i just

  • Me, whining: Don't you just wanna ghostwrite the rest of this bang fic for me?
  • Dad: Not sure if I can get the /banging/ scene(s) right. But I’ll give it the ol’ college try.
  • Me: oh my god, Dad, that's not why it's called a Bang!
  • Dad: I know. Otherwise it would have a larger cast.
  • Me: ...you're too young for us to have this conversation.
  • Dad: *goes to room before being told to*

This is just a reminder that blogs have people behind them. Living, breathing people. This isn’t directed at anything in particular that’s happened to me, it’s just awful to see hate on here with complete disregard for the person running the blog. Think before you send. Would you be okay if someone sent those words to you? If the answer is no, don’t send it. 

Be kind. Always. 

In a Text
  • Me: HEy can you take the trash out before you leave this weekend with your boyfriend?
  • Roommate: Why?? Can't you or [other roommates name] do it before room checks??
  • Me: Well, we've both cleaned the main living areas all week and I'm doing dishes and bathroom tonight. She's going to straighten out the living room.
  • Roommate: So I get left with trash?? Is that your way of saying you think I'm trash? Cause that's pretty rude.
  • Me: No, I'm just asking if you'd help out with cleaning since you haven't helped all week anyway.
  • Roommate: Oh now I'm a slob? Sorry for having a job that takes up a majority of my time.
  • I just... I gave up after that honestly

I gotta say, I’m absolutely in love with writing novels

I love daydreaming a world into existence. Imagining how strange life might seem if the world were different. The tightly focused sense-by-sense imagining that brings a setting to life

I love slowly building up a conflict and then watching it all tumble down. Exploring how characters relate to each other and themselves. Hidden wounds, secret resentments, subtle fears that go unseen until they’re impossible to ignore. Stress stacks up so slowly it’s hardly noticed until the pile’s too high and it all crumbles, crashes–emotions snap and people shatter and hope is left buried beneath a pile of broken dreams 

And then after it’s all fallen apart, I get to rebuild. Characters change and grow and face their traumas – they work and strive and become more than what they were. Redemption. Healing. Understanding. Communication. Though hardship they learn who they are and they learn what they value
They learn what they’re willing to become
They learn how to cope with that knowledge 

I just

I really love it. Every aspect – from developing the idea to crafting the text to negotiating the distance between emotion and narrative and theme – I love it all so much it hurts 

I have more love than one heart can contain, so I’m compelled to bind it here in words – to declare it and share it and pass it along

I’m wholeheartedly in love with writing 

It makes me really happy that others love it too