i just seriously love this video though

  • Me re-starting a video game : Okay I'm going to try a new class, a new character design, choose other plot points, and romance a different character!
  • Me : *chooses same class*
  • Me : *creates mirror-image character*
  • Me : *plays quests with the exact same outcome*
  • Me : *romances same companion*
  • Me : *plays game exactly the same way*
  • Me : wait what-- okay.

Wiishu’s new video with Jack was the best thing ever! I’m so happy :3 I just had to screenshot them <3

This is what I named the folder :3





But seriously though, they seem so happy together which is lovely to see and it makes me happy! <3

And when I heard “we should record more together” I was like AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS! :D I can’t wait to see more of them :3


Me: Oh look at Jae yeol quitting smoking for the person he loves! I wonder who that lucky girl is….

Jae yeol:……
- gives hyung suk lots of expensive clothes.
- planned to buy hyung suk from the auction for 10M won.
- challenges all the guys who wants to beat up hyung suck.
- literally adopted four puppies even though he is scared of dogs just so because hyung suk will visit him.
- gave hyung suk and his friend a lot of money anonymously in a video app

Me: Oh sorry! I meant to say who that lucky guy is ;)

My TOP13 College/University based dramas

1. Age Of Youth, Korean drama. *Second season coming soon hell yeah; seriously just watch; has romance but the main thing is friendship; hella cool girls living together.* 

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Korean drama. *Yet again just watch; so much fluff that I started wanting to be in a relationship; such cool friendship; absolutely love both leads; very good chemistry.* 

3. Love O2O, Chinese drama. *Has no drama only fuzzy warm feeling; I won’t even start talking about lead guy; lead girl has passion for video games and her major is Computer Sciene; even though I hate cgi but I was feeling it in this drama.* 

4. Ugly Duckling Series: Perfect Match, Thai drama. *Just saying but HOT male lead; super fun to binge watch; fluffy romance; interesting plot.*

5. Devil Beside You, Taiwanese drama. *Very good if you like bad boys; pretty old but gold; amusing fashion choices; story line is strongly based on romance.*

6. Itazura Na Kiss 2: Love In Tokyo, Japanese drama. *Second season of Itazura Na Kiss: Love in Tokyo; watch it if you like cold guys who are actually kind of soft inside; determined girl; based on manga; has a lot of versions.*

7. Twenty Years Old or 20′s, Korean drama. *Super short and too short; doesn’t show university that much; but cute couple and story line; super easy to binge watch.*

8. My Love From The Star, Korean drama.*Less university life more celebrity life but still related to university; kind of became a classic already; good if you like fantasy and a little bit of healthy cliche plot; leads are beautiful, you can’t deny it.*

9. U-Prince Series: The Single Lawyer, Thai drama. *Straightfoward leads; attractive male and a little bit bitchy female; still cute.* 

10. Sotus: The Series, Thai drama. *For all you BL lovers, I got you;a guy who knows his feelings very well and a guy who doesn’t admit his feelings to himself; lots of friendship.* 

11.   U-Prince Series: The Lovely Geologist, Thai drama. *Very cute; lead male is very cute, who loves dinosours, his smile makes my day; very short.* 

12. Queen Of The Ring, Korean drama. *Has fantasy; interesting plot; funny*

13. Second Time Twenty Years Old, Korean drama. *Cool female lead, who started to live her life the way she wanted, when she was 38; must watch if you like story lines with a little bit older leads; kind of inspirational.*


Okay so I KNOW everyone knows this video for Ross sacrificing Matty to the zombies but I would like to propose that the best bit is actually George asking, “are we seriously considering killing them with the power of rock and roll?”

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@mittensmorgul is a gem and found this for me because I haven’t seen it on my dash


… I would probably be able to react to this better if I could understand lyrics easily but that’s a real issue for me with audio comprehension so I’m just going to enjoy this and someone else can squint at the song choice :P

seems so far to just be random 1sec shots from the season, and I mean random as hell 

Family! Pie! Photos! yeah that all seems par the course

then the great hug marathon, and Cas and Dean hugging and Sam and Eileen right next to each other, followed immediately by that one time Crowley got a hug… Oh dear. Does that mean anything? My heart is going faster just to see a DeanCas hug immediately followed by Saileen :P I suppose it’s just a The Hugs Of Season 12 part, and I regret Dean did not randomly hug Rowena in 12x11 because she’s left out :<

Speight continues to be worth every penny for sticking poor old Wally at the back of the Dramatic Slow Mo Walk so no one would see him when they re-use this footage over and over

Distressed Winchester Close Ups and I love that we got these 2 next to each other because I don’t think anyone wrote meta comparing during the season even though we were all Emotionally Compromised by both:

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because I have seriously just paused to think harder about this instead of just letting the video play >.> Blah blah loss of self blah blah Cas death foreshadowing blah blah Dean losing Cas blah I’ma hit play, I was just starting to enjoy this


*more 12x09 and 12x15 running in the woods recapping instead of explaining that*

oops I forgot Lucifer was on this show

More burned wings from 12x10 in short succession because ouch

Dean n Ketch drinking followed immediately by Mary and Ketch looking heterosexually at each other putting 12x14 and 12x12 back to back. Bold move. 

Like, random selection of Things again after showing the Colt and it shooting. Just like, random shots they like I guess. Rowena getting splattered by that guy Crowley killed for her reminds me a LOT of the Pastry Mishap in 8x08 and I never said at the time so as not to ruin the moment but of all the blood/cake splatters in the show those 2 are most alike

Eeeeey layering Dean and Ketch shooting off their grenade launchers and showing the end result as the one where Cas watches unbothered by it. Now THAT is a meta point I muttered to myself somewhere in my 12x22 madness (I was pretty feverish that week)… All the Ketch-related character mirroring and Dean using it to free himself but also that Cas is ~immune~ so to speak of all this grenade launcher posturing. And all the subtextual links to Dean breaking down those walls leading him closer to Cas, who is beyond all that posturing…

And then blurry sad Winchesters and Mary being sad and - Gavin? - and back to TFW and Mary being sad… 

*random clips mushed together again that I don’t think there’s enough conspiracy to link all these moments like Crowley coming back and being stabbed and Kelly’s suicide attempt and Ketch driving by on his bike* A lot of shit happened in season 12. This montage has a lot of MotW stuff.

I LOVED them putting Dean going “pew” with the Colt to Mrs Umbridge being shot 

This is the slow music, people slowly looking up and then having glowing eyes section, and then a bunch of witchcraft and magic, everyone running, MORE hugs they missed earlier… More sad Winchesters over “nothing else matters” before cutting to Cas and Kelly - uh, I think he does :P

Loved them using Dean being punted through the door by Billie in 12x06 side by side with Sam and Dean being punted back out the portal in 12x23 because that links COOOOSMIC CONSEQUENCES that much nicer

REALLY getting into the fighting and explosions and then they included the bit where Dean slammed Cas against a wall and my brain shorted out and dropped back in at Dean riding Larry.

I’m glad Larry was in this



Oh Mary got one for being stuck in the AU (not Lucifer, no one cares about you, Lucifer)

And Kelly got a really short one

Oh NO and then the “nothing else matters” over Cas’s face close up and Dean all sad and asdfgjlkfhs they already SHOWED the last shot of the season earlier! THEY CHANGED IT SO THE LAST SHOT HERE WAS THE DESTIEL END OF SEASON SHOT.

And Dean all helpless and hey watch season 13 on Thursday October the ducking 12th. 

And the 13 Death tarot card because this show is Edgy but not edgy enough to air on Friday the 13th and it hates it

You can taste the bitterness.

I hope Death comes back

I hope Death comes back and it turns out they’re Billie and have been all along




Okay I know I’ve made posts about Seán’s video thumbnails before. But I seriously have absolutely loved his thumbnails lately! :D 

Honestly they’ve been extremely creative and super interesting to look at too lately and I always love how colorful his thumbnails are too. But lately I feel like his creativity has been absolutely outstanding with them. Like there was even some extra ones I would’ve put into this post if Tumblr’s photo posts didn’t have a 10 picture limit. xD Even though they’re just the thumbnails for his videos I really appreciate the time and work he puts into them. Plus they can make something about a video extremely memorable too. :)


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Pillow Talking || Sam Drake X Reader

Imagine being woken up in the middle of the night by Sam Drake wasted drunk. He acts flirty with you in bed and pillow talks while a bit tipsy.


The stars aligned in the crisp autumn air as the full moon shined bright from above. Sweet thoughts filling my numb mind as I lay in bed, sleeping hard from a rough day at work. This moment was so blissful and relaxing that nothing could ruin it. Until I heard a rather loud bang-crash sound within the darkened bedroom. “Shit…Fuck!” I heard a voice whisper to themselves.

“Aw, I’m sorry, shit…Did I wake you up?” The man laughed, speaking a bit louder.

I roll over to my side and flip the light switch on, realizing it was Samuel. “Um-yeah you did.” I say squinting my eyes.

“Agh-Fuck,” He grumbled. “ I’m sorry darling. You were fast asleep weren’t you?”

“I was sweetie. I had a long day at work.”

“I’m sorry-”

“Sam? Are you drunk?”

“I am not drunk. I’m-I’m just feeling…pretty awesome!” He spoke nearly falling over his own two feet at the end of the bed. He soon laughed. “What’s up? Sexy butt?” He then chuckled some more. I give him a long stare and roll my eyes. “I am not drunk. I don’t get drunk. I’m just-”


“I only had like seven drinks, not even enough to get me drunk.”

“Okay, well you never tell me that I have a, and I quote ‘sexy butt’.”

“Oh I do-I so tell you that you have a sexy butt…even when I’m not drunk!”


“Its true though.” Sam stretched and sighed. “I like that wagon you’re dragging,” He giggled. “Okay so I might be a little-a little bit drunk. Just a tiny bit!” The Drake brother then walked over and grabbed hold of the sheets. “Here, scoot over. Because I am going to spoon the ever loving fuck out of you…How are you?” He giggled as he joined me in the bed.

“I’m alright I suppose?”

“Yeah I wouldn’t be too great if I was woken up by a drunk asshole either.”

“So you’re implying yourself?”

“Uh, I’m not talking about me. I’m just saying in general. ‘Cause I’m not drunk. In general I’d be annoyed it someone drunk woke me up.”

Sam laughed and smiled in that cute little way that he always does. “Hi…” He said which was then followed up with several kisses on my cheek.

“Samuel Drake you should stop. Honey you are drunk!”

“Ugh-but I’m not trying anything!” He whined. “I’m just kissing you because you’re cute.”


“And I like your tired voice…Its adorable, even if you’re the tinniest bit annoyed with me.” He laughed. “Hey, I am sorry I woke you up, I was trying to be quiet.” Sam sounding more serious.

“You knocked the table over that sits in the corner of the room.”

“It came out of nowhere. I don’t know where the end table came from, but it just kinda flew out at me.”

“Sam it can’t just move.”

“Tables move. I’m telling you. I think the house is haunted. Because there’s no way I bumped into a-a stationary object, tripped, and woke you up…Because I’m totally sober.”

“No you’re not.”

“I am! Look!” Sam said while climbing out of the covers and standing on top of the bed. “I can do-I can do-I can stand on one foot on the bed. Watch! Watch!” His plan was short lived as the Drake brother came tumbling down towards me. “So…maybe in the slightest way, I may be impaired.” He chuckled.

“Did you drive all the way home?” I asked, changing the subject.

“No, I got a taxi.”

“If you say you’re not that drunk, why didn’t you just drive?”

“Maybe I didn’t feel like driving. I just felt like taking a taxi. Oh and Nathan made it home safely. Haha, you think I’m drunk? You should’ve seen my little brother!”


“Oh you’re so warm.” He said while inching closer to me. How are you so fucking cute? Oh my god! I wanna like squeeze your cheeks until they fall off.“ He laughed. “You’re so cute! Come here!” He kissed me a few times on the lips.

“I swear you always get like this when you’re drunk Sam!”

“Come on.” He moaned. “Mmm…fine. I am sorry for waking you up, that was not my intention, but-ay-ay-but…No! I’m not talking about your butt, I’m saying the word ‘but’ B-U-T. But now that you’re awake, would you maybe wanna go sledding?” He laughed aloud.

“Sledding with no snow?”

“You can so go sledding when there’s no snow…it just hurts a lot more.”

“There’s no way you can go sledding sweetie.”

“Aw I want to go sledding!” Sam bickered like a little kid.

“It’s in the middle of the night.”

“So what if its night?”

“You can’t go sledding. It’s not the season yet for that.”

“I don’t care!”

“I’d rather cuddle than do that anyway.”

“Oh fine lets cuddle, cuddling sounds good…Just help me-get this off…because my shirt for some reason doesn’t-want to come off of me.” He struggled as I took hold of his brown t-shirt and yanked it off his body. “Almost got it. There we go!”

“I’m sorry I can’t get over how cute you are!” Sam spoke.

“Stop it.”

“I will not stop, you’re adorable and I like kinda wanna draw whiskers on you.”

“Really? What if I felt like doing it back to you?” I teased.

“You better no draw whiskers on my face when I pass out because then I won’t make you breakfast tomorrow.”

“Wait, breakfast?”

“Oh yeah I definitely plan on making you breakfast because I woke you up while you were sleeping and now I have to make it up to you…What do you want?”

“Um-I don’t know.”

“It could-whatever your choice. If I have to I’ll go like to Africa and kill an Ostrich or something,” He laughed. “Alright Ostriches are scary. Maybe something less scary like a Capybara.”

“What in the world is that?”

“A Capybara is like the biggest member of the rodent family. I saw one in person with Nate on our adventure to Madagascar.”

“What does it look like?”

“It is like this giant beaver looking motherfucker. They’re cute, but not as cute as you!” He hugged me tight and kissed me.

“Okay-okay I’m a little drunk…”

“Now you confess mister?”

“Okay so I’m totally drunk and like seriously you are so fucking cute right now.” He began to ramble. “How the hell did I get so lucky? You beautiful flower child you.”

“Flower child Sam?”

“I don’t know what I’m saying. I heard someone say that and I just had to throw it in there. I think it means you’re innocent or something. I don’t know. I have no fucking idea…Well you are innocent at least compared to me. My mind is in the gutter. At least right now.”

“You’re not wrong with that.”

“Alright well tomorrow I’ll show you what my gutter mind is all about,” He chuckled. “I know I’m being weird, but hey that’s what you signed up for when you met me.” Sam teased.


“Come here!” He begged me.


“Because I want to give you a kiss. Your lips are just so soft and I love it, and your neck, and your ear.” Sam moaned. “Tomorrow morning we’ll have some fun, but now its time for sleep. I’ll let you go back to sleep. Only under one condition.”

“What?” I question.

“You have to lay your head on my chest and let me cuddle you to pieces darling.”

“Alright. Deal.” I said as I inched closer to Sam’s body.

“You’re so warm. I love you. And I’m not just saying that because I’m drunk. I’m saying that because in all seriousness, I fucking love you so much. Its almost sad how much I love you.”

“I love you too! Even though you are tipsy at the moment.” I laugh.

“I’ll see you in the morning darling. Thanks for being you.” He whispered as he cuddled me throughout the night.

~The End~

Adults React To Videos Of Selena Quintanilla And It's Pretty Heartbreaking
"I am seriously going to get emotional right now."

When nine adults were asked to react to old videos of Selena Quintanilla, there was no doubt about who the queen of Tejano music was.

As part of FBE’s YouTube video series of adults reacting to pop stars, a group of men and women sat down to watch music videos of Selena and discuss the star. After immediately recognizing the slain singer, most struggled to hold back tears as they watched her perform.  

“I’m fighting back tears a little bit,” one participant named Scott said in FBE’s video.

Jonathan, who began to tear up halfway through the video, said he loved Selena even though he didn’t understand all of the lyrics.    

“I’m emotional, I told you,” he said. “I just seriously think of her and I’m just like, ‘What could’ve been?’”

Selena was murdered in 1995 at the age of 23, and she was about to release her first English-language album when she was killed. But the Mexican-American had already become a beloved figure among Latinos in the United States, especially in her native Texas.

“If you don’t know Selena, do yourself a favor … like this is American music history, this happened here. You need to go and listen to [her music],” said Sergio, another participant in the video.

Watch the nine adults react to Selena and discuss her sense of style, her timeless music, how she pioneered many Latino artists’ crossovers and so much more in the video above.

These folks would definitely do “anything for Selenas!”


A training session with Duo from this morning! He has become very enthusiastic about this behavior, and will now both push the ball with more force and push it more than once before being reinforced. Bug Bites pellets, in case anyone was wondering, are apparently a very high value reinforcer! (At least, they are for Duo). My timing with the reinforcement was a little off because the pellets kept sticking to my fingers, but Duo did really well even with my human error.

The end goal here is to have him fetch the ball, and push it directly back to me when I push it away. We’re getting there! We took about a two month break from this behavior to work on other things, but resumed it about a week ago and it was like we never stopped in the first place.

Duo is much more enthusiastic with training in general now, and almost never disengages anymore. It’s always his choice if he wants to participate, and he often used to leave and swim laps around his tank flaring instead of performing the behavior I was asking for. But it was never a problem with him, just me having to pick up on and adjust to what he needed, and things are much easier for both of us now that I can read his body language better and have fixed what I was doing wrong.

Sorry about all the extra noise and the odd angle! But this video demonstrated the behavior better than any others I have. I need a tripod or something to sit my phone on, I guess. XD

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Sorry if this may seem a little late but I saw your "I am a man" video (and it was adorable, I love it so much ^_^) and I just recently saw Spider-Man Homecoming (and it really was great, why did I not see it sooner??). For some reason though whenever I see the character Michelle or Ned, I get reminded of Michael from BMC, with Peter ofc as Jeremy. Anyways, just wanted to say I love your works and I hope to see more soon ^_^

Okay but have you considered that

This man

plus this man

equals this man????

No wonder you thought of Jer while watching homecoming

Angry Game Play

*Okay, but this gif though, I want this.

Bucky Barnes x Shy Reader

Summary: Reader is obnoxiously loud playing video games and Bucky decides to check it out. 

Word Count: 1,552

Warnings: language (sorry, just expect it in every fic I do), yelling, video games, and a lot of fluff. 

A/N: Alright, I don’t know if I really like this all that much. I suck with titles, I’m shaking my head at this one. Let me know what you guys think, please! I’d seriously love some feedback. P.S this gif though? I was like, hmm I wonder what I could use. Lol perfect. Anyways, enjoy!

Being a nerdy, shy girl wasn’t anything new for you or the team. You’ve always been obsessed with tech and video games ever since you were little. It was a part of you that couldn’t be taken away.

It comforted you and in a way, truly expressed who you are. Your shy nature definitely affects the way you act around people, especially those who were obviously more outgoing than you. It’s not that you hated being shy, you just wish you could speak without becoming a stammering mess. It was honestly difficult and exhausting trying to talk to people. 

That’s why you resorted to tech. This, in return, gave you the opportunity to work at Stark Tower, with the Tony Stark. 

Keep reading

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I'm kinda disappointed that it was all just a joke though :/ like it was cool and fun don't get me wrong I loved it! But... just feels stupid and pointless.

I actually kind of like it. There’s just enough “serious” content to give me a mind explosion, but they’re not taking this too seriously. If they did, it would almost take the fun out of it. Mark is still Mark and Jack is still Jack. They’re poking fun at themselves and at the fans because it’s what they do. And I love them for it. To be honest, if that had been a five minute video of Anti and Dark actually battling it out, I don’t know… it would just feel like a fan service. It doesn’t seem like something our boys would really want to do. They just like to have fun and make the fanbase have a stroke, which we all STILL ARE DOING RIGHT NOW, but it’s still fun.

I like that.

Summary of Floral and Fading by Pierce The Veil

I’m having a shitty day so what better way to make it better than by taking it out on my favourite band’s new music video by roasting the shit out of it

Also I can’t believe I even need to clarify this but (and I’m only gonna say this once) THIS WHOLE THING IS A JOKE!! I have nothing against ANYTHING, not the song, not the girlfriend (technically), and especially not the band so y’all need to chill

Anyways, onwards, Aoshima! 

  • That car isn’t even parked properly in a parking space, it’s literally just outside the bowling alley for no reason at all
  • Also, why would you bring your date outside a bowling alley? Couldn’t you have picked a more romantic scenery than a bowling alley?
  • If this were a cinemasins video, I would add ten sins just for that cheesy arm-around-date move
  • Why would you wear a dress/skirt to a bowling alley? And don’t give me any “oh it’s the 70s bullshit” I did research and pants for women were a thing back then so there
  • Also how and why would you wear heals when playing bowling??
  • Tag yourself, I’m that one guy isolated from everyone else playing what looks to be pinball
  • That old man looks and acts so done to be surrounded by teenagers so why of all places did he choose to work at a bowling alley? I mean I did the research, and assuming this is taking place in San Diego, the economy didn’t look half bad, so why did this man have to go work at a place he hates?
  • That’s okay, I never remember who they are either
  • Real question though, do bands actually used to play live music in bowling alleys? 
  • Just gonna quickly address the elephant in the room: their outfits. Okay, carry on.
  • Wow gotta love that totally realistic sounding “live” music, I mean I understand that music videos are basically just mostly mute videos with the original soundtrack slapped onto it but come on, seriously?
  • Is it just me or does this just look fake af
  • You’ve seen simultaneous headbanging, get ready for simultaneous bowling
  • Tony’s the only normal looking one tbh
  • Accurate representation of a Pierce The Veil concert ngl 
  • Did Vic just thrust? Did he just fucking thrust?? Are you actually for real right now? I don’t even know what to say to this
  • Was that a sexual innuendo with that pinball machine or am I just tired
  • Oh so it was actually a pinball machine 
  • That “huh” though
  • I like how they just realised “oh shit there’s a half decent band playing right now we should go look”
  • Was that a wink
  • Okay but what even was the point of the couple sitting in the car?
  • They look so sarcastically happy like honestly same
  • I just realised, Vic actually kinda looks his age in this video holy fuck
  • Also, can I just point out that ptv’s clothes look so old compared to the other teenagers’ clothes I mean granted, they are older than them but still, why do they look like they’ve just been ripped straight out of some cheesy black and white comedy film but with colours for added effect?
  • This isn’t the type of thing I would slow dance to but then again I don’t slow dance so fair enough I guess
  • Them camera angles and cutscenes though
  • I have no words
  • Oh so that was the woman Jaime was referring to in the livestream
  • His face when he realises who threw the bra I’m crafting
  • They censored “stupid motherfucker” I don’t know whether to be happy or outraged about this
  • Finally things are starting to get interesting, I was so bored that I went and made a coffee because I almost fell asleep seeing as nothing interesting was fucking happening, other than Vic thrusting and Jaime’s encounter with his number one fan
  • I like how ptv don’t even care, like I get that mosh pits are normal at concerts and shit but this ain’t a concert, it’s a goddamn bowling alley
  • I’ve never been to a concert before but I thought mosh pits were a little more cooler than this, like my friend punched a couple of guys when he went to a concert but all I see here are people pushing each other around
  • Also idk ‘bout you but this isn’t really the right song to mosh about but you do you
  • Aw for a second there I thought Vic was gonna rip his shirt open and usually I would be happy about this happening but then I remembered the wig
  • Reminds me of “TONY GET OFF THE ROOF” or whatever he said
  • After a solid 2-3 minutes the couple in the car finally do something other than batting their eyelashes at each other and giggling for no fucking reason like you are literally outside a fucking bowling alley, most likely not even in a parking spot and you’re just sitting there looking at each other go re-evaluate your life decisions please
  • Okay but the audience was clearly moshing before, what if they don’t see Tony jump off the stage and not catch him in time? He would just injure everyone as well as himself and then they’d have to make another announcement stating why Tony isn’t gonna be on the Rest In Space tour
  • Fangirls
  • People like these two girls annoy me because like leave the damn band member alone, he’s trying to play his damn instrument you can molest him after the show
  • Did they just fucking rip his sleeves off?
  • Also I just realised this is probably the first time I’ve seen Mike drumming while wearing a shirt, let alone a long sleeved shirt
  • That blue punch looks a little dodgy
  • What even is going on anymore 
  • I guess you can say she just got punched in the face *ba dum tst*
  • I like how the bowling alley just conveniently has the main power thing just behind the fucking shoe counter place I mean fair enough
  • He’s so done 
  • I get why they’re aww-ing but were they actually that invested in hearing the music before though??
  • What was the point of the lighters I mean it’s aesthetically pleasing but why
  • Why did they ring the fire alarm or whatever and why did it red lights go off
  • After the main power source came back, the place should be well-lit again but it isn’t
  • Why is it flashing?
  • “I need a moment like what had those instruments even done to them” - @2thingsfunny
  • Did Jaime just throw a balloon at those drums?

    Edit: never mind it’s a bowling ball but still

  • Red lights magically disappear 
  • I’m willing to bet my own copy of Misadventures that the old guy quit immediately after this music video
  • Credits


  • “I was slightly disappointed there was no prominent visual of the light beam coming through Tony’s dick like advertised though” - @2thingsfunny

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Can you fancast blogs as tog/acotar characters?

Oh, my dear nonnie. You have turned my morning upside down. I had plans, nonnie! Plans! But then I got your ask and then I spent several hours looking for people. I’m not even kidding. This stuff took me the whole morning. 

In all seriousness though, thank you for the lovely ask. I was actually thinking about just saying no because I’m still new to the Tumblr fandom and I’m so not-popular and not well known. But then my brain - for some apparent reason - told me to do it and so I did. 

So I did all of these based on the selfies and videos that the people have shared and I did want to do more but it’s not possible today. I would do personality but I’m a shy human and I don’t know many people.

Also, can I just say that all of you are just so hella attractive? Like, I’m glad that I got this ask because I got to see all of your beautiful faces. My pan self cannot even handle it all.

Okay so, 

@wylanzeniks - I can see her as Nesryn for sure. Also, she’s so frickin adorable. I can definitely see her with fighting leathers and a bow and arrow and being called Neith’s Arrow. 

@queen-archeron - I can see her as Mor or Elain or a combination of both. It’s totally up to her which one she picks but I can see her as either. Also, she’s so fantastically beautiful! 

@paperbacktrash - We all know she’s just the fandom Nesta and I agree with it so much. She has such lovely eyes and she’s just so wonderful!

@catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks - We all also know that she’s the fandom Manon and I agree completely. That hair is just so cool and fantastic! And the eyes! She’s so stunning! 

@fck-tamlin - Okay, first of all, I love her hair and face (those eyes and nose!) and everything. Second, I was really stuck as well. At first glance I was like, Feyre or Elain for sure. And then I was like, but I’m also getting Mor vibes. So in the end…*shrugs* Her choice. 

@runesandfaes - So I was also really stuck because I wasn’t sure who I saw her as. Then I was like, oh, Elide. I can totally see her kicking Lorcan’s ass whenever necessary. And, she’s absolutely gorgeous! 

@highlady-casandra - I definitely can’t pick and choose what parts of her to admire. First impression wise, I was like Mor. But then, I got a total Elain vibe. Her choice again. 

@abookandacoffee - Can I please bow down to the High Lady of Wine now? I’ll even get her a platter of cheese. She’s so beautiful, honestly. Anyway, I think she’s Lysandra. Not the form we see in the books but if Lysandra had remembered what she looked like, Leslie would look like her.

@squaddreamcourt - She’s just Mor but the modern AU version of it. So if we were getting a movie/tv show/or whatever and it was set in our times, I can totally imagine Mor having short hair and piercings and taking selfies with mannequins. Also, I love their hair and piercings so much! And pretty much everything else as well. 

@feysandsmut - She’s just killing the fashion game with all of that beauty. And I love her makeup so much! First glance, I was like, ooooh, Aelin. And then, Manon. A few seconds later, Asterin. So, I would not mind her seeing as any one of them. It’s her choice. 

@rowan-buzzard-whitethorn - Okay, so that hair is killing me and I love it immensely. Also, the freckles are so adorable and she’s so gorgeous! First thought when I saw her was, hey, it’s Ansel. I can totally imagine her chilling with Aelin and leading an army at the same time. 

@foxboy-lucien - She’s beautiful. There’s no other words for it. I got so many Archeron vibes and in the end I just went, it’s her choice to be whichever sister she wants! 

@aedicn - Literal beauty in those selfies. I totally cast her as Hasar. I can imagine her being best friends with Yrene and leading an army while being her sassy self. 

That’s all the people I have! I hope you (the nonnie) and all the people I’ve mentioned like what I’ve said! This was actually really fun to do even if I did lose a morning doing it. A morning well spent, honestly. And if you weren’t mentioned, let me just tell you that you’re fricking gorgeous and no one can convince me otherwise. 

Boyfriend: Rocky

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- Shy when you first get together
- Like seriously you guys start blushing when you hold hands
- Video Chatting almost everyday
- Pecks on the cheek
- Texting a lot
- He’s always smiling when you are either around or when he’s texting you
- Rocky feeling lonely whenever he can’t text or call you
- Nicknames: Angel and Babe
- Gets all cutesy when people mention your name
- You and Moonbin are close
- Not as close as they are though
- Teaching you their dances
- or making up dances of your own
- “Babe, who do you love more? Me or Moonbin?”
- “hmmm I can’t decide”
- “Babe!”
- “I’m kidding, I love you more just don’t tell him”
- You guys are just a cute couple



Hello! This is my first post! I am a new Astro blog and I’ll be making these for every member! Requests are open!!

Cheetos and Belting

(A/N- So this is for the anon that asked for more boyf riends fics a few days ago. Sorry it took so long I didn’t have a lot of inspiration and had homework to do. This road trip idea came from @happyendingbichyouthought (the amazing). The incident in here may or may not have happened to me and I almost died because my mom refused to ask for help opening a bag….. WELL anyway here it is!) 

“Pass me the cheetos,” Michael spoke as his stomach grumbled for the second time in the past 10 minutes.

“Dude no way you are driving!” Jeremy said moving the cheeto bag even further away.

Michael groaned in protest, “Dude I am starving and you already ate all the funyuns, you turd,” he smiled. The road trip was supposed to be an easy one but focusing on driving was becoming difficult when Jeremy kept having to take a pee break. So instead Michael was completely unfocused and thinking about how much he just really wants to get stoned right now.

“Ughhhh fine, but don’t eat them all because the I don’t even know where the next nearest gas station is,” Jeremy begrudgingly gave the unopened bag to Michael.

Michael didn’t think much of it until he realized it was a bad idea to take both hands off the steering wheel when it was this damn curvy. So he improvised and held the bag in one hand and put one side between his teeth. He pulled the bag with his teeth but to no avail it did not open. He snuck a look towards Jeremy to ask for help but the other was deeply immersed in his phone. So Michael pulled the bag with his teeth again but lost control of the wheel.

“OH MY GOD MICHAEL!” Jeremy screeched clutching his phone to his chest and bringing his legs towards himself. The bag ripped open and cheetos flung around the car as Michael desperately tried to gain control of the car.

The car straightened and Michael took a deep breath, “Uhh sorry Jer, I just really wanted some cheetos.”

“Dude next time just fucking ask bro and I will open it!” Jeremy said panic still evident in his voice. He pulled a cheeto out of his hair and took a bite of the cheeto.

Michael chuckled, “Sorry. Noted for next time,” Michael shoved his mouth full of cheetos and smiled towards Jeremy, “you wuv me.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes, “I can’t love you if I’m dead stupid.”

Michael gasped fake hurt, “Jeremy Heere you hurt me deeply.”

“That’s what she said,” Jeremy said through laughs, “OR rather you after we….”

Jeremy was cut short by Michael jerking the car, “Shut up before I kick you out of my car and make you hitchhike,” Michael said through gritted teeth but he was still a small smile there.

Michael took another handful of cheetos and shoved them down his throat. He turned up the music that was softly playing through his speakers.

Jeremy smiled and tapped the beat out on the dashboard and quietly hummed along.

Michael put the cheetos down and began to sing loudly (mostly because Jeremy wouldn’t sing otherwise). “Baby we should have left our love in the gytter where we found it. Cause your only crime is that you got  caught I’m singing….”

“WHOA HOW THE MIGHTY FALL THE MIGHTY FALL, THE MIGHTY FALL, THEY FALL IN LOVE,” Jeremy belted, his voice could probably could be heard from the cars passing by. Michael didn’t care though because Jeremy’s voice sent goosebumps down his arms, he could listen to him sing any day.

Jeremy blushed when he realized how loud he was, “Sorry I did that thing again,” he mumbled.

Michael grinned widely, “You know I love your voice. Stop hating it, you could seriously be youtube famous if you would just let me post a video of you,” Michael looked over at Jeremy.

“Just focus on driving you dork,” Jeremy said throwing his face in his hands.

Michael pulled another cheeto out of Jeremy’s hair, “Fine but one day everyone will know how wonderful you are to me.”

so um hi y’all. ikram here!! i’ve never made a post like this bc i never felt the need to but i’m feeling very emotional right now and everyone on my dash is feeling emotional right now. also my cat is very emosh right now. and this all resulted in me writing a long ass speech with little notes for everyone who has ever made me smile on here. i just wanted to make this post to let you all now that im very grateful for you. some of you i have never talked to because i’m shy and you intimidate me bUT i need you to know ur the bomb.com

💐 💐  these are for you, thank you for being such a beautiful soul. 

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Seriously though, thank God it’s Makoto who does the driving.