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TodoDeku Week 2018Day 4: Endearments

I didn’t really know what to draw for this prompt so have some smooches (Yeah Midoriya is the kisser on their relationship!) + matching clothes, cuz matching clothes is the most stupidly cheesy thing ever… and tododeku is the kind of couple that would wear them. I don’t make the rules

Edit/ god i almost forgot his scar…but cuz i liked without it ill keep both. cuz yeah, dont judge me…

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Glad to see you posting on your main again, and i just felt the need to let you know that every time you draw chiko my heart legitimately skips a beat. Keep on being amazing.

AHH THANK YOU!! I’m glad to be posting again, you guys make me smile so much!! also i’m touched you enjoy her so much <3 <3 ;w; (enjoy this really cheesy dating-game thing AHAHAHA) 


They were totally talking shit about the party goers.
Not quite royal, but I am a sucker for masquerade stuff, and I am in a Mahri drawing mood lately.   Let’s pretend she’s being paid to steal a deed or something like that. 

Sorry for such a late response, I am trash sometimes _ノ乙(、ン、)_

I was fortunate enough to collaborate on a drawing with Camila Rosa (@camixvx on IG) an illustrator who I really love!! We are so often told to compete against each other, and fight for the limited spaces available to us, but there is something really radical and wonderful about supporting each other and collaborating instead. And I know that sounds like something you might learn in an after school special, but it took me much too long to really understand and embody this idea so I’m going to keep repeating it and I’m ok if I sound a little cheesy along the way. It’s kind of my thing anyway. Thanks for everything 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

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When are the little details of a story necessary? I'm writing vague descriptions and I felt like it might be better to name these background characters and places. But as a child, I struggled through reading through books with too much unnecessary names and labels. Also would it be a bad idea to completely not name characters (including the protagonist)? I don't know if this is clear enough questions but thank you for your time.

When are the little details of a story necessary?

Detail and Description in Writing: The Law of Conservation of Detail

You generally don’t have to include something if it doesn’t affect: characterization, the plot, and/or setting

However, the natural flow of your writing matters just as much. Sometimes, things get named because it purposefully prevents vague description which can make things sound cheesy. 

Some writers like to name side characters and give them backgrounds, others are much more centralized and stick to the core group. It’s really up to you where you want to draw that line, but you still need to keep the “natural” and “realistic” elements to a scene in mind.

Sure, your character may go to a bar and never learn the bartender’s name, so they use “the bartender” in narration. But if that character goes back and sees the same bartender and there’s no name, I’m going to start wondering why you can’t just name the guy. Is it the point of the scene that there’s no name? Did the bartender forget his name tag? Names make everything sound significantly more natural, and they’re actually easier for readers to remember than vague descriptions. They also mean that whatever is named matters to the specific scene.

If you keep referring to a place or character that will be mentioned through more than one scene, you typically should name it (unless the narrator actually doesn’t know the name!). Vague descriptions are annoying to read and make writing sound “fake” or “lazy” really quickly, plus they make things hard to remember because I’m not going to have perfect memory of your mountain description, but if I know the mountain is called “Mount Everest” then I’ll have something to attach the description to in my head. 

If you’re worried about reader ability to remember, then present the information multiple ways and present it in context to when it matters. Authors who do a poor job of getting readers to remember names are typically the ones who info-dump instead of weave with context. How to World-Build Without Boring Your Readers explains how to properly introduce exposition, which includes names even if it isn’t directly stated.

Also would it be a bad idea to completely not name characters (including the protagonist)?

While I do believe there might a specific story where this might work, in general, it’s going to make a story sound really fake and your readers are less likely to be able to keep track of a scene if nobody has a name. You’re making it harder for them by avoiding names, and your writing is likely to get bogged down by all the “the redhead”, “the tall guy”, and pretty much any moniker or title. The only time you shouldn’t name someone directly, is if the narrator doesn’t know the name at all (and then why aren’t they bothering to ask past a certain point?)

The not-naming-a-protagonist might work if you’re writing in first person, but even then, I have a feeling that some scenes are going to sound really awkward if nobody ever says the protagonist’s name. We use names in natural dialogue, and trust me when I say people can tell when you’re trying really hard to avoid naming something/someone.

Basically, you need a really good reason to not name any person or thing/story element which is in more than one scene. This is especially true if it matters to the plot, characterization, or setting. 

If you really think that you have too many names, then perhaps you just have too many characters or places and need to consolidate the story. Avoiding names is not the answer, presenting information clearly and learning when you’re working with “too much” is how you prevent reader confusion. I can’t quite tell you what “too much” is, because it changes for every story, but if you can properly give information and still keep up story momentum then your readers will naturally learn over time.

Good luck with your work!

Hello, it is I your secret Santa! :D
Sorry for the bad quality.^^;
This was my first time drawing Webby.
Happy Holidays! ☃

no but really?? i love this?? so much?????

you got the stranger things christmas lights in the background, the coco guitar under the tree, just a normal looking duck on one of the presents, the cutest looking Webby i have ever seen in the corner, i love it so much i cant stop looking at it

thank you so so much, @brittany-the-bookworm i truly do love it!!

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Omgee. My eyes have been blessed by your space drawing... Will you teach me your ways? Please? T/)(\T

Aww thank you! I decided to make a little tutorial to help!

first i lay the basic shape for my foreground

to make the trees i draw triangles, erase chunks, and then draw little jagged edges

then i lay down a basic color for my sky

next i lay down a basic light color, followed by shadows around the edges

then i add the orange effect, which is completely optional

followed by highlights and the beginning of the white cloudy stuff on the purple

i use lots of luminosity layers to make the white look lighter and glowy

then i add some layers on shade in the center to keep the glow concentrated

followed by more shade for MORE EFFECT, and some pink overlay for a bit more color

then i add the stars!! i use lots of luminosity layers to make them stand out. keep in mind the colorful part will have a higher concentration of stars, as this is the milky way!

then i adjust some things, add more to the cloudy area, and add a bit more color here and there

a few more minor adjustments and we’re done!

another tip, and though cheesy: use references!! i used three references to draw this, and it REALLY helped me make it look more realistic

hope that helped!

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00Q for the meme!

Alright you twisted my arm! XD (from this post)

1. Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa?
Q. His mind is always a dozen different places at once and he doesn’t pay attention.

2. Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them?
Can I go with neither on this one? Maybe Q. Once. When he was drunk. :P

3. Who starts the tickle fights?
OMG JAMES DOES. He figured out pretty early on that Q is really ticklish and he LOVES TO USE IT AGAINST HIM. Plus Q has the cutest laugh ever so of course he does.

4. Who starts the pillow fights?
Q. Which he usually loses because they then devolve into tickle fights and JAMES HAS NO MERCY.

5. Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile?
James without question. Q regularly deprives himself of sleep and will consequently crash out as soon as he’s horizontal. And of course Q is completely adorable when he’s sleeping.

6. Who mistakes salt for sugar?
Q. See #1

7. Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am?
Q. His sleep schedule is more jacked up than mine, he only remembers to eat at odd times, and it’s his house so he gives no fucks.

8. Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines?

9. Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order?
Q. Although an equally valid argument could be made for James. With his military background I imagine him being particularly inclined to keep things in order.

10. Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies?
Q. He’s hopeless in the kitchen so James does the baking and James has to fight him off. :P

11. Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion?
James. He’s a hopeless romantic though he’ll never admit it.

12. Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen?
Q. He doodles when he’s thinking or when he’s bored. His hands always need to be occupied. He drew on himself a lot as a kid but enjoys using James as a canvas sometimes.

13. Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation?
I’m going to go with James in a long running tradition of bringing Q back kitschy souvenirs from the places he visits.

14. Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines?
Q because he thinks they’re hilarious.

ah thank you so much!! i’ve been drawing since i was little, apart from some periods where it got kinda patchy

TO BE COMPLETELY HONEST i don’t think i’m all that great, but is it too cliche to say “constant practice”..?? while i sometimes struggle with these, i feel that hard work, resilience, and patience with yourself are some of the most valuable assets you can have. surround yourself with your inspirations, try your best not to be discouraged, and just power on! i’ve actually been in a pretty bad slump lately but i found that those life drawings helped ease me out of it a little - doing studies from life & ~going back to basics~ are definitely essential for improving and gaining some perspective on your work. and as one of my profs just advised me (thanks Jim :’) ) - keep trying different things, perhaps out of your comfort zone!

this is so cheesy i’m sorry haha;; i hope it helps a little though!!

heyo! i think there’s actually a decent number of people in sheridan animation who haven’t had any formal training in art, so don’t worry about that! for my application, it really helped me to look at examples of past accepted portfolios - i’m not sure about other schools, but there are plenty around for sheridan if you do a quick google search! just be aware of any changes to requirements they may make from year to year :) maybe another thing you could try (though keeping in mind that they may also be super busy) is to ask past/current students of your chosen course (or someone else who knows their stuff) for feedback on your portfolio?

((Back last year I had an idea for a blog and so made a silly OC and made a few posts all to see them garner little to no replies. As always, I took it badly and abandoned the project in a week or two. I wanted to be like all those other pony blogs I had followed. All those great characters and cuteness and funniness. I just wanted to have a few asks. Was that too much? I feel bad for those 15 first followers I had. I was unfair to them.

So for 4 months I openly avoided logging in to tumblr., too ashamed of the feiled “ask-blog”. Personal things in my life kept me distracted enough to not ponder too long on it and there were times I never even thought of the fact that I had made a mining pony OC.

But one late night, a downer night, and insomniac night full of those thoughts that normally lay dormant in the back of our skulls; on such a night I decided that maybe I’d turn on my laptop again and check tumblr for once, and maybe even that blog I tried to do once.

Forty-eight. That was almost fifty! Fifty individuals on the interwebs were now following the stupid mining mare. I really couldn’t believe it. I checked these new followers at random convinced they were some abandoned accounts or something. But no, these were legit people, real people I’d been letting down for nearly 2 months since they’d started following me. The next day I began the regular updates, and even though I’ve suffered a few more hiatus since then the blog continues.

But now I passed the 1100 mark. A milestone I only dreamed of having when I began. A milestone I though I’d feel comfortable with for ever. But I’m here now and it feels… different. It feels surreal, as if such a thing shouldn’t be possible for me. But I’ll take it as a challenge and keep moving forward.

But, to the 1100+ of you, I really can’t put into words how much the simple fact that you see my random updates means to me. I know it sounds cheesy and yadda, yadda ya… but I really mean this. I don’t feel like a drop in an endless emptiness anymore. I don’t feel like everything I draw is for naught. I feel part of this community now. And everyone i have met so far has been awesome… so awesome. I feel bad I can’t just dedicate all my time to you.

So, thank you. Thank you so much for being here and please do keep being awesome -i couldn’t ask for more.

[emotional rant over]

So yes, there’s a raffle. I’m opening 5 slots:

1 - fully coloured + bg (humans or ponies)

2 - fully coloured (humans or ponies)

2 - plain coloured (ponies)

To participate just like (for 1 entry) or reblog (for 2 entries), or you can do the wombo combo and do both for a total of, that’s right: 3 entries.

I’ll be taking in entries for a week and then will finish the drawings the week after.

NOTICE: don’t send any refs yet, not until the selected entrants have been found will I ask YOU for you refs and stuff.

Thank you again, see you ‘round!

 an anon requested them doing something cheesy like cuddling but I’m not good enough to do that yet, so nosE BOOPS
*ACTUAL HEADCANON I HAVE IN MIND RN* so Dan always says that he does the nose boops ironically and for Phil’s enjoyment but actually it’s just because Dan’s an adorable sap ha

reposts will be the death of me *^*

send an ask containing a cheesy phan thing (or anything phan, really) for me to draw and it’s likely i shall ^u^