i just really love them okay

commission done by questionartbox

I really love the thought of them being a bunch of night owls who stay up to drink, shoot the shit, and star-gaze. 

Hanzo knows all of the constellations and random nerdy astrology trivia,

Jesse knows all the legends tied to the different constellations. …And when he doesn’t, well, he doesn’t let on and makes it up as he goes. 

Hanzo has a penchant for wearing short sleeves even though Jesse always warns him how cold the desert gets at night. It’s okay, just an excuse to huddle for warmth. 

Anyway, @questionartbox did such an incredible job bringing this to life AND LOOK HOW HAPPY AND CUTE THEY ARE. 

credit: @questionartbox

Writing Prompts

1. “Not only is my room lit, but so am I.”

2. “Have you ever wanted a do-over before?”

3. “This hat has given me powers no mortal has.”

4. “Can you stop being dramatic and call them?”

5. “Well, that didn’t work.”

6. “My tea? Snatched. Wig? Snatched. Hell, my whole wardrobe? Snatched.”

7. “Am I human or am I just a crow? Who really knows in this economy.”

8. “I haven’t loved anyone or anything as much as I love this dog.”

9. “I would fist fight a tornado for you.”

10. “What does that even mean?”

11. “Wait? You’re an immortal? So am I!”


13. “Do you think dinosaurs would like electronic music?”

14. “Okay, I’ll create a scene, ‘you are shopping for sunglasses, you put a new pair on and look in the mirror, you don’t see your reflection, you see a horse, a horse stares back at you, you look down, you are a horse. Turns out you were a horse the whole time and you wondered into the sunglasses store.”

15. “You can’t just be normal for one day, can you?”

taeken-my-heart replied to your post: Okay, so I’m just talking to this guy from korea…

It’s true :( kpop makes people think men in Korea are all lovely like that…and SOME are. There’s is a reputation for a reason, though, and a lot of Korean men do cheat. What’s even worse is they don’t consider it cheating! You have to be very, very careful with Korean men because they usually just want to sleep with a foreign woman for the experience and then they drop them. It’s a really unfortunate reality. I have a really hard time trusting Korean guys because of this.

Yuuup! The unfortunate reality of dating in Korea. :’)

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So, now there are rumors that SNK is in its final arc or is approaching the final arc ... will there really be an Eren X Mikasa cannon for the end? Although there is evidence that Eremika can be a cannon, sometimes I doubt what they become, and I'm scary! but I also do not lose hope of seeing my favorite guys together ❤

oh? where are these rumours anonie?? i’m here to have a look at them and if it did end i would not be ready at all! of course i would love them to be canon because i have so much faith in them and with everything they’ve both gone through and i know the series doesn’t touch base with romance at all but it would be nice to at least see some acknowledgment between the both of them with how they feel.

it can’t be ignored how much mikasa and eren care for one another and in the end if eren does go on and you know, pass. i would like the both of them to have a neutral understanding of how they feel for one another. with chapter 108 in the time skip, i feel as though something happened between eren and mikasa during that time but we still don’t know the full story (isayama you can’t throw me them blushing and looking at one another without me questioning it), like how we don’t know eren’s full motives. so i all in all i do see them becoming canon in someway or another even if they are distant as of right now but i have faith in them, even if eren is somewhere mikasa can’t follow, he’ll come back and they’ll find each other again like they always do! i’m so glad you haven’t lost hope in them anon, we’ll stay strong and have lots of faith in them, i believe! 


Before and after a year of being outside (it’s the one on the left in the top picture obviously)… this thing has to weight about 15 pounds now lmao, it’s so heavy. And yes it started out as one and now there’s about four of them there. 

It had a rough year though. It was so heavy on one side that it fell off the table it was on and the pot it was in smashed. Luckily it only lost a few leaves and was otherwise fine. Then it got really cold out and we had some frost, but it still seems okay… I kind of want to get a HUGE pot for it so it can sort of sit on top of the soil and just see how big it can get on its own. 

Anyway I love succulents, you really can’t kill them. This thing literally only got watered during the summer when it rained, and any time it broke my dad just put the piece back on top of the pot and it would grow new roots and be fine.

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Lol you really had to mention you dislike Leo suns right? Like it was hard to just ignore that part

but I didn’t say that? you’re overinterpreting and with all due respect, that’s not my fault. the person stated things they thought were true about me and I corrected them. Me saying I think Leo suns are fine/alright (that’s the word I used) =/= me saying I dislike them

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Hey there! I've really been loving all these headcanon story ideas you've been doing and I just wanted to ask if itd be okay if I attempted to write the full fledged story of some of them ? I'd of course give you credit for the original ideas, if I were to finish any of them !!

Ohhh that stories were you thinking of writing? I’m so curious! Bounce ideas off of me! And yeah I dont mind cause I dont plan to write any of these but I kinda wanna be a part of it if you don’t mind! =) 

hanahaki aesthetic board

“Hanahaki Disease is an illness borne of one-sided love, causing flowers form and grow in the lungs of the unrequited, the petals coughed up with increasing frequency. If the love is not returned, the flowers filling the patient’s chest will eventually prove fatal.”

I had the sudden urge to draw them in Elie Saab dresses (x) (x) and I JUST—-

why do they look so good they’re illegal


last episode in the anime made me think about todoroki’s past,,, this is the corniest thing ive  drawn in a while

ok so i’m still thinking about venom but HEAR ME OUT: eddie brock is so emotionally open in a way that i am so unused to seeing superhero/villains being, especially the dudes. his feelings! are right there! he says them! he admits when he’s sad! when he’s scared! when he’s lonely! and it makes this campy, violent little film into something that’s all about heart? his heart? his heart poisoning a poor alien with feelings? a poor alien that just came down for a snack? 

In Defense of Ladybug’s Treatment of Chat

I see a lot of people talking about how Ladybug is ‘mean’ to Chat Noir or doesn’t appreciate him… But that’s not true. The idea that Ladybug is impatient with, annoyed by, or dismissive of the feelings of Chat Noir is absolutely false. In this essay I will…

(no seriously I wrote a fucking essay under readmore)

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drawing commission for Brittany

Okay, forgive me for this little ramble.

Okay, so, I didn’t like Logan at first. I thought he was gonna be an emotionless robot.

But over time I realized he has emotions like all the other sides.

So, let’s start off with “FALSEHOOD!!!”.

In the debate with Virgil, when he said that, he was CLEARLY getting frustrated. So, that alone is enough to prove he is not just an emotionless thing, but let’s continue.

Now, with the “Falsehood.” Thomas said to Patton.

I am convinced that was Logan speaking, because keep in mind, Logan did say he never actually left.

That was his way of letting Patton know he knew Patton was lying.

He was caring for Patton in his own way. When he said “Falsehood.”, He was basically saying “Stop lying.”.

Now, on to Logan’s love for Crofters and Poetry.

The man literally just had a jar of Crofters with him, randomly. He just had it with him. Not to mention the famous quote from him, “Crofters; the only jelly I put in my belly.” Would an emotionless guy do that?

Now, with his love for poetry.

Even in his rap battle with Roman, his love for poetry really shines through. Like, take a look.

The whole VIBE about him changes! He looks like he’s genuinely enjoying himself. Look at him!

Now, with the Sherlock Holmes thing.

He claimed it was all professional, but AS SOON as Patton steps in, he says “No, you can’t play with us!”

He was having fun as Sherlock Holmes! What an amazing nerd, huh?

Now, with the darn unicorn onesie.

He was literally just chilling, reading a book, in a unicorn onesie! Look at this.

Not to mention he still has the tie on, which is super funny.

Okay, now, the whole “Infinitesimal” thing.

He obviously gets so annoyed with all the times Patton pokes fun of it. And annoyance, you guessed it, is for me at least, a pretty strong emotion!

Long story short: Logan is a dork just like the others and deserves alot of love.

I will forever be crying over Antarcticite TT-TT 

My good, beautiful child… 

i can’t believe this ryan goes to square up and lindsay just


Whenever Draco has a bad day, Harry buys him flowers. 

The first time it happens, Draco comes home from work with a scowl on his face. He just got some really bad news and knows the next few weeks will be hell for him. When Harry asks about his day, he doesn’t say anything. He knows, if he opens his mouth now, he will only snap at Harry and he really isn’t in the mood to fight. Not after the day he had. So he sits there, throughout their dinner, saying nothing.

When he gets up to take a shower, he catches Harry gazing at him sadly. Draco knows Harry is only worried about him, but this gets him even more irritated. Because now, on top of his bad mood, he feels guilty for making Harry feel this way.

Taking a shower normally relaxes him, but when he walks into his and Harry’s bedroom, his muscles are still tense and the scowl still won’t leave his face. The crease between his brows deepens even more when he sees something odd on his bedside table. That bouquet of peonies wasn’t there before. When he hears Harry enter the bedroom, Draco doesn’t turn around.

“Do I look like a girl, Potter?” he grumbles through gritted teeth. Why would Harry get him flowers? Harry doesn’t reply. Instead, Draco feels his arms wrap around his waist from behind. When Harry starts nuzzling his hair, Draco sighs and puts one of his hands on Harry’s.

Harry is only trying to cheer him up. And although Draco would never admit it out loud, getting flowers from his boyfriend is… kind of nice.

From this day on, whenever Draco comes home grumpy or moody, Harry will excuse himself quickly and return with a bouquet of sunflowers, or daisies, or hydrangeas… sometimes Draco doesn’t even know the name of the flowers Harry gets him. The only thing he knows is, it warms his heart when Harry is standing in front of him, smiling almost shyly, with a big bouquet in his arms.

So now, Draco isn’t that irritated anymore, when he had a bad day at work. He’s still moody and grumpy, he can’t control that, but he also knows that Harry will buy him flowers. And while they’re beautiful and Draco always admires and appreciates them for as long as they’re on his bedside table, it’s about so much more than just the flowers.

It reminds Draco of how thoughtful Harry is. It’s a sweet little gesture that reassures Draco.

Harry will always be there to cheer him up.

To make him feel loved.

Part 2

okay no offense but gansey was literally the first person to ever show adam uncomplicated, unabridged, true affection. gansey was the first person to recognize just how much adam longed for love, the first person to recognize that adam was too proud to ever ask for it. gansey was the first person to not only recognize the potential and abilities of adam, but tried to make adam recognize it himself as well. gansey was the first person to care that adam was unsafe, to care that adam was unhappy, to care about adam. from the moment they met, it felt real to both of them in a completely new way. gansey was adam’ best friend from nearly the moment they met, and has not ever stopped being it since. their relationship is one of simplicity, respect, honesty, obvious mutual admiration, and it is so evident that, on whatever level u chose to recognize it, they love each other !!!!!! that’s love, bicth !!!!! that’s it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!