i just got these contacts

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(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧. Sending good vibes re: your last semester and internship apps <3

AHHHH oh my gosh THANK YOU this is literally the nicest thing to see! I just got an email from a contact of mine who offered to answer a ton of my questions and give me advice because they’ve done one of the internships, so hopefully that helps! All these good vibes are AMAZING and I super appreciate it!! <3

You’re the sweetest, anon, I’ll make sure to send these good vibes back your way! <3

Long Drives to New Places

I’m finally in New Paltz and honestly, I don’t really have an opinion on if I like it or not yet. I think that might be called about a week into school. I’ve been here for two and a half days and I think the only thing that has really changed is my outlook on bugs, I killed a decent sized moth, in my room, the first night, with my bare hands. They don’t phase me now. Today I swatted a bee (and made contact) just because it got a little close to my food. I digress, I wanted this post to be about the processes of moving into a new place.


So you decided to move, picked and bought a new place, packed up the car, sold your old place. That’s when the move in really starts, the journey to the new place. I moved about 145 miles away from where I grew up and in my opinion, it was hard. (Probably because I was the one driving.) It was 32 miles on one highway. ONE HIGHWAY.  Then there’s unloading, figuring out how the work the space, unpacking, re-organizing, cleaning up, and between you still have to eat and take care of your normal responsibilities (kids, pets…).  Once you are all caught up to where you feel comfortable, there’s a sudden lapse in things to do and you feel useless. My only time outside yesterday was to walk to the road and get the mail. I had nothing to do and I was too lazy to get in my car and explore. Today I needed cash and gas to I went out to town early this morning to get fuel for my wallet, car, and myself (in the form of Starbucks). My moving in process is still not done because I still have yet to have a dresser or a trash bin. Which makes like a little hard, but whatever. I’m living out of plastic bins but its fine. I’m still on the fence about getting a desk. If I get one, the room will feel complete but I don’t have much room. I can always do my homework on my bed or at the library….. Look at me, I’m rambling.


I guess it’ll take some getting used to. Once I get a schedule with work and school, I should feel fine about the whole thing. I am happier to be living with the animals, they like me J

Why do you talk to them? Why do you keep your friends? Why do you give them any attention? Why aren’t you giving me that attention? I don’t get it! I threw away everyone when we got together! I don’t contact anyone anymore, just you, you are my life, why am I not yours? Am I not enough? Am I too clingy? What is it?? Tell me!! What do I have to do to get your attention and your love?! I don’t get it, it hurts so much, I just want to be your everything… You said you love me but it feels so empty when you give so many other people your attention… It should be mine. You should be mine. I wish I could just kill them but I can’t erase that many people… Just throw it away already. Be mine. Nobody else should matter…

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The person I love is my brother that I just got back in contact with after we were separated during a really hard time in my life. He doesn't give himself enough credit but he's my best friend and my younger brother and I are lucky to have him back in our lives.

Speaking as someone who was reunited with their brother, he probably loves you as much as you love him

I’m super freaking excited. I just got a grey wig and white mesh contacts. I’m going to try to cosplay Princess Kida from Atlantis!! Just need to buy the necklace and blue fabric to make the outfit.

I just got contacts and I am apparently a natural with them and the doctor was surprised with how easy and quick I could get them in and out. Suddenly so many more cosplay options opened up for me. Masks will no longer mean sacrificing my vision. I can finally get those wolf contacts I fell in love with years ago.



Shirai “Since you’re not wearing glasses right now, can you see?”
Eguchi “Yup, since I’m wearing sunglasses!”
Shirai “OK…”
Both “…………………??????”


@shirai_universe: C’mon~ Don’t say that~ I just got contacts and sunglasses mixed up~ There’s no tsukkomi too~ Let’s go have some drink!

…This guy seriously never fail to amaze me…I like him for how he’s always like this though…>_<”

guys guys this guy friend of mine is flirting with me okay and normally i would be running the fuck away because i’m too nervous but like he’s been nothing but respectful to me the entire time we’ve known each other? he said he delayed flirting with me because he only wanted to do it if he knew we would be able to stay in contact and when i got nervous just now he said he’d back off a bit and let me take it at my pace and oh man dude oh man oh man

Story time guys lol just because I have no one to tell this to lol

So I’m at the mall and I saw this guy and his face just didn’t work with his cloths its like his face says let’s round up the cows but his cloths said let’s play some golf at the club and well I kept staring and making eye contact and it got awkward so I just mouthed the word mom at him and well that’s just it 😂

I just decided to post this picture because I got these sample gray contacts that I’m absolutely in love with and I’ve bought more with a prescription :D I think they suit me really well <3

The Weasley Sweater Foundation

Ok so I have this headcanon that Mrs Weasley ends up with this huge list of kids to make sweaters for because they don’t have any other Christmas gifts plus her entire family so she calls up some old friends who she knows that they know how to knit at least as well as her and they just make sweaters year round for Neville’s list of kids he’s noticed at Hogwarts and Harry’s list that he’s noticed while occasionally working with kids as an auror and I just imagine she’s got this group of contacts who are people that work with kids and they just send names all the time