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Loving, careful, protective, sensitive, or perhaps independant ?… Who’s your perfect match?


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• He likes your eccentric side and it seems casual for him since his family is a bit, well, different

• He needs someone who’s not too overly sensitive ; it would just drain his patience and you’re a perfect match on this point for him since he wouldn’t have to behave around you and just express himself how he likes it

• He enjoys your sense of humor ; being able to laugh about a few thing but not everything is mandatory for him

• Your sense of loyalty equals his own ; he just loves the way you stand for the others, especially the ones you love, so he admires your for that

• You are more open-minded than he could be though, so he would sometimes makes comments about it but your character and the way you defend your opinions is appreciated and he always respects your decisions even if he doesn’t share them all the time

• He’s not particularily needy with demonstrative and love gestures, so if you keep your safe distance as well sometimes, just as he does, he frankly feels more at ease with you

• Privatly though, he would definitely enjoy your presence, dragging you closer because some proximity is welcomed after all

• He really wants to taste your cooking, snacking time are his best moments and he would even eat in front of you, comfortable enough to show his monstruous mouth

“Brilliant” - Digital Oil Painting

Jodie Whittaker as the Tenth Doctor with Ten’s companions.

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My entry piece for the @loturabigbang event! I’m so excited to finally share this with you! :D
I was paired up with pumpkinbash @theshipden for the prompt of an arranged marriage AU, starting with Lotor and Allura growing up together.
It’s not based directly on a specific scene, but rather how I interpreted their relationship and their reunion from her fic, so sorry if it’s not that accurate 😥 (also, I wanted to give them alternate outfits and dramatic/flowy cape/dress).

I hope you like it and that I didn’t screw up! I really enjoyed making it and kudos to everyone who participated and for the amazing robyn @skywclkrs who runs the event! ♥


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Virgil, chilling in his room

Logans Room / Pattons Room / Romans Room

@thatsthat24​ … i know this is not what his room looks like but it was fun playing around / hope you like it. you know what screw it imma tag @thejoanglebook too

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NEW VIDEO: “A Matter of Life or Death: LGBTQ+ Refugees”: Being LGBTQ+ in the United States can definitely be difficult, but in some countries around the world you can go to jail or even be killed if you are out of the closet. For part 5 of my Pride Month series, “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer Resilience,” I met two incredible members of our community, Shadi (from Syria) and Sharifa (from Uganda) who went to incredible lengths to flee their home countries to avoid persecution. You’ll love them.


The Adventure Zone Episode 67 Animatic

she rises


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