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i have just the thing for to wake your fluff muse up: cs + You just woke up from surgery and you don’t remember me or that we’re married or have a kid because you’re so high but you flirt with me anyway au

okay, so, wanna hear something hilarious? sophie sent this prompt to me     A G E S  ago, and i started writing it, and then it got lost in the abyss. i’m so glad you sent it to me again. so…take two! i hope you like it!

also, to @killiansdevotedheart! surprise! i’m your CSSV! consider this your pre-gift because i’m still working on your actual gift but i want you to still have something. enjoy for now!


Emma knows she shouldn’t be so worried. It’s a simple appendectomy, after all—the removal of an organ human biology deemed no longer very useful years ago. She shouldn’t be so worried, especially after the doctors assured her she brought him in just in time.

(“A few more days and we would have had a mess on our hands. You did good, Emma, even if it meant dragging him here against his will.”)

Doctors assurances don’t mean much in the grand scheme of things, because it’s Killian, after all—

Killian, who spent two weeks in pain because he didn’t want to trouble her.

Killian, who sat through Henry’s ceremony in utter pain because he didn’t want to miss it.

Killian, who let his appendix almost burst because he didn’t want to be a burden.

— And yet she’d murder him herself if he didn’t make it out of this, adding a whole new meaning to the whole “til death do us part” portion of their vows.

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Hi loving the new stories I would really like to see a Jamie Claire story where they actually break up, in fic it always seems their relationship is so perfect and I would actually like to see how they deal with a breakup and actually come out the their end, of that would be possible? Live all of you xx

Mod Note: I think this level of angst is a first for me…I hope you all enjoy it (if that’s the right thing to say <3 )

Curling up on the small single mattress, Claire twisted her feet between the damp sheets that lay sloppily on the hospital on-call bed. It was lumpy and uncomfortable but she was used to the unpleasurable nature of it. She liked working nights and odd hours, they kept her mind focused on the task at hand instead of on the sombre bleakness of her own life.

She’d been settled in Boston for a good while now but still the distance from her native home of Britain tugged at her sometimes, calling her back to the place she’d left some four years ago. It was on the really quiet nights that the memories came unbidden, creeping up on her like the shadows of the trees as they swept across the only window in the room. Shuddering, Claire pulled the blankets further up over her shoulders and hunkered down.

Darkness surrounded her, the chug of the train through the tunnel the only sound to penetrate her senses as she closed her eyes and leaned her head against the cold glass. It was only a short ride to the car impound but every clunk of the train against the tracks sent her heart racing.



Her heart beat slowly against her ribs, pounding out a similar rhythm to that of that train as she crawled slowly towards her final destination.

Careless driving, she’d been told, albeit briefly in the phone call from the police station. Reckless driving and arguing with an officer of the law.


Wiping the sweat from her brow, Claire pulled herself back into the present. Dragging herself out of the small bed, she slipped her feet into her slip-on work shoes and grabbed her lab coat before heading back into the fray. The night had already been long, Boston General was a well known, busy hospital and even five years into her career, Claire still found herself double checking, and even triple checking her decisions.

Everything had to be right. Just in case.

There couldn’t be any errors in judgment, lord knows she’d been there before but her work life was something she wasn’t willing to risk. That was sacred and precious and, although her heart was locked away safe, her head was clearly and inextricably linked to the job she adored.

Claire had trained hard to work her way through the junior surgeons in Boston to become one of the more prolific doctors in the state and she was prepared to keep it that way for the foreseeable.

The scrawl of the pen against her cheque book as she wrote out the cost of the impound charge seemed so loud, the room behind the irritated looking Scotsman assisting the morbid echo of the biro.

“Affiliation to the owner, miss?” He asked in his deep Highland brogue.

“Partner,” she whispered, her cheeks heating with embarrassment at the whole situation. She couldn’t wait to be out of there, well on her way home where she could hide from the knowing glares of those who obviously knew the reasons behind her visit.

“Aye, thank ye. Follow Mac, he’ll take you to yer boyfriend’s vehicle. Careful on your way home, miss.” He added with a kind glint appearing in his eyes.

Claire followed the scrawny attendant through the shadowed garages towards their little beat up Polo. It’s blue hue seemed to shine brighter under the spotlights in the impounds sealed garages and the dint in the side told more of a story than Claire wished to read right now.

Passing her the keys without a word, the youngster scratched his head nodded once and turned on his heels leaving Claire to stare mournfully at the car. She needed to leave as soon as possible but she knew the minute she left the garage she was heading to the station, yet another place she wished to avoid.

“We close soon, miss,” the young man hollered back at her from a darkened end of the lot, “better get ye gone, aye?”

“Y-yes,” Claire stammered in return, “thank you.”

“Doctor, I think there’s a new admission arrived in. Forster is dealing with the pre-op if you want to prepare yourself for the surgery?” Nurse Davies broke in, bringing Claire out from her memories of the past. Those weeks leading up the end of her previous life were painful and yet still vivid, even now, four years on.

“Thank you, Gemma. I’ll go and collect the paperwork from reception and head down there.”

The corridors seemed darker than usual as she made her way to the hospital entrance, the strip lighting flickering overhead as she wandered the familiar halls. Some unknown thing fluttered in her belly, a feeling that didn’t sit all that well with Claire as she pulled her pristine lab coat tighter across her chest. Something had awakened her demons and the niggling sensation of being watched wafted over her.

Goosebumps rose on her arms and she tried to shake off the foreboding that filled her as the dim halls spoke of the same eerie emptiness that seemed to encase her daily. He nose tingled, the cold nipping at her extremities as she marched closer to the hub of the hospital. All of a sudden the frigid air seemed to dissipate and warmth surrounded her once more, the general hum of the emergency room entrance springing to life as she entered the reception.

Thrusting the key into the crooked lock, the desk sergeant’s brow drew together in consternation as he shook the metal about in an attempt to shimmy the door open.

“I don’t want to see you here again, young man,” he muttered, fatherly disappointment lacing his tone. “Do you hear?”

He nodded. “Aye, sir.”

Claire hung back as she waited for him to emerge from his cell. His face was a picture, deep fatigue lined his cheeks, his eyes glazed and unseeing as he shuffled along the empty police station halls. She couldn’t bare to see him so sad, but she was angry. How had he managed to get himself into this position, again?! Swallowing back her ire, Claire held out her hand, taking his as she rubbed her warm fingers against his cold ones.

Angry or not she could still lend him her support.

This had all started a few months back. Jamie had caught the eye of a local police captain…and not for the better.

He’d been arrested and cautioned for brawling and foul language, much to Claire’s disapproval. A drunken night out with the boys in Inverness had led to this unimpressive turn of events and Claire had been called upon to fetch him from the station in the wee hours of the morning.

“I fetched the car,” she whispered, trying not to let the frustration of the situation colour her tone, not now at least. “I paid the fees, but we’ll need to transfer some of our savings around to make sure the cheque doesn’t bounce.”

“I’ll do that. Monday, first thing. I promise, Claire.” It wasn’t just the costs he was promising to deal with, she realised as they walked out into the cool night air.

“Yes, I know Jamie,” she returned, her eyes welling with tears as she stuck the key in the side of the car, opening the doors.

Driving out of the city neither spoke, the weight of the newest arrest hovering over them both. They’d been saving for the wedding. Scrimping every penny to make sure that they could afford every little detail, just as Ian and Jenny had. Not only that, they wanted to buy Jenny out of her share of Lallybroch, leaving them with a home to raise their children in. Now, with their savings dented with the bail costs as well as the impound fees, Claire was beginning to see those things slipping away. The wedding she could do without, but the house was something she knew Jamie wanted desperately.

“I wasna speeding, Claire. You ken I wouldn’t,” Jamie said, his fingers nervously bouncing against the rough material of his jeans. He’d been in them for hours now, she thought, he couldn’t be comfortable.

“It’s alright, Jamie,” she soothed, fatigue stealing her anger, “it’s ok if you were, I just– can we just get home?”

“Aye,” he replied, defeated.

The files were missing and Claire rolled her eyes at the incompetence of the night staff. “I’m sure they don’t have to put up with this shit on days,” she mumbled under her breath as she went in search of the reception staff who were decidedly absent just when she needed them.

Strolling through the desolate halls, Claire searched high and low for the desk secretary, yawning and scratching her head as the distinct scent of disinfectant wafted from the empty private rooms on the first floor. It wasn’t an unusual smell, but today, for some strange reason, it forced her to think of events best left forgotten.

With tears stinging in her eyes, Claire clenched her lids closed and swallowed back the bile that had begun rising along her throat.

Damnit, Beauchamp, she castigated internally, pull yourself together now.

The memories hadn’t been this bad in a long while and the fresh stab of guilt, pain and fear were tangling slowly into her blood, winding their way cruelly through every fibre of her being as she coughed, biting her lip to keep her mouth glued firmly shut. She wouldn’t shut down. Not now, not after all this time.

Her fingers dug painfully into the rough sanded wood of the doorframe to an empty room as Claire tried desperately to regain control of her senses without too much luck. This time the power of the past was too great and she had to let the memory flow over her as she paled, leaning her head against her shaky hand in order to keep herself upright through the agony of it.

Racing through the halls of Glasgow A&E, Claire followed a familiar route. Only this time she wasn’t trussed up in her scrubs ready for the latest casualty to be wheeled in from whatever misadventure they’d wound up in. This time she was running towards a more worrying scene.

“W-where is he?” She choked out, the air catching in her throat as she rested one sweaty hand against the tarnished hospital walls.

“Third door to the left, Doctor Beauchamp,” one of the on-call nurses replied, her eyes wide and worried as she pointed Claire to the room in question. “He’s in good hands, I promise.”

‘I promise…’ The word shook her to the core. Only weeks earlier, Jamie had *promised* her that he wouldn’t get himself into any more strife. With the accident fresh in her mind, the call from the police first at the scene still running through her mind with amazing clarity despite it all, she couldn’t bare to hear anyone else utter that phrase and she gritted her teeth in annoyance. It wasn’t Nurse Creerie’s fault, she had to remind herself.

“Thank you,” she sighed, forcing the tears and anguish away as she bolted for the room in question.

He was lying on his side as she entered the room, his back bandaged with such precision that she knew it must have been a state. The heart monitor beeped, the red dot gliding across the screen and jumping rhythmically in time with the high-pitched tone. Claire clenched her hands into fists as she skirted around the bed with slow, calculated movements. Her footfalls were silent against the ancient linoleum.

Jamie moved in his sleep as she approached and the reason there wasn’t an off-duty policeman at the door became clear. He’d been handcuffed to the railing at the side of the bed, his wrists bound so that if he woke he wasn’t going anywhere with ease.

“Shit,” Claire cursed, her heart plummeting at the sight of him bound in such a way. She knew it had been serious, the account she’d been given had told her as much but seeing it was worse.

Drunk driving, they’d said. Wreckless and prolonged, Jamie had been speeding along the tourist road up near Drumossie moor. The road was a popular route with scenery hunting holidaymakers on their way back to Pitlochry and Edinburgh and it was a road Jamie took often to collect supplies from a friend who lived up past Culloden Moor.

Drunk, though? Claire found that hard to believe. But it had been logged, not only by the police, but members of the hospital staff too. Jamie had arrived in such a state that he’d been unable to provide a breathalyzer, but his blood tests had solidified the judgement. Claire was bereft. As a doctor it went against everything in her, she saw the horrific effects of those poor decisions time and time again and Jamie knew better!

He’d been plagued for weeks by the new chief at Inverness. Captain Jack Randall had arrested him all those weeks ago and Jamie was convinced the man was out to ruin him. Claire, her trust and faith still battling to believe Jamie, had found it difficult at first. She saw the annoyance turn to fatigue and, finally, into fear as Jamie succumb to the paranoia that Captain Randall was watching his every move, just waiting for the perfect moment to have him at his mercy.

Having met the captain on several occasions, Claire had only those few encounters to go on and although there was *something* about him she couldn’t quite nail, he had always been the perfect gentleman. Calm and understanding, he had seemed helpful and astute. However, Jamie was her priority. If he felt something was amiss with the man, Claire would stand by him.

Even if it meant sacrificing their wedding and their home.

Sitting by his bedside, Claire wrapped her unencumbered hand around Jamie’s bound ones, running her fingers softly over his boiling digits. He was running a fever, from the severity of the accident no doubt. His lips twitched into a familiar smile as Claire edged closer and she felt herself give in to the sobs that had been threatening to consume her from the moment she got the terrible call.

Letting the tears fall down her cheeks, Claire let her chin drop to her chest as she kept her eyes stubbornly on Jamie’s sleeping face as he rested, the fresh batch of painkillers keeping him unconscious.

“Oh…Jamie,” she whimpered, her mouth trembling as she said the words, “what happened?” Knowing him incapable of an answer, Claire sucked in a jagged breath and leaned forwards splaying her long curls in the space beneath his bruised chin. She was careful not to jostle him as she snuggled closer, eager to soak in the warmth of him whilst she still had the opportunity.

Snaking her arm around his waist lightly so as not to disturb the mess of bandages on his back, Claire let go, her wracking sobs shaking the bed as she cried herself to sleep curled against Jamie as his broken body began to heal.

Praying, she begged to anyone that would listen for the strength to weather this particular storm, her unspoken pleas swirling around her head even as she dozed on the small hospital cot.

“Please…whatever happens,” she pleaded quietly, “please just keep him safe.”

“Jesus H Roosevelt CHRIST!” Claire cursed, her feet squeaking against the tiled floor as she paced the halls. Her heart was racing, sweat gathering on her brow as she tried not to fall foul of a full blown panic attack. It would do her no good now, she needed to be fit and ready to attend to her patient…once she tracked down the incompetent jobsworth who’d misplaced the paperwork.

“Claire?” A familiar voice called out, his tired voice reverberating down the corridor, making her heart almost stop in her chest. “Is that you?”

Turning slowly, Claire turned to face her ex-brother-in-law-to-nearly-be-who-wasn’t, her eyes misting at the last memories she’d had of him.

Ian Murray stood with his hands flopping lazily at his sides. He looked truly worn out and Claire smiled slightly in understanding. I know how you feel, the twitch of her mouth said. Blinking slowly, Claire stepped forwards, her chest tightening as the lights flickered, dimming just a little before returning full force to blind them both.

“Hello, Ian,” she started, her polished English accent sounding foreign even to her ears. “Yes, it’s me. What are you doing here?”

The pain meds the hospital had Jamie on made him sharp and irritable. His usual calm patience had been depleted. Whether it was solely the result of the pills or the stress of the impending trial combined with evidence stacked against him *and* the medication, Claire couldn’t tell. What she did know was that their fighting had reached new heights. Now, not only had all of their savings been spent on lawyers and the build up to his court appearance but his neurosis in relation to Captain Randall and his intense interest in seeing Jamie punished had skyrocketed.

It had affected Claire so much that she’d been to visit the man. Fiddling with the zip on her coat, Claire had made the trip to Randall’s home for an informal chat. Jack, as he’d insisted she call him, had been nothing but pleasant. His slick charm should have been the first indicator that something wasn’t quite right with the man, but in her worried state, she hadn’t picked up on any of those warning signs. Instead she’d found him apologetic and sincere.

He had touched her arm kindly, offering her a tipple before sitting her down to discuss the details of his findings with her.

Jack had condemned Jamie, Claire realised as she read reams and reams of data collected from the few short months that he’d been positioned in Inverness every page setting Jamie in the worst possible light. Even with all this evidence, Claire knew the man she loved wasn’t capable of such blatant disregard. But nor could she see how Jack had managed to compile and falsify *all* of it.

Claire returned home conflicted.

Heart and head fighting for logical dominance, she climbed the Lallybroch stairs with heavy footsteps her feet feeling as if they were filled with lead.

Two cups of coffee sat cold between Claire and ian as they waited for the nurse to fetch them from the desolate canteen.

“How have you been, Claire?” Ian said, breaking the silence.

“Fine,” She lied, her eyes focusing on the uneven pattern that coated the cheap paper cups. Tracing the swirls up and along, Claire sniffed and pulled the drink towards her, “busy but alright. How’re you? Apart from stuck in this place,” she asked, avoiding anything meaningful in her question.

“Weel, yer right, it could be a better end to our holiday, but aside from that– we’re…as well as can be expected, I guess.” He replied, his response loaded.


He had said ‘we’. Not ‘I’. Not ‘me and Jenny’, *we*.

Ian meant the whole family. Ian meant not only he and Jenny but Jamie as well. Part of her ached with the great need to know, but the other (more pressing part) felt that she didn’t deserve to be told.

She had left. One final intense blow out, ending in screaming, shouting and crying had Claire fleeing from Lallybroch never to return. Jumping in the car, she had driven all the way to Glasgow, rented a hotel room and sobbed painfully until morning. Claire had hidden there for another day, checking her phone periodically, but refusing to call Jamie or make first contact. When he hadn’t phoned or text her, Claire had check out and driven away from Glasgow and Scotland altogether. Getting on the motorway, she soon found herself sobbing on her Uncle’s doorstep with only one suitcase to call her own.

It was there she waited, phone never far from her hand as she haunted her Uncle Lamb’s small cottage. The date for the trial had approached with no word from Jamie, Jenny, Ian or Murtagh, causing Lamb to step in. He had suggested the one thing Claire didn’t want hear, but had needed to.

Maybe it was over. Done. Finished. Jamie had not called. There had been no contact, he knew where Lambert lived and nobody had tried to follow her there.

She had called her boss shortly after that. There had been an offer of a job stateside, one that she had disregarded only weeks before. Why would she move when she had a solid base in Scotland? But, with nothing left to lose, she had given it all away and fled.

Sat in the tepid staff canteen in Boston General, shame filled Claire at her cowardice. She could see the disappointment in Ian’s eyes, even all these years later. Before she’d been able to ignore it, but now with this physical reminder right in front of it, she could avoid it no longer.

“So,” Claire coughed, clearing the lump from her throat, “what dire misfortune sees you in the emergency room?” Steering clear, yet again, of any important details or questions. She hoped, probably in vain, that given a few moments she could escape and return to her simple life without the reminder of Scotland; of Lallybroch.

“Jenny,” Ian answered, causing Claire to swallow audibly. Jenny Fraser Murray wasn’t known for her easy temperament and she knew that if she had to deal with Jamie’s sister she was certain to feel the wrath of her sharp tongue.

Ian knew it too and he smiled sheepishly as if in apology. “She slipped on some jagged steps. We’ve been waiting for our insurance company to O.K. the op, hence why we’re still here…hours later. Jenny willna let them fix her until she’s sure we willna be landed wi’ a huge bill.”

“I understand that,” Claire whispered, tears gathering in her eyes as she tried to will them away with all her might for the second time that night.

“Oh, there you are Dr!” The elderly receptionist called, breaking Claire and Ian’s intense eye contact as she waddled over to the pair, flapping a pile of ragged papers in above her head. Her hair curled around her ears, falling from the loose bun that she’d obviously tied in haste before her shift and Claire’s lips curled into a kind smile at the sight of her. “I’ve been searching high and low, I think you might need these.” Winking, she placed the surgery papers on the plastic table and scurried away.

Glancing down, Claire saw the name etched on the top corner in thick black pen and she knew that she wasn’t escaping the Murray’s as easily as she’d have liked. “I guess I’m prepping Jenny for her op,” Claire sighed, biting her lower lip as the nerves kicked in - nerves that were nothing to do with the delicate nature of the operation she was about to perform.

“Good luck, Claire,” Ian chirped, his smile verging on apologetic as she pushed the chair away from the table, the file clutched tightly between her fingers. Claire nodded, her face serious as she brushed aside any personal feelings, preparing herself for the job in hand. It didn’t matter that Jenny would pounce on her the second she walked into that room. She was the doctor and she would simply complete the task to the best of her ability and take the verbal beating she was sure to get.

Whatever had happened to Jamie in the months after she’d left she was sure to hear about now, and whether he’d been found guilty or innocent she had abandoned them all in their hour of need and that was certain to have caused Jenny no end of distress. Ian followed silently behind as she wandered the halls back into the hub of the hospital and around to the small private room that Jenny had been assigned with her newly accepted international insurance.

She looked the exact same, not that Claire had expected a massive difference. Her jet black hair was pulled back into a small ponytail and the bags beneath her eyes made her look incredibly tired.

“Hello, Jenny,” she began, speaking before Jenny managed to catch sight of her.

The look of fatigue changed in an instant and Claire readied herself for an explosion. Jenny’s face took on a vaguely sickening red hue that had Claire’s stomach plummeting to her feet. Her palms instantly became sweaty and she had to fight not to run them anxiously against her scrubs to try and remove some of the excess moisture.

“Oh no!” Jenny began, her jaw twitching in anger as she tried to slide herself from the bed.

Ian leapt forwards, gripping her arm in the most gentle yet powerful way Claire had ever seen. He wasn’t hurting her, but he was keeping her from hurting herself. Had Claire been a lesser woman, she would have turned on her heels and fled in fear. But she was a professional. A highly commended doctor and she wouldn’t let anything keep her from performing the job she’d trained and worked hard at for so many years.

“How *dare* ye show yer face here, you wee…you…you,” Jenny spat, struggling to come up with a word that wouldn’t have her kicked straight from the hospital.

Claire could see her holding back, her eyes wild as she bit her lip painfully, almost drawing blood as she flopped back against the sturdy mattress.

“Tell them I’ll wait, Ian,” she said finally, her tone more calm now she’d actively processes Claire’s arrival. “I willna have her anywhere near me, aye?”

“There is nobody else, Jenny.” Claire sighed, her eyes dropping to focus on the soiled linoleum at her feet. “I’m the only on-call surgeon tonight. It’s me for the duration of the evening. Take it or leave it, but you’ll have to wait twenty-four hours or more to get another slot and even then it could be longer should an emergency arise.”

Jenny hissed, the sound piercing Claire’s eardrums and sending a shot of fear down her spine as the small Scotswoman squared her shoulders and stared menacingly at her. “You,” she spat, pointing her finger directly at Claire’s chest. If Jenny had had access to a weapon, Claire thought nervously, she’d have been in grave danger. “You broke him, Claire. You did. And I hate ye for it.” Claire could see the hate twined with sorrow for her brother as Jenny twisted uncomfortably in the hospital cot. “He was vulnerable and low and you *left*. You walked away wi’out so much as a word.”

Claire nodded and hung her head. She had left. Fear had gripped her and she hadn’t the energy to smash through it. She’d been scared. Anguished at the mere thought of watching Jamie get sent to prison. Unable to see any way out of the whole sordid affair she had done the one thing she’d never done in her life. She had run. Jenny was right, and Claire simply had to stand and accept the judgement even if it meant the pain was reignited, set aflame by Jenny’s brutal words.

“He was innocent, you know?” Jenny whispered, the fight slipped from her as the tiredness seeped in once more. “We spent all we could on lawyers and investigators because we trusted in him, Claire. The man we *kent* he was, aye?” It wasn’t accusatory now, only factual and Claire had to nod in agreement. Jamie was a good man, an honest man. He wouldn’t do anything to endanger anyone but the information as it had been presented to her at the time left very little room for argument.

“Captain Randall certainly was a canty one,” Ian continued when Jenny seemed not to have it in her anymore to continue the tale. “He covered his tracks well…but we found one wee bit of the case that he hadna thought to cover. One witness statement that he failed to destroy and it gave us all we needed to prove Jamie’s innocence in it all. Even the drunk driving.”

“Fuck,” Claire muttered, her eyes squeezing shut as the tears began to fall down her cheeks in earnest. “He told me. He said Randall was framing him. But–”

“But ye didna see it fit to trust him, did ye?” Jenny seethed, her fingers gripping the bedsheets with such force that Claire thought her nails might penetrate straight through the thin cotton. “We got him off the charges Claire. All of them quashed. But we couldna fix his heart. No. No’ even with time, because you broke that, ye wee bitch!” Jenny roared, her words slapping Claire directly as if she’d stood from the bed and struck her physically.

“I’m so sorry, Jenny…Ian,” Claire hiccupped, her heart hammering in her chest as she took one measured step backwards. “I r-really am…”

Turning, she couldn’t bear to look at the pair any longer. Hitting her shoulder against the thick wood of the doorway, Claire flung herself into the corridor and skittered off towards the on-call room once more, her right hand clenched solidly over her mouth as she tried to waylay the gasping sobs that threatened to destroy her. Slamming the door, she thrust her back against the glass pane and slid to the floor, letting the blackness of the small doctors quarters envelop her as grief, pain and loss surged through her once more.

One word echoed through her haunted mind as she buried her head in her knees and wept. One solitary word that sent goosebumps erupting over her trepid flesh as she curled up into a tiny ball against the putrid beige carpet.


He had been innocent all along.

“Oh, Jamie,” she cried, the weight of the knowledge crushing her as she lapsed into unconsciousness, the sight of him despondent and alone, just as she’d left him all those years ago.

Innocent; not guilty.

“Jamie, I’m sorry,” she cried, the all consuming grief of knowledge striking true shame into her heart as she buried her hands in her thick hair and wept bitterly, “I’m so *fucking* sorry…”


Kiss for Luck

(This was inspired by listening to pop punk power ballads in my car before work. Light sexual situations. Passing mentions of battles. Not the best but hey drabbles are fun.)

“Kiss?” Chirrut asks, coming to a stop directly in front of Baze, planting his staff securely in the sand of the training yard, grinning like a fool. It’s a grin that only gets wider, brighter, as he watches Baze blink rapidly, flush staining his cheeks, which he tries to hide by ducking his head, looking at the ground. Losing has never been something Chirrut takes gracefully, which he proves even more by using his finger to tip Baze’s face back up so he will look at him. “Just for luck, of course,” he adds with a wink that could easily make the declaration out to be a joke the way that everything he says can be a joke to those who don’t know him well.

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“Brightest Star”

 Summary:  In response to @tatortot2701 AU Writing Challenge, my prompt is “it’s positive.”

I wanted to establish a backstory leading up Y/N’s pregnancy. So, I sprinkled a pinch of angst, mentions of infertility and maximum fluff!!!

Tay, hope you’re pleased and thanks for allowing me to be a part of this challenge.

 Words: 798

 Warnings: Mentions of infertility and a boatload of fluff.

 A/N: This is unchartered territory for me. The inability to conceive is unfathomable. No way am I making light of infertility.

The time was right to step out of the spotlight and have a life outside of the Avengers. James Buchanan Barnes knew after he married Y/N, field work took a backseat to married life. He even took a page from Clint’s book and built a nice house for Y/N in the same area as the Bartons. Bucky now trained new recruits and his wife settled into domestic bliss quite well. She pursued her dream and became an author.

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The Sun and the Stars (A SoonSeok Fic Fest) Master Post

Partly in celebration of Kwon Soonyoung’s birthday, partly because this is long overdue, here is the master post of all fics that were written for the fest. Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed to the small (but hopefully growing) amount of SoonSeok fics currently in existence. Even to those who started but were unable to finish due to life, thank you for loving SoonSeok enough to join. I hope that one day you can find the time to finish what you started and post for everyone to enjoy! Thank you once again to all the authors out there! Please be sure to check all these fics if you haven’t already!

1. Ibidem - Egostorm

In which Seokmin keeps running a maze without an end and Soonyoung is the one to find him

Inspired by DK’s Alone Trailer

2. I Thought You’d Never Ask - criesmom

Soonyoung and Seokmin have been on a few dates and given both their track records, it’s a miracle they haven’t hooked up yet. Soonyoung wants to change that.

3. Get lost and leave me alone (actually stay) - fosterfoster

It was 8AM in Seokmin’s apartment, the sun passing slightly through the curtains. Seokmin woke up from the sound of someone knocking at the door. He went to open the door and behold, it was none other than Kwon Soonyoung.

4. All I Need Is You - minhyera

Love. That was a really weird thing, if you thought about it. It was not only a word to refer to the affection you felt towards certain family members or friends, but also, among other meanings, a word used to describe romantic attraction to someone. Now, this whole concept was something Soonyoung had yet to wrap his head around, but he couldn’t let loose of this odd feeling that made his stomach flip and his skin tickle at the thought of his best friend.

5. over and over again - boo98 (butter)

Soonyoung has the easiest time finding his soulmate - running into him in the hallway at age nine kind of speeds things along. Nothing after that, though, is anywhere near as simple.

6. astrophyllite - valleyofthewind

Soonyoung thinks – in this very exact moment – that Lee Seokmin looks kind of magical. His face is glowing in the dimmed lights. His eyes are shining, but they’re not lit up in the way they usually are. They look like astrophyllite – a rare, opaque potassium iron titanium silicate mineral, named after the Greek words for star and leaf.

Soonyoung’s mind tells him that he has never seen someone more beautiful.

(soonyoung just wants to play the saxophone but seokmin, that guy he’s hated basically his entire life, decides to play with his heart. he struggles his way through life, thoughts and senior year of high school along with his best friends who may or may not be dating each other. shit ensues)

7. love fool - neoragodestiny

Soonyoung has this charm wherein she makes you love her such that you can never get mad at her. Seokmin thinks she loves Soonyoung a little too much.

8. Yours, Mine, and Ours - woozifi

Six months after the death of Soonyoung’s wife, Seokmin moves in with his newly-widowed best friend to help take care of his two kids.

9. Reminisce - seunginuna (major character death)

10. For the Last Time - seunginuna (major character death)

11. Reaching for the Sirius - glasseskawa

There is a sudden downpour on his way hunting Ophiuchus, a rare constellation up in the sky. Which leads him to the fated meeting with a glorious person, the rarest star of all, the one that will shine the brightest in his life, much brighter than the Sirius.

“Because I have the brightest star standing right in front of me.”

12. starry eyes - bookwan

seokmin meets an angel in his dreams.

13. Accio My Underwear - Ravenclawboo

Accio; A charm to summon an object

“Accio, my sunflower underwear”

A high pitched scream was heard in the distance.

14. To Associate Closely - blehgah

 Seokmin and Soonyoung have always been part of a set, and they explore just what that means.

15. Like the First Time - PenandDragon

Waking up next to Kwon Soonyoung must be the most natural thing in the world. Lee Seokmin has been pretty sure of this fact since he was about eight years old.

 OR the one where Soonyoung is leaving for college and Seokmin panics.

Waking up next to Kwon Soonyoung must be the most natural thing in the world. Lee Seokmin has been pretty sure of this fact since he was about eight years old.

OR the one where Soonyoung is leaving for college and Seokmin panics.

 16. Yes or No? - cheollie22

 Soonyoung helps Seokmin figure out some things aka “I have amnesia and you say you’re my best friend but I keep on forgetting and thinking we’re lovers au”

 17. The Painful Truth - seokminable

 Seokmin was so stupid for thinking that all the i love you’s and all their skinships were meaning as much to Soonyoung as they were meant to him.

18. The End of Life (As We Know It) - seventeenspimp (pliable_cedar)

Soonyoung, Seokmin and Seungkwan have been making trouble around the Shire from the time they learnt how to walk, and have been best friends even longer than that. When Seungkwan gets engaged, it’s only obvious that he asks them both to be his best men.

As they get thrown head first into planning and putting on a wedding, Soonyoung and Seokmin realise that they aren’t the children they once were, and that the future is much closer and much scarier than they’d thought.


Request: Harry tries to kiss the reader but she rejects him because they’re “just friends.”

Pairing: Reader (Y/N) x Harry

Word Count: 2,096

Harry met you through a mutual friend. It was a house party on the second floor of an old apartment building in New York City. The air smelled of smoke and beer, some things he could skip out on.

When Harry caught your eyes across the kitchen and through the marijuana clouds, he was captured. He wanted to talk to you. Needed to. How you lazily held your plastic cup in your left hand tilted slightly so it seemed as if the liquid could spill out any second, how your eyes scanned the room as if you were looking for someone despite talking to another person not even two feet away, how you stepped back to let someone through even though there was clearly enough space for them to walk by.

Harry needed to talk to you. His desire did not hide. He stepped around a corner of a table, making sure to step over the mysterious puddle on the floor. By the time he reached the other side of the kitchen, he had passed several couples making out, walked through at least three clouds of marijuana, and barely missed the spilling of a drink.

By the time he reached you, the person previously talking to you was gone, and you were now on your phone. The screen lit your face a light blue, making your eyes shine even brighter and your cheeks stand out.

“Hi,” he said. His nerves kicked in, causing his hands to sweat. He could feel his neck and ears start to turn red. He didn’t even know your name, but he could already feel inferior. You held a power greater than anyone Harry had ever known, and you didn’t know it.

You glanced up from your phone, giving a small smile to be polite. Harry’s heart rose to his throat. You had caught his eyes earlier, but now you were so close. Harry could see the pigmentation up close. He never had a preference for eye color, but now he did, and it was yours.

“Hi,” you responded, putting your phone in the back pocket of your ripped jeans.

One word was all Harry needed to know that your voice dripped like honey, sweet and smooth. You had his full attention, wrapping him around your small pinky finger.

“‘m Harry,” he said, trying to hide the fact his breath hitched when you spoke.

“Y/N,” you replied, switching your cup from the left hand to the right.

Your name sent a chill down Harry’s back. He couldn’t picture you with any other name. It was as if the gods had created the name just for you to bear, making it yours and putting it in the stars for the universe to know that it was yours. He said your name in his head a few times, enjoying it more and more.

“Nice to meet you. So who do you know here?” he asked, hoping you couldn’t hear his voice rise an octave.

“Ben, the guy who owns the apartment and thinks it’s cool to have a house-warming party a year after moving in,” you said, raising the drink to your lips. Harry chuckled. “What about you?”

“Same guy. Of course, according to him, it’s only been nine months.”

You gave a laugh that took Harry off guard. It was smooth like your voice, but still crisp and loud. He loved it.

Harry talked to your for hours. You asked about his movie, his album, his tours. He loved when you asked a question and how your voice would rise at the end as if you wanted to make sure the question mark was heard as well. He loved answering your questions and seeing you nod in response.

Two a.m. rolled around, and Harry was saying goodbye to you. He stumbled with you through the sleeping bodies on the floors. There was only a handful of people left awake, some in the kitchen making last minute drinks and others grabbing their jackets to leave.

You had a few drinks, so Harry offered to drive you home. You refused, saying that you already had an Uber on the way. Harry nodded as the both of you walked down the flight of stairs and out the building door. Your Uber was already waiting. You turned to Harry, telling him how nice it was to meet him and have someone to talk to during the night.

Harry nodded, a wide smile on his face. You waved goodbye as you sat in the car. Once you closed the door, Harry couldn’t see you through the tinted windows. He watched the car pull away from the curb, suddenly realizing he didn’t know your last name or your number. He cursed himself, already making a mental note to ask Ben about you.

Harry showered, using a bit more water than was necessary as he remembered you. Your eyes, hands, neck. He imagined it all.

He tried Facebook, but your last name was a mystery. He visited twelve pages with your name on it before giving up, knowing it was a useless cause. His only answer would be Ben. He was hoping, praying, that Ben would reveal your information.

It was a week of using an excess amount of water before Harry worked up the courage to ask Ben about you. He knew your number, full name, and even the street you lived on. He decided to text you before even leaving the apartment building.

“Hi! It’s Harry, I got your number from Ben.”

He walked to his vehicle, already nervous for your response. By the time he entered his car and started it up, you hadn’t responded. He looked over his text again, making sure everything was spelled correctly and it wasn’t too straight forward. He cursed himself, scratching his head and driving off.

He arrived to his own place without a response from you. His nerves started up, making him think he made a mistake. He needed to distract himself from the situation. Before he could think of anything to do, his phone gave a ding, signaling a text. He immediately picked it up, reading the screen.

“Hi! It’s Y/N.”

Harry gave a small laugh. Obviously it was you. He was so relieved. You answered. Finally. He thought of your eyes on the screen. Did you smile when you saw that it was him? He could picture your fingers tapping the screen, letting him know it was you. Did you type fast or take your time, making sure what you said was also correct.

He texted you for a while, always making sure to leave a few seconds before answering so you knew he wasn’t holding onto his phone, locking and unlocking it until your name popped up next to a notification.

Your friendship blossomed. Harry would always visit your apartment, listening to you blast The Smiths (of course you like The Smiths) through your walls. Both of you had movie nights, baking nights, museum days, painting days, anything to spend time together. You helped Harry through tough times while he helped you through yours.

“Why don’t you just ask her?” Mitch asked, biting into his sandwich.

“Because ’m not sure. I really like her, but,” Harry paused, deciding not to continue. His feelings for you did not diminish over your year-long friendship. In fact, they grew. Every time you smiled and threw your head back in laughter with squinted eyes, Harry’s heart rushed. Even when you were staring at the television, intently focused on whatever was on, Harry couldn’t help but focus on you. It’s as if you were the only piece of art left in the world, and Harry wanted to keep you to himself.

“Look, she’s not going to wait around forever. You just have to go for it.”

Harry nodded, stabbing his fork into his salad, upset with the situation and the fact that he had ordered a salad.

“Do you have anything planned with her?”

“We’re baking some cookies. ’m actually heading to her place right after this. Want me to bring you one?” Harry asked jokingly.

Mitch rolled his eyes. “It’s a perfect time. Baking cookies also makes people happier, so maybe you have a chance.”

Harry smirked, casting his eyes down to his plate. He said goodbye to Mitch, making his way to his vehicle to drive over to your apartment. His fingers fidgeted with every thought of you.

“Can you believe that? She actually said that,” you stated, placing the last of your cookie dough onto the sheet. “And then she proceeds to tell me how wrong I am as if I had never experienced that in my life,” you scoffed.

Harry simply gave a smile. You could tell he was slightly off all night, as if he were walking on eggshells around you. He was careful about which words he chose when speaking, as if he were testing out spells and not knowing what they did.

You decided to ignore it. You and Harry had gotten close, despite only a year of friendship. You trusted Harry, and you knew that, if he felt comfortable sharing his problems with you, he could.

Harry watched as you leaned against the counter behind you, your hands clasped together near your hips as you bobbed your head to the music. Harry smiled, slowly walking over to you. He stood right in front of you, taking in your smirk and how it lifted your cheek. You gave him a confused look, wondering why he chose to stand directly in front of you.

You could see Harry started to lean forward. His lips were so pink, so plump. His eyes slowly closing, and your breath hitched.

“What are you doing?” You whispered, turning your head to the side.

Harry opened his eyes wide, taking a step back and coughing into his hand. He could feel himself start to breathe a bit heavier, but hiding it oh so carefully. Before, his heart was racing from excitement, but now it was stopped, left to beat on the side of the road instead of making it to the finish line.

“I… ‘m sorry. I thought that you, and I,” he stuttered, feeling his neck and ears turn red. “I really like you, Y/N. I thought you felt the same about me.”

You placed a hand on your mouth, looking down to the tile floors of your kitchen. “I’m sorry, Harry. I thought we were just friends. I don’t feel that way about you.”

The two of you sat in silence, waiting for anything to happen to break the tension in the room. The Smiths played in the background, only making the silence between you greater. You grabbed a glass and filled it with water, hoping to relieve your dry throat. You filled the glass again, but didn’t drink out of it.

Harry’s mind crumbled. The confused and scared look you had when he leaned in. Scared. You were scared. He was inspired by Mitch’s words, yet destroyed by your face. He could have sworn you felt the same. All of the nights you spent together. It did not mean the same to you as it did to Harry.

“I think you should go. Maybe we just need a bit of time apart?” you said, making it sound like more of a question. “I’ll see you out.”

You walked to your door, holding it open for Harry. He caught your eyes, and he felt like he should talk to you. Needed to. How you tightly held your glass in your left hand tilted slightly so it seemed as if the liquid could spill out any second, how your eyes scanned the floor as if Harry weren’t even two feet away from you, how you stepped back to let Harry through even though there was clearly enough space for him to walk by.

“’m hoping we can stay friends,” Harry tried, looking at your face, searching for any hope within your features.

You nodded. “Yeah, I do, too.”

Harry simply nodded, turning his body and heading to the stairs at the end of the hall.

“Harry?” You called. He immediately turned, his heart sputtering back to life as he looking at you. “I’m sorry,” was all you said. Harry could feel his heart sit back down. He nodded again and turned around again, leaving your hallway and trekking down the stairwell, his breath leaving his body every step he took. By the time he left your building, he could feel tears trailing down his neck.

Beautiful Sight (Aragorn X Shy!Reader)

Summary: Since she met the dashingly handsome heir of Isildur, (Y/N) has found herself positively enraptured by Aragorn, son of Arathorn. Of course, she doesn’t believe she has a chance with him at all, considering Lord Elrond’s own daughter has her sights set on winning his heart and she is far more beautiful than (Y/N) could ever aspire to be, or at least she thinks so. How could one even dream to capture the heart of an intended king when they can’t even compare to the one who holds his affections? But does Arwen truly have Aragorn’s love, or is there something that (Y/N) is missing?

Requested by anon: “ can I have a one shot of Aragorn x reader where the reader has a crush on him and doesn’t feel worthy of him because she ain’t as beautiful as Arwen but he actually loves her?? Pretty please”

Warnings: None

Note: Um?? The Last Goodbye started playing while I was writing this?? Even youtube liked this request, anon!! Thanks so much for your request! It means a lot, considering it’s my first real one!

Don’t be afraid to request, you guys! I don’t bite, I swear! :3 Also don’t be afraid to show your username when requesting, as I would very much love to know who I have to thank for the lovely requests I get! But if you do want to stay anonymous, I totally understand.

<3 Thanks again for the request, anon, and I hope this lives up to your expectations! ~Nova

The words in italics are in Elvish and the ones inside {these} are their translations

    (Y/N) sighs, gently pulling at the petals of the flowers she’s tending to, absentmindedly taking in their vast colors that, to anyone else, would seemed dulled by moonlight, but only make themselves brighter this way, at least the way she sees it.

As she carefully tends to each of the roots that have settled in these gardens for hundreds upon hundreds of years, she comes to wonder whether flowers themselves strive for beauty and for health or if they were just made this way; beautiful and strong. As humankind will always strive for power, wealth, beauty, and all those similar wishes, does nature feel the same way? Though, it isn’t only humans who feel this way, (Y/N) knows well.

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The New Boy - Wonwoo Fluff (High school!AU)

Originally posted by hosoeks

Request: Can I request a wonwoo high school au? Thanks in advance ^^

Word Count:1390

Genre: Fluff

Member/Group: Wonwoo of SEVENTEEN

Summary: You couldn’t help but be intrigued by the mysterious boy that joined your class. Is there more to him than smirks and headphones?

A/N: Thank you for the requests! I have a few scenarios coming soon, so look forward to those.

 Earbuds dangling from your ears, you swung your arms back and forth as you continued the usual commute to your school. Groups of teenagers ran past, laughing loudly as their uniforms ruffled in the wind. Your gaze strayed from the lively students to look down at the road. You tended to be quiet, so nobody bothered looking your way as you muddled forward.

 Suddenly, you bumped into a solid figure. The pure shock of it caused you to drop your phone, which in turn caused you to hurriedly scramble to check that the screen was not broken. As you looked up to apologize to the person you ran into, your gazes connected and he gave you a shy smile.

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Potion Love

Title: Potion Love

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x female!Reader, one-sided Pansy Parkinson x Reader (no F/F)

Word Count: ~2k

Warnings: so much fluffy Malfoy

Request: Hi! If you don’t mind, I’d like to request a reader x Draco one shot where they’re dating/he’s just about to ask her out but then someone uses a love potion on the reader. The reader becomes really distant and says she loves someone else, but then Draco discovers the potion and is furious that some tried to force the reader away from him. Thanks xo (P.s you’re an amazing writer!)

A/n: This was so much fun to write. I really enjoyed some writing magic and ridiculous fluff. Hope you like it, anon. ||Not my gif, his face is beautiful though <3

Originally posted by strongerbloger

“Hey” Draco fell into his seat at the table next to you “How was class?”

“Fine” You didn’t reply instead your eyes wandered toward the door of the great hall again, observing closely to not miss a single face. Draco raised an eyebrow at your strange behaviour. Normally you would give him a small peck on the cheek to welcome your boyfriend back at your side. Neither of you were much into the display of affection, him being a bit of an arrogant ass and you just not comfortable with publicly sharing too much. The small hello and bye kisses however were a routine set in stone. It was both your way of showing each other what the other meant as well as showing the world that the other was indeed taken and not to be touched.

“You okay?” Draco sounded a little more concerned than he would normally let through in public, but your behaviour was more than strange.

“Splendid” Suddenly your whole face lit up and your eye followed someone all the way to your table. You marvelled at their graceful walk, light and shining hair and of course their beautiful eyes you wanted nothing more than to get lost in. Pansy was perfection. She sat down across from Draco and you, starting lunch by totally ignoring you. She was amazing, so strong and independent.

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This Poem Is Called Autistic Rage (All My Poems Are Called Autistic Rage) 2.12.16

never been in the scene, any scene
never been much one for being seen,
never kept a rhythm and i never caught a beat,
never saw much brighter than the light off the screen.
check the shine on those stars that youre stuck in between -
don’t fight it, keep quiet, be grateful
you wouldn’t get hate if you dint wear the label
girls like you hardly count as disabled
you’re lucky girl cus you pretty much pass,
lucky girl you get to be top of the class,
almost normal, so intelligent
can barely even tell that you’re out of your element
you couldn’t be a retard and be this eloquent
its evident that where we’re at is not exactly heaven
or the resident devil living in the seventh level:
its limbo, a settlement in the centre,
purgatory tenements: you’ll be here forever
enter stage left, exeunt right never
always sick, never dying
always floating, never flying
always tripping, never falling
hearing voices, no one’s calling

we won our rights in ‘95
the right to be told that work is life,
the right to be told to look you in the eye,
the right to diluted, long-disputed, weak and muted legislation  
well i guess let’s have a party cus we’ve fixed discrimination
30% of our families living in deprivation,
got certification that we’re living in a nation
that’s eleven points deep in human rights violation
underfunded hospitals, daily degradation,
and piss-poor fuckall media representation:
keep your Rain Man Oscar-gimmick Paralympic skys-the-limit bullshit:
we’re ‘such an inspiration’
but you still aint gonna take your kids to get their vaccinations
you don’t know shit about it but you know you gotta fear it
you say you want awareness, take one day out the year for it
and if we spell it out for you,
are you gonna hear it?
are you gonna see it?
are you gonna live it
are you gonna be it?
or have you got a puzzle
and you’ll try to fit me in it?

dont give a shit what the dog in the nighttime did
dont give a shit about your cousin’s neighbour’s girlfriend’s kid.
‘oh but he acts nothing like you’
well, obviously. he’s six fuckin years old.
what did you expect, we’d be birds of a feather?
that every one of us can be lumped together?
am i somewhere on the spectrum?
yeah, im fuckin riding it,
one day im yelling it,
one day im hiding it,
but ask me straight and i’d never deny it
another madhouse brit gliding lit around a lemniscate
a rainbow on a figure-eight,
not a neurotypical
not a fuckin innocent:
a full-colour kaleidoscope, my mental age is infinite

if im an epidemic i’ll get everyone infected,
a pathogenic in the system till it gives in and collapses
fuck the back-to-work interviews
the spare bedroom taxes,
the ‘mercy-killings’ in the news
the stairs-only access,
Damien Green and the DWP and Autism Speaks
and anyone who ever thought they’d speak for me
this slant and sloping playing field 
and Andrew fucking Wakefield

they built power on a mountain and if i never reach the peak ill be
another body on the path to mark the route you seek
a guiding-sign in blood defined, a kind of hope when times are bleak:
because all the things for which we fight,
solidarity and love and rights, equality and food and life,
is fought across the generations and not all of us survive
we can only start to lead the way
and hope our freedom comes with time.

☀     Light

Originally posted by koojunhwes

The orange coated sky slowly lost its color and you saw the light fading as the sun bid farewell. It was scary how fast the light abandoned you, just to be embraced by sheer darkness.

Just like that, your feelings left from pleasure to guilt and regret. Your stomach churned.

You had always wondered how it felt like to be kissed by the person you had secretly loved in your heart. But not even once, you had allowed yourself to imagine the most innocent scenario. That it actually had happened, made your heart twitch in excitement just to ache in pain a few seconds after.

He had kissed you, drowned by alcohol and pain. You were a fool to give in, a fool for allowing him to play such trick on your fragile heart. Selfish for wanting it.

And now you were left alone with the mess he left behind while he didn’t even remember the chaos he had justified.


“You’ve been acting weird lately”, Junhoe poked your side, eyeing you for a few seconds before narrowing his eyebrows in confusion. He was trying to read your mind again. Usually it worked because you always gave in; but not this time. You couldn’t.

You couldn’t tell him that he had kissed you, his bestfriend at a party because he had too many drinks caused by the heartache from his ex-girlfriend.

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anonymous asked:

but can you just imagine kuroo being a complete dweeb and holding mistletoe under your head but like following you where you go? so you're like walking around the house doing your own thing and he's jUST FOLLOWING YOU WITH MISTLETOE OVER YOUR HEAD SO YOU HAVE TO KEEP KISSING HIM I JUST THOUGHT THAT WAS SO CUTE - angst anon *not being very angst*

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I am so sorry I haven’t been on all day (month)! Work has been BUSY and also super SLOW! I don’t wanna be an adult, guys! Can I go back to high school or something??? Anyway! I absolutely LOVED this idea and wanted to start off my night by writing it for you all. Thank you very much for requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Kuroo Tetsurou:


You turned your head in response, squeaking loudly when slightly chapped lips were pressed against yours in a passionate kiss. “What was that for, Tetsu?” You finally asked once he’d pulled away from kissing the daylights out of you, but you weren’t complaining in the least.

Kuroo smirked down at you, “Tis the season, ______.” He stated simply before looking up a bit, prompting you to turn your eyes to what he was staring at. “You don’t wanna be a scrooge, do you, babe?” He asked, laughing when he saw the way your eyes widened at the sight of a familiar plant taped to the doorway.

Decorations were a big thing during the holiday season. Tinsel littered every doorway and counter and railing inside and outside of the house. The tree was freshly cut, the needles still attached to the branches, and covered in ornaments and beautiful twinkling lights of all colors and the star on top shining brighter and brighter the closer Christmas day came. Blankets, lots of them, were layered over the back of the couch, the TV turned on to Christmas specials that played nonstop, and when either of you weren’t feeling for movies there was Christmas music softly playing in the background for lounging purposes. There were decorations covering every single space of the house, but you’d never EVER even thought of putting up mistletoe.

So if you hadn’t done it…. Your face broke out into a wide smile before leaning up and kissing your boyfriends’ chin, “You’re such a nerd.” You giggled before turning and walking over into the kitchen, opening the oven and pulling out the pan of freshly baked cookies. You inhaled deeply, smiling widely to yourself at just the smell of the holiday cookies and the soft sound of falling snow outside your window.

You turned to open the fridge, to grab at the milk and eggnog, and jumped in surprise when you felt another kiss being pressed on your lips. You giggled and pushed Kuroo away, “Ah, ah, ah, Tetsu! You can only get kisses under the mistletoe during this month.” You teased, knowing that was as far from the truth as verbally possible.

Kuroo pouted before moving so you were trapped between him and the counter, the heat of the cookies warming your back. He smirked down at you, leaning his head down to ghost his lips over yours, “Are you sure about that, ______?” He hummed, chuckling deep in his throat when he felt your breath fan across his mouth in a shaky sigh. “How could you ever resist me?” Kuroo raised an eyebrow before turning his head and stuffing his mouth with three whole cookies and ducking out of your reach.

“Tetsurou!” You yelled with a huff, “You’re going to spoil your dinner!” You laughed softly before shaking your head and going back to putting the cookies on their own platter. Friends were coming over later for a Christmas party, and you knew the cookies would be gone by the first hours passing. Especially with Kuroo eating them all. Letting out a long sigh, you went to grab one of the previously prepared pies from the fridge, but stopped when you collided with your boyfriend’s chest, stumbling back just a bit before he reached out and pulled you to rest against him. “WHY do you keep sneaking up on me?” You whined loudly, turning up your head and laughing when you felt his lips pressing against yours sweetly.

“You said only under the mistletoe, right?” He asked after breaking the kiss. You looked at him curiously before seeing a flash of green just above your heads. Your eyes traveled up the red and white Santa hat he’d been sporting since the end of Thanksgiving, stopping with a loud laugh when you noticed the small plant hanging on the end of a wire that had been wrapped around the middle of the Santa hat. He’d constructed the wire just so that the plant hung in the air between the both of you. “You can’t back out now, ________, you promised me kisses as long as we were under the mistletoe.” Kuroo pointed out with raised eyebrows before leaning down and pulling you into another kiss.

Humming against his lips, you wrapped your arms around his neck and held yourself closer to his body. “I did say that.” You agreed, “But, now you’ve got to wear that hat all night for any more kisses from me.” You pointed out, kissing his nose before pulling away from him to go open your front door; Your guests had arrived. “That means, whoever lands under your hat with you……” You opened the door, showing a very familiar former owl captain, “gets a kiss.”

“BRO!” Bokuto yelled excitedly as he rushed through the front door, quickly jumping out of his snow boots before gathering Kuroo in a huge bear hug.

“Ohohoh?” You smirked knowingly, “Would you look at that, Koutarou?” You pointed at Kuroo’s Santa hat, causing the owl king to glance up at what you were referring to. “Tis the season.”

Bokuto smiled widely and leaned up just a bit to plant a big kiss on Kuroo’s lips, having absolutely no boundaries with those he loves. Kuroo jumped in surprise, but took it in good nature and pushed at Bokuto’s face with a wide smile, “Ah! Bo! Get off! You’re squeezing me too tight!” He laughed, his smile only growing wider when Bokuto disregarded Kuroo’s protests and tightened his hold, trying to get his lips closer to his best friend’s face.

You shook your head with a small laugh before turning to see Akaashi standing just inside the house, having already taken off his shoes and watching everything unravel from your side. “I’m very pleased I’m not on the receiving end of those this year.” He deadpanned before hooking his arm through yours and walking with you into the kitchen so he could serve the both of you some hot tea.

This is absolutely not what the request was asking for, but… I really REALLY hope you like it angst-anon! Merry Christmas!

anonymous asked:

Scenario of taehyung peter pan AU Please!

a different place

Originally posted by jeonthegreat

Today, you find yourself swaying along with the consistent rumbling of the train against its tracks, your fingers entwined loosely with the angles of the triangular straphanger, shoulders and elbows bumping against strangers lost in their own lives.

You listen absentmindedly to the white noise, eyes tightly shut and head drooping, a sign of your unwillingness to look at your own worn out reflection so painfully vivid against the dark backdrop of the underground tunnels.

Occassionally, you’d replace your left hand - which was now sore from the way you were holding on to the handle - with your right, only to find the previous arrangement more comfortable before switching back once more.

Instinctively, you try to make your body as small as possible, as unnoticeable as possible but despite your best efforts you can never seem to make yourself small enough.

Today, was one of those days where you find yourself stumbling yet again into a familiar place, one that you’ve thought was left behind in your decision to move forward. But when you stopped to look back on how you ended up here, it seems somehow you have been walking the same path all along.

Metaphorically, of course. 

The sound of your landline ringing cuts off the depressive thoughts that were starting to form and you hustle out of your bed to reach for the receiver. 

A quiet yet warm voice washes over you, so clear that it was as though he was right next to you, a voice you had known your whole life, a voice you had started to forget.

“How are you?”

He asks as if it was the most natural thing in the world, as if he’s been watching over you since the day you decided to leave and it was all you could do to stop yourself from tearing up.

“I’m fine.”

You were lying. It was hard for you, being all alone in an unfamiliar land, surrounded by unfamiliar people, eating cheap take outs and still always barely scraping by.

“What about you?”

You hurry to shift the flow of your conversation before he could get suspicious, before he hears the strain in your cheerful voice.

“I’m fine.”

He was lying too. It has been hard for him since the last time he saw you, there was just so much to deal with back home, too much for him alone. He misses you like you miss him. 

A wash of silence fills the static distance between the two of you, the weight of unspoken words making it all the more impossible for you to break free from its spell. 

But it was inconsequential, for quietness between the white noise reflects not only his inner turmoil but also yours and it was something the both of you would understand even without words. 

“Can I,” you start after forever passes you by, with a trickle of hope and a sprinkle of uncertainty, “see you again?“ 

You hear him take a sharp breath from the other side of reality, as if it was the last thing he expected you to say, as if it was the only thing he was waiting for you to say. 

“If you so desire, then I shall grant that wish.”

A breeze winds from impossible places, a light shines from an unknown source reflecting off rain that should not have exist and they collide in a most beautiful yet familiar dance. 

Amidst it all you feel as if you could see into a distant land, a land of magic and forever, where dreams never have to end, where time is a friend. 

And if you so desire, this could be our forever.

You reach out into the light, reality that clings on to your back slipping slowly away and with it years of troubles and anxiety, years of hard work and struggles. 

You reach out into the light and felt his warmth.

The scene in the room you have been staying in for the past few years start to shift, twirling around you in circles, evaporating in stripes of memories. A profound darkness starts to find you for a single moment before light rushes right in, a dazzling white that swallows all but you.

A dust of silence settles lightly against your skin, so simple to break, too beautiful to be real. It whispers a song and leads you along to a place that would always welcome you with open arms.

There was a tinge of sadness in silence’s song, a reminder, perhaps an early farewell, one that could easily be ignored. After all, the ones who breathe life into nothing can take it away just as well. 

As the light starts to set, specks of emerald begin to take their place until it was all you could see, a forest so dense that the horizon is nothing but trees and the sky. 

Gasping, you feel yourself land lightly against the cool forest dirt, the scent of life and fresh air flooding your senses all at once.

You blink once, then twice and there he was, the same as he’s always been beaming that mischievous smile, his arms wide open.

“Welcome home.”

Taehyung knows. 

He knows more than anyone how this cannot be, how the two of you can never be but he doesn’t say a word. 

Instead he takes you in his arms and bask in the warmth of your skin, the softness of your hands, the realness of your existence and yet it’s still not enough.

He feels your arms slip from his back and pulled away just enough to see your smiling face, so radiant, so beautiful. 

“Fly with me?”

He sees you nod and take his hands in yours excitedly but the throb of guilt, of the knowledge that you never belonged with him doesn’t go away.

The slight hesitation gives him away but he was thankful that you were tactful enough to ignore it, thankful that even though your fingers were trembling, you had the strength to look forward. 

“Let’s go away,” you told him, your back turned and hands intertwined, “to a place where nothing matters but you and I.”

Taehyung gets the sense that you are running away but speaks nothing of it. Instead he tightens his grip and starts running.

The infinite blur of emerald, jade and viridian slips by the corner of his eyes, the sea of green leading you right into the vast blue sky, a landscape of colors that had always seemed to be a shade brighter. 

Your laughters danced in the wind and the clouds, bouncing, echoing, they are sounds unheard by all but you and in that moment, all was well.

He brings you down to a familiar tree, but it was all too foreign - almost unrecognizable. The sounds of home and merry making were no longer present, the tree had seemed so lonely.

“Tae, where are the boys?”

A question he doesn’t wish to answer. 

“They grew up. Moved on.”

The rustling of leaves were the only thing he held on to as he waits for you to break the silence, one that was filled with sadness and disbelief.

He feels you approaching him, hears the leaves under your feet as you reach out for his back. 

“It must’ve been hard.”

He hears the question in your voice, the tender comfort in your arms. 

“I sent them away.”


Taehyung turns around and holds your face in his hands, soothing away the tears that have somehow fallen - silly you, why do you always cry for others but never yourself?

Resolve forms in his eyes and he takes a deep breath, the clouds that were always haunting him starts to dissipate and you have never seen him looked so at peace, so liberated.

“You know, I think it’s amazing that you been trying so hard to live.”

Your eyes wavered as you looked back into his kind, strong ones - they were pulling you in and you can’t look away.

“But it somehow feels like you have been averting your eyes from the truly important things. And in order to hide that fact, in order to fool yourself, you work even harder as a way to make up for it.”

He slides his hand down to the curve of your neck, rubbing his thumb slowly along your jaw. 

“But in reality, that’s just running away.”

The knowing tone of his voice breaks you down completely and you find yourself unable to lie, unable to deny anything at all. 

“Was that why you told the boys to leave?”

He smiles - a smile of farewell, of could have beens, of will bes.

“You will be okay.”

“And so will you.”

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- Raye

Title: Building Sanctuary
Author: @francisinparis
Recipient: @ackergay
Contents: Canonverse, (still somewhat boyish but) older!Eren and gentle Levi as requested, brief Jean with horrible timing, a bit of fluff, quite a bit of mutual pining and longing, clumsy realizing feelings stage, a little cliche in general. A brief mention of minor character death, so be warned! SFW save for an implication at the end (Sorry! There may or may not be a nsfw continuation coming? I make no promises. ^v^;;)
SummarySoft—the look in eyes that were never apathetic or cold; they’re soft. Eren doesn’t know what to make of this realization, only knows that he can’t escape from it. Not in this sweetness in midst of turmoil, the miniscule opening to his yearning; subtle but palpable, once found. How had they even gotten here?

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To my sunshine,

You’re turning 22 today, and I think back to when you first debuted which was the first time I saw you. As I laid my eyes on this handsome, adorable young man, who danced in his own intricate way, my heart was stolen immediately. However for reasons, I wasn’t able to keep up with EXO for the next two years, but luckily I was able to find my way back, and from then on began my journey into loving one of the most beautiful, incredible, and loving boys. 

What had started off as you simply catching my eye, developed into something so much bigger. With each passing day, the more I peeled back the layers into the person you truly are, the more and more I fell. While to others you might just be the handsome, sassy maknae, to me you are so much more than that. You are like a light in the darkness, shining brighter than anything else in my universe. Like a blanket on a cold winter’s day, filling me with so much warmth and love where it wasn’t before. Like a diamond, with so much beauty and so many sides to you. Like the softest little cupcake, so sweet and delicate, filling me with so much happiness and calm. I could go on forever, because there’s just so many parts of you that I love and that bring so much happiness into my life. Every day I look at you and I always think how happy and proud I am to love you, that out of everyone it was you who took my heart, because I really wouldn’t want it any other way. You have grown to be one of the most special people in my life, and even though you’ll never know that, it doesn’t change a single thing.

It’s only been 4 years since I’ve gotten to know you, but so much has happened in that short amount of time. You debuted as this adorable and incredibly shy boy, and while to me you’re still my little baby, you’ve grown up so much. You’ve worked so hard, you’ve improved in your skills and while in some areas you still have a ways to go, you’re always making progress little by little. And while you’ve always been a wonderful, incredible, beautiful boy inside and out, you’ve opened up a lot more, gaining more confidence, and letting the light within you shine so bright. You’ve gained so much love and support, you’ve gotten your own award, you’re getting your own movie, and I know there’s so much more to come. To see you staying so humble, setting yourself your own path, finding your way around and always showing your best no matter how tough it gets, fills me with so much pride and adoration and love, and I’ll be there rooting for you every step of the way.

Always remember that we, the ocean, are your galaxy, and each of us are your little stars. And I hope when you look out at us you see how brightly we shine for you, that you feel all the light and love from the galaxy my little prince, because that’s where stars belong, and you’re the brightest of them all.

Even though I missed two years of your life, I’m glad I found you again, and I promise I’ll be here until the end. And while it can’t stay like this forever, since life gets in the way and we all move on, you’ll forever have a special place in my heart. So to the shy, awkward, sassy boy who is actually a small child at heart. To the boy who always stays humble and sweet and cares for everyone around him in his subtle ways. To the boy who’s growing more day by day, gaining new experiences, learning new lessons, soaring higher and reaching for the stars. To the boy whose smile shines brighter than a supernova and has stars resting in his eyes. To the boy who taught me what it was to love someone wholeheartedly, when before I never thought I could. To the boy that brings so much light and laughter and happiness into my life   —   Happy Birthday ♡♡♡

Christmas- Kenny Holland

A/N: okay someone requested a kenny imagine a while back and this is it. I know christmas is way over but ive been lazy and just now finished it lol. so here. sorry if it sucks ass. at least i wrote something lmao.

It was two weeks before the most joyful holiday of all, Christmas! Holiday lights strung up everywhere, giving anyone passing by quite the show and bringing a small smile to their face. The twinkle in small children’s eyes as they admired the beauty of the lights. Thick layers of snow carpeting the grounds everywhere in sight. Everyone happily buzzing about the arrival of the big man in the red suit visiting shortly in a couple of weeks.  But best of all, the feeling of joyfulness filling the streets, around every corner. The most joyful time of the year has arrived at last!

“Kenny, Sammy, Nate, don’t you guys even dare think about throwing any bit of snow at me.” You growled, emphasizing the ‘think’. The four of you were walking down the crowded sidewalks of Times Square. It was quite a magical place to be around Christmas time, literally everything was completely covered in bright lights. Not that Times Square wasn’t already bright, but around the Christmas season, it somehow managed to get brighter. “Don’t be such a scrooge, Y/N.” Nate complained, throwing a snow ball he had originally aimed at you, at Sammy instead. “Well, for starters, I don’t exactly enjoy being out in freezing ass weather and a fucking snowball wouldn’t quite help the fact that I’m freezing my fucking tits off!” you scoffed, picking up your pace to get some distance between you and the guys. You wanted to be as far away as possible at the moment, or at least away from Nate. “Damn, someone’s grouchy.” You heard Nate mumble as your pace quickened.

You didn’t bother turning around at all the boys at all. At this point, they had pushed your anger button far too many times tonight, Nate being the main one. Now you didn’t really care if you got lost in Times Square. You knew exactly what subway to take to the hotel so it shouldn’t be no problem. “Y/N! Wait up!” You heard from behind you, knowing it was one of the guys you didn’t bother to turn around, if anything you just walked even faster. Before you knew it there was a large hand on your shoulder, causing you to stop. You looked up and saw Kenny, making your eyebrows knot in confusion quite shocked of who was actually calling for you. Kenny was one of the quietest, yet sweetest guys out of the whole group.

“Y/N,” he wheezed, “finally I caught up to you. Who knew you were so fast?” you gave a light chuckle at his question, knowing how lazy you normally were. “Sorry if I’m bothering you but I really didn’t feel comfortable having you walking these streets alone.” He confessed. “It wouldn’t have been a big deal,” you shrugged, “but I really do appreciate your concern.” You blushed and shoved him lightly with your shoulder. You looked up at him and saw the faint red on his cheeks beginning to show as he smiled at the ground. In reality you were glad Kenny came after you once you stormed off, you normally don’t get to spend as much time with him as you would like. The boys always were around whenever you saw Kenny and on the off chance they weren’t it wasn’t long before they were.

“Sorry about Nate,” Kenny trailed off, “and Sammy, and myself. We have been quite crazy tonight.” He apologized. “It’s fine. Maybe I was just over reacting.” You shrugged. You thought about the fight you had with your parents the previous night, maybe that was what triggered such an angry reaction from you. Kenny wrapped his arm around your shoulder, taking you out of your thoughts.

“I don’t think you overreacted one bit. I probably would’ve done of the same thing if I was in your position.” He explained making you smile. You leaned your head on his shoulder, earning a small blush from him, unknown to you. “This is why you’re my favorite.” Your comment making him blush even more which you had no idea about. Little did you know Kenny had a crush on you, which was gradually expanding. He never had the courage to sweet talk you, let alone make physically touch you. He knew the boys would tease him endlessly, and what scared him even more is he knew they would do it right in front of you. He made sure to keep his expanding crush on you to himself.

“Can we go see the big Christmas tree?” you asked, breaking the silence between him and you. The only other sound was your guys’ feet stepping on the newly fallen snow and the cars that occasionally passed by. You guys found yourselfs on the streets with the least amount of people on it, not that either one of you were complaining, New York is crazy crowded. “Of course. Can we take a break real quick, though? My feet are killing me.” He replied. “Okay.” You followed him over to a bench covered with snow. You watched with a sour look on your face as he wiped off the snow on the bench and then sat down. He looked at you with a questioning look, “Are you going to sit down?” he asked, beginning to wipe off more snow for you to sit next to him. “No no no!” you exclaimed, waving your arms back and forth causing him to stop and look at you with more confusion and an embarrassed blush on his cheeks.

“I’m fine. I’ll stand, my butt will just get colder if I sit.” You laughed, and wrap your arms around yourself since you were cold. “You want to sit on my lap?” Kenny offered shyly. You chuckled nervously, “Sure, if you don’t mind.” You awkwardly walked the short distance to him and sat down feeling warm arms wrap around you immediately. You sat with your legs on the bench, far away enough so you didn’t get any on Kenny’s pants and your arms were wrapped around his neck with you back slightly on his chest. (I hope that makes sense) “As much as I hate being cold, I love the snow and I love New York when it snows, not sure why it’s just gorgeous.” You commented observing your surroundings. The lights shining down from the many floored hotels giving the snow a small glow, showing off its natural sparkles. “You’re gorgeous.” Kenny commented out of nowhere, getting your attention. You looked to at him with a confused look on your face. Although Kenny was nervous as hell, there was no way he was going to let himself show it.

He was staring at your adoringly, causing your heart to flutter. “Uh- what?” you stuttered not knowing what to say. You noticed Kenny tense up after your response. “What? Uh- I- Nothing. Sorry.” You chuckled noticing Kenny’s nervousness. You weren’t good with situations liked this but you didn’t want to leave him hanging, and to add to it, you felt yourself getting feeling towards him. You leaned down to kiss his cheek, “Thank you, Kenny. You’re so sweet.” You commented, finally responding to his compliment. He was completely flustered and not to mention red as a tomato.

“We should, uh, walk. Yeah, to Christmas tree.” Kenny managed to get out making no sense, but you laughed knowing what he meant. You got off of him while smirking. He glanced over at you but he immediately regretted it when he saw the look on your face. His eyes went wide and he began walking away making your smirk flattened and mood sadden slightly. You looked to the ground and played with the snow with your foot. After sighing to yourself, you slowly followed Kenny.

As you followed, you regretted kissing Kenny on the cheek, knowing you completely ruined everything for the night. “Hey…” Kenny spoke softly, appearing by your side. “Sorry for walking away without, I just…yeah sorry.” You looked up and into his eyes and gave him a small smile. As the two of you turned the corner and saw the huge tree with many people crowded around it, admiring it. While you admired the overly decorated tree, Kenny admired you. He loved the way your eyes sparkled when it came to things that excited you and how his whole body tingled when you touched him. There was no denying Kenny craved your touch.  

Not being able to control himself anymore, he grabbed your hand; grabbing your attention as well. You looked from your intertwined hands to Kenny, smiling at you. “Why are you so warm?” you chuckled, tightening your grip on Kenny’s hand. He chuckled and shrugged in response. “Here, come here.” He said before wrap his arms around you and engulfing you in a hug. The warmth from his body instantly providing you with warmth. Although for Kenny, all he was getting was streams of tingles rushing through his body, not that he was complaining though. After a while you moved your arms to around Kenny’s neck. The movement making Kenny tense up slightly. “Kenny.” You said making him look at you, which he wished he wouldn’t have done because he knew it wouldn’t be easy to look away. Silence surrounded the two of yet, it was so calming and comfortable. Not long after, you found your faces getting closer and closer. “Kiss me.” You demanded not being able to wait any longer. “Don’t have to tell me twice.” He chuckled and connected your lips.

His arms instantly tightened around your waist and brought you closer to him. Your hands tangled in his hair making the kiss more enjoyable for him. “This is the start of something beautiful, I can promise you that.” Kenny commented before moving in for another kiss. You pulled away momentarily, “I think we can both agree this will be a very merry Christmas.”

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i will be both your shield and sword

Amara’s fury set entire continents afire, leaving nothing but ashes falling down onto the quiet ruins. 

Her cries made the ground tremble, oceans part and her rage - slowly but surely turning into grief - uncaged tremendous storms, each hurricane for each tear silently rolling down her cheek. Her dark dress was soaked in the blood of millions slaughtered mortals and it wouldn’t take the universe long to see its destroyer’s own blood on it. It ended where it started; where once lighting hit a field and black smoke erupted from the ground.

A seemingly ordinary angel looked down at God’s own sister, whose gaze fell upon her bruised skin. She didn’t care to look up at the one her brother chose. At the one God chose over her and even over Lucifer. (She didn’t feel better after tearing apart the already fallen archangel’s feathers one by one.) The angel raised one of her Brother’s holy weapons above her head. “I’m so sorry He didn’t teach you how to love“, Castiel said with such honesty, it almost made Amara raise her head. Almost.

One last sorrowful battlecry escaped her throat as a white force pierced through her like one of her own thunderbolts. And that’s how the universe was kind enough to give mankind a new chance, a new beginning for a new world. After months of uncontrollable shaking of the earth, the war against the Darkness came to a final and brutal end.

Castiel titles his head towards the star-speckled sky. Dawn has already begun to chase away the stars but there are still billions of them hanging above and shining brighter than ever, as if they were awoken by someone after years of sleeping. It makes the angel think of times before he was a soldier, before his wings started wasting away, when his grace was more than just a flickering flame.

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The Only Thing We Have to Fear

pure speculation on how s5 is going to go down

She returns before nightfall the next day, appearing pale and shaken but otherwise appearing well. He’s been beside himself with worry for the last sixteen hours – all of them have, no one has slept, instead channeling their energies into arguing and searching and a few discrete tears shed here and there.

More than a few are his.

“I love you.”

The words had been stuck in his throat, bursting to come out before she shoved him away and the only thing he could scream is “NO!” because he has seen this darkness before and Emma cannot

She appears well. Her eyes contain shadows that he can’t recall ever seeing before and there’s an almost constant hum or a crackle of energy around her, but otherwise she’s Emma.

He tells himself this, but he can’t bring himself to –

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Imagine Sehun...

It was in the middle of the summer. For the past few days the temperatures were so high it was hard to breathe outside of the house. You’ve never liked that kind scorching weather so during the day you were sleeping a lot, so you could avoid the hottest part of the day. But the result was, when the night came you couldnt fall asleep at all. 

It was midnight. You were watching your new favorite series, when suddenly all your room was covered by light and you heard strong thunder.

“Yes! Finally the storm came!” you’ve never been afraid of storm so you felt just happy that tomorrow weather will be crisp.
“If the weather is going to change, maybe we can meet tomorrow…” you wondered while you were swiching off every electrical device worging inside of your house to prevent them from destroying because of the thunder.

You were just about to swich off your cell phone, when it started to ring.
Someone was calling you. And it was your boyfriend.

And that person was Oh Sehun.

You picked up the phone.
- Hi - you said
- Hi - said Sehun. His voice was so low and deep you felt butterflies inside of your stomach every time you were talking on a phone, even though you were dating for past few years.

- Are you going to sleep now? - he asked. you haven’t seen him for the past few days, since the heat wave started.
- Yeah… If I will be able to fall asleep… - you answered. you hesitated for a while about what you wanted yo say. You could hear as the heavy rain started to play storm music on your windows and roof.
- Sehun… I… I really miss you.
- I know - he said - I miss you more.
- Haha, that’s impossible! - you laughed.
- It is more possible than you can imagine! - he said and you could hear from his voice that he was smiling - Do you want to find out?
- What? What do you mean?
- Go to the balcony - he said and hunged up.

You were really suprised and totally confused. What’s on his mind?

When you steped on the balcony, the fresh air blowed your hair. You could clearly smell the beautifull scent of thunder. The roof of your house was covering the balcony, so the rain couldn’t approach you.

You came to the balcony railing and looked down. 

There you saw him. Standing in front of you, in the middle the night, during the heavy rain, all wet from head to toe.

- Sehun, what are you doing???  You’re going to get cold! Quickly, get inside, I’ll open the door for you! - you felt really worried about him.
- Wait. - he said - I have something very important to tell you.
- What is that?
- It’s… It’s more like a question, actually…

You didn’t know what to say. With every passing second you were getting more and more confused.
Then Sehun kneeled in front of you, . You were so shocked, you forgot about breathing.

- Will you marry me?

Your heart was pounding. Really, really hard.
You completely stunned.
Did he really said that?
Is this a dream?
This must be a dream! But…
But you could clearly see him. His loving eyes staring at you.
His very serious dark eyes, full of hope.

- S-Sehun! - you finnaly stammered - I… I… I will marry you! Yes! Of course I will marry you!!!

His face brightened immedietely. He smiled at you and you felt butterflies revelling in your stomach harder than you could ever feel it. His smile was so beautiful and full of happiness, that it made you feel like he lighted up all this dark stormy night. The time stoped for the two of you. 

- Get inside! - you said and went to open the door. 
You were feeling extremely excited and your emotions were getting even more intensive with his every step on the front door you could hear.
You opened the door.

There he was. Oh Sehun, standing in front of you, with his smile, brighter than the sun.
- Good evening - he said in very official way - I came here to visit my fiancee.

He swiped you off your feet and carried you to the couch. Sitting there he was holding you on his lap, hugging you very tightly with his broad, warm arms.
You could smell the subtle scent of his wet skin…

- Close your eyes - he said - and give me your hand.
You did as he said. You felt as he founded the ring on your finger. 
You trembled as you felt the warmth of his lips touching yours.
- Now you can open them.
The ring was beautiful. It was all made of silver, with a small, shining diamond and  engraved inscription: “For the most beautiful star in the whole universe”
Your eyes filled with the tears of joy.
- Thank you. It’s the most beautiful ring in the whole… whole…. - your voice cracked and you couldn’t say anything more.
- I love you. - said Sehun and he tightened his shoulders around you.
- I love you too. - you whispered, putting your head on his arm, rght next to his neck. 

The smell of his skin was so subtle and beautiful… 
And at that moment you knew that was the place you’ve always wanted to be. And everything is going to be fine.

                                                                                              - Beri