i just got these contacts


I think i had my first migrane yesterday. My left eye was acting all funny and blurry. I thought i just tore a contact (i did) but it just got worse from there. My head was dizzy my eyes kept goin in and out of focus when I was trying to study and i mean I was fine all day just right after the gym it hit. I wasnt doing anything strenuous and I ate beforehand just bench 2 accesory exersizes and some easy ab work. Thats it not even 45mins with a partner and i was done.
Threw up 4 times at school but since i rode my bike cuz i was running late I had to wait for the bus…. biked home went upstairs and laid down and threw up again then went to sleep. Took some advil cuz my head was killing me and then went back to sleep. I think im gonna skip my 6x6 squat day and just start up again either tomorrow or monday with 170x6x2. But yea today was shit.

Bench 135x5x3
Incline db press 45x3x10 superset/ eye pulls 90×3×10
Weighted leg raises 25x3x10

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I met this guy a few years back and we started to have a thing. I fell in love with him and I know he felt the same, but he stopped talking to me out of the blue and I didn't talk to me for about 6 months. Recently he has tried to contact me and I just got so happy! I still feel the same about him and I think there's a chance we could go back to how we were. The feeling was real I know love when I feel it.

I would try to understand why he stopped talking to without explanation (unless you’ve already done so) because if he really cared for you like you said, I don’t think he would stop talking to you for 6 months without an explanation.

As far as gaining back the relationship you and him once had… if two people share a moment or share a feeling between them, if they both feel the same thing, then I can see how it might be possible for them to reestablish that precious feeling between the two of them. It would be hard after all, people change, and love never stays, but still it is within the realm of possibility!! You could try to communicate fully with him or try to achieve a deep authentic relationship which, since authentic love is an absolute state, should approximate what you and him had before!

Wish u the best of luck !!!!!

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hi! you are my fvorite person on tumblr your love for jihyo made me smile bc i love her too, seeing other people loving jihyo just warms my heart. i hope you got an eye contact with jihyo during twiceland~ <3

I’m yelling because that is sUCH A PURE WISH thank you my dear I hope she looks at me too so I can tell her I love her using only my eyes ;; same though, I absolutely love watching people fall in love with Jihyo like :’) yes please love this soft baby angel :’)

Woken up by call from hospital my dad has had yet another heart attack i just rush showered, got in contact with all my family, packed his things now on my way to hospital i can’t take much more

@gelopanda - yeah, I totally agree. Indios play such a big role for so many of us. I think it’s not surprising at all, from a spiritual perspective that people living in the New World and especially in Cuba will have frequent contact with Indigenous spirits. I’ve just got this other, academic side that’s like 👀

Don't Encroach on The Lives of Others If You Only Plan To Tear Them Down

I had a mental breakdown today that sent me home during second period. I’m one of the students that keeps their attendance as perfect as possible and their grades as high as they can keep them. I called my mom to ask if she could pick me up but she didn’t answer. And I went to call my dad but his phone was off. Then I had to remember who was on my emergency list at school and I had to ask my older sister for my grandpas phone number because I just got a new phone and my contacts didn’t carry over. Throughout all of this I was curled up crying on the floor of a bathroom stall and it’s not the first time I’ve been there. Schools need to realize how much they pressure students. Parents need to realize how much they pressure children. And friends need to realize how much they pressure each other. I’ve been working so hard on school work along with trying to make everyone else happy that I barely sleep and no one can do that and be healthy. My appetite isn’t very great and I’m losing weight again. I’m exhausted all the time and I’m always anxious and I know I’m not the only person with this problem. I just wish that people wouldn’t use other people as crutches because they are willing to help. And you shouldn’t blame a person for not being who you wanted them to be or not doing what you wanted them to do. You can’t tell someone how to act because it will tear them apart and you will never be satisfied and their only goal was to make you happy

email i just got

Good Afternoon,
We are contacting you because we would like to use Charlie’s senior portraits as one of our samples for our 2018 Senior brochures. To do so we do need written consent from you to allow us to use his photographs.
If you approve or deny our request please respond to us by February 24th.
Thank you!

I’ll get photos up later once I’m in better light, but I just got my first pair of Honey Color contacts and they’re muuuuuch more comfortable than the last pair I got from some little store on the beachfront. I didn’t even feel them at first. My eyes are only just now starting to be slightly irritated and it’s been almost two and a half hours. Considering it’s my first time wearing contacts for longer than a couple minutes, I feel like that’s a pretty good sign.

Ahh so I just got contacted by the company I interviewed for a few months ago and they asked if I was still interested in the position like YES PLEASE HIRE ME I’M STILL INTERESTED OMG I’m shaking I’m so nervous like please let me get this job

today blows.

my anxiety is horrible, i have an endless to do list and i just got blown off by a professional contact who could have given me amazing advice if he like picked up the phone bc we had planned a conference call TODAY at 11………


My past 2 month’s PopinaBox subscriptions had issues with being allocated stock that doesn’t exist so they just got stuck. After I contacted them they asked me to pick Pops from my wishlist and sent me out these guys very quickly!

(This is the only issue I’ve ever had with their site and I believe it was a glitch from the site update.)