several customers came and left; some of them were new faces to Marinette, other were old regulars which she happily chatted away with as they looked over what new books had arrived or which book they wanted to read. After an hour had passed, Marinette finally decided that she had to go and check up on the customer from earlier. Walking into the small reading room, she found him splayed on one of the couches, face resting on top of one of the new manga he’d bought earlier. The hoodie had slid halfway off his head to reveal messy blonde locks and a young face with dark circles underneath his eyes.

Marinette instantly recognized him, almost giving a little squeal as she did so, but stopped herself. He seemed worn out, so instead she left the room again and said to any customer who asked about it that the reading room was closed for the day. This was nothing new as they had let people use it several times before, both celebrities and regular people who needed a nap or some peace. Her father called it their safe haven, and had said that it was just as important for them to use as it was for them to share it with other people. Marinette had used it once herself, but usually just used her room instead as that was just as quiet and secluded.

Half an hour later, the new customer came outside again, yawning as pulled the hoodie over his head again. The sunglasses were already in place, hiding whatever grogginess his eyes might have displayed.

“Sleep well?” Marinette couldn’t help but ask when she saw him, which once again made him blush.

“Yeah, sorry about that. I didn’t mean to fall asleep in your reading room,” he shuffled his feet, looking away from her gaze.

“Don’t worry about it, you’re not the first one,” Marinette smiled, hoping that he might feel a little more at ease knowing that. “Also, if you want to, you can come back here again and have a nap. We don’t mind.”

The stranger turned his head towards her again. “But you don’t know me. Why would you let a stranger sleep on one of your couches like that? I could steal something!”

“No, you couldn’t,” Marinette found herself saying, somehow knowing that this stranger wouldn’t do anything to harm her. Well, except maybe accidentally knocking a bookshelf over in his excitement. “And excuse me for saying this, but it really looked like you needed that nap, so feel free to come again at any time, Mr. Agreste.”

The stranger, Adrien Agreste, already a famous music artist despite his young age, looked astonished at her. “I’m sorry, when I went to check on you, your sun glasses had slid off, so I recognized you,” Marinette quickly apologized, a smile playing on her lips. “Though if I might say so, I don’t think the ‘movie celebrity disguise’ works, at least not for sleeping on couches.”

Adrien Agreste was quiet for a moment, and Marinette wondered if she might have gone too far, but then he chuckled. “I guess you’re right, maybe I should use swimming goggles next time.”

“Please don’t,” Marinette laughed as well. “Then the disguise definitely wouldn’t work.” They both laughed. “But, as I said, feel free to come by if you need a breather or a nap. We always have some room to spare if you need it.”

Adrien removed his sunglasses. “What’s your name?”


“Thank you, Marinette, that is really kind of you. I really appreciate it,” Adrien said and smiled, which in turn made Marinette blush.

“N-no problem!” Marinette stuttered.

“We’ll meet again then, my lady,” Adrien said, still smiling, as he put on his sunglasses and turned to the door.

“Have a n-nice day,” Marinette said automatically, still blushing. When he was out the door, Marinette sat down on the chair behind the counter. Weirdly enough, she was used to deal with celebrities, just not celebrities at her own age. And it seemed Alya was right about him, for once, he actually was even cuter up close.

I know, I know, canon and fanon consensus is that the Crystal Tokyo ChibiUsa comes from is the exact future of our Usagi. That ChibiUsa might be changing the past, but it’s in a single timeline, and Neo Queen Serenity in the future can remember being Usagi and remember ChibiUsa coming to visit her and even occasionally makes decisions based on those memories (like sending ChibiUsa to the past to train because she knew ChibiUsa needed to be there to meet Hotaru), but I really, really prefer the diverging timelines theory.

And there are a bunch of reasons, logistical, occasionally personally indulgent, and related to good Storytelling that I prefer to thing that the timeline we’re following is a different timeline than the one experienced by ChibiUsa’s Crystal Tokyo. 

1. It raises the stakes by getting rid of the guarantee of a future, especially when ChibiUsa is present. 

Look - this is no small problem. It’s difficult to get invested in a story when you know for a fact that everything is going to be okay. This can be fixed by claiming there’s only one timeline, but it’s a changeable one, but that still lowers the stakes for Infinity and Dream, because ChibiUsa is right there, and she’s fine. Or when she’s not fine she’s still not being erased from existence

When Usagi jumps into Pharaoh 90, for instance, everyone is devastated. If ChibiUsa is the future child of this incarnation of Mamoru and Usagi, though, that devastation doesn’t make sense. Because ChibiUsa is right there and she’s fine! So clearly everything is gonna work out!

Whereas if you assume ChibiUsa’s timeline is safe regardless of what happens to Usagi’s timeline here, then the whole thing becomes much scarier and darker. ChibiUsa’s presence isn’t a guarantee that everything is going to work out. There is no guarantee. Their timeline could end here. They could all die here. 

2. It allows ChibiUsa and Hotaru’s friendship to continue uninterrupted. 

One of the most confusing thoughts about the future Crystal Tokyo senshi is Hotaru’s place in it. Especially regarding Hotaru’s age. While technically 900 years old, ChibiUsa is still a teenager when she and the Quartet become a team. We know from art that Naoko envisioned Saturn as part of that team, but how does that work? Every solution is confusing and sad, and potentially creepy child grooming for friendship? Or does Saturn just hide somewhere until ChibiUsa has time travelled a couple times? Is she the one adult in a team of teenagers? How do she and ChibiUsa rekindle their friendship when for ChibiUsa it’s been days but for Hotaru it’s been hundreds of years?

Much easier is just that Hotaru from our timeline hops over on a semi-permanent basis to ChibiUsa’s timeline. 

3. Crystal Tokyo, and the choices of Neo Queen Serenity and King Endymion make more sense. 

Why would you obsessively worry about your daughter who isn’t aging if you’ve known since you were fifteen that she would eventually figure it out and it’d be fine? Why would you send a criminal to tenth planet space-Australia to merge with the planet and become the ultimate evil if you can remember that that was nearly the downfall of your entire kingdom? 

Wouldn’t you seek out some kids names Demande and Safir and Esmeraude and, like, put them in an after school program or something if you knew their adolescent antics would turn into extremist gang activity and terrorism that nearly ends the world both now and in the past?

The best explanation for Crystal Tokyo existing the way it does is that the king and queen were working without a map. Otherwise ChibiUsa’s time travel invokes a paradox. Or at least questionable character choices. 

4. I like the idea of Sestuna Meioh being a normal human who’s been living a normal life in Tokyo up until her awakening.

I don’t want her to just have been brought back from the dead. All the other girls got to have normal lives. I want her to get that chance too. And since we know she’s been stationed at the time gate uninterrupted since the Silver Millenium, the best way for her to get a normal life is to have been reincarnated in a new timeline.

5. It gives ChibiUsa a whole new source of angst, and a whole new sense of responsibility. 

I could explore this for ages and have so many feelings about it, but in lieu of writing several thousands words full of multiple mini-fics right here, I’ll just say: ChibiUsa accidentally created an entirely new timeline, probably because she didn’t know how to use the time key, and immediately exposed that timeline to danger. She probably didn’t even know she was doing it, but imagine how she feels when she realizes what she did. Simultaneously, this action gave Pluto a normal life. It gave Hotaru a friend. This new timeline, is it darker or lighter? Scarier or safer? How does ChibiUsa feel?

6. Look, I just really like the idea of free will. 

I want to believe Usagi and Mamoru and everyone else are making choices about their future genuinely not knowing what it will hold, because this is a new timeline with a new future. When they talk about going to medical school or opening a flower shop, I don’t want that to be “what I would do if we weren’t scheduled to start a post-apocalypse global utopia in 4-6 years”. I want that to be what they are genuinely planning on, because there’s no certainty that their timeline will play out like the Crystal Tokyo one. They’ve even asked Pluto and she’s shrugged and said, “Look, we’re in new territory here. This timeline has already veered so far off the ones that I was aware of at the Time Gate that we can’t be certain of anything.”

Basically, I like it better. And I know it’s not standard fanon, but I prefer it. And anyway please all continue with your day I’ll be here overthinking every aspect of Sailor Moon. Bye. 

Hi there, I wanted to get your opinion on this:

As a fan of Sailor Moon for so long, do you also feel like you’d do anything for a new story, instead of rehashing the same story arcs?  I know I do.  I’m dying for a new story line, something about Crystal Tokyo coming, Neo Queen Serenity ascending to the throne, or just a new massive baddie they need to fight.  Or skip all of that and just get to the year 3,000!  Just give me something new!

How about you?

I would’ve loved the same, actually when Crystal was announced I was hoping that it would be a brand new story because I already knew what goes down in the manga and I didn’t need to see that again.

A prequel to the first arc would’ve been awesome and epic, all the shit that went down before the storm and led to the events in the first season of Sailor Moon.

The destruction of Silver Millennium.

The development of Princess Serenity and King Endymion relationship.

Queen Beryl’s background story and her downward spiral to evil.

Queen Beryl killing Princess Serenity and King Endymion.

(In the classic anime, Princess Serenity is killed by Queen Beryl whereas in Crystal/manga she kills herself)

The sacrifice of Queen Serenity so that Princess Serenity and Silver Millennium could have a second chance.

Watching all of this building up and the actual outcome would’ve been majestic.

Also I picture the last episode’s ending (after all this drama) being the beginning of the first ever Sailor Moon episode and that would’ve been awesome.

A sis can dream.

PS: This hypothetical season I just made up would even have room for your beloved shittenou x senshi romance so I’m sure everyone would be happy with this season lmao.

@SomeoneAtTOEI hire me please.

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Warrior trainees asking Reiner is he had/has a girlfriend and Reiner describing Bertolt for the 3 sentence meme?

[this prompt is amazing and I’ve been dying to fulfill it! spoilers up to and including chapter 93]

“Reiner, was there ever anyone special in your life?” Gabi asks, curious and innocent.

Reiner sighs, realising he’s not going to get much further with the book he’s reading; it’s practically impossible to read when the trainees decide to occupy almost half of his bed during their free time before lights out.

“Of course not;” Falco replies on Reiner’s behalf, “do you really think he had time for stuff like that?”

Gabi stops braiding Zofia’s hair to snap at Falco, “I wasn’t talking to you!”

“Hey.” Galliard’s stern voice cuts through the bickering, “Pieck is trying to rest, so keep your voices down or I’ll take you back to your room.”

Gabi apologises, but her curiousity isn’t sated; she turns to Reiner and asks again with pleading eyes, “Come on Reiner, was there anyone?”

The blond looks to his right at Galliard, but he’s still busy making notes at his desk; acting as if he’s not interested in the trainees’ childish conversation.

“Yeah, there was someone.” Reiner says.

Gabi and Zofia exchange excited looks, and even Udo is getting drawn into the conversation, losing interest in his card game with Falco.

“What were they like?” Gabi practically squeals with excitement.

Reiner scratches the stubble on his chin as he considers his response; there is so much he could say about the distant memory of the person he loves. He settles on something simple, “They were reliable; they were always there when I needed them.”

Zofia chimes in now with her own question, “Were you going to bring them home with you?”

“That was always what we wanted. After the mission, we were going to go home and,” Reiner pauses, but then realises that the trainees won’t know who he’s talking about, so he doesn’t need to feel embarrassed, “I was going to ask them to marry me.”

Gabi covers her mouth with both her hands to hold back a high-pitched squeal, while Zofia adds, “That’s so romantic.”

“Would Zofia and I have been bridesmaids for the wedding?” Gabi’s voice gets louder in her excitement.

Reiner can’t help but chuckle at Gabi’s question, “Sure; and Falco could have been the ring bearer.”

Gabi, Zofia and Udo erupt into laughter as Falco blushes, embarrassed by the suggestion.

“T-That’s stupid! Why would you want to get married anyway, knowing how little time you’ve got left?”

Falco’s outburst changes the mood, and suddenly the children aren’t laughing anymore. However, it doesn’t get rid of Reiner’s soft smile, “Sometimes you can’t help falling in love. Maybe you’ll understand when you get older Falco.”

This only causes Falco’s cheeks to grow a deeper shade of red, and he averts his gaze to stare at the floor instead.

“It’s getting late;” Galliard stands from his chair, “it’s time you lot went to bed.”

There are some complaints from Gabi; Zofia and Udo try their luck too, but soon enough Galliard is ushering them out of the room. As he leaves, he makes the quickest glance in Reiner’s direction, but doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t need to use words; Reiner knows what he’s thinking. If he’s truly inherited Ymir’s memories, then Galliard will know exactly who Reiner is talking about; Ymir always knew about how Reiner felt.

Once they’re out of the room, Reiner picks up his book again, only to be interrupted by the only other person left in the room.

“He would have said yes.” Pieck murmurs from her bed. She’s had her eyes closed the entire time the trainees were in the room, so Reiner assumed she was already asleep.

Caught off guard by her statement he says, “What?”

“Bertolt;” she mumbles as she turns in her bed, “he would have said ‘yes’ if you asked him to marry you.”

Reiner’s stomach turns; it’s the same kind of nerves he used to feel as a teenager when he held Bertolt close or thought about kissing him. It’s a feeling he hasn’t felt in so long.

He knows Pieck’s words are meant to comfort him, and they do to some extent; but they also come with a dull ache. With such a short lifespan, he always knew he was only ever going to have one love in his life; and even after spending four years without Bertolt, that love still hadn’t diminished, and Reiner doubted it ever would.

Doukyuusei’s comings out

Yes I know it was Hara-sensei that KNEW first…but I’m not counting that because it wasn’t told by Kusakabe or Sajou themselves.

First coming out or more like first confessing for dating a guy made Kusakabe with his friend Tani. We don’t know nothing about Kusakabe’s family except that his sister read BL mangas. So first person for Kusakabe was his childhood friend who was part of their band ZGOG. He actually showed his interest befour in Kusakabe’s relationship with Sajou…so I think he probably just wanted to confirm that he was predicting.

His reaction was really interesting. I’m glad it was not “too much happy” reaction or like “disgusted” kind of reaction…it was very simple accepting it (more of a comfirming his expectation)…and Kusakabe’s : Are you uncomfortable? 

That made me think…a lot of guys (including my brother) said to me that it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t pleasant either to be in a company of a gay. I will truthfully never understand that…are they afraid of them? Of course not all men are like that but almost all males that I know said that they’d be uncomfortable… I know 2 lesbians myself but it doesn’t make me uncomfortable in any way. It makes no difference to me, they are the same person that they are, it’s just their sexual orientation which should not be the reason for exposing them and then isolate them…

That’s why I love Tani’s reaction…he even pointed out that he noticed that Kusakabe never showed interest in girls…or romantic feelings in any way whatsoever..

He actually expose to Kusakabe who’s his first love.

For the Sajou on the other hand his first person to know was his mother. His family. It really touched me how he apologized first. We know that a lot of countries don’t have legalized gay marriage (that count for Japan too) or more accepting enviroment for gay people. Yes it becoming better and better but in really slow motion (let it be because of the religion or because of the people traditional characters). 

Then it depends just on a people believes or people characters how will they react. Here we see the shocking face of course…it’s the japanese community and her only son /child. So I was expecting some disagreeing from her prospective, but on the contrary we got a meeting mother-in-law, son-in-law. 

The last look in her eyes gives me belief that she’s happy for her son and that she in that moment accept Sajou & Kusakabe completely. I just noticed that they were careful around dad so I assume that father doesn’t know. 

I would love to see more of a this interactions…well, yes with Tani they did go eat out together. Just I’m glad we have opportunity to see some good confessions & reactions. Hopefully Kusakabe and Sajou have still good connections with Sajou’s mom :D :D 

The First Time I picked up the Berserk Manga I did something pretty awkward...

^so remember how this was the first panel? 

After just having binge watched the 1997 anime hours ago, I was sleep deprived, unsettled and otherwise an emotional wreck. It was 3 AM and I realised there was no way I was getting sleep anyway so I decided to check out the Berserk manga for some form of closure.

Now going in the only thing I knew about the manga was that the Anime was a heavily censored and watered down version of the manga and that the manga had a lot more shock value. And someone had mentioned something about Griffith.

So I started the manga, saw the first panel and immediately shut it thinking- “HOLY SHIT UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE YEAR. WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?”

Because for some reason, my sleep and emotion addled brain had only ever registered the hairstyle of the female apostle in that split second and come to the wonderful and traumatic conclusion that that was GRIFFITH. 

I still facepalm at myself.

But episode 25 had severely affected my basic cognitive functions, okay?


How did touken canonize?
I will not read tgre for two weeks, and when will I be back…
Congratulations to Touken’s shippers, I’m really happy. I will still love Shuuneki because I have remained faithful to them to this day and will continue.
Ah, my children growing up, my God! Well, even if deep down I knew that touken was canonizing, I’m surprised. Congratulations!
And to the Shuuneki shippers, well, they may not have been canonized in the manga or come to that possibility, but let us remain faithful to both; Tsukiyama and Kaneki have grown and evolved very well and, although sad, I am satisfied with that.

Now, waiting for Ishida-sensei to favor AyaHina lol

Roy: -sighs- of all the things to happen today it just had to be rain. 
Riza: Sir…. -Opens her umbrella and lifts it above both their heads-
Edward: -Notices Roy- Colonel?
Roy: -Turns to face Edward with a rather unpleasant expression- Can’t say I was expecting to see you Fullmetal. What brings you here to Central?
Edward: Lets just say I had no choice in the matter. -points to winry- Winry here demanded we go to Central and pick up a few things at some old thrift shop. -Sighs with an angered expression- However, by the time we finally arrived the damn place was closed. -Shakes head- On a different note, I must say you’re looking well Colonel. Useless as ever I see. -smirks- 

Roy: -Glares at him- Don’t you start Fullmetal. -Shakes head- Besides, you’re one to talk. It may not be much but at least I have something covering my head. You on the other hand didn’t even have the dignity to shelter you’r own girlfriend. -smirks-  A true man would shelter his woman at any cost.

Edward: -Raises a fist in the air with a blush- SHE’S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND OKAY. SHE’S JUST MY AUTOMAIL MECHANIC -frantically thinks of how to change the subject- BESIDES, I gave her my jacket. -points to roy shouting- YOU on the other hand are mooching off your Lieutenant. So What kind of man does that make you Huh? MOOCHER.
Riza: -releases a sigh- Sir, please refrain from continuing this childish fight. I am sure miss Rockbell doesn’t want to stand out here any longer than she must. I myself am getting rather tired.
Roy: -grumbles- Grrr….Fine…Come on Lieutenant.
Winry. -nods her head before glaring at edward- She’s right Ed. Now lets go. -Grabs his hand-  This is suppose to be our day, I didn’t come here to watch you two argue. -Looks to Riza before stomping off- Sorry if you’ll excuse us. 

(Every time I see this picture, this is what comes to my mind. Haha. I’m not even sure why but it’s the reason I always chuckle at it. Also I did not make this gif. I wish I knew who did because it was clever to make it actually look like the rain was really falling) 

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Okay but then is Hide confirmed dead too and should never come back? I agree with you that characters from the past who are believed dead should remain that way. Instead of referring to characters that were supposedly killed offscreen and returned, we're talking about the literal reanimated corpses of characters we knew and liked and whether you think that would be a shitty direction for the story?

Hide wasn’t confirmed anything. Nobody except, like, Marude, had been confirmed dead. I didn’t actually mention Hide because at literally no point in the manga had I considered him dead, so I just forgot to include him, but yes, he also can “come back” because he needs to finish his narrative arc. Also I’m pretty sure his arc will then push/end Kaneki’s arc.

To answer your actual question though, yes. I think that would be a shitty direction for the story. For any story, to be honest, to do it more than once if you’re not making a plot point out of it (for example, zombies keep turning up and then you find out there’s a corporation making zombies). First of all, characters who die have to finish their own arc before dying. So if they finished their own arc they have no business coming back - it would mean they will either become an unnecessary character, or need another arc (in which case they shouldn’t have fucking died). 

If a character dies before completing their arc, they are either a wasted character (all the narrative space they took should’ve been allocated to someone with a purpose), or it’s a sure sign they’re coming back to complete it, in which case their death is a shock device which ideally shouldn’t be used more than once, or twice at the most. Then you’d better start thinking about new tricks, stat.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky Ability Thoughts + Theory

maybe it’s just me, but I was very confused about Dost’s ability after reading chapter 42. it seemed very complex—involving some level of manipulation or foresight or something. however, with a little rereading, i actually believe it’s a very simple ability

for starters, i don’t believe Dost used his ability on Ace. it’s like he said — he died of his own will. Ace probably believed that killing himself in Dost’s subconscious would bring him out of that fake reality. but he was never in Dost’s subconscious, so he actually killed himself

furthermore, Dost does seems to be introducing his true ability, like he says, in this panel:

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every single time i think i'm over bleach and am happily shipping IR, a new novel trying to fix the ending pops up and f***s up my mood. ugh why won't bleach die already.

Aww anon *hugs you* cheer up, sorry for the late reply but I didn’t (still don’t) have much time today. I know it’s upsetting but we should already know that everything about Ble/ach now is not going to please us because it’s not the Bl/each we knew and loved anymore, everything that comes up that adress the ending or tries to fix it, doesn’t change the fact that is tied with that shit ending so it’s just like seeing how everything fell down and the characters we loved ended up being something they weren’t in the manga for 15 years. I know it’s hard to keep seeing how everyone keeps faking like the 15 years of the manga didn’t happen and everything they are doing now don’t sound like a big fat lie but really we already survived the ending a few shitty things from some novel done just to try and fix the shit ending is not going to do much aside from being a passing nusiance.

Just try to stay away from it all, if it makes you feel like old wounds are reopening and just enjoy all the rest we have. I always say Bl/each is dead to me and it is, i don’t go around searching for new info because there is no desire to see how they keep say lies, or see how the characters I love are doing as a failure but of course some things ends up on my dash  but I try to not be affected by it all, otherwise it’s only going to make me hate the things I loved even more and I don’t want that. I’ll keep loving what we got for 15 years, one chapter and the excuses they try to write for it, is not going to change the draws and the words that were already written, that show how different things were going.

Week four: Smile/Sun
“Why do you love Miyuki?”

Behind that overwhelmingly perfect persona, there’s warmth and fragility of a human being.


Once again I remade my old draft because after that “Seiko thingy” aired on the anime, I feel the need to add some angst. I knew this was coming all along from the manga, but the anime… it just gave a deeper and no less intense feeling to it, if that’s possible at all. Ugh, Miyuki’s just awesome and I want to see everyone around him appreciate his presence more and not just the “team captain and star player” but as “just Miyuki”. Yea.

Okay I just really want to say this about the new SIH chapter

I don’t keep up with most manga because I’m always really lazy when it comes to reading manga. And usually with SIH, I only keep up with Erotica’s chapters as they are my favorite of the couples. But when I saw there was a new chapter, I didn’t care who it was, I just knew I wanted to read it.

So I read it and OH MY GOD IS IT AMAZING but one panel really stood out to me

I’m not really sure why I adore this panel but I really really do. And because I don’t keep up with this manga very well, as in I haven’t read all of the Nostalgia couple’s chapters, I don’t know how often this kind of thing happens. But Ritsu isn’t objecting at all. Not once did I read him saying to stop. And this moment is just extremely intimate to me. Idk I just really loved this panel because I feel like it shows a gentler side to them and it shows how far we’ve come with this couple.

Kuroo Tetsurou

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Scorpio Sun

Is common knowledge that Scorpio is one of the most intense signs of them all, and this is where Kuroo gets that from. Scorpio suns are determined people who pursue their interests with everything they have. Kuroo’s determination not only shows in his Volleyball skills but in his daily life, attending college preparation class to be prepared for his future. A Scorpio sun tends to be power driven and often finds themselves in power positions such as Captain as we see with him. In short, this placement makes Kuroo a passionate man willing to pursue whatever he looks for regardless of the possible confrontations he might find himself in.

Gemini Moon

Pleasant, witty and charming. This placements makes him a rather curious one who’s always searching for something new to learn. His interest for volleyball most likely sprouted during his childhood because of this curious nature. This can also be shown in his “Gossipy” side as noted in the manga. (I mean come on, How the hell did he knew about Daishou’s girlfriend breaking up with him? because this bitch is all over the latest gossip, that’s how.) Lunar Geminis are constantly on the look out for new experiences that will give them the stimulation they need; this can be manifested by getting to know new people and making friends from different backgrounds (Bokuto and Tsukishima for example).

Sagittarius Mercury

You know all that stupid comments he lets out whenever he’s goofing off? all the “oya oya oya” and the “Solia K. Rabu”? Yup, this is the placement to blame. Mercury rules the communication and Sagittarius in this planet makes him a humorous and enthusiastic guy. Not only that, but it also means there is philosophic side to him which becomes rather obvious whenever he delivers his unique “We’re like the blood in our veins…” speech. This placement makes him not only enthusiastic to learn but happy to share his knowledge with those who surround him (E.g. Blocking).

Capricorn Venus

Interested in compatibility? Well hear me out. Venus rules the relationship aspect. Capricorn is an earth sign and as such, his behavior when in a relationship is more grounded. He wants a stable relationship and is willing to provide whatever it’s needed to obtain so with the one he chooses. Venus in Capricorn also means he might have trouble expressing his love in conventional ways. That is to say he’s probably not gonna be the guy that will serenade you and fill your room with roses and chocolates, but he will wrap you in a blanket when you’re cold and always be there when you need his support.

I finally got a chance to watch the newest snk video and holy shit that was fucking intense. Spoilers: Coming from someone who hasn’t read the manga yet Idk how they handled the reveal but holy fuck i was laughing at how they revealed it. Reiner’s like: oh btw I’m the armored titan and my pal Bert is the colossal titan. I knew about those two because of spoilers btw. Also their main goal was to wipe out humanity? I’m pretty curious on their reasoning. I can’t wait to see how all this is played out. I’m half tempted to go read the manga right now. I know I should because the anime doesn’t do much justice in building up the characters. I mean they were just like bam ymir is a titan but I’m sure the manga has a back story on the earlier days and who knows if the anime will give us that. Anyway can’t wait till next Saturday. Unfortunately I wont be able to watch it right away when it comes out. 

So I’m re reading the manga because of ALA as well as a funny post that will be uploaded as soon as I’m done

But I think it’s really ironic that I’m reading it now given the recent stuff and I come across this panel right here

I know this may sound dumb but it didn’t really occur to me that Katsuki was also a perfectionist as well. I knew he had inflated ego, I knew that he always wanted to be Number 1 hero, I knew he had high aspirations that we all still kind of face palm at but being a perfectionist was something that I had skimmed over. However, given the manga events, especially with recent stuff, this also so much explains Katsuki’s behaviors and why he behaves certain ways towards those events. 

I mean it explains this scene:

It really explains why he couldn’t handle winning the Sports Festival:

Skipping ahead, it also explains his behavior towards not getting his license:

 And even when he wanted to know about Izuku’s quirk and to compare his aspirations with his: 

Of course, I’m missing some moments because it has been a while since I’ve read the manga and I don’t really focus on Katsuki as much as other characters but it still drives my point home. So many “analyses” talk about his motivations and his past behaviors (including my own) but I haven’t seen too many talk about this perfectionist attitude that Katsuki has and I really think people should also consider that when discussing attitudes that Katsuki has towards certain situations. It partially explains his need to be the absolute best and the number 1 hero and the guy who will break records. It partially explains why he wanted to keep this certain image up as he grew up and it partially explains why he could never stand Deku. Of course, it’s not all the picture, I mean that ego of his and his “popularity” was most definitely syringed in that as well but him being a perfectionist explains why, even though he might have won or done nothing really anything that describes losing, he doesn’t accept it and continuously pushes himself to do better until he gets it right. And of course, with his recent deconstruction, that most definitely hasn’t been helpful towards his perfectionist attitude, definitely breaking his ego and everything around that even further than before. 

TLDR; Katsuki = perfectionist and I think people need to talk about that more.  

OMG you guys the art for the new Boruto manga is so fucking UGLY. Ikemoto can’t draw worth shit. I don’t even know how he got hired to do this. WHERE ARE HINATA’S TITS??!?!?!?! I’ll have you know bust size is VERY important to character development and this horrible, incompetent artist has completely ruined her for me. I mean look at her, she looks like a fat ugly cow now. Kishimoto might have sucked large sweaty donkey balls when it comes to making up a story but at least he knew how to draw a proper woman. This new manga should never have been made because it’s just another soulless cash grab from Kishi and now we have proof he doesn’t give two shits about the story (a rehash of the Boruto movie) AND the art. Judging from this chapter alone the rest of the Boruto manga will be exactly the same as this one and you know what? I’m out. I’m not wasting my time reading this retarded manga when I can just fap to prison school. FUCK KISHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!