i just felt doing something with that book page


can you imagine if we started something like a giant Drarry squad scrapbook filled with short fics, fan art, little doodles, poems, clippings from magazines or prints that remind us of Drarry stuff… and we kinda pass it around? i mean, i doubt people would be up for sharing addresses to ship the book to each other, but it was just a fun thought. like everywhere the book travels, at least one page is completely filled by someone from the Drarry squad until its finally filled to the brim by creative buddies all around the world who share at least one common interest. i’ve always wanted to do something like that, idk. it’s mainly just hypothetical, but i felt the need to share.

Armin Has Been Too Distracted For Eren Lately

This request and script comes from @skymiin.


-Armin is lounging comfily in a chair while reading a book, Eren enters the room seeking attention-

Armin: *Turns page and sighs*

Eren: Hey, Armin. What’re you reading?

Armin: Huh? Oh, hey Eren! Uh, just a fantasy novel that was recommended to me… why do you ask?

Eren: I was just curious. A-anyway, the reason why I came in here was to ask if we could…do something today? I’m… pretty bored and you’ve been so caught up in those books lately that we haven’t…really done anything in a while.

Armin: Eren… I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize that you felt that way; of course we can… *pauses* …have I really that distracted?

Eren: Yesssss. N-not yes to the distracted thing…you’re fine Armin, I’m just really…excited to spend time with you and-

Armin: *chuckles* God you’re adorable

Eren: Shut up. 

“Come on, pleeeeease?” Percy begged, cocking his head to the side and batting his eyelashes.
“No.” Nico said adamantly, hating to refuse Percy, but this was just ridiculous.
Widening his eyes, Percy pushed his lips into a pout. “Pretty please with a cherry on top?”
Nico sighed, and taking a page out of Leo’s book, smirked. “What’s in it for me?”
“Kisses. I’ll even do the thing you like where I bite your bottom lip.” Percy said promptly.
Nico’s smirk dissolved and he felt something tingle inside of him. He immediately plopped himself into the chair in front of Percy. “Fine. Do it. But no pink.” He warned.
Percy chuckled, and picked up the paintbrush from the table next to him, delicately dipping it into the dark blue face paint and gently dragging it across Nico’s face.
By the time he finished, his boyfriend was impatiently squirming around, freshly painted fish decorating his pale skin.
“See?” Percy held up a mirror. “You don’t look ridiculous at all. It’s cute.” He grinned goofily.
Nico shook his head and pushed the mirror away, not bothering to look. “You know I only agreed to this because of your offer. You owe me.” He all but purred, getting up out of the chair and stepping up towards his boyfriend.
“I suppose I do.” Percy said, still grinning as he pulled his boyfriend down into his lap, promptly pushing their lips together. Their kiss was passionate, intensified by the mewling noise Nico made when Percy bit his lip.
After a few minutes of being totally wrapped up in each other, Percy pulled away, breathing heavily through swollen lips. “I should paint your face more often.” He managed to gasp out, earning an eye roll from Nico, who promptly kissed his boyfriend again.