i just felt doing something with that book page


Peter sighed as he flopped down onto his bed next to you, staring at the ceiling as he lay on his back. He averted his gaze over to you; your brows were furred as you stare concentrated down at your textbook, mumbling questions to yourself under your breath.

“(y/n), I’m bored.”

“Well, go and do something,” you suggested, turning a page in your book. He huffed as he sat up. You then felt Peter press light kisses to the side of your neck from behind you.

“Peter,” you whined, “what are you doing?”

“Well, you told me to do something,” he said as he looked up at you with that irresistibly cute smile of his, “so, I’m doing something.”

“I meant something like playing video games or going to the park, not being a huge tease while I’m trying to pass algebra." 

"Just five minutes,” he mumbled as his eyes closed and he started to attack your lips. You sighed as you gave in a little.

“Peter,” you whined again, not doing a good job at self control. He just totally ignored you and subtly pushed the books off the bed. His lips then went down to your neck, trying to find your sweet spot. “Just a couple minutes,” you murmured as your eyes started to flutter shut. But let’s be honest, you’re too far gone.

“Come on, pleeeeease?” Percy begged, cocking his head to the side and batting his eyelashes.
“No.” Nico said adamantly, hating to refuse Percy, but this was just ridiculous.
Widening his eyes, Percy pushed his lips into a pout. “Pretty please with a cherry on top?”
Nico sighed, and taking a page out of Leo’s book, smirked. “What’s in it for me?”
“Kisses. I’ll even do the thing you like where I bite your bottom lip.” Percy said promptly.
Nico’s smirk dissolved and he felt something tingle inside of him. He immediately plopped himself into the chair in front of Percy. “Fine. Do it. But no pink.” He warned.
Percy chuckled, and picked up the paintbrush from the table next to him, delicately dipping it into the dark blue face paint and gently dragging it across Nico’s face.
By the time he finished, his boyfriend was impatiently squirming around, freshly painted fish decorating his pale skin.
“See?” Percy held up a mirror. “You don’t look ridiculous at all. It’s cute.” He grinned goofily.
Nico shook his head and pushed the mirror away, not bothering to look. “You know I only agreed to this because of your offer. You owe me.” He all but purred, getting up out of the chair and stepping up towards his boyfriend.
“I suppose I do.” Percy said, still grinning as he pulled his boyfriend down into his lap, promptly pushing their lips together. Their kiss was passionate, intensified by the mewling noise Nico made when Percy bit his lip.
After a few minutes of being totally wrapped up in each other, Percy pulled away, breathing heavily through swollen lips. “I should paint your face more often.” He managed to gasp out, earning an eye roll from Nico, who promptly kissed his boyfriend again.

Soo I asked my friend what I should draw today and she told me to draw “life”. Aaanndd I thought Shenpai basically fit the bill for that request. So here you go. Here is a page full of Shen. My sketch book currently makes me feel very happy now.   

(Also, I felt like drawing something expressive today and Shen is just the definition of expressive. Honestly, Bluechair is great. If you haven’t read the comic yet, please do. It is all sorts of beautiful. And weird. But that’s what makes it beautiful ^//^)