i just felt doing something with that book page

When I listened to each audiobook, I felt as if I was participating in the practice of oral tradition, with an investigative and feminist twist. I wasn’t just listening to a narrative; I was being informed. I realized that although I wasn’t doing the reading myself, what I was listening to was just as effective at getting the information from the page to my head.

I found myself pausing the audiobook and reflecting on what I had just heard, something that I often do when I read physical books. I even went back to certain sections in the books that I needed clarification on in order to follow through with the rest of the book, which is easier with a physical book, but just as effective with an audiobook. Overall, I think I was more engaged with these books because they were both telling a story and providing me with deep social and political comments on their respective themes.

Oh my gosh, I was blown away by this series. I will admit to being a hopeless romantic but I cant handle how great this story. I felt the protagonist America was very strong, I also loved the weird Fantasy Princess element mixed with a dystopian twist. This series was a big page turner for me. I tend to rationalize what I am going to read! “I will just read two chapters and then go do something else.” but with the Selection I was so absorbed in this story and its characters that I cant put the books down. defiantly give it a try!