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TYRUS #confirmed masterpost

Under the cut I tried to be as helpful as I could with providing all the tyrus related stuff from the cast and crew I’ve found that hints(understatement) at it being canon 

DISCLAIMER: Believe this all or not, you can form your own opinion on this stuff. I just wanted to help my fellow shippers out. Yes, this is incredibly biased, but that’s the point. It’s a tyrus post. Antis please don’t interact idc we got the receipts

I will update this as time goes on, but once Tyrus is canon there will be no need lol 

tbh this post is all the proof you need: 

If you still want to see everything and I mean everything, go beyond the cut

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Pair: Deviant!Connor x Reader 

Prompt: “Your mistakes don’t define you.”

Warnings: None! (Unless you call fluff a warning then yeah!) 

A/N: Decided to write some fluff this time around so enjoy! (: 

The two of you sat in a comfortable silence, the blankets messily splayed over the two of you with his arms wrapped around your waist and you snuggling up into him.  The two of you fit so well together, like two pieces of a puzzle.  

Your hand lightly grabbed his, playing with his fingers while also lightly running your thumb over his knuckles.  Connor smiled slightly, his head resting gently against yours as he studied your actions.  

“I sometimes wish I was an android,” you said, prompting him to look at you, “so I can do that cool hand thing with you.” 

Connor smiled slightly before intertwining his fingers with yours.  “That is not something you should wish for,” he replied softly.  

You nodded slowly, not saying another word of the matter knowing that this was a touchy subject for your android significant other.  Although Connor enjoyed the life of deviancy, he found it difficult to adjust to this new side of him, one of true freedom, one without rules.  The worst part of it all was moving past the fact that he had caused harm to others, even killed, all because he was programmed to obey his masters. 

Connor closed his eyes for a few seconds, building up the courage to let out everything that had buried itself in his mind.  He slowly opened his eyes, staring back at your intertwined hands, you still gently running your thumb along his artificial skin in a comforting way.  

Your eyes widened slightly as you watched his skin slowly fade away uncovering his true form underneath.  “I know you wish you could connect with me, even more so than we can with words.  But I want to save you from the knowledge of my past and the fact that I would’ve done almost anything to complete a mission that I so desperately wanted to neglect,” he said softly with a saddened tone.  

You looked up at him, noticing that he was not looking down at you, but rather, he was looking at his hand, a somewhat disgusted look etched on his face as he traced back memories of his time as a machine.  “As an android, I had no freedom, no free will, no ability to think for myself.  I was forced to harm others like me, others who just wanted to live like humans do, even though we will never be human,” he said, his voice trailing off towards the end.  

“You weren’t yourself,” you replied, looking up at him.  

He nodded at your statement.  “But I could’ve broken free.  I could’ve set myself free if I hadn’t prioritized my mission above everything else.” 

You sat up, your hands still interlocked with his causing him to look up at you.  

“We can’t change what we’ve done in the past.  The only thing we can do now is to learn from it and try to move on.  You can’t blame yourself for the things you could not control, you are not a monster Connor,” you said firmly.  

You watched Connor’s eyes stare back at his exposed hand, clearly still upset with bringing the subject up.  Connor nodded slowly, his body language showing that he was still unconvinced.  You took your free hand and slowly placed it under his chin making him look at you.  

“Your mistakes don’t define who you are,” you said with intention.  

Connor smiled slightly before pulling you towards him and wrapping his arms around you.  You felt him bury his head in the crook of your neck before mumbling, “What would I do without you?” 

You laughed slightly before replying, “You wouldn’t be this clingy that’s for sure,” you joked.  

You felt him smirk against your skin before you felt him lightly pepper you neck with small kisses.  “You love me,” he whispered.  

You lightly placed your hand against his cheek making him look at you before saying, “That I do.” 

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well this was crap

Ringo: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re pleased to inform you, that… Don’t you want to spend the evening with your best friend?
Easy: No, I want to spend it with my boyfriend.
Ringo: We could easily do that. At our apartment. Alone.
Easy: Tobias will move over to the other flat share if everything is going to be fair in the future.
Ringo: No, he won’t do that. He’ll make me look like the bad psycho Ringo, as always. Who you need protection from.
Easy: Uh-huh, my little drama queen.
Ringo: Dramaqueen. He just said to my face that he’s going to bully me out of the apartment.
Easy: Yes, because he’s angry, you fucked with him.
Ringo: Yes. And what am I supposed to do now?
Easy: Chill. Give him time to get it out of his system. He’s going to realize that the world won’t end if he just moves next door.
Ringo: How long is that supposed to take?
Easy: As long as it takes.
Ringo: Yes, great. Then we’ll be a retiree flat share who’s fighting who gets the rollator.
Easy: Okay until it gets to that, we really have to come up with something. But until then: do me one favor. Now more fake allergy stories or other lies. Okay? Richard Beckmann?
Ringo: Yes okay.
Easy: Thank you.

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hi hi hi can you please write something where Bakugou’s fem s/o or crush joins the league of villains for whatever reason and how Bakugou copes with everything just want some angst tbh thanks bb

Loooove this. Thanks <3 (this turned out way longer than I planned, oops)

Dabi extended his hand out to you. 

Behind him stood the other members of the League of Villains. Behind you were the fallen bodies of your classmates–broken and dying. His face, covered with scars, was even more obscured by the shadows glinting from his flames. It was as if the small smile that tugged at his lips kept flickering in and out of view. 

“Join us.” His voice was cool, distant, and almost disinterested. You felt a cold stab of fear in your chest, along with your pounding heart. His gaze was focused on you, intent. You hadn’t realized you had been holding your breath until you let a shuddered breath before speaking. 

“Join you?” You laughed but it sounded sad. “My classmates–my friends are almost dead, and you’re telling me this was all because you thought you could make me join your stupid villain club?”

“I’m not forcing you,” he mused, “I’m simply asking.”

Rage filled you at the thought of your own helplessness. Everyone strong–Deku, Todoroki, even Bakugou–was down. You were their only salvation, yet you couldn’t even command your legs to move. Your knees knocked together. “Go to Hell.”

“Not without you,” he said in the same soft, conversational voice. 

You suddenly felt very tired. “Why…why do you even want me?” If you could keep him talking, instead of fighting, maybe someone would show up soon. Maybe, hopefully, help was on the way. 

“Because you’re the New Stain, aren’t you?” 

Your breath hitched, and something inside your stomach heaved. “The…New Stain?” Your voice was barely a whisper, barely audible to the blue flamed villain. Unpleasant memories suddenly surfaced like hands around your throat. The reminders like reverberations. 

“This is what everything is about?” You snapped. 

When the Hero Killer Stain’s ideology had surfaced, you had made a comment in class that you agreed with his views. You didn’t see the problem with the villain. He was right, after all. Most students did only want to become heroes for fame and fortune. However, news of you agreeing with Stain’s ideologies spread fast. Everyone at school, even students who you didn’t even know, treated you differently and harshly. Whispers of you being a traitor soon surfaced too. Teachers stopped calling on your in class, barely acknowledging your existence. Even your own class was wary of you. With UA already under strict pressure from the media and the city’s civilians, several news outlets aired ‘UA High School: Training Heroes or Villains? It was a news segment that called you out for believing in Stain and blaming UA. 

“You’re hated now, aren’t you?” Dabi asked. “Ever since you agreed with Stain. How pitiful others are quick to judge.” 

“So what?” You clenched your hands into tight fists, leaving half crescent moon shapes on your palms. Your voice shook weakly. You wish it didn’t sound like how you felt in this very moment. 

“We agree with Stain too. You can join us, and no one in the League will judge you. You can be with those who are just like you.” 

“I’m nothing like any of you!” You shouted. “I’m not…a villain.” The last sentence you had repeated over and over in your mind before. You weren’t a traitor to UA. You weren’t a villain. You were’t a villain–

“This is getting boring,” a girl with blonde pigtails said. She threw down a body in front of her. “If you don’t come with us, I’ll kill him.” She yanked the boy up on his knees, one arm snaking around the his chest, and her other pressing a knife to his throat. Behind all the blood and cuts, all the bruises and broken limbs, you finally realized who it was. His red eyes opened slowly, and you wanted to scream. 

“Stop!” You cried. “Get away from him!” 

The girl gave a crazed little giggle. She pressed the edge of the knife closer to his throat, its cruel point gleaming in the moonlight. 

You stepped forward quickly. “Please.”

Bakugou gritted his teeth and spat out some blood from the corner of his mouth. “Don’t fucking listen to these bastards.” he said. “No one hates you and even if everyone did, fuck them. I don’t hate you. I would never.” Something flashed across his face, something that looked like anger or maybe even pain. He reached out hopelessly to you, and you let out a sound that was a half laugh, half sob. 

“I know, Baku, I know.” You turned to Dabi again. “Please, just let him go. I’ll do whatever.”

“No, fuckface!” Bakugou shouted, despite the knife pressing dangerously close. “You’re not leaving!” 

The girl suddenly shoved him away, where he landed awkwardly in a limp heap. The pain reverberated through him in endless waves. He tried, with shaking arms, to pull himself up. 

“You’ve never had a family, right? Orphaned as a baby, left to the school system, and then eventually left into UA’s care when you got accepted. No one you could tell. No one to be proud of you. It’s been only you all this time.” Dabi said and when he did, the truth of the words hit you so hard that it left you breathless. 

“Bull fucking shit,” Bakugou whispered. “You might have been alone all those other times, but when you got to UA you found friends, you found people to call family.” He gestured to the fallen 1-A students behind you. “There. That’s your fucking messed up family. And they need you right now.” 

Dabi opened his arms. “Or,” he mused, “we could be your family.” 

His words echoed throughout the silence of the woods. Your chest tightened. At last, you understood. You reached out to the one thing within yourself that you’d kept hidden for so long. You had accepted Stain’s ideology from the start. Worshiped him and what he stood for. Longed to be like him. 

And, no one, not even class 1-A or Bakugou, could have ever understood. 

You ran into Dabi’s awaiting arms where he held you tight. You sobbed, tears staining his clothes, and grabbed at his shirt, clutching fistfuls of the cloth in your hands. He hushed you. “Now, now,” he cooed, “you have us now. No need to feel alone anymore.” 

You ran a hand over your face and eyes, smearing blood and tears across your cheeks. “Please,” you begged, “let me just talk to him one more time.” You tried to push passed Dabi, but he held you back. 

“You can’t,” Dabi hissed, “he won’t understand.” 

You struggled more in his grasp, desperately reaching out to Bakugou. He had managed to push himself up to one knee, dazed. “Let her go! Fucking let her go!” He shouted. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t save you. Every ache of his body felt weighed down with lead. Every single muscle and tissue was torn. 

“Bakugou!” You screamed. “Please, just let me see him, please!” 

Dabi lifted you up and tossed you effortlessly over his shoulder. You pounded at his back. Bakugou could only watch helplessly as you were torn away from him, away from UA, away from everything. Your eyes met his, desperately pleading for help. 

“Baku, I’m sorry.” 

Undulating darkness spilled into black waves over your eyes. You realized too late you had been drugged until everything seemed to vanish. Bakugou’s body became nothing more than a blur. Your eyes fell shut, and the only thing you could make out was his cracked voice shouting your name over and over again. 

 Bakugou suddenly jolts awake, his eyes opening up to the darkness that surrounds his dorm room. His chest heaves up and down as he breathes sharply. He reaches for his bedside lamp and light slowly flickers into the room. 

“Shit…” he wipes away the sweat from his forehead. He hasn’t stopped having that dream of you and the league of villains since that night- since you were taken, or joined. He still hasn’t figured that part out yet. It’s been two years without you. Two years of the same scene replaying in his dreams.Two years since he was too weak to save you. 

So much has happened in the span of those years. He was about to graduate UA, about to join a hero agency, about to become a pro-hero. Everything he had worked so hard for was just in reach. Yet, he was still so empty inside. When anything good or bad had happened, you were the first person he wanted to tell. He had his friends and family to call but you…you were everything to him. 

This is agony, Bakugou thinks. 

This is suffering. This is full, unadulterated torture. 

And he has no one to blame for this pain but himself. It takes him a moment to breathe normally again, to see straight. Funny how you were torn from his life two years ago, and he still can’t get used to these nights where he’s seized by violet terror.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit,” he sobs, voice breaking. 

He’s had to save himself so many times from times like these. Every night he’s had to fight the same dream and memories back. All this time, some sliver of hoped remained in him that you would come back.

Truthfully he doesn’t know if he’s strong enough to fight it anymore, not when he no longer knows what he’s fighting for. The pain of losing you outweighs everything. Everything he fought so hard for seems meaningless if he can’t share any of it with you. 

He collapses back on the bed, a hand pressed against the pain in his chest. 

Vast amounts of rain fall over the forest and quickly form huge puddles on the forest’s floors. Gray smoke billows into the evening sky. 3-A and 3-B students rush through the woods, and zigzag pass fallen trees and other debris, their feet hitting the ground in hard waves that send jolts of pain up their legs. 

This has happened before. A training camp gone wrong. 

And just a month before graduation.

“Fuck this!” Bakugou shouts as he blasts a nomu away from him. “Can’t we have one damn lesson where these fuckers don’t show up and ruin everything?” 

“To be fair,” Deku kicks off of a tree and into another nomu, “these things haven’t shown up in a while. The league’s been pretty dead for what? Two years now.” 

Something in Bakugou’s chest aches. Deku doesn’t realize what he’s said until Bakugou shouts, sending another big explosion. “Shut up! This has nothing to do with the League. They’re gone, gave up years ago when All Might beat the shit out of their leader.”

“Kacchan, you know the League is responsible for the creation of nomu’s.” Deku’s voice is apologetic, almost sad. “You know they’re the ones doing all this right now. They’re back. They’re here.” 

Bakugou for once, doesn’t yell at the boy, doesn’t get angry. Instead, he screams in frustration and rushes deeper into the woods. Deku’s shouts becoming nothing more than a hum. 

Bakugou weaves through the trees as twigs and branches snap in his face. His heart pounds frantically in his chest, and his legs burn. He doesn’t know if panic or rage propels him the rest of the way. 

 Cresting a hill, he breaks free of the trees and steps into a clearing. Something suddenly slams into him hard, shoving him to the ground. He recovers fast, however, pushing himself to his feet once again, hands blazing. 

“You fucking messed with the wrong person–”

He stops, mouth agape. Eyes wide as you slowly stand. Your breath catches in your throat. For a moment, it seems as everything stops. You both stare at one another, unable to form the necessary words that bounce around in your minds. 

“Baku…” your voice is carried away by the wind. 

Bakugou blinks once. Twice. “(f/n)?” He doesn’t know what else to say. “You…You look so different.” 

“So do you.” You laugh, breathless. “Or maybe it’s just because we haven’t seen each other in so long.” 

 He steps forward, reaches out to you. “I’ve missed you so fucking much.”

You step back, smile gone and replaced with something Bakugou remembers from that night two years ago. You shake your head slowly for a second. “I’ve missed you too, Baku, but–”

Something is urgent in his voice. “So much has happened,” he starts, frantic, “I’m about to graduate and join a hero-agency that already has a spot lined up for me. Oh, and I did this internship with a really cool guy. At first, I failed my hero license exam–”

“I’m so happy for you,” you say, “really proud of you, Baku.” 

He steps forward again as you step back. His voice is filled with more excitement but continues to shake warily. “And there’s so much more I need to tell you. About my family, and what’s all been going on with classes, and how everyone in the class is doing, and I need you to come back.” His voice cracks. “Please.”

You want to run to him and feel his arms wrap around you once again. You want to nuzzle into his neck and cry. But, you know, if you did that, there’d be no going back. “I can’t Bakugou. I’m with the League still.” 

Something in Bakugou breaks, in rage, in helplessness. “Why?” He shouts. “Why did you leave us? Why did you leave me? Why won’t you come back? Why Why Why?” He’s sobbing and igniting mini-firworks in his palms. He’s grabbing at his hair and pulling, burying his face into his hands, and breathing so hard through his words. 

You crumple in on yourself. “I never meant to hurt you. I never meant for any of this. I figured you’d forget about me–”

“Forget?” Bakugou snaps. “You were everything to me. You are fucking everything to me.” He takes another deep breath and exhales it sharply. “That’s why you need to come back to UA. I’m sure the principle will understand and the teachers will forgive you. Even if they don’t, you don’t have to go to UA. We can go somewhere else. I can graduate from UA and get a job and you can–”

You shake your head violently. “No, Bakugou! That’s not what I want. I want to stay with the League. I’ve made peace with what I did two years ago. I’ve made peace with who I truly am and what I want to be.”

Bakugou punches the ground, hard. The explosion burns through the ground, smoke billowing out from the hole and circles around him. “Please,” he begs. “Please don’t do this again.” 

“Just stop.” You say coldly. 

Bakugou looks at you, really looks at you, seeing how much you’ve really changed. There’s shadows beneath your (e/c) eyes, and a jagged scar that runs along the line of your jaw. You’re still you, but there’s something harder, something cold and unfamiliar. 

You wear a distant expression. “I have to go.” 

Tears of frustration prick Bakugou’s eyes. He steps forward one last time, and finally you don’t back away. You let him rest his hand on your arm. 

“How in the world can I keep you?” 

He searches your eyes for an answer but all he finds is coldness. There’s no warmth, no kindness in your eyes as you stare back. You finally tear away from him, pulling sharply away from his grasp. His arm falls back slowly to his side. 

“You can’t.” 

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In light of the post about cat diet, if Toby and Tybalt had a kid, how would the child eat? Presumably they would have some level of Toby's abilities with blood and it would be mighty unpleasant to eat raw meat with those abilities. Experiencing your food's death every time you eat...would they just have to cook everything medium and hope for the best?

I don’t want to decide these details until I decide a) whether they’re having a kid, b) reach the book where the kid exists, and c) have to write the kid whining about their chicken nuggets not being brown enough (that being a thing several kids I know are very focused on).

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Do you have any advice for bringing my nonverbal, sensory seeking 3 year old to the dentist? All the advice I've found online is for avoiding meltdowns, but my daughter is more likely to find everything enchanting to the point of distraction, and she probably won't willingly let anyone dig around in her mouth. I just want her to be happy and have a good time and not be afraid of the dentist forever because of a potential bad first visit.i had 90% of my baby teeth capped and I still remember it

- Look for dentists who specialise in treating kids with additional needs. They’ll be more experienced in taking those needs into consideration, and should hopefully be more patient and flexible when it comes to your appointments.

- Speak to the dentist to see if you can arrange some visits that might not necessarily involve her having a dental appointment at all. If she has time to visit the practise and ideally to explore a bit, it might make it easier when she does have to have her teeth checked. It might be easier for her to sit still for a little while if she’s already familiarised with the environment so it’s a bit less of a novelty.

- Try to agree with the dentist that you’ll do things in stages if you think that would help (perhaps having her visit the reception area, or having her visit the dentist without having her teeth checked so she can see the equipment and hear the noises and ‘explore’ a bit without also having to sit still and have her teeth checked. You might also want to make it clear that you don’t want the dentist to actually do anything to her if you want her first few experiences to be positive, even if they find something that will need sorting out. 

- It might help if you (or someone else) models what will happen. If the dentist wants to put a mirror in her mouth or something, she might tolerate it better if she’s seen it happen to you (so she can see from the outside what is happening, and possibly might even find it interesting - perhaps if she does find the whole thing quite enchanting/interesting, you can use that to your advantage). 

- You might also be able to find some appropriate videos or images to show her to get her used to the idea of having someone check her teeth. I’m pretty sure there was an episode of Charlie and Lola about going to the dentist.

- If the dentist does need to do anything to her teeth, you could always discuss alternative options to having her sit through an actual procedure (you might decide that sedation would be necessary). So you don’t have to feel any pressure for the ultimate goal to be having her tolerate drilling if it’s ever necessary.

- You might also want to come up with some ways for her to communicate anything important (like a card, gesture or sign to communicate ‘STOP’). If you’re not confident she would be able to use it to communicate you could practise (getting the dentist to do something non-invasive and letting her control it by telling the dentist when to stop).

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Wanted to share my weird, ironic story. I'm not male, so it took me until this year to understand that I'm not female either. I'd always had chest dysphoria, just didn't know what it was. Once I finally caught on, I decided to get a breast check-up to make sure everything was healthy before I started the potentially long process of getting rid of them. Damn lucky, cuz i found out I had stage 1 breast cancer. Today I'm in the hospital recovering from the double mastectomy I've always wanted.

Wow that is a crazy story. I really hope youre okay and im glad you got surgery even if it wasnt under the best of circumstances. I hope your recovery goes well. Stay safe and good luck


Dating 40′s Bucky Barnes

Originally posted by sleepy-barnes

  • 40′s Bucky is very flirty
  • he’s confident and charming but he isn’t arrogant
  • he’s a true gentleman
  • he’ll ask you out on a proper date to go dancing with him
  • he’ll pay for everything of course and he’ll walk you home to make sure you’re safe
  • when you kiss him on the cheek outside your apartment he’ll smile cheekily
  • “I didn’t realize you were so eager doll” he’ll tease you
  • he picks you up for every date with a bouquet of flowers and he is the perfect boyfriend for the entire night
  • he introduces you to Steve as soon as you two start getting serious
  • Steve teases him relentlessly of course about how “he never shuts up about you I swear” and “he just goes on and on”
  • its  the first time you’ve ever seen Bucky blush
  • he wants to know everything about you so he’ll constantly be asking you questions
  • his favorite thing is when he gets you talking about something you’re passionate about
  • the way your face lights up and you start rambling on is the cutest thing to him
  • Steve hears every single detail about you of course
  • he takes you to the Stark Expo and excitedly pulls you along to every exhibit
  • when he tells you he’s enlisted you cry which makes him cry and he’s just holding you there, trying to repress his crying
  • he spends every second before he leaves with you
  • he keeps a small picture of you everywhere he goes
  • he writes you letters while he’s away telling you about everything that’s happening and how much he misses you
  • you writes you a letter everyday, up until the day he falls off the train

new banner…

There is a reason for everything in this picture:

  • I’m a coffee addict. 
  • I’m on my tumblr 24/7.
  • I love my Mac.
  • Fall/Autumn is my favorite season.
  • Daisies are my favorite flower.
  • Hello Adventure is a nod to being a military wife for the last 7 years.
  • I just want to say 7, because 7 is my favorite number! :)

I just want to dedicate this post to the lovely @simmerberlin who warms my heart after a freezing cold and stormy day of sightseeing 😊I mean, I heard that Scandinavia is cold but I broke an umbrella and got completely soaked.

And everything is soooo expensive here!!! Omg!! Especially coffeeee. And im addicted to coffee.

Beeee, thank you so much for liking my posts and catching up with my stupid story. I’ve read your comments a few times already, Beee! I love you bunches and bunches ❤️❤️

bad day ; han jisung

Originally posted by 3noracha

summary: you come back from school and you’re feeling really bad about everything (school, people, and just generally mental health), but he comforts you, cuddles you, and you end up falling asleep together
pairing: han jisung x male!reader
word count: 799
to do

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Better Than This - A CrissColfer Fic

Summary: Did y’all really think I wouldn’t make an Emmy fic? 

Word Count: 579 AO3

*Title and lyrics from Florence and the Machine’s South London Forever. Warning for blatant self-indulgence and some clichéd Shakespeare. Also, hope you like it, Rachel from AO3!

(and everything I ever did

was just another way to scream your name)

The adrenaline has dissipated into a lingering buzz by the time the night starts to wind down. It’s still there, ever present, like Daren’s blood has been mixed with alcohol, with ecstasy, with something that makes him feel almost lightheaded with how subtly overpowering it is. He’s simultaneously exhausted and exhilarated, and at that moment, there’s only one person he wants to see, one person with whom he wants to share it with.

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Searching, Waiting, Looking -Ch08- (Trixya) - Pichitinha

A/N: hi hi hi!!! i’m nearly finished with this and to the possible but few readers i have in here i just wanted to say thank you for embarking on this journey with with me! you can find this as usual on AO3 and you can find me at @pichitinha. i hope you enjoy!

Summary: Of course Trixie will be the decorator to Shea’s wedding - with years of experience in her bag there’s no way she’ll leave her best friend hanging. Sure, she never intended for that to become practically a full-time job as the wedding planner alongside Sasha’s crazy best friend Katya, but hey, everything for your friends, right?

Chapter 8 - We’re all good, but we ain’t angels

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Can I get a cute au where s/o is having a bad hair day and FatGum comes over and does her hairstyle for her perfectly 💕

So is this cute AU like a universe where everything is cute.

Also, having curly hair, I relate to this except every day is a bad hair day.


“I can’t- argh! I just want to shave it all off!” You shout to your reflection in the mirror, removing your hands from the tangled chaos that is your hair. You don’t know what else there is to do; you’ve tried everything. Leave-in, spray, braiding, buns - and you still just can’t get your hair right. 

So what do you do to solve this issue? No, you don’t go to a hair salon. You don’t actually shave it all off. You call Taishirou to come fix it.

The moment you hear the door open, your boyfriend announcing his arrival, is the moment you know you still have a chance. “I’m in here!” You call to him, leaving Taishirou to assume that ‘here’ means your bedroom.

Once he’s there, bending down his tall body to fit beneath the door frame, he sees what you’re dealing with. “Hm? You call this a bad hair day? I dunno, I kinda like it!” He chuckles off your pout, approaching the vanity you’re seated at and standing behind you. In the reflection, all you can see is the giant mass that is his body, but when he bends half-way down, his smiling face and scruffy blonde hair is visible. 

“If you don’t stop grinning at me like that, I’ll break up with you.” You threaten. Taishirou, knowing this is a futile threat, just shrugs his shoulders. “Then who will you have to fix your hair?” 


Despite having giant fingers that would be easily assumed as clumsy, he sections your hair, runs the digits through the strands in a manner that avoids tugging. Occasionally he even makes time to massage your scalp, which instantly makes you melt into his touch every time. By the time he’s finished, what seemed like him playing around with your hair turned out to be him working his magic. 

You looked in the mirror, seeing to odango buns sitting on the sides of your head, with your bangs left down to frame the sides of your face. Taishirou carefully takes a lock of hair between his fingers, using a special kind of gentle, careful treatment as he brings it down over your forehead. 

“There. All better, yeah? You look like a cute little doll.” He rests his chin atop your head, smiling at your reflection. 

It still amazes you that he was able to make something out of what he had. Not only that, but he did it with such precision. An 8′2″ guy is the last person you’d think would be able to handle their much shorter S/O’s hair, but… 

You blush when you catch him still staring at you in the mirror, turning your face away off to the side. “Thank you..” You mutter, bashful. 

He knows you really mean it, so he doesn’t take your lack of enthusiasm as an insult. “Thank ya, what?” He says, teasing you.

It takes you a moment, grumbling and shaking your shoulders, before you tilt your head backward and smile up at him, beaming. “Thank you, best boyfriend ever!” 

You squeal and laugh as he picks you up by your waist, spinning you around before settling you onto your feet. “That’s more like it! And yer welcome. Now let’ts go out, I’m starvin’.”

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Hi Part of the flock. I live on an island where the veterinary care for birds is 0. We have NO avian to go to. Now luckily enough I have a healthy Parrotlet but I cant find a good Chop recipe anywhere, could you share your recipe or atleast what a parrotlet should be eating throughout the week to be on a healthy diet. Blooregard Q Kazoo loves everything till now he has gotten some pellets(naturals zuupreem), chop and millets. I just want his chop to fill in his needs.






there’s a plethora of posts and resources in those tags to help give you some base ideas of what to watch for and provide, I hope they help! (blooregard’s name is amazing by the way, I loved foster’s home for imaginary friends!)

Milo Murphy's Law: Too Much Honesty
  • *Milo and Zack are waiting patiently on a school bench for Melissa. Zack is lazily staring towards the sky while Milo works on a crossword puzzle.*
  • Zack: Ugggggh where's Melissa? She should've been here by now!
  • Milo: Don't worry Zack, I'm sure she's on her way as we speak. It's not like her to get distracted.
  • Zack: *gives Milo a pointed stare*
  • Milo: Well not distracted for too long.
  • Zack: You know out of everything inside your backpack, I never thought a crossword puzzle would be on that list.
  • Milo: Well sure! They're great ways to pass the time, whether waiting for Melissa or for the fire department to pry open the elevator doors or when you accidentally board a bus to the Tri-State area. Do you want to try one? I got extras.
  • Zack: Nah I'm good. I'm just gonna go back to impatient cloud watching.
  • Milo: Suit yourself *bites his lip, concentrating heavily on the crossword* What's a four letter word that means attractive in a pretty or endearing way?
  • Melissa: *walks up to her friends having overheard Milo* Me.
  • Milo: *without realizing it* Well of course but that's not a four letter word.
  • *Melissa and Zack share a stunned glance with one another as Melissa's cheeks turn a bright pink*
  • Milo: Oh! It's cute! *finally notices Melissa has arrived* Hi Melissa! When did you get here?
  • Melissa: .....Umm...Milo?
  • Milo: Yes?
  • Melissa: ...
  • Milo: Oh, I'm sorry was I talking outloud again?
  • Melissa: *cheeks blazing red*
  • Zack: haha you could say that.
  • Milo: What did I say?
  • Melissa: *gulps nervously* You know what, it's not really important. We should get going.
  • *Milo is utterly confused by Melissa's hurried pace and Zack's barely contained laughter.*

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Since tour is ending I just wanted to thank you for your hard work posting all the updates, stories and m&g pics. It must've taken a lot of time but you've always kept us up to date with everything. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

aaah thank you❤️❤️

I love you. I really do. Every time I see you I just immediately feel like everything is going to be ok and I feel like a little kid that just found their mom in a grocery store after they wandered away. I didn’t love you at first, but I know so much better now. You are everything that I’m not and you make me feel so balanced and whole. I want to scream to the heavens that I adore every single part of you and I want every second of your life to be amazing because you deserve it. I want all of your problems to disappear and I want you to be as happy as you make me. I want you to know how dearly I appreciate you and I want you to know how hard it is for me to explain it. Whenever I try my mind becomes a jumbled mess or completely blank because my brain doesn’t know how to cope with love just yet. This is so new to me. I want to show you all the beautiful things in the world, all the bees and the grass and the stars and the cities and the trains. Everything. I want to explore with you. I want to dance in the rain with you. I want to listen to music at 3 a. m. with you. I want you to pose while I draw you just so I can have an excuse to stare at you. I want you to tell me everything that you’re passionate about because I adore hearing you talk about them. I want you to be excited about the future. I want you to be more confident. I want to protect you. I want to hold you and never let go. 

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Hey um if it’s not too personal, how did you know you were nb? And if you are out IRL, how did you came out? -a very confused human

Just an FYI, my discovery of being NB is heavily dysphoria based so it won’t be helpful to you if you don’t experience dysphoria. Basically one day I found the word “Demi-Girl” here on Tumblr… then I looked it up on Google, got brought to the ‘Gender Wiki’ and then I discovered what nonbinary was and how many genders there were. I then had a good cry and watched about a billion YouTube videos trying to figure everything out. Turns out I’ve had pretty bad dysphoria since I was a child and I just thought it was normal. If you are trying to figure out your gender please don’t rush. I tried to rush the process because I just wanted to know, you know? but it’s okay not to know. You have time. Take it.