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another thing I love about this series is how well it shows depression. yes, they’re together and happy and loved, but that doesn’t erase all the bad things that have happened to them

Say my name, you know who I am!

  • Barrages? ✅
  • Punching ulting McCrees in the face? ✅
  • Divebombs? ✅
  • Directs? ✅

Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman


There is a way to be yourself, I assure you this
There’s a way to catch your dreams without falling asleep
You might as well get it while you can, babe
‘cause you know you ain’t getting any
Younger, younger, younger
Are you?

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consent fest anon here! :) i honestly like them all so I guess I'll give my favorites. Hmm I love forced proximity, secretly dating, getting together, slow burn, post war/8th year. Either is fine. Def explicit. I'm not huge on casefic atm but I don't even know if that applies here? I love a good background rarepair. Pansy/luna, pansy/ginny, Blaise/Ron, pansmione, honestly love them all tho. Hope that helps? This was harder than I expected..

Hi nonnie! Thank you for giving me some more details, it was super helpful in putting this list together :) I tried to do a range of length but a lot of them ended up being what I’d call medium. They are listed alphabetically!

(Keep in mind I haven’t read all the CF fics yet, but I dearly loved all the ones I have read - would totally recommend everyone check the fest out and I’m happy to do more short rec lists like this if you send me some specifications.)

A Gift for Draco by @norelationtoatticus  33k - E

Though their new relationship is going well, both Harry and Draco have trouble communicating and are holding back from taking things to the next level–both emotionally and sexually. When Harry decides he is ready for more, he stumbles over how to start the conversation, but figures out a plan with the help of his friends. He comes up with the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to show Draco trust, commitment, and desire: sexy pictures of his naked arse. Thankfully, Pansy Parkinson has a camera and is willing to help…

Eighth year, Harry and Draco are together but Harry asked to take things slow and doesn’t know how to reopen the conversation. No side pairings, but lots of awesome friendship moments with side characters, including most notably Pansy taking sexy photos of Harry so he can give them to Draco for Valentine’s Day. It’s not a traditional slow burn because they’re together the whole time, but the slow build throughout the fic is really fantastic. Also did I mention Pansy taking sexy photos of Harry so he can give them to Draco??

It’s Been Draco For A While by @oceaxereturns - 15.5k - E

What harm can a love potion do if you’re already in love?

In which Harry finds out that it’s not a love potion but it can do quite a lot of harm, and Draco finds out how fiendishly difficult it is to fend off his flatmate’s advances when all he wants is to give in to them.

I love me some good pining, and this story takes pining to new levels. Seriously. It’s written in a combination of 2nd person and epistolary but even if that isn’t your thing I would highly recommend you give this a try. There’s a forced proximity aspect in that they live together, so Harry can’t get away when the love potion starts affecting his behavior around Draco. It’s not a traditional slow burn but it gave me some slow burn feelings for sure. Again: new levels of pining, holy shit.

Mixed Drinks and Crossed Wires by @korlaena - 16.5k - E

Draco is a handsy drunk. Harry is okay with it, really. They’re friends, so it doesn’t mean anything.

A post-war fic in which the Gryffindors and the Slytherins have all become friends and go out together regularly…and Draco gets drunk and flirts with Harry…and Harry assumes it doesn’t mean anything. I don’t think it’s a spoiler for me to tell you that this is a getting together story. It also has side Ginny/Pansy and really awesome communication.

Orbit by @henrymercury - 52.5k - E

“The classical problem of celestial mechanics, perhaps of all Newtonian mechanics, involves the motion of one body about another under the influence of their mutual gravitation.”


They don’t like each other. They’re not friends. There’s not even a ceasefire of any sort because they’re fighting as much as ever—but there’s definitely something different about it. An added layer of self-awareness they don’t dare identify, but which colours every Scared, Potter? and Do your worst; each You wouldn’t dare and Then prove it.

This is a long one, but it’s so good. It’s got side Luna/Pansy as well as a ton of other really well written side characters. It’s an eighth year story in which McGonagall puts a spell on Hogwarts that prevents anyone from doing anything (sex, fighting, etc.) with someone else without the other person’s consent. Unsurprisingly, the students have things to say about that, and this story handles all of that really well. It also features Harry and Draco being stuck in detention together every week after they get into a brawl during Herbology, and then slowly getting to know each other and acknowledging their feelings. This one ticks a lot of your boxes and I’d really recommend checking it out!

Proper by @violetclarity - 8.7k - E

Draco sighs. “What kind of absolute twit has the chance to have sex with the Chosen One and can’t go through with it?“

In which Draco studies with Gryffindors, learns a new spell, and navigates the difficulty of being in a not-so-casual secret relationship with his childhood nemesis.

Eighth year fic with a side of secret dating - Harry and Draco navigating their new (sexual) relationship while also keeping their relationship under wraps, and how that affects them both. No rare pairs, but some awesome Pansy and Draco friendship moments.

Say The Words (Say Them Out Loud) by @goldentruth813 - 18.5k - E

When Draco gets assigned as the Auror to guard Harry Potter day and night, he is sure nothing good will come of it. But as the days go on Draco is forced to evaluate himself and things he thought to be true about Potter and relationships. Sometimes it’s not love at first sight. Sometimes, first, it’s miscommunication and misunderstanding. A story in which Harry and Draco learn to accept the things they want from themselves and from each other.

You say you like forced proximity? Such as, for example, Draco having to live in Harry’s house while he works as his bodyguard? As they dance around the possibility of being mutually interested and also learn to trust each other? Another one that, while not a typical slow burn, has some of that feeling for me because of the pining. I also love the Auror Draco with non-Auror Harry dynamic.

This was fun to put together, I hope you enjoy these recs nonnie! Please feel free to come scream w me about them if you read them. Also remember to leave the authors a kudos or a comment if you feel so inclined :)

my submission for the INKO+ zine <3


Root and the kids (♥‿♥ ✿)

Can we talk about how cute is George being a proud papa about Lys becoming a poet?

There are so many things I want to talk about this episode, bUT THIS HAS TO BE SHARED ASAP, IS JUST SO NICE TO SEE.

“I’m sure Lysander will be a great poet.”

“He’s very talented.”

I love this for many reasons. 1) Is more probably that Lysander is going to study Literature in college, AND I’M LIVING FOR IT, LIKE, WE’LL STUDY THE SAME THING AT THE SAME TIME AND AAHHHHHHH. 2) I think I speak in general when I say “poet” is not a profession for most of the parents around the world. Let’s be real: they all want us to be lawyers, doctors, something that “assurance” our future and give us money. It is a pleasant surprise to find George being so supportive with his son’s dream. Believe me when I say this is not a common thing with young writers that want to start following an art career at least not where I come from.

I’m thinking all kind of stuff based on this little scene with his parents. I’ll share all of them when I have the time, heh. x.x




they proceeded to jump off the map and i went in the corner…because im a bad Hanzo

but yea, ive made a lot of friends in skirmishes who love Mchanzo, but sometimes they join me and im already kinda flirting with another McCree, i feel like im cheating tbh but its so overwhelming, like…who do i chose?

if ya’ll dont believe me:

2018 Fan Fic Appreciation Day - Last Lines

Part Two // Part Three

I didn’t know it was fan fic appreciation day until a few hours ago, so this is not going to be in any way all inclusive or well organized or anything, but I sure hope you like it and it gives a little different twist to the first lines I’ve seen which was super cool. Hopefully this is as fun for everyone! Thank you to everyone who provides our fandom with your amazing fics!!

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girl meets world meme:[2/6 relationships]
Farkle Minkus and Maya Hart: She’s someone I believe it. I would give Maya Hart a lot of money and trust her to do whatever she wants with it. She never had much of anything and maybe thats why she looks at everything in the right way. Someday she will be force to be reckoned with.