i just got these contacts

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I love your contacts I just got Solotica Hidrocor Ocre!! Are you using Hidrocor Cristal, they look lovely on you!

I haven’t tried the hidrocor contacts, i usually wear natural crystal ^___^

Uuuugh, I just got a text from my new flatmate asking if I contacted the janitor about some protective stuff for the elevator. Like. I’m moving in today. Why did no one tell me about this? Why is nothing going right atm?

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Ok so when Scorpius says that Snape is dead Hermionie immediately closed the distance between her and Snape to comfort him, she ToUcHeS His ARM!!! Then Snape looks at her and just eye contact man. I just got the impression that they are together but then they threw romionie at us and ugh, I think thats part 2 of the snamionie in cursed child. oooh and when Scorpius is like Hermionie you're minister of magic Snape looks at her all proud like. I think the actors ship it...



I just passed you in the hall at school, and even after I kept saying that’s what I wanted to happen so I could see if you’d make eye contact or smile or something, I just got way too nervous. I instantly felt like I was gonna pass out and I started shaking and I lost hearing in my right ear. So, I just stared down at my phone and passed by without even glancing up. I really regret it.
Another thing though was afterwards I starting thinking maybe it wasn’t you I saw and that because I instantly looked away I didn’t actually get to tell if it was you or not. But I’m almost certain it was you, cause I’ve seen people that reminded me of you and whatnot but never have I reacted like I did. I was just trying to tell myself it wasn’t you maybe because I wished it hadn’t been, so I wouldn’t have missed an opportunity to have some sort of interaction with you.
I hope there is another opportunity to talk to you or see you and that I won’t be so nervous about it if it does happen.
I still feel really hopeless about ever really being able to talk to you again, though I still wish it.
I really miss you. I don’t know why I have to be so nervous about what you’ll act like around me, maybe because I know you’ll probably just pretend I’m not there and that you don’t know me. I wish I would’ve been told, even slightly, why what happened, happened. But I wasn’t and I’m left to make things up in my head about how I must have been bothering you with my shyness and inability to talk. I know that’s why you lost feelings for me, but I don’t know if that was so bothersome to you that you had to stop being my friend and have everything happen the way it did.
Hope to talk to you again someday. I love you.

Dude I’ve got contacts in! Holy shit I just can’t get over being able to see and not have glasses on my face?!??? And I keep looking around waiting for my vision to suddenly get blurry. I can see the trees across the street omg

tbh sometimes i miss my old friends like,,, its probably mostly my fault that we drifted apart/lost contact. i know with a few it was like, i had it in my head that they actually didn’t like me & i pulled back as some sort of ‘’’test’’’ and when no one bothered to contact me i just got super hurt and decided not to go back for them (and this wasnt like, a two day thing, this test lasted almost three months) 

and with one i’m not totally sure but i was going through a lot of shit near the end, super unstable, honestly probably didn’t treat them great & i dont blame them for avoiding me bc i was super, super fucked up (nd i’d love to talk to them regularly again but imo it’d be weirdly awkward after everything that went down so i have no clue how to even approach that) 

and then others we just kinda? idk there was never a big fight, it just stopped. we stopped caring & stopped wanting to care and then there was no reason to talk anymore.

like im positive my failed relationships are 100% my fault bc in every case im the common denominator and like i said, in retrospect looking at my behaviour i can’t say that anyone was wrong for leaving 

& sometimes i wonder if it’ll happen again. if i’ll lapse into how i was before or get sick again (at least more so than i am rn, to the point where it’s obvious) and it’s kind of terrifying 

I feel very uncomfortable when I post a selfie to update my profile pick (on Facebook) and get a lot of people complimenting me and giving the photo likes. I’m not trying to get compliments or attention, I’m just updating my picture because I got a new haircut and wear contacts now. It’s not worth getting excited about.

Oh shit yeah, guess who just got in contact with two therapists there one I really want and there one I have as a back up in case let’s hope that the one I want works with older clients too

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Hope you feel better. I am in the same place. 💙

Sorry for the late reply, I kind of went into hibernation the rest of the day. Not, like, sleeping, because Gaea knows I don’t ever sleep. I just withdrew from social contact.

Earlier today I got all my feelings out via a friend who listened to me say my crazy storm of emotions. That released a lot of pressure. 

I’m not saying I’m 100% all healed up, band-aid on my booboo and all that, but I feel less out of my mind. Wrote some fanfiction, added some story notes for my passion project, and actually ate dinner. An incredibly late dinner, but a dinner nonetheless. 

Thank you so much for the message, it truly comforted me to know there’s someone listening, and I wish you the same good feelings for your place.


Alright peeps, that was really fun! Thank you a LOT for requesting some drawings! Maybe I’ll do them another time, I gotta rest now

Oh and yeah, don’t forget that I got commissions! So if you are interested just contact me! It’s pratically a sketch/lineart for 10 euros! Hopw someone gets interested

Gotta sleep, good night! And thanks again!

I would like to be dead please.

I dropped my phone in a sink at work and now it’s totally useless. I haven’t backed up my phone since I got it, which means I’m probably going to lose everything, and water damage voids all warranties on it, manufacturer or otherwise. I don’t have money to replace this damn thing, and I’m so fucking livid that I might lose contacts and stuff. I don’t have anyone’s number memorized or written down anywhere else. If I have to get a new phone do I have to get a new number as well? I think my SIM card got fucked up, so I might just not be able to contact some people anymore. Fuck me.