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“Put on your happy face!” Doodled some of the many colourful characters in We Happy Few. For real tho, Compulsion Games made something with such nicely designed and wacky personalities that it’s just such a shame they didn’t dive into them more. The story could’ve really taken off. Regardless, still loving it. Take this for now. Have a nice day! :)

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do you have any winteriron fics where Bucky misjudges Tony at first, but then is like 'oh shit he's actually pretty cool'

a few!

The List - 1k

Prompt: Imagine bucky being really wary of tony before he realises “oh he’s a nice jerk and he’s kinda cute too”

Slipping through the place undetected shouldn’t be so easy. The fact that it is annoys him. “Improperly secured perimeter”; can be item one on his Reasons Why They Should Ditch Tony Stark  list, so when Steve asks—and he will ask—Bucky has something better than:

1. he dresses like a jackass;
2. he talks so much he digresses within his digressions;
3. he’s too damn smart for his own good;
4. same as #3, only replace smart with rich;
5. same as #4, only replace rich with good looking.

It’s a Love-Hate Relationship - 1k

Bucky Barnes has heard a lot about Tony Stark. (It would be impossible not to, with how often Steve won’t shut up about the guy.) Mostly, he’s heard enough to decide he absolutely, 100% hates him. Selfish, arrogant, rude, he can’t understand what Steve sees in him. And he’s definitely not pleased to find out they’re having dinner together.

The Funvee - 3k

Prompt: AU where Bucky was one of the soldiers in the humvee with Tony in the beginning of Iron Man. He survives the fight, but loses his arm, and when Tony finds out Bucky is alive after the events in IM, he desperately tries to win Bucky’s forgiveness while Bucky (initially) wants nothing to do with him.

Surviving a near death experience was weird. That was the only word that came to mind. Tony vacillated wildly between highs, and lows, but with everything going on, he was mostly able to shove his unwelcome feelings into the background, and focus on his New Life. When you built a badass, flying suit and became a superhero almost overnight, you were definitely allowed to abuse capital letters when talking about your life.

Tony was pretty good at ignoring it, though, because, well… Iron Man. Too busy. Too important. Too many wrongs to right, and people wanting to get their grubby hands on his sexy tech, so there was always a reason to do or think about something other than the flesh and blood Tony Stark’s problems.

Right up until he didn’t have a choice, anymore.

milk and honey - 7k - WIP

Bucky holds a grudge that might just be misplaced, but Tony would be damned if he tried to derail any hatred coming his way.

He deserved all of it.

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honestly this is a “i started this as a joke and now im too invested to go back” kind of thing

(if this ship has no content im going to make it myself)

health update.

okay, so! neuro is sending me to a better rheumatologist to get re-tested for lupus. if they find nothing, he’s going to have me re-do the brain and lumbar mri’s and lp in may. if i have more lesions i officially have multiple sclerosis. if not, he’s sending me to uofm neurology.

i don’t care whether it’s lupus or ms, either way my symptoms are the same. i’m just annoyed i have to wait longer to find out. arghh, universe. isn’t three years enough? 😞


i so much want them to bond over this