i just really like this scene

My favourite thing about Black Panther is

Both the protagonist and the antagonist cry onscreen. Most moviemakers have this idea that the “male” shouldn’t cry; and the antagonist crying is completely out of question

But in this movie, that scene where Erik sees his father again after so long and they both have tears in their eyes or the one where T'challa finds out what his father did and he has so much pain in his eyes. His pain isn’t dismissed.

Like T'challa’s character itself is so warm and soft. Like yes he is the Black Panther but I am pretty sure T'challa’s patronus would be tiny cute kitten

Anyways I just really like that they showed that. Like let men cry and feel pain. Let them know its okay to feel. You don’t have to be Macho™ all the time

Like that scene in Thor 2 after their mom dies and when the guard tells Loki he just nods but in the next scene we see how completely distraught he is by her death.

Let men show emotion


I got a creative writing scholarship?? Someone thought my self-indulgent chapter of angst was so good they gave me $3,500?? Holy shit y’all

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How do you get the story of your comic down? Do you write it out in wording, do you draw rough panels, or do you just have it fleshed out in your head? Just curious as I really want to make a comic, and I have some ideas, but am trying to get a picture of how much I should have down before I start. Thank you so much! :D

However you organize your story is really up to personal preference.
I don’t like writing that much so I only write down the most basic plot (and sometimes specific scenes or dialogue so I don’t forget) Most of the story is in my head, and I work out the moment to moment details as I thumbnail. I always find fun character moments to add as I’m drawing, things I would never think of while writing, like a character’s expression or pose. 
Here’s my writing folder (non spoiler files) for those who are curious. I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. 

I would definitely suggest thumbnailing before you start drawing pages though. A crucial step to getting the pacing right. I thumbnail whole chapters at a time and sometimes re-thumbnail scenes a few times to get them right.

The only non spoilery thumbnails I can share ( assuming you can even tell what’s happening in the first place)



Finally wanted to show off some here on Tumblr since were NEARING COMPLETION WHOO!!! It looks like the quality took kind of a hit when I put it here on Tumblr, the background doesn’t look like a blob I assure you.

Though I did the sketches and linework on this one, Player5 did the coloring (and on other scenes as well) so credit where credit due~

( btw, if you like this, I would really appreciate it if you checked out my Patreon as well! you can see most of the WIP on the project over there for at least $1 a month and just $3 a month gets you everything. I’m currently unemployed while getting this done and am trying to squeak by here. Thank you~! )

This clip was EVERYTHING I have wanted.

It was sooo different from the original and I personally preferred this version. The girls buying the alcohol was soo fun to watch and refreshing, Daffy’s excitement made me happy. It was like watching a child, her “pourquoi, pourquoi?” lol always gets me. The fighting scene thooooo, it was sooo realistic I swear that’s how girls at parties fought at least the parties I have been to. Imane was just a badass not that we needed any confirmation. I really liked how Alexia was soo quick to defend Imane (the friendship we were all robbed of…still bitter about it) and did you ALL see Manon’s death gaze at ingrid in the end?? hoho if only looks could kill. Alexandre was a sweetheart as always, I feel like everyone and their mothers know how I adore him so I’m not going to talk about him. But Charles thoo! he looked really good and cool, he had more than one emotions lol that’s more than William had in an entire season so I’m really looking forward to seeing his character. HONESTLY, this clip was soooo good and now I’m really excited to where they’re going to take this storyline.

I wonder if Shepard ever gets harnessed over her relationship with Garrus? Like, I figure that turian and human relations can’t be that uncommon, but being the celebrities that the two of them are (especially after the war) I wonder if there ever is a time where Shepard gets hate for dating or being married to a turian. I wonder if there are times where Shepard and Garrus are out together, minding their own business when suddenly they start getting hateful comments thrown at them. Like someone calling Shepard a “turian whore”, a slut and a whole bunch of other vulgar things just to make a scene.

Naturally, Shepard can defend herself but I like to think that it bothers Garrus the most of all. He would get so infuriated of someone speaking to Shepard in such a way, especially after everything she’s accomplished. Shepard would probably tell him that it doesn’t matter what they say about them together, but it really gets under Garrus’ skin and what to do something about it.

I just like to think that Shepard just puts up with the harassment as best she can, even though it bothers her just as much as it bothers Garrus. She just has to keep reminding herself that the only thing that matters is her and Garrus and the strength in each other that got them through the war can get them through some idiot’s prejudice.

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I really want a scene where Dean and Cas are arguing about Cas doing something Dean feels is reckless/stupid and Dean just blurts out " because i can't burn you again, Cas. I just can't."

(cont) Because I don’t think a trauma like that is gonna just go away. Dean hasn’t dealt with it yet, and the show would not just move on from it for good without a call-back or resolving it in some way.


I mean they really could. This would be a powerful statement. I don’t know if Cas really gets just how rock-bottom messed up Dean was after his death, and the Dean he came back to was just ~so freaking HAPPY~ Cas was alive again I don’t think he was ready to talk about it yet.

And they haven’t really had a chance to address it again yet. I mean, there was the apology scene in 13.13 that as per usual was mooseblocked…

It’s definitely still an open conversation. Again, as per usual.

when cyrus said hi I welled up. It just felt like she was meeting him as someone new and more mature and I loved it. Like, no matter how many people try and sell the “gay ppl are just like everybody else” narrative, coming out DOES change you and it does change how people see you and in this case that’s a really positive thing because he can finally be honest with her and she knows she has someone who really understands. Don’t mind me I’m just crying in the club rn

someone: wow i really wish i could draw, like i’m so jealous of you artists, you can just draw any scene that comes to mind exactly how you imagine it, you can make anything you want, wouldn’t that be so cool, i’d draw all my otps if i could

me, an artist: clearly you have a misunderstanding of how being an artist works

i too wish i could draw anything i wanted whenever i wanted and all my otps and exactly like in my head so we are in the same boat my friend

I’m really tired of company’s shoehorning lgbt content into videos. Things like the awkward threesome scene from UKiss’s Mono scandal, or the joyrene moment from bad boy or even labeling holland as nothing more but a gay idol. I think it should either be genuine lgbt content or none at all if it’s just smoke and mirrors.

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One of my biggest fears about the commentary was that it would spoil the magic, tell you the geography of the house or talk over everything. But Michael and Timmy are just watching, absorbed, and commenting in these soft low husky voices, it's soooo dreamy

Yes I agree!! The bits I’ve seen I really liked the insight behind the scenes and what they were feeling shooting the scenes and such, it’s so interesting!! And I agree, their voices are so soft and dreamy and I really like their dynamic together, and Timmy’s husky voice is my favourite, it has me dreaming

this episode was absolutely perfect in every way, except for one thing:

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I was definitely surprised with the circumstances to which Cyrus came out to Andi, but I’m not unhappy about it. I actually kinda like how it wasn’t a retread of Cyrus coming out to Buffy, and how his reasons for telling Andi came more from a place of wanting to comfort a friend more than doing so for himself (not to say that is a bad reason, just kinda like how it was different). I was not surprised with how Andi handled it, as the show has made it clear she would be someone who would support Cyrus and not judge him in anyway. And the two of them bonding over their mutual attraction to Jonah, and finding comfort from each other was amazing. I really have no complaints with this scene; it was sweet, it was funny, and it was far more lighthearted than Cyrus’s first coming out scene, to me indicating that he might be slowly but surely becoming more accepting of this part of himself. Though he still has a long way to go before he can become more comfortable with telling others about this, I’m glad he told Andi and how she handled it. I know some were worried she’d be upset, not so much with Cyrus being gay but with Cyrus liking Jonah, but I’m glad they went with Andi bonding with him and being supportive. 

I’d also like to talk about Cyrus’s bart mitzvah. I loved the scene of him reading from the Torah, felt it was beautifully shot and just very heartwarming and a great note to start the episode off on. His party was great, just with the sheer levels of extra it was (but then again, having lived in Boca Raton and having gone to my fair share of bart mitzvahs, it was actually pretty accurate. Especially the sweatshirts). The playful bickering between Cyrus’s father and stepfather was also funny, and just his parents in general were great. I just loved their interactions and was happy to see them all being so supportive of Cyrus. Just their scenes together were so heartwarming. This episode left me very happy with how Cyrus’s night went, with his coming out to Andi going great and his family just being so awesome, I can’t wait for the directions for which his character goes. 

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One thing I will give them, if V is doing that as a petty move, at least it’s finally a nod to her true character. Comic Veronica would be that bitch.

😂I hated Veronica in the comics and I actually really love the way they redeemed her in Riverdale. Unfortunately I never really like any of Veronica’s storylines and I wish they would do just a little tweaking with the writing in most of her scenes. All in all I’m pretty disappointed with all of the writing in general for season 2. I think Veronica has such potential but this season they’re really just doing her dirty. They’re pretty much doing every character dirty trying to fit all of these new characters and plotlines in a show that really isn’t made for it. We get it RAS, you like the Serpents. Maybe give us more Josie and Kevin who have been here since season one rather than Toni and the gang for all of Season 2. Okay rant over. Love you all!

By the time BNHA ends, I’m gonna require there be subtle hints that TodoMomo is going out

Like them holding hands in the background

Or even just Momo standing really close to Todoroki a lot

Or my favorite: Midoriya and Iida asking Todoroki directly about it and him just staring at them with this blank look and calmly states “Yeah, we’ve been dating for like 2 months.” And Midoriya and Iida just stand there in shock while Todoroki is pokerfacing like usual

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My friend and I were watching season 6 of girls and she was quiet and then all of a sudden during one of Adams scenes with Hannah she just yells out “holy fuck he’s a giant”, and I died

ahhhhh omfg!! he really is, my sister was watching something with me an kylo/adam was in it and she was like “no offense but adam is really big” and I’m like 😏

so anyway yesterday morning i had a home and yesterday afternoon i had the hope that i’d be able to go back home considering my apartment wasn’t the one that went up in flames but the building is essentially done for and we can probably most likely never move back in and it’s just not hitting me?? like i have somewhere to stay in the meantime and all of my things are fine but that’s my home and now it’s a crime scene and then it’ll be an empty shell and this is all still very very surreal and my heart hurts and now we have to look for somewhere to live and all of my things smell like smoke so even if i wanted to momentarily forget what happened i couldn’t

i hope the fool that burnt down the place is sitting rather uncomfortably in jail.

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Bing :3c - an¤n

Why I like them: I fucking love robots guys, especially ones with emotion

Why I don’t: No character. I fucking love fleshed out characters guys

Favorite episode (scene if movie): Upgrade baby

Favorite line: Wha???

Favorite outfit: baggy tank top and sweats

OTP: Bing/King ha

Brotp: Bing/Google

Head Canon: Bing fucking loves drawing but can’t draw anything but shapes and colors

Unpopular opinion: I really don’t like all the emotion angst with him. It just seems very overrated and tacky

A wish: more content more content more content-

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: no content

5 words to best describe them: Neon, orange, 80’s, memes, and bitchin

My nickname for them: Bingy boi, Bingo, and Bab