i just got these contacts

I am young!!!! Why do I have such terrible back pains?!?

My hope to see a japril scene tomorrow is now non existent.

I’ve been in more contact with my friends since my hands have been working a bit better this week and I’m happy bc i love them but the social anxiety is killing me OTL

Man, mental illness really doesn’t make any sense like I think I’m a bad friend when I can’t talk to them often and I think I’m a nuisance when I can.

Rambling in tags???

the last two days have been exhausting as it’s been all-day orientation for my new part-time job at the library (!!!!!) but  it’s also been kind of satisfying in a way?? especially when i took my hour and a half lunch break to go to a nearby thrift store where i found a nice hardback copy of nimona for $2

good morning everyone I fucking hate technology


ok i called the ppl, that was……..

well, problem isnt solved, but i know a little bit better how to solve it. i need to try to contact my school’s registrar again, but this time…. not through email lmao. i need to call and figure out what i can do to get this fucking form mailed in

okay also i really hate how getting someone’s number means you wanna jump their bones like am I not allowed to make friends??? i just wanna hang out damn

oh my god i have 21 kids in friday’s class and today was so exhausting like they stuck us in a dinky room with 16 desks so i had to do some weird ass acrobatics to get a table down and i couldn’t take my sweatshirt off bc no binder under my tank so i was sweatin like shit and 21 kids jfc the most we’ve ever had is like 16. i mean like, i love them, but holy shit

Waiting to hear Sandor call Sansa ‘Little Bird’ in S7 like...

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