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hetaliafandomhubepsilon  asked:

Hello! To start off your Ambassador work, can you tell us about snacks that are popular in your country? Thank you! (If you would like a different question, let me know)!

Okie Dokie let’s do this!

Popular foods/snacks in Ireland

(Please note: though most of these are exclusively Irish, you find similar products in the UK. For now though I’ll try and keep it 100% Irish!)

Tayto Crisps

Behold. The quintessential Irish snack. It doesn’t really get more Irish than this, and many Irish people living abroad would tell you that this is one of the number 1 things they miss about home. Think of any crisps you know, but better (and more flavourful). They come in a variety of flavours, (salt and vinegar, and smokey bacon to name a few) but nothing beats the great, iconic cheese and onion.  The Tayto brand is quite big here and has become a bit of a cultural phenomenon (we have an entire Tayto theme park for godssake).Other Irish crisps worth mentioning would be Hunky Dorys, Chipsticks, Wheelies, Hula Hoops, Kings, I could go on lads.

OH. And i think it’s also worth mentioning that Tayto/ Kings sandwiches with butter are quite popular here (it sounds weird at first but trust me you’re missing out)


Now I kinda had to do a bit more thinking for this as most of the stuff we have in Ireland is also available in the UK. But after brainstorming for a bit I have compiled a list of sweet things that can only be found in The Emerald Isle (oooh).

Kimberly, Mikado, and Coconut Cream biscuits

(Here they are! As well as lots of other things produced by Jacob’s and other brands based in Ireland)

(Very coconut, mashmallow-y based biscuits, very nice, Mikados being my personal favourite ;))

Snack Bars (the purple ones)

(and the pink ones)

I know Cadbury’s is a British chocolate brand, but from what I know, I think they only sell the yellow snack bar there, so technically these can count as Irish snacks whOOPS (they are missing out tho omg :O )

Dairy Milk Bars


Again, you can find these in the UK but some flavours are Irish exclusives, so they are definitely worth the mention too (like tiffin here for example!) :)

Honourable Mentions: Jedward Bars(???) and Tayto Bars (again, ???)

Yes, I know. I’m just as confused as you are. Truth be told, I literally forgot these even existed up until recently. They were just bars of chocolate with popping candy on the inside. “Jeadly”. 


Yeah, i wasn’t joking before when i said that we really like Taytos here in Ireland. So much so that they thought it’d be a great idea to combine Cheese and Onion Taytos with Milk chocolate to create this thing. While Taytos and milk chocolate go nicely together, I think I speak for a lot of people when I say they should be enjoyed seperately.

Unfortunately (if you look at it that way), both of these bars have been discontinued and are no longer available on the market :,(. 

*My Heart Will Go On faintly playing in the distance*


Red Lemonade

I wasn’t whether this could only be found in Ireland until I introduced it to some of the other Ambassadors who claimed they had never seen this before in their life so it’s goin’ on the list!

There’s this sort of urban legend that it was banned in Europe for being carcinogenic, but whether that’s true or not, we may never know…

Should we be slightly concerned? Probably. Do we care though? Not really lol


Another staple Irish beverage! Personally, I don’t really like this, but it’s the type of drink where you either love it or hate it, so please don’t let my opinion stop you from trying it if you ever get the chance!

and finally…


oh boi where do i even start

Tea is a VERY big part of Irish culture and the way someone takes their tea is taken veery seriously among some people.

I’m not even exaggerating when I say that Irish people drink a LOT of tea. And I mean a lot. ( As of 2014,The Republic of Ireland even outranked all of Great Britain combined, though it has declined since then i cri)

The most popular brands of tea here would be Lyons or Barry’s (You have to pick one of the other, never both)

Generally, it is served with milk and/or sugar, or just plain black. A lot of people are very particular with the way they like their tea. So if you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to make tea for someone, proceed with caution.


(the milk always goes in AFTER, you monsters)


Anyway, I think that’s all I have for now! Did I miss anything? If you want to know more about Irish cuisine, or anything about Ireland in general, feel free to drop an ask or message and I’ll be happy to help!

Slán agus Beannacht!