i just realised this


Does anyone else remember the cute dolls Varkon had in season 4? 
Well I like the idea they were selling one of each paladin

And that Keith may or may not have gotten himself one of a particular paladin. For Luck

Edit: Now with Pt. 2


「Friendship; Flowers; Touch; Commitment」

Purple Hyacinth: rashness, sorrow, regrets, forgiveness, a silent prayer of hope. It is believed to stand for grief, but it can also symbolize love and happiness ー and a wish for protection from harm.

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me: i love all the avengers equally!!

also me:


What have we become. What about Us? 

Was in the mood for some wild sketches, so I took it out on the dads. Weaving the storyline roughly inbetween the sketches. Having shit loads of fun exploring the dads with this dump. (ノ´∀`)ノ