i just really reaLLY LOOOoOoOVE THIS OK

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om f g KAISOO WHISPERING o.o are they even trying to hide ? hello! Can u please tell me why u ship kaisoo so much?? I love your blog by the way!

hey babe. so sorry for answering late OTL and i bet they’re done hiding

i already answered this question in this post but since kaisoo’s going strong af lately and i’m in the mood, i’ll give you an in depth reason why i ship them so damn hard. this will be quite long so i’ll be placing some under the cut. 


now obviously, this is the first aspect that’ll catch everyone’s attention in terms of shipping and i’m not an exception. you see two people, they look good together then you start to get curious about their interactions etc etc. kaisoo got this aspect downpat. my personal favorite, is of course, the HEIGHT DIFFERENCE (YO THIS MAKES PEOPLE INSTANTLY SHIPPABLE). I mean, I’m not saying it’s a staple in every ship, but for me, it just makes it easier and idk, cuter????

like ??????

how to resist ???

the cuteness ??????????

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