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Hey! I wanted to tell you that your inktober entris are lovely! Also I wanted to ask you if you plan to post your Shiro&Kuron comic on here? I love those two cuties and I'm so excited to see them hanging out together :') I hope you have nice day 💜

thank you so much!! 

I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly since others might be wondering the same thing.  I’ll be posting small moments from my comic publicly but  initially its going on Patreon under my $1 tier. 

kind of like I just did. Here I posted just a small frame but on patreon there’s a WIP look at 3 full pages 

2‌•29 °˖✧ Hᴀᴘᴘʏ Bɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ, ʙᴀʙʏ! ✧˖° 2‌•29

i love shiro so much, and i really hope he’s having a nice birthday,,.. floating around in the astral plane,.. :/ hm.   .. pls bring him home and give him bday smooches; ♥

nobody linked me any so i made some autistic keith headcanons 

  • he was diagnosed at 9 with asperger’s
  • people thought he was broody but sometimes he just…. didn’t want to talk to anyone. he had a lot more nonverbal days between the time his dad died and he met shiro
  • after he met shiro he had fewer nonverbal days
  • shiro knew asl and taught him a lot of it so that he wouldn’t have to talk if he didn’t want to
  • he has a weighted blanket because sometimes pressure is just nice and relaxing
  • shiro’s hugs are always just right
  • (hunk is pretty good at hugs too)
  • sometimes things are WAY TOO LOUD so he just leaves or asks everyone to stop talking for a moment
  • he can’t stand the sound of people chewing with their mouths open
  • he rubs his thumb against his index finger when he’s stressed
  • he can get more impulsive when he’s stressed, too
  • the soft orangey color is his favorite color. he just thinks it’s soothing and it reminds him of coran.
  • he doesn’t pick up social cues that well but nobody makes fun of him for it because they’re not assholes
Summary Time

Ahhhhh, some really good moments between Keith and Shiro. Lots more shoulder touches, and I really liked the implication that when Shiro is injured, Keith is the only one allowed into his room to see him.

That being said, Shiro needs a wardrobe change. I’m still convinced this Shiro is a clone, but damn, where is my bae’s style.

Haggar/Zarkon confirmed. Yaaaaaa, makes me so happy to have loving evil villain ships.

Lance/Allura was teased this season. Allura was shown warming up to Lance and looking to him to help her learn how to control his lion. They could be a real cute ship if they keep up this learning to respect each other thing.

Keith had a rough start, but he quickly grew into his role as leader, just like Shiro thought he would. I’m so happy he was allowed to succeed.

Lotor is a great villain. I love his two facedness. Show a kinder side to the masses, then ruthlessly destroying his enemies as soon as he’s out of sight. This is exactly what I wanted to see in my new villain.

Also enjoy that we now know why some Galra have glowing yellow eyes. It’s a nice detail.

Good season all around. Just long enough to tell the story they wanted to tell. A+

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headcanons about Altean courtship customs?

whatever they are you can bet your ass Shiro has no idea what’s going on when Allura wheels them out so it’s just Allura doing a bunch of weird stuff and Shiro getting more and more confused

  • Allura makes Shiro a special courtship tea
    • Allura, very nervous: “Here, Shiro. I… brewed a special tea for you”
    • Shiro: “Oh. thanks. is this… to help me sleep or something?”
    • Allura, nonplussed: “I… guess?”
  • Allura puts on a purple dress and invites Shiro to her office for a “chat”
    • Shiro: “your dress is nice, i haven’t seen you wear this before?”
    • Allura: “oh… do you… like it?”
    • Shiro: “Yeah it’s pretty. so uh… what did you want to see me about?”
    • Allura, screaming internally: “your inability to take a hint”
  • After getting a particularly unusual gift from Allura Shiro takes it to Coran to get some help
    • Shiro: “Coran, why did Allura give me a glowing crystal necklace? i mean it’s nice but i don’t see when i’m gonna get a chance to wear it. is it some kind of formal Altean thing?”
    • Coran, turning bright red: “SHE GAVE YOU WHAT?!?”
  • Coran has to stage an intervention and explain exactly what the necklace means and it’s embarrassing for all concerned
  • but also:
    • Allura: “so when you held my hand that was you flirting? what kind of flirting is that?”
    • Shiro: “the Earth kind?”
    • Allura, facepalming: “you know what next time i’m just going to ask you if you want to have sex it’s way easier”
Okay so I have a bone to pick

In response to a lot of people (like me) believing Lance’s arc is in the next season I keep reading posts about how it is unlikely that Klance will become canon in season 5 for reasons like the writers can’t just go back and revise the script. 

First off, Klance becoming canon and Lance’s arc are two different things. I don’t necessarily expect (or want) them to confirm Klance too quickly. Remember how Korrasami was kinda rushed (still beautiful *heart eyes*)… In season 5 I am expecting Lance to realize his value and Shiro to help Lance understand and feel comfortable with his bisexuality (remember Montgomery’s art?). In addition, some hints towards Klance/Klance moments would be nice.

Bonus: Doesn’t it make sense for Lance to have his arc before Klance is canon? Keith had his… Klance will become canon the right way!!!!!!!!! 

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Ace!Keith makes me feel so valid hoooly shittt. My new fave hc A+++

I KNOW. Just. I know

  • it was one of the reasons he couldn’t really connect to others at the garrison
    • everyone was talking about hot people and he figured that “hot” just meant “a certain kind of attractive”
    • he didn’t like the word “hot”. it made him uncomfortable when someone referred to him as such. he never participated in those conversations
  • subtext is already hard enough. sexual subtext even more
    • what does “that’s what she said” even mean, no one said that, lance
  • watching a movie with the team: “oh my god, the sexual tension is killing me! can they just get to the fucking already?!”
    keith, mumbling: “can they not”
  • keith probably isn’t just ace, he also has a really low sex drive. that’s much to the disappointment of lance, who couldn’t find his “secret porn stash” in his shack in the desert
  • he doesn’t know that he’s ace. for the longest time he figured that everyone was just exaggerating their sexual urges because it was cool or something 
    • once he learned that people actually felt sexual attraction he saw it as another ‘defective’ thing about himself
    • nowadays he actually likes being ace, it’s a big help not having to waste energy or thoughts towards stuff like that during an intergalactic war
  • Shiro: “Wait, how come you were outside the garrison when you rescued me if you were students?”
    Lance: “Weeeell, we just got put into a team and I wanted to have some quality bonding time, sneak out together… meet some nice girls…”
    Keith: “There are girls at the Garrison too though?”
    Lance: “No, I mean, like… not that kind of girls. I mean, yes that kind of girls. But it’s more than that, it’s about atmosphere and-”
    Keith: “Oh, you mean the kind that actually likes your flirting? Not sure if you would have found them outside of it either.”
    Lance: “LISTEN UP YOU-”

Those nice little quiet moments when it’s just Shiro and Keith and they have a little heart to heart, checking in one one another when they see something’s wrong and just wanting to stay by their side? Confessing things in private they’d never say to anyone else, letting down their walls and allowing themselves to be vulnerable for once? Yeah, that really gets me.

And even when Shiro’s not there, Keith still tries to kind of channel him through the Black lion, still speaks as if he’s trying to confide in him

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oh my god I can’t get this out of my head! police officer au + shiro (headcanons or a scenario, whichever is easier for you) from the halloween thing 💗

a concept

  • oh wow he takes his work v seriously
  • the first time you meet him it’s because you were speeding and he’s like yo it’s 2 in the morning :/
  • and ur like damn bro you have arms
    • in your head of course
  • and he’s like yeah ahem i’ll let you go with a warning since it’s late and he’s literally on his way home his shift is over
  • general hc’s
  • shiro and his partner matt are very well known for them being very well detectives
  • they once tried to see who could crack the most cases in a month
  • like i’m talking the everyone bet on them
  • well it turned out to be a tie between the two
  • and then they got a last case in, and shiro was like okay i’ve had four coffees i can do this
  • shiro won and everyone betting on matt was like bROHAM WHAT THE FUCK
    • matt didn’t even know there was a new case, he had taken a little time off to go to his younger sister’s science fair
    • matt was so pissed like!!! the fuck bro!!! unfair
  • but anyway shiro won so matt had to buy shiro’s groceries for a month
  • shiro felt kinda bad so he accompanied him every time
    • he didn’t feel bad enough to only get a few things though he went all out
  • dating officer shiro
  • he’s automatically very protective of you
  • like more protective then he would be in a normal relationship
  • sometimes he feels really sad because :(( he could just die one day
  • he doesn’t want to die though he doesn’t want to leave you alone
  • so anyway he teaches you basic fighting skills in case anyone tries you
  • he’s very sweet and loving as a boyfriend though!!
  • introduces you to some coworkers eventually
    • by eventually, i mean he never wanted to introduce y’all in the first place he only did it because lance started a rumor around the unit that you weren’t real
  • very sweet boyfriend, you guys have such nice dates
  • he tells you weird stories about things that he’s seen on the job
  • he stays up really late a lot of the time so that he can try to figure something out
  • he’s just :(( amazing okay


“I followed

Making flirty faces, rounding out the bases

So you’d borrow

Me for the night

Maybe for life”

Summertime Gladness - Dance Gavin Dance

idk i was listening to Dance Gavin Dances while i was drawing this and im like fuck it. it sets the mood. kinda. idk heres the song -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-9_8QFxjwI


my emotions are everywhere. i tried to make it look nice. and practice in my backgrounds but i tried .3. although i like this thing where im just useing my sketches for lineart .3. 


Guess what came in the mail today!!!!

I just got home from work not to long ago and was so happy to see the package in the mail! I was so happy to see these cutie as I opened the packed to only see that they arrived in this cute pumpkin page! They were all handled with care and will me loved severely as I figure out where I want to put them. I was also very surprised to see I got a sticker with it as I didn’t remember ordering it or see that it be sent with the charm. I’m also very happy for the sticker because I get to put something new on my laptop. Favorites out of the trio is Bunny!Shiro though because of how cute his designs is, it also nice to see that their little things match their hair. Cosmos little star thing though is just absolutely to die for, they really out did themselves and have improve immensely since I started buying from them. Keep up the amazing work and I can’t wait to get the rest of the things I ordered in the mail as well. Love you as always @pastelvoodoo , and hope you’re having a great day! 💖💖💖💖

Being Best Friends With Shiro

-  shiro would be the protective best friend that everybody says they hate, but actually love more than anything.

  - you two would have to know each other for quite a while for him to feel genuinely protective over you. like, the kind of protective where he would genuinely punch someone for saying something bad about you.

  - lucky for you, that’s exactly what happened. you two had been friends since the two of you could remember.

  - he’s the type of best friend that would always ask you if you’ve eaten???

 -   and if the answer is no, you better prepare yourself because Shiro is about to drag you to the nearest all-you-can-eat buffet and he is going to pay for you to just fill up.

 - but then whenever you ask him if he’s eaten and he says no, he won’t even let you take him to get food because he’s like, “I am a functioning adult.”

 - he’s the type of best friend to come to your house wearing a suit, just to impress your parents, even though he literally grew up with him. your parents have probably bathed Shiro before.

  - but nope. he just wants to look nice, because he’s lowkey scared of being dubbed a ‘bad influence.’

 - even though everybody and their dog knows that that is the complete opposite as to what Shiro is.

  - you two would probably be the friends that everybody just knows is a pair. it’s this thing where people see Shiro and their first instinct is to look for you, because you two are just always together.

 - shiro’s probably the guy who tells you not to drink too much on a night-out, only for him to get absolutely wasted.

 - he probably goes missing at least twice on every night out you two have together.

 - but he never has a hangover??? you drink less than him and you wake up feeling like somebody had stepped on your skull, whilst he’s perfectly fine.

 - whenever you wake up after a night out, he’s always in your house making you coffee for when you wake up.

  - “how are you not in pain?”
 -  “I didn’t drink.”
 - “Shiro, you fell off the curb and apologised to the floor.”

 - i feel like he’s also the guy who goes home with a girl and wakes up the next morning, only to call you up for a lift before the girl gets up. i don’t know why I see Shiro doing this, but I just do.

 - and you’d pick him up and he’d come running out of the strange girls house with only his underwear on and you’d probably do that thing where you lock the car until he does something for you.

 - “Y/N, I swear to god, if she wakes up and sees me, we’re never speaking to each other again.”

  - but he always forgives you after a while because you two literally can’t go a few hours without speaking to each other.

  - you two have the kind of friendship where other people wouldn’t even dare call you their best friend. it’s Shiro and Shiro only, and people genuinely laugh at people who think otherwise.

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Leo I saw the hug Leo I thought they were going to kiss Leo they seemed like they were going to kiss LEO AM I AN IDIOT FOR HOPING FOR A KISS NOW? Yeah probably, I know, but I am hoping for it. Greatest idiot on earth, put it on my grave when I die by seeing the kiss or no kiss. What a ride. Have a nice weekend, sweetie, you're adorable.

ajskdsjslfdlsgk thank you, you’re too kind ;;

No it’s ok I see where you’re coming from, there’s that moment when Keith leans forward and stops and just takes a good long look at Shiro before the tender hug, and the whole thing is just so soft and sweet I completely understand why’d you’d feel that way :’) But yeah, the hug alone warmed my heart and soul and was everything I could ever want,,

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How do you think the Paladins + Allura and Coran would react to their S/O fencing? (Fencing as in the sport. Sorry for bothering you. I love your blog)

u never bother me!! thanks so much, nonny it means so much xoxo


  • thinks it’s one of the coolest things ever
    • really. he does.
  • he 100% likes watching you train. i know i say this in every sports related headcanon, but shiro genuinely loves to watch you in your natural zone. it’s nice to be able to see you do something that you love.
  • asks if you can teach him how to fence, mainly so he can have an excuse to spend more time with you.
    • what? he’s a busy guy with important “gotta-save-the-galaxy” business all the time. he wants to spend time with the person he loves the most.
  • totally makes the paladins use fencing as a training exercise. he says it helps them work on fighting stances, gracefulness, and weapon techniques.


  • wow?? what an interesting sport to be skilled in. he’s never known anyone who’s a fencer
  • is dazzled by how gracefully you move across the floor. it’s almost awe-inspiring and he’s lowkey kind of jealous that he can’t move quite like you
  • really wants to ask if you can help him learn how to move like you do when you’re fencing, but he doesn’t do it on his own
    • you catch him staring into space while you’re sparring with shiro and afterwards ask him if you maybe want to train tomorrow i can teach you the basics
    • sounds like a plan
  • very grateful for you teaching him. it’s nice to have something to do other than constantly train for voltron


  • his jaw dropped to the floor when he first saw you practicing
    • it’s like he finds out new, cool things about you every day and he adores it
  • he doesn’t think he’d be very good at it, so he just sits on the sidelines and watches you practice
    • you’ve tried to encourage him to just test it out, but he always politely declines
  • never hesitates to let you know how cool he thinks it is though


  • he’s blown away and is #eager to express how impressed he is
    • definitely pulled you aside after the first time he saw you practicing with Shiro and “oh my god!!1! i didn’t know you fence!! that’s so cOOL!!!111!”
  • honestly adorable when it comes to supporting you. he’s just so happy when cheering you on and cutely willing to help you practice
    • what a guy honestly
  • he’s actually???? pretty good at it tbh
    • he doesn’t move as expertly or as gracefully as you do, but he’s still rather good


  • thinks fencing is pretty cool
  • they’d never try it, but they do come to watch you practice or spar when they aren’t working on a project
    • when they do come to watch you, they’re totally entranced with the way you move
    • there’s just something about the way your body moves like fencing is second nature
    • it’s intriguing 

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Can I have a self-insert where Shiro find's his S/O's journal/diary thingy and starts to read it? And his S/O finds him and starts freaking out because of all the cheesey things about him they wrote in there? Thanks!!

A small blurb for you my little angel! if you still check up on this blog for it, thank you for waiting so long 💘

He wasn’t supposed to find it.

Shiro, a man of privacy, also was not supposed to read it. To his credit, it looked like any other notebook - just big, with a thick cover…a little latch…. Okay, he was kidding himself he had been 75% sure that it was a journal.

But in his defense, as he liked to tell himself, the other 25% could have been wrong. And so he picked it up, from where to was in the corner between the bed and the wall. He was only looking there because he had lost one of his shirts, after all.

“What’s… this?“ He mused out loud as he picked it up. The cover was blank, as to not arouse suspicion. At the time, you had known even writing journal on the front cover would pike Pidge’s interest - she was often in your room tinkering and looking for something to personalize her room. She wanted it to scream “Earth,” she wanted to feel at home - but she had slowed down after you guys installed the fairy lights with her. 

He carefully undid the clasp, opening the first page, where your name was in swirly, pretty letters. You had written in clear words above it “Thoughts, emotions, and feelings of-” and your name, all proffesional like. If you couldn’t get a pretty cover a pretty cover page would have to do, you had told yourself. 

This piqued his interest, and he slowly went to page two.

“If your name is not on page 1 of this book, please drop it, clasp it, and put it back where you found it or so help me god I will-“ He stopped reading page 2. It was a whole page of threats, and he got the message from the red X’s that adorned it. He laughed to himself, but he decided to skip forward a little.


He laughed at one of my jokes today. He rarely laughs at anyone’s joke, I’ve never been so validated in my whole entire life. I’ve never seen him so calm, but we were just sipping drinks and staring at the sky. He held my hand for just a minute when I fell down  - like an IDIOT - but I swear I couldn’t think for the rest of the day. God, why is he so cute?

He halted, rereading the passage. Was this…about him? He skipped forward a cluster of pages and read from then.


God, he’s so cute. I know I always say this but oh my god he is so cute. Today, we went out to take a walk on this really cute planet that we landed on last week - remember it? I can’t believe we’re leaving so soon - and he held my hand the whole time. And he did this cute humming thing and his eyes were so soft and warm he’s such a cutie. I felt like kissing his cute face the whole entire time.

He smiled at the memory of the walk, it was a nice, cool day and they laughed a lot.


Okay, I don’t have much time to write in you, Shiro is already asleep so I’m cutting it close with this light. I just wanted to say that he looks so cute under this light, he’s so calm when he’s just fallen asleep. His eyes are so pretty when they’re open, but he looks so calm when they’re closed. All I want for him is peace. I hope I give him peace. This diary is becoming half Shiro love and half Ranting and I think I’m okay with that.


He’s such a sleep cuddler it makes my whole entire heart so warm. He’s so cute he’s so cute he’s so cute. I think I’m in love love with him? Like, I think I want to spend my forever with him. if we don’t die in battle or never get home first :( why did i make myself sad… i feel so sad when he leaves sometimes to fight, i know i’m also fighting but i just love him and im so worried about him. ok diary thats enough im starting to cry. i guess we all learned that i actually love shiro a whole lot. lol.


No one really talks about falling in love with someone. It feels so nice and so scary at the same time. I feel so up and in the air but also so so scared and i dont know i just love him he makes me so happy his hair is so cute he smiles so softly and he hugs me so close and i don’t want to scare him away with just saying i love you i mean i say i love you to a lot of people but i love you i love you thats different and i dont know diary but i truly love him. i also love his eyes i mean have you seen those eyes and his muscles dont hurt his case either :/

He laughed and went to read another page before he heard the door open. You walked in, face falling when you saw the book in Shiro’s hand and he froze for a second.

“Oh, Hey sweetheart,“ He cleared his throat, trying to seem calm, “I didn’t know you were done helping Keith.”

You lunged for him and for the book and he smiled warmly at you, holding the book above his head. You reached for it, and he lowered it to hand it to you, instead letting his arms take purchase around your waist.

“You know something?“ He started, even though you were currently running a mile a minute about how he better not have read that much and if you do i will personally kill - did you even read page 2? -  “I love you too.“

You halted, “Wh-what?”

“I love you. I want to spend my forever with you too.“ 

Raised By Lions: Haircut

First Fic- Current Fic

Title: Raised by Lions- Haircut

Rating: G

Summary: Keith is in dire need of a haircut.

Author’s Note: I thought with today being the Freeday/Au theme for @platonicvldweek I would get another Raised By Lion snippet out.  It’s just a short ones, but there’s a bit of plot drop if you know here to look. ^_~

Keith stared into the small mirror as he tugged on one of his bangs over his eyes. “I do like having long hair,” he said as he glanced over. “You won’t cut it too short right.”

Keep reading

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Hey I'm on the Defenders of Tomorrow for the Leakira ship only, in the discord chats. Well people are making money off of it and the people running it are racist and really sexist.They eventually plan on attacking klance fans who don't convert to their new religion and getting free art and stories out of it. Not only that, there is grooming going on with the younger kids. They also plan ways to harm people from the real show if klance doesn't happen. I'd share but they would find me. I'm scared

Okay, well I don’t buy the whole “attacking k1ance fans” thing without proof (I mean, insulting them, yeah, I’d buy that because ½ the le@kira posts at one point were posts insulting klancers & k1ance).

The racist & sexist thing, I DO buy though.

Here’s an excerpt from another dear disciple who wants to stay anonymous:

Hey so I was invited to join the voltron new age thing when it was first being made. 
I’m really against all the reboot bullshit lmfao and was very very clear about that right away and the person recruiting me was basically like “This is not a reboot it’s just a separate universe inspired by the show and we’re not anti’s. and I was like hell yeah and joined for a hot second.
I found out that the person was just straight up lying after looking at their tumblr which LITERALLY goes by thenewvoltron.tumblr.com lmfao
I’m still in their group chat on twitter just to kinda like see the drama I guess.

I just felt like you’d appreciate the story which is why i sent this LOL.
They literally do things like have arguments about what sexuality and gender plotlines they want to do and if a character has too many of them.
Like they decided not to make their shiro clone trans because he’s already like gay and disabled?

Everyone that i met briefly seems nice and they’re all very clearly just like dumb kids but lmaoo. 
I wish people like that would come together and make something original at least instead of wasting their time on a reboot they have no real claim to out of spite??? 

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It's a bit funny (strange) how fans of Shiro are begging to please just let him live and nap, and l@nce fans seem to want l@nce tortured and hurt ????? I'm not sure I understand why this is happening but it is I think!

I’ve talked about this a bit before, but I think it goes back to Lance being the everyman that a lot of the fandom really identifies with. As such, they either project their problems onto him (which is perfectly normal, for some people it’s a coping mechanism). Or–and this also seems to be a big part of it–a lot of people are under this misguided notion that somehow being “dark and tortured” makes you a deeper, more nuanced character. By nature, Lance is simply more carefree and easygoing. He’s one of the few characters with a happy home life and comfy backstory–big family, younger sibling who’s kind of spoiled. Not the middle sibling who’s family never paid attention to him like a lot of people headcanoned. And honestly, that’s kind of just a microcosm of it. 

A lot of fans I think are fond of “langst” or “kla/ngst” because they see characters like Shiro, Keith, Allura, ect–characters who have suffered a lot, who have these great big tragic backstories and complex ties to the empire. And for whatever reason, they assume Lance suffering more, having some complex and upsetting backstory or character arc, would develop him as a character more than just being himself. Lance isn’t supposed to be an outcast or suffering from PTSD in canon. It’s understandable to want representation of characters with mental illness for instance, but it’s a kick in the teeth to make whole plot lines of that sort of thing revolve around Lance when we already have a mentally ill character in canon

And I don’t know, I’ve never liked how people will presume that somehow Shiro isn’t “fit to lead” because of his trauma, yet write a heroic leader Lance with those same struggles in fanon. As if that kind of representation would be more palatable coming from someone who shows no visible, ugly yet very real symptoms of it. Meanwhile, people who stan Shiro just want him to last until next week and maybe get five minutes of sleep under a nice warm blanket because boy has he been through Enough,, 

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All of your tired Shiro doodles are a big mood (also I adore your art and everything is so soft and gives me life)

they’re still a big mood for me honestly. I didn’t expect to be this busy right after graduation. I wanted to take a nice week off or something but I just don’t have the money to do that with my con schedule and other things. 
at this point my goal is to have at least one day that’s really to myself so I can chill and draw something for mermay. 

Thank you! ;;;