i just wanna dance

Dickkory Week, DAY 1

“Dick, hold my bouquet.”


Kory carries Dick ok and I will NOT *punches wall* accept any other scenario.


Here have a dancing Patton in these trying times

If the sides were dancers, I imagine Patton’s favourite styles would be around Charleston, Tap, and Swing!

Here’s the music I was listening to when i made these!

Here’s my inspirations!

–> oh and pssst… Roman’s next ;^)

it’s depressing seeing all these coming of age films with white girls who are allowed to experiment with their outfits and have a fun soundtrack and the whole tone of the film is lighthearted like why can’t non white girls have more films that are like that? sometimes i just wanna see a group of cute black girls dance to crew with pink lighting covering them or something idk

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I just wanna slow dance with you, I know all the other boys are tough and smooth… but I just wanna slow dance with you

So, I wanted to give you guys a bit of a backstory on the song I wrote called “Slow Dance” (it airs on Cartoon Network’s Adventure time this sunday!!!!!!!). I wrote slow dance about this girl I had a big crush on, and she liked me too but she had a boyfriend. The girl in question is actually the person talking in the intro of the original demo of “Slow Dance” ( https://soundcloud.com/babeobaggins/slow-dance-demo ) She had a boyfriend and I wasn’t a boy… (to her). I identify as Genderfluid, and I feel very he/him most of the time. I was so heartbroken because I knew I wasn’t a “boy” in her eyes but I thought I could be, if she let me. Hence, “I know all the other boys are tough and smooth”. It’s okay tho, she’s a very lovely girl and I wrote a really good song out of it. I’m happy you all like it so much. Just wanted you all to know the root of the song.

Be sure to watch the episode Marcy & Hunson on Adventure Time this sunday at 730 pm so you can see marcy see sing my song on big little screen :)))))

p.s a full finished version of slow dance will be on my album that comes out next year for everyone who keeps asking lol