i kel u

“phil ur falling asleep again”
“i am not”
“u do it every time!!”
“im just resting my eyes”

every friday night phil proposes a movie marathon. every friday night phil immediately falls asleep

for the anon who asked for a gay anecdote

i’m not gonna answer just in case the others have better answers lmao.

but here’s a couple of my finest gay moments:

-the time i started dating my best friend and my parents didn’t know so they took us on a roadtrip and we shared a room and bed (noThING HAPPENED) and then took us to dave and busters where we had our first official date™️

-the time i started dating my gf on coming out day

-the time when i was little and i told my dad i was a girly girl and he thought it meant i was a lesbian

theres a couple lol


↪taehyung requested by yewngi 

two months of funhaus fanart later and my glaringly obvious adam kovic bias has finally been ratted out